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Afternoon Delight Part 2

Thank You JWren for taking the time to edit my story.

Several weeks have passed since that afternoon I spent with Michael. But it seems that is all I can think about. Why didn't I get his number? Then again, why didn't he ask for mine? We said our goodbyes, now just leave it alone, I thought. But I couldn't leave it alone: I wanted to see him again. My pussy craved him. He made me feel so alive, something Kevin hasn't done in years. I felt...Read On


I Dominus - Part 2

I ordered a scotch, neat, at ten minutes to noon. I had arrived early at the hotel and checked in to my room. My cock was semi hard already. I was looking forward to putting Heather through her paces. At noon, sharp, Heather approached the bar and spotted me. I had taken a seat at the end of the bar, my profile visible to anyone that approached. She gasped when she spotted me. In an...Read On


Best Friends, Part 4

Pain. That was the first thing that Allana felt the following morning. Before she even had her eyes open, she was groaning loudly. She put her hand on her forehead and sat up slowly. She peaked out of one eye in time in see Renee come out of the bathroom. “Oh good, you’re awake,” Renee said then she winced. “Headache?” she asked pointing out her painful expression. “What happened?”...Read On


Sweet Revenge

See why Frank could only sit there and watch his wife in action...

My name is Jenna. I’ve been married to my husband, Frank for about ten years. Other than the normal problems that occur in any marriage, everything has been just fine. It’s only been within the last year that things started going south. Yes, we have some financial difficulties, but no more than the average couple. Actually we only have one major issue in our relationship; unfortunately...Read On


I Wanted It So Bad (Part 3)


Our vacation had been planned for quite some time. My wife and step-daughter had rented a condo down south. Late-minute plans ended up including my step-daughter's friend Katie. My step-daughter had chosen to take her friend Katie with us. For a sixteen year old, Katie had one of the most unique personalities that you could find on a girl her age. Katie was outgoing, verbal, blunt, and...Read On


An Olympic Athlete Fucked My Girlfriend

Lacy offers herself to an Olympic soccer player. Names and locations altered for privacy.

My girlfriend, Lacy, told me she had the opportunity to fuck a member of the U.S. Men's Soccer Team, and she took it! Lacy is an absolutely gorgeous, twenty-eight year-old blonde, the quintessential "head-cheerleader". type. This happened a couple of years ago, when she was twenty-six. Lacy was following one of the U.S. team members on Twitter, and she sent a couple of private messages....Read On


DJ's Dad, 2

Natalie, sweet chocolate Natalie ... Dan couldn’t stop thinking about her. Never in a million years did he think his infatuation with Natalie would be reciprocated, yet sweet little Natalie was just as hot for him as he was for her. He kept replaying the day’s events in his mind; remembering how delicious and tempting she looked in her tiny pink polka dot bikini while swimming in his pool....Read On


Of Love and War and Donna Lynn

He was tired of death; tired of trying to kill unknown men who kept trying to kill him.

It was another turbulent day in the summer of 68. Student protests raged from the Sorbonne to Berkeley. In the US, civil rights demonstrations and anti-war rallies were turning violent. Martin Luther King was dead; Bobby Kennedy would be soon. In South Vietnam, hundreds of other Americans were being killed each month. Soldiers patrolled the streets of Saigon, Paris, and Washington while...Read On


My Girlfriend Is Such A Tease

My girlfriend drives me crazy

My girlfriend and I have been going out for over a year. She's the biggest tease on the planet. We'll be making out and getting all hot and heavy and she'll get me all excited, but then will say "she's tired or not in the mood." I have blue balls most of the time, because she never has sex with me. It's not like she's a virgin or anything. She's nineteen and just likes me to pleasure her. A...Read On


My Initiation-Part15

I was ready to finish my initiation into my fraternity.

