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Stories of a Post Apocalyptic World: Part 10

When the bombs fell around the Earth, decimating the entire world, most of the population were pushed into underground bunkers. However, there were millions of unfortunate beings who were trapped and forced to endure the massive amount of radiation which was released into the atmosphere. Many of the ill-fated took cover in transit tunnels across all major cities in the world. These...Read On

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Love Letters from Kitten #1

You asked me what I liked about our fucking...

We finally fucked, and I'm so shy but you told me I had to record what...Read On


Whatever Works Chapter 2

Arnie gets caught in a lie

Sara pushes Molly into the kitchen, putting her at the table cutting up a salad, while she made grilled cheese sandwiches and a veggie soup. They chat while eating lunch and Sara asks Arnie if he told Ed about driving himself to work. Ed looking puzzled asks, "Why are you doing that Arnie? My driving scaring you or something?" Arnie's face turns red, "Um no Ed, it's just that I need...Read On


One call too many

I worked maintenance at a hotel. I was called to a room. The light was not working. A blonde about twenty-five years old answered the door. She wore a halter top and a pair of the shortest shorts I had ever seen. She told me the light over the desk did not work. I plugged in the lamp. I turned to face her and saw she had long and shapely legs. My cock started to get hard. I wanted to pull...Read On


The Neighbor and His Virgin Friend

The neighbor returns with a new friend

It had been a couple of weeks since Brett’s first visit to my house. I could not get enough of his young cock, and he was a very good student. My grass didn’t grow fast enough to satisfy my needs, so Brett and I had to get creative with our excuses for his parents. I told them that he was painting my bedroom or fixing a leaky faucet. In reality, he was taking care of much more important tasks. ...Read On


My Initiation - Part 11

I was getting to watch a lot of different sex acts while spying on the sorority girls.

From my vantage point at the window I can see the jeweled butt plug between the cheeks of the sub as she was bent over the Doms lap. I watched as the Dom spread the cheeks open to push the plug in real slow. I thought I was going to cum right then and there when I heard the sub moan as the Dom pushed the plug in a little bit more. Then I saw the Dom look down at her side, reach down and...Read On


A Husband's Education

Wife arranges threesome for husband and watches in secret

“I know just the woman,” I said. “Good. Good.” Kim replied. “Do you mind if I meet her first?” It was ever thus with Kim; a veneer of quiet tact masked steel. This wasn’t a request, it was a demand. “Of course I don’t,” I said. We’d met up for lunch, me and my best friend’s wife. I didn’t know if she’d told Pete we’d be meeting, but then I didn’t care much either. It wasn’t as if we’d...Read On


Look up at Me

It is in the title

After my romp with Daren and him taking me to a whole new level for me to fulfill my feminine urge, I discovered that my sexuality to being accepted and taken as a woman had sky rocketed. It also gave me a greater level of confidence when I was dressed En-femme. For weeks, I had played the whole encounter with Daren over and over in my mind, and soon realized that I was about to hit my...Read On


The Seduction

A house key and an invitation lead to wonderful sex with a gorgeous woman

I let myself in with the key she had given me the night before in the bar; the address was easy to find. I walked through the dark in the house until I found what would be the master bedroom, but the door was closed. I opened it slowly. The room was softly lit by small candles placed around the room. She was lying on the bed, her dark auburn hair splayed across a pillow, a white satin...Read On


Rachel the Part time Baby Sitter

It wasn't supposed to turn out this way . . .

I saw an on line advertisement on social media where a neighbor was offering up her seventeen year old daughter to baby sit. As a single father with twin five year olds, I was thrilled to see the advertisement. Finally, I thought to myself, I can have a social life. A babysitter for the weekends when I had the kids would allow me a small amount of time to rebuild my life after a nasty divorce. ...Read On


The Gardener III

He watched as her husband took her.

It's been three days since you watched my husband fuck me. I pray, though our eyes were locked, that you don't know I came with him inside me. I don't want you to know, though my orgasm had nothing to do with the long, thin dick ramming me from behind as I bent over the cabana countertop. It had everything to do with the pussy-licking you'd given me moments earlier, the remembered thrill...Read On


Twisted Tails 2

A teasing blonde gets what she craves, and begs for a spanking to follow...

