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A Much Needed Encounter

A neglected mother finds fulfillment from her neighbor's ebony cock.

It had been a long, hard day and Haley was looking forward to the weekend. Not that she had any major plans; her social life was that of a single mom. Her two BFF's were the dishwasher and the vacuum cleaner, and her love life generally consisted of a hot bubble bath, a glass of cheap wine, and a set of fresh batteries. Life was not bad; sure, she could have had a lot more, but at the end of...Read On


G's Story

He helps her fulfill her fantasy

She walked along quickly beside him, thinking that the heels on these boots were ridiculous and constantly feeling like she should be pulling down her skirt. It wasn't THAT short, she supposed, her actual butt wasn't actually sticking out, but it sure felt like it was about to, especially without panties on (Rule #8 – No underwear, period.). How the heck was she going to sit down? Wait, was...Read On


Returning the Favor

It was my pleasure to return the favor...

About three weeks ago, my girlfriend came home from work apparently very sexually aroused. Being a man, I am definitely NOT complaining. She came in, took charge, and fucked my brains out! Then, a week and a half ago, she gave me the single most spectacular blowjob of my life! It's time to return the favor... At her office, everyone had cleared out, and now it's time to rock her world!...Read On

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Wife Writing: Dripping Wet

Who says a love story can’t be hardcore, all-holes-tagged, wet, nasty, rough sex?

On her hands and knees, the sinewy muscles of her naked back jerked with each thrust I pushed into her. I had her long black hair pulled back, tightly gripped into a wad in my hand. I yanked it harder, pulling her face up so I could see the expressions on her face in the large wall mirror at the head of the bed. “Oh god, fuck me!” She screamed and moaned as sweat ran down her face and...Read On


Her First Arrest-Part 7

She was going to find out everything he knew.

She was worried that he was enjoying this interrogation too much to tell her what she wanted to know, but, she was still going to try to make him talk. She had him on the bed with his wrists and ankles tied with straps to the four corners. After putting a special cock ring that she made on his cock, she started to suck him deep and long to get him to total erection. She could feel the...Read On

Comp Entry

The Deed

Money is a lot more powerful than you may think...

It was a cold, wet night in November when I met him. There was not a cloud in the sky, even after all the rainfall the day prior. I can remember looking up at all the tiny, candle-like stars and the crescent moon as I walked home. I usually worked late and with the store being close to home, I walked back regardless of the time or weather. The road was quiet, not a car was in sight as I...Read On


Karen hiked naked in the desert

We got to know each other as we hiked.

This is a true story. It took place on Wednesday, February nineteenth of two thousand and three. Karen was 49 at the time. While on a trip to Las Vegas, Karen and I decided to rent a Harley like the one we owned at home. We called the local Harley dealer and secured a new two thousand and three Harley ultra-classic. We took a cab to the dealer and picked up a bike for a two day rental. ...Read On


The Hunky Californian Daddy Part 7

Daddy plows my hungry man pussy

Weremained still as I enjoyed feeling his big black cock deep in me. He twitched his tool and I felt it stretch my outer muscle and winced at the movement. His cock seemed to have grown even larger after the deep plunging into my eager wet hole. Our sweaty bodies stayed glued together and after a while, his weight forced me back onto my belly. I kept my ass slightly raised and gripped...Read On


My slave loves to please

My slave knows how to please her master

I walk into the bedroom where my slave awaits my control. I enter and she is kneeling on the floor, her hands cuffed behind her back, blindfolded and completely naked. As I close the door behind me, I see her shiver with anticipation. The cool afternoon breeze rolls in through the curtains and she shivers. I walk around her and inspect my slave, so well behaved, so well trained. She keeps...Read On


Poor Petra! (2)

Her pretty roommate has all the fun.