I was ready to complete my challenge for my initiation into my fraternity. I had one week to observe every room in one particular sorority to learn the habits of the girls living there. I had to sneak into each room, steal a pair of panties from each girl, label it, and get out without getting caught. This had to be done in one night over the weekend.  I had watched every girl, what they...Read On


Exposing Cindy - chapter 1 - Blindfolded and Bound

Jim allows someone to fuck me while I am blindfolded and tied up, and I do not know who it was

Saturday, August 15, 2015 The boys returned to college earlier this week, leaving Jim and me as 'empty nesters' once again. Don't get me wrong, I love having the boys home, but their presence does limit some of Jim's and my less conventional activities. In fact, I was forced to be a very good girl since the boys arrived home in mid-May. I was more than ready to misbehave. It was...Read On


Murphy Carol - The Party

A man's girlfriend is the life of the party

Carol bit her lip as she felt her body sway in the car seat. She wore big, dark sunglasses, but they were only to hide the 'x's of electrical tape that sealed her eyes shut. In darkness, she became sensitive to her own body, feeling it push and swing against the seatbelt as Murphy drove her to their special night out. "Almost there. You nervous?" Murphy asked. She felt his wide, strong...Read On


My Cousin Terry

Terry was my second cousin and was a hot little thing and rather easy to seduce.

I grew up in central Kentucky not far from the famous Mammoth Cave National Park. I had relatives all over the state, but I hadn’t seen my second cousin, Terry, since she was ten years old. It was the Fourth of July weekend and my parents were hosting a rare family reunion. That’s when I saw Terry again. Wow! She had grown up in the last seven years! She had become a beautiful girl and...Read On



In the latest escapade of The Cum Slinger, a character of only my mind. A character that often leaves Cum Shot Residue, (CSR) at the edge of the divide. My shadow and flesh can usually be seen behind the mesh in my bookshop, conniving with Rowanberry ink. Often as not, imbibing a nog of rum. I am not often given to exaggerations, but it was a slow day. I cover expenses by scribbling out...Read On


I Dominus - Part 1

Heather stopped towel drying her hair, when her best friend Jessica removed the towel around her body and opened her locker. They had just finished their workout at the upscale fitness club they had joined eleven months ago. Heather stared in silence at the fading bruises on Jessica’s breasts. When Jessica noticed the look of concern on Heather’s face, she chuckled and said, “I know...Read On


Baby, you can buy my car

As his front wheel grazed the kerb and came to a halt, I was already kissing him. Upon opening the door and sliding from his seat, I was stripping him. By the time he had pulled himself fully upright, I was fucking him, riding him, bouncing up and down on his writhing body, his phallus embedded deep in my clenching innards, the thick, stiff shaft splitting my dripping lips. 'Hi,' the voice...Read On


Nobody Special

The beginning of my sexual journey.

Sitting in the court room. waiting for the judge to rule on the divorce, I leaned over to my attorney, "Bert, I've changed my mind about fighting with Karen, give her what she wants." "Have you completely lost your mind? She is the one who wants the divorce, the one who cheated on you. No, hell, no, I will let you do that," he said angrily. "Bert, you are a good friend and my lawyer, do...Read On

Recommended Read

Comfortably Numb Adventures: Company With a Purpose

He was looking for something frivolous, she was looking for much more.

My name is Fred. Captain Fred sounds nice to me. I’m not actually a Captain, just a captain. I live on my sailboat, named ‘Comfortably Numb’, my retirement home in the Aegean Sea. Other stories in this series contain enough biographical information, so I won’t bore you again. Occasionally I place a classified ad hoping for paying charter guests. My normal motivation is that I want to...Read On


Tribal Love

One task changed the life of two young souls

George lay on his bed of skins in the teepee of his adopted father. Just like every night for the past six years, he dreaded to go to sleep. It wasn't that he was not tired. But each time he closed his eyes, the evil spirits reminded him of that dreadful day. The day his old life ended, and his new life began. As hard as he fought, sleep quickly overcame his tired body. As his body and...Read On


James and Rachel Chapter 04

James knew he was asleep, but the dream was just so real. He was at Rachel's house, leaning against the bathroom counter while she was showering. Rachel was taking her time, meticulously washing every inch of her body while keeping in mind how much he loved licking her skin and eating various syrups and whipped topping off of her. She lovingly caressed her tits as she let the shower puff...Read On


