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Where Are You, Guy Lombardo?

It was within an hour's period of time, as the thunder yelled a symphony of storms. The musk of anatomy wafted over her outer shell and, like a watermelon spitting seeds, I needed to breathe the musk of her cunt. I was in the second year of my consensual service, willingly giving my offered cock to the soundings. My penis drooled like a mad shaker of salt. She was offering new heights of...Read On


Closing Time

His fantasy finally comes true.

Just after closing, is my favorite time. It’s blissfully quiet, no obnoxious drunks, no complaining bartenders, or whining waitresses, wanting their problems solved. No eardrum bursting band, who think they’re, as yet, undiscovered rockstars. This is my alone time. Just me, alone in the restorative peace and quiet at the end of the long day. The haze of cigarette smoke is clearing and I...Read On


Camp Mates

First time campers become more than long-term friends.

  Summer vacation and my parents decided to go camping - not just that, but they decided to go camping with my uncle and his family as well. My dad’s brother lives in Italy, but they were coming over to The States for a two week break. I am the only child in our family; I’m twenty-two, slim, long red hair and I have sweet little tits. I’m proud of them. My name is Caroline, but everyone...Read On


The Sexy Older Couple Down The Hall

Sometimes when you need your heart to blossom, you just need to see two diamonds together.

"Yes, Ava, I'm gonna cum," he panted, just before he pulled his pecker out of my slit. "Okay, Brad, just don't do it on my face again," I warned him, shooting him a dirty look. He positioned himself onto his knees with me in between them. He took his rod in his right hand as I remained naked lying down on my back. "Oh, hell yes," he moaned, stroking his schlong and eyeballing my...Read On


Co-Worker Voyeurism

I never saw it coming ...

Tammy was a work mate. We sold real estate, mainly condominium projects. and we often attended seminars together. I hadn't really paid much attention to Tammy, although she was a beautiful lady in her late thirties. A few months back, our boss decided to send us to Austin, Texas, to open up a new condominium project. I didn’t relish the assignment because I’d be gone from home for several...Read On


Seducing Shelby

The moment I saw Shelby my heart skipped a beat and I knew I had to have her!

It was the night of our annual office Christmas party and everyone was there. I didn’t care much for those parties with all the drinking and whooping it up. I felt like I had to go because it was always at the boss’ house. You know, office politics. Then I saw her. She was with the new guy in the office; Jason I think was his name. She was the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen! She had...Read On


At the Hotel - A Rewarding First Day Pt 2

Curiosity feeds the kitty.

The morning after Abby found the hotel key under her pillow, just happened to be her day off. Curiosity had kept her awake almost all night. She knew her employer Quinton had been the only other person in the house, but she did not understand the meaning of the key. Quinton had not even acknowledged the fact that he had fucked her crazy the night of her first day. So why would he plant this...Read On


What I think about when I masturbate Part 5 - Ashamed of Myself

The first part of this story is true. I imagine what might happen if I was discovered in the stable.

It is a Wednesday afternoon, and I had come back home from college. Unusually, that day both my parents were not around the farm – Dad was out with friends at an agricultural show in Hampshire, and Mum was running our stall at one of the farmers markets we go to. After I walked inside, I changed my clothes, ready to take one of the horses out for a ride. In addition to the farm, we also run...Read On


I let A Hot Stranger Fuck Me At My First Trade Show

A young, married businesswoman fucks a marketing representative at her solo first trade show.

First I'll start with a little bit about me: I'm twenty-five and working as a research assistant for a large multinational corporation. I'm married, and my hubby has kind of a small dick. My super-hot boss is fucking me regularly, especially when we travel together for business. This wasn't one of those times, however. I was tasked with attending a trade show in Houston by myself, and I...Read On


Not for teens I guess

A powerful medication makes for an interesting day at school.