“Alcohol!” I announce, as we tumble in, and I skip off towards thesmall kitchenette area that’s in one corner of the room. “Yeah!” chorus the boys. “Just make yourself at home, guys,” I say, grabbing some beers from the fridge, bending right over in the process so as to provide the same enticing view that Danny got treated to when I dropped my bag in the taxi. I’m such a fucking...Read On


My awakening

How I began

I started masturbating at around the age of seventeen. At school, I was quite popular, but more with girls than boys, I was well endowed and my pubes were quite thick, it fascinated me, I was always looking in the mirror! I did go with boys but I think they felt a little intimidated with my exotic looks, so no "close" encounters happened, and I was glad about that, as I was still working...Read On

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My Lap Dance in Canada

Ending up in a nightclub has a happy end.

This is a true story and happened a few years ago when I was visiting my family in Canada. It was on a cold Saturday night, I was having my after-dinner coffee, when my cousin Jona asked me if I would like to check out the bars and clubs. I had already been staying for ten days with his family and so far we just did the ordinary tourist stuff. Jona is 8 years older than I am, making him...Read On


The Perfect Pet

Master punishes me on our date

We are in your car, parked somewhere out of sight. The tension in the air is heavy with our arousal pent up since our last date. "Undo your blouse for me." "Yes, Master." I do so and expose my white lace bra. You reach over and squeeze my breasts, young and firm in your large hands. The size of them on my frame makes your cock twitch and you imagine shooting your cum over them as you...Read On



Fifty-two year old Jack submits to the dominance of teenager Hayley

Jack knew it had been wrong. It was just that he had been taken by surprise. He had stood looking at the girls playing in the park and as usual he had his hand inside his trouser pocket and was playing with his penis. His now erect penis. Jack was fifty-two, single, and worked at the local shopping centre in the department store. He was a manager in the men’s clothing department. As he...Read On

Comp Entry

Shelter From The Rain

Money is the ultimate motivation....

People passed her by every day on the street. The kinder ones would drop some change, or maybe even a dollar or two in her worn out, bottom half of a milk jug, the top cut off under the handle so she could access her spoils without having to shake them out of the normally smaller opening a gallon of milk has. The less kindly would walk by her, call her names, tell her to get a job, sometimes...Read On


My Neighbor’s Wife and Her Friend

A man discovers that his neighbor’s wife and her best friend are ready for anything.

Mike and Joanne moved next door a couple of weeks ago. I’ve only had a chance to say hello as I came home one day. Joanne is really hot with light brown hair and, I think, blue eyes. I want to get to know her better. I’ve been divorced for three years and I love it. I have no problem finding a new honey to shack up with every weekend. The club scene here in Orlando is quite active and...Read On


Redemption: Ch.6

In the beginning there was darkness...

Lucien.Get up. Time to go— Seth growled in his mind . His eyes flew open. It was still dark since he had his lights set to activate only on command. Hot breath fanned his chest and his legs were tangled with… Oh, God. He teleported himself in a surge of power into the hygiene room. His legs almost gave out beneath him making him need to clutch the entrance to the hygiene unit...Read On

Comp Entry

The Purge

Waking from a coma isn’t how you’d picture it. It’s not all blurred lights and faint voices, no, it’s the smell of piss and the screech of a heart monitor next to the bed. Three months on physical shut-down and my ears are as sensitised as a hyperacusis patient on speed, and when all you hear day and night is the repetition of buzzers and high frequency hisses, it’s easy to wish you were back...Read On

Comp Entry

Kitty works for her paycheque

She would do whatever it takes to get her job back

Kitty shut her eyes, she could do this. A bead of sweat slowly trickled down in between her breasts. She was desperate. She needed the money or she would be out on the streets. All her options were now gone, she had tried everything. The music started. It was time. The thumping beat was enticing, it ran through Kitty. The music comforted her and buzzed through her at the same time. ...Read On


Michael Learns of Carol's Desires

Husband learns his wife has two desires, not just the one she has shared with him.