The Teacher is taught - Part 2

Emily continues to dominate her ex-teacher

Amanda looked at her watch. It was two minutes to 8 o’clock as the thirty-three-year-old teacher walked up the pathway to Jodie’s house; well actually Miss Emily’s house. Oh yes, and she was now Sharon again. She felt awkward as she walked. It wasn’t the school dress or the strange looks she got from people she passed by; far from it. It was in fact the realisation that had hit her an hour...Read On


The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 32

Living life and having sex on the farm

"Okay, time for you to learn to wrestle sheep," Drew said as he jumped off the quad bike and shut the gate of the pen behind the shearing shed. They had been down to one of the far paddocks and separated maybe thirty five sheep from them main flock. After walking them back to the pens at the rear of the shearing shed they now had to cut twenty of last year's lambs from the breeding ewes. ...Read On


Winged Didgeridoo

I met Evelyn on a blind date arranged by a fellow book-monger. I was in between a silence in my life of romance after a wind-of-flu carried away my last love. Evelyn was an unmarried mom of two and whatever happen still remains unsaid. Ones that know me well, know that I blow the truth. What I am about to tell you is a tale of the didgeridoo. Two weeks in... Like talons, her fingers...Read On


The Adventures of Molly - Birthday Surprise

My lonely birthday evening became one filled with an unexpected gift

I peered out the window into the darkness. It was still raining. It had been raining all day. Today was my 21st birthday and I would be spending it alone. My boyfriend had called earlier and said his flight was delayed and he wouldn’t be home until tomorrow. The rest of my family had gone away for the weekend to visit relatives. I poured another glass of wine. Ok, I thought to myself,...Read On


The Fantasy Chair

Not all of my stories come from my real life experiences. Some stem from my sexually insatiable imagination. This little story that I am about to mold into words stems from what I call my futuristic fantasies. And by the way, if anybody can invent a fantasy chair like the one that I am about to describe, please let me know. I want to be the first to try it. Now on with my fantasy… I am in...Read On


Exposed and watched while changing in the dressing room

A sexy store clerk watched me semi-accidentally expose myself to her while I tried on shorts

I was walking in New York City running errands and went into a very small, men's clothing store on Columbus Avenue. The store carries nice, affordable clothes from a French clothing designer and was having a 50% off sale. I entered the store and picked up a shirt when I heard (and then saw) the store clerk, a late 30s-something woman. She asked me what size I wear and told me that most of...Read On


I Never Knew She Liked To Watch (Part 5)

I Didn't Want To Stop...

Krystal and Kristina had spent the night at my house numerous times. They were friends with my step-daughter. I always found it interesting, considering the differences between the girls' personalities, their attitudes, and most of all, their sexual history (or by my step-daughter's own admission, her lack of). When Krystal and my step-daughter had gone to bed, Kristina came downstairs...Read On


The Erotic Wanderings of Lorna Zimmerman Part I

Yoga trained Lorna Zimmerman enters into a serene bed of nature ripe with upcoming sexual surprises.

Bolting herself upright, she felt the muscles on her flat stomach tighten and relax as waves of torrent surged through her, emanating simultaneously from the two pleasure points at the base of her body. Two masculine organs tore into her vagina and moisturized anus respectively, leaving her shamelessly twitching her naked body in the open night air. Looking around her she found herself on...Read On


Love Thy Neighbour

I was able to seduce the neighbour with her hubby's help.

Although she was not a village girl, my wife Bina was conservative in matters relating to sex and exposure. She would hesitate to wear even a dress where a minor portion of her navel or cleavage was visible. She did not like other men touching her even casually or unknowingly. She picked up a fight, if by chance in a crowded bus when some man touched or brushed her. Due to this reason it...Read On


Under the Stars

Helping a lady in distress.

He sat the empty bottle on the table. His friends had left a few minutes ago, but he was not ready to go home yet. He ordered another beer and sat patiently observing the surroundings. He felt a cool breeze on his bare arm. The door had opened. He turned his head to observe the new patrons entering the bar. A group of women, laughing and talking walked in. All of them were attractive, but...Read On