Ben rubbed his eyes as he slowly made his way down the hallway to the stairs, still hungover from the night before.  “Dad! Dad, I’m going to school!” No answer. Ben knew there wouldn’t be. His dad had probably stayed out all night again, fucking some new girl closer to Ben’s age than his own. “Fuck you! Don’t know why I even bother! You too, Jenna!" He exclaimed as he passed by his...Read On


Megan’s Transformation Into A Hotwife - Part 2

Megan has reversed her reluctance and enjoys her first full Hotwife experience

As we were driving through the parking lot toward the exit, I saw George was still hard. I thought he must really need some relief, so I told him to pull into a parking space and turn out the lights. He asked why; I told him to just do it. “Now unzip and I will take care of your obvious needs,” I said as I pulled the top of my dress down. “I am sure you can find something to play with while...Read On


How i became a real cake for master's birthday

Sir celebrated birthday with pet and student

This story is the real account of what happened on my birthday written by my pet. I had received an instruction on Thursday evening to prepare myself to visit Sir on Saturday for his birthday. He had told me what to pack and not to forget my butt plug on Saturday or I would be punished. I made it a point to pack my travel back on Friday night before going to bed. Saturday morning came and...Read On


New World 15

The party continues and an old friend returns.

We all rested and watched Sam suck and lick Bert’s cum from Linda’s sloppy pussy. Linda gripped his hair, rubbing her well used pussy all over his face. “That’s a good girl, clean it all up,” she breathed. Riley and Kristy sat close together, whispering. Kristy giggled and glanced first at Sam then me and back again. Her face flushed and she stifled another giggle as she turned back...Read On


OffWorld Slave Girl - Chapter 7

I discover the 'Dirty Wives Club', and enjoy an afternoon of fun there...

Again, a warm and hearty welcome to my Earth readers. I continue my tale of my adventures with my pleasure-slave Melora, and various other slaves too. As previous readers are aware I had retired to the planet Rigel VI, on the outer rim of our galaxy. The rich elite of this planet, of which I had become one of its newest members, bought and sold pleasure-slaves. Pleasure slaves were women...Read On


Controlled Orgasm

“We really should go run those errands,” she said. He sighed, not wanting to try to battle the crowd of other shoppers in the mall on a Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t that he didn’t like the mall or shopping with her, but the crowds and slow walkers always got on his nerves. “Can’t we wait until later?” he asked her sheepishly. “What if we make it interesting, something a...Read On


My Life As A Wittol, Chapter Three

Roger introduces CJ to his visiting friend from LA

Rick and Stephanie had a small fight so Stephanie and CJ had gone to the club by themselves. As they walked towards the front door CJ noticed Roger talking to another guy she did not recognize. Roger had noticed CJ as she approached him. He turned and smiled as he whispered something to the guy, and both guys turned and smiled as they watched the two striking young women walk towards them....Read On


Gym Shorts

Sometimes they need a spanking

Lisa banged on my door nearly an hour early. She and my sister were meeting at my house so Lisa could park her car and ride with my sister. They'd planned a long day of shopping and didn't want to drive two cars. I dragged myself out of bed and slid into cutoff jeans and a T-shirt. Lisa was alternately ringing the bell and banging on the door. When I opened it she inquired, "Where the heck...Read On

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Desperate and Dirty Little Cum Slut

Please I beg you, I need your cum, give it to me

I need it, your cum, I need it all, and it's been so long, please, won't you...Read On


Call Girl Confessions, Part 4

Part four of a four part series of short stories of girls becoming prostitutes

Part 4 - Lisa's Story Lisa; a girl; 35 years old, five foot three inches tall, with short black hair and brown eyes. My name is Lisa, and yes, that is my real name. For the past ten years I have been working the area between the Prudential Center and Penn Station in Newark New Jersey, trying to making a living the best I can. It isn't an easy place and certainly not for the faint...Read On


My New Bikini

He was satisfied

Last summer my husband and I rented a holiday hut on the beach. I bought a beautiful new bikini, all colourful patterns. I am a bit chubby, but I thought it looked great. I loved wearing it while wandering around the poolside, but one afternoon I decided to go for a walk for a change. Some distance from the holiday resort was a forest walk, but the sign did say that clothing was optional....Read On