The following story took place a number of years ago. At the time, Carol and I were in our early thirties. We had an exciting and fun sex life. Even with the stress of family and jobs, Carol and I found time for each other. Carol is five-foot four inches tall. She weighs around 120 pounds with lovely 34-C breasts. Carol has the type of breasts that are full and perky all the time....Read On



He experiences sensations beyond his imagination

I lay on my back, naked, of course. My wrists and ankles crossed and cuffed together and to the table. Rather than being stretched, my elbows and knees are bent, opening me up to her ministrations. The room is slightly cool and absolutely silent which adds to the heightening of those senses not cut off by the soft leather blindfold and thick gag. Every sound is magnified in my ears as...Read On

Comp Entry

The Job

A straight man finds an unexpected way to make much-needed money.

Ricky had two things going for him in his life:his huge cock and his ability to last longer fucking than most males. After losing his construction job and going through a costly divorce from his ex-wife Mary, he also needed money and he needed it fast. And then, when things began to look their bleakest, he stumbled upon a way to earn the money he so desperately needed. Only problem was he’d...Read On


Confessions of a Small Town Girl- College 2

Allie finds he first Fuck Buddy.

A couple of months after arriving at college, I had really gotten into the swing of college life, and loved it. I loved the fact I had no one to answer to. As long as I went to class, work and practice, no one cared what I did in my spare time. Kate and her boyfriend Daniel were back to being hot and heavy, so she was busy with him most nights. If they were not getting it on at our...Read On


Michelle's Continuing Affair Ch 9

Michelle shocks me with an evening of bliss

After Michelle had left, my cock was raging hard! She was finally out on a date, which was obviously going to end up in someone’s bed, Shaun’s bed! I suspected that Shaun was likely going to have the night of his life with my wife! I put my night-dreaming aside for a minute and texted Jacqui, “Hi, wanna go out after work?” I know that Saturday nights are usually busy for her and she can’t...Read On


Power Shifter

From dominance to dominant

Princess walked tentatively along the hotel corridor looking for room 102 dressed as instructed in tightly laced black bodice, black choker, seamed stockings, heels and a long coat to cover her embarrassment. Her nipples rubbed against the roughness of her coat aroused by excitement or fear, she was unsure of which, perhaps a little of both. It had started as a simple instruction, "Meet...Read On


It's Only The Beginning

Sally and James rediscover their spark together.

Sally wondered how she had got herself into this situation, it was definitely one she thought she would never put herself into or closer to the truth one she would allow someone else to put her into. After all she was a respectable married woman with two kids but yet here she was standing there, or more closely to the truth tied there against the stairs in a hotel cabin at the mercy of James...Read On


Her First Arrest-Part 6

She planned to find out all he knew about the theft.

He was tied to the bed, spread and helpless. She knew he knew something about theft in the company and she planned to find out all he knew.  "Are you ready to tell me what I want to know?" she asked as she gently bit down on the tip of his cock. "I don't know anything," he replied in a whisper.  She wondered if he wasn't enjoying this a little too much. She decided to take him a...Read On

Comp Entry

The Fucking Bookie And My Boss's Hot Wife

As money is owed and due very soon, an offer is made for him to get out of debt.

"Hey, Rich, would you like to come over for dinner tonight?" I stopped at his doorway and turned back at quitting time. "Sure, I've never been invited to your house before, Mr. Stamstone," I replied, with my eyebrows risen. "Faye would love to see you." My head turned, I smiled and my cock stiffened as I pictured her. Her blonde hair, big rack and hot body that she frequently flaunted...Read On


Naughty Weekend

More fun with David and Vivian

It was Saturday morning and I was spending the weekend with David and Vivian, a married couple in their fifties who were friends of my mom. I had turned sixteen a few weeks before and had lost my virginity just the night before to this wonderful couple. After I had showered and dressed, I went downstairs to find David sitting on the couch watching TV. I sat down beside him and he put his...Read On


The Principal's Slut

How far would you go to stay in school?

This was the final straw, I knew it. Three times in the past month I had been sat outside the principal’s office. I glanced at the clock briefly; each second seemed to take forever to tick before I looked back at my mirror. I gazed into my big brown eyes, trying to make them water slightly. I knew if I seemed upset by the matter, I would possibly get off the hook with a slap on the wrist. I...Read On