New Car With Extras

She had been driving past the same used car sales forecourt for the past three years and still there was no sign of the car she had longed for. For as long as she could remember Mercedes wanted to be the owner of a Ford Cougar. A sexy black one with a leather interior preferably. A leather interior looked classy she thought and so would she when she was sitting behind the steering wheel. ...Read On


A Naughty Evening - Part Six

Lot's of things going on

I sat in the cab really pissed off that Mark could even suggest that he wanted me to dance. He was telling me that I could make five thousand dollars in one evening. I really didn’t think I could ever do that. I’d love to make five thousand dollars, but what would he expect me to do next? I loved my stepbrother and I have enjoyed everything we’ve done, but to dance in front of strangers is...Read On


The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 33

Evelyn and Henry receive a treat in the mail.

It was the Friday before Christmas. Evelyn was packing a suitcase with the clothes that she would be taking to the farm for their short holiday with Drew, Tess and Dave. Henry was out fishing with a friend and would be home shortly. The weather was hot again and as was her way of late she was wearing only a bright orange sarong. It was made from a thin cotton cheese cloth, was cool and made...Read On


Captain Tom 2 – The Voyage

Rough seas...

Thursday evening my man and I found ourselves at our favorite restaurant for Dollar Oyster Raw Bar night. We sat at the bar and chatted with the locals as we ate. Most of them are snooty assholes, but some are characters we have come to know and like or tolerate. This brings us to Captain Tom, who is always very excited to see us and boasts about his life as a seaman. My man still has no...Read On


I Dominus - Fin

Jessica called Heather early Saturday morning. Heather was up before her husband and kids, as usual. She excitedly answered the call, as she made her way to the laundry room in the basement. “Hello,” she answered in a dry emotionless voice, toying with her friend. “Fuck the hellos! Spill it!” Jessica chuckled in to the phone. Heather replied as a giant grin formed on her face,...Read On


Megan's Transformation into a Hotwife - Part 1

Husband wants her to fuck another guy, she is very reluctant... at first.

“So Megan, I have been thinking about this and want to ask you something...” “Well ask away,” I said with a smile. “Have you ever thought about or desired to have sex with another man?” I was stunned speechless when he asked me that. Where was this coming from? Why would he even think to ask this? We had been married for six years. We were both thirty-one, having met when we were twenty...Read On



Although Alyssa was my stepdaughter, I wanted her and she wanted me

Alyssa, my step-daughter, has grown up to be a gorgeous twenty-year-old redhead, with devastating blue eyes, and was a Miss Teen USA contestant. She has always been a joy to have as a step-daughter, has never caused any trouble, and never did go through a rebellious teenager stage. Alyssa has always been a friend and I never had to discipline her at all. She was just a joy to be around and...Read On


Sex In The Park

The wife and I have sex in the park and almost get busted

It was about 2:00am and my wife and I were walking home from a swing party. It was a lovely June night in Seattle, and even though Green Lake Park was officially closed we cut through because it saved us a few blocks walk. "I'm still horny'," my wife said. "That friend of Lori's just didn't satisfy me." "Well, we can always do a quick hump on a picnic table," I voluntered. "Sounds good...Read On


Car Wash Fun

Thank You JWren for taking the time to edit my story and your suppport.

Car Wash! Car Wash! the sign read. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday, so why not spend the afternoon washing cars, raising funds for charity and maybe having some water fun with a group of friends. What a nice way to end the summer. ~~~~~~~~ I am Suzie and I work in the local bank. I’m 5ft 2in, 110lbs, have big blue eyes and long blonde hair. I am very outgoing and love to have fun. ...Read On


The Interview

Brooke and Veronica meet a famous CEO and he wants them to fulfill his fantasy.

"Oh my gosh, Brooke," my best friend, Veronica, exclaimed. "I'm growing frustrated here! It's not going to take long. I just have to ask the guy a few questions and bam! I'll have my article." I frowned. "I don't know, Veronica. I have finals this week and I really have to study." "Studying is for losers," Veronica cut me off. "You're so uptight about things and I really think hanging out...Read On