She lubricated the phallus and strapped it around his waist so that it stood out proudly alongside his own hard erect cock. He smiled, like a man with two dicks. She leaned forward onto the bed and thrust her backside up into the air before him. Her pussy was open and dripping wet and her tight anal sphincter pulsed invitingly. “Fuck me in both holes as hard as you can. Don’t stop,”...Read On


Whatever Works Chapter 1

Arnie lies to Molly.

Sara Fletcher watched from her front porch as Arnie Harned pushed his wife, Molly, into the house. Molly and Sara have been best friends ever since the Harneds had moved in next door six years ago. Sara is twenty eight years old, five foot six, hundred thirty pounds, short brown hair, dark chocolate eyes and a very pretty woman that draws enough whistles and stares to keep Edward her husband...Read On


Professor Pimp

Remember you are my slut and fuck no one without my permission

I was a professor at college. I had a reputation of giving my students the grades they deserved. I would not give extra credit. I had heard of professors sleeping with students. I dated another professor that I caught fucking one of her male students. I told her I would turn her in if she did not fuck me instead. It worked out great for two years. I fucked her in my class room or hers during...Read On


Meeting James Chapter Five

James returns and changes his relationship with Melanie.

I waited excitedly for my classmates to walk down the steps of the large auditorium and out the door. It was 11:00 a.m. on Friday, my last class of the day, and I was felt so anxious I couldn’t stand myself. James was in town and we would be spending our first full weekend together. His flight landed at eight this morning and I wanted to skip my economics and finance classes so I could meet...Read On


The Dannye Tease

Ours was a special relationship . .

Dannye was my seventeen year old step-sister. She became my step-sister when my dad married Marianne, my new step mom. My real mother had abandoned our family for another guy, and while my mom and I were still close, that special bond we had never really solidified as I got into my teenage years, especially since her new husband didn’t want “bratty teenagers” around his house. I was happy...Read On


The Gardener II

Her Husband is Home

Please read "The Gardener I" first:  ... "Thank you for the update," my husband says. "I trust you've been keeping them good and wet." He's talking about the hydrangeas you care for while he's at work. I swallow my smile and stare at the ground, knowing your eyes are boring into me as you reply. "Yes, sir. Very wet," Sensing your eyes lingering on my legs and remembering how you'd...Read On


The Old Dusty Road - Part 3

We packed up and headed back to the house. Larry helped me in with my bag, we talked for a few minutes about the weekend, and Larry prepared to leave for the night. Before he left though, he turned to me, took me in his arms, and told me I did very well this weekend. I looked up at him and smiled. I was so happy to have made the choice to become his baby girl. Little did I know what was in...Read On

Recommended Read

The Blow Job Class

A guy becomes a guinea pig for a class of school girls

Mike stared at the tangle of wires, which protruded from the wall where he was working in the austere surroundings of the old school. Someone had done a real bodge job, so it was no wonder it had eventually shorted out. He had been called in by the lady in charge of Facilities at St. Valentine’s Finishing School for Girls, where the problem had affected lighting and some other...Read On


Erotic Afterglow

Steamy outdoor sex with MILF

It was a beautiful mid-summer evening, with a refreshing breeze in the air. My wife and I were enjoying some cocktails around a fire pit. We had exhausted our drinks, feeling a little buzzed, when she suddenly reached under her skirt, removed her panties and tossed them to me. The invitation was clear. I moved in front of her Adirondack chair and gently slid up her skirt. She moved to...Read On


Busted Vacation To Fantastic Vacation

She told me what happens in the cabin stays in the cabin

I had dated Jill for about six months. I decided to take her on the vacation to Disney World that she always had wanted. I arranged everything and had it set up as a surprise for her. About three weeks before we were to leave she broke up with me. I was very upset and cancelled everything. I was told it would be a month or two before I was refunded my money. Jack and I had worked together...Read On


Both Babysitters Were Hot

I had two babysitters and both were hot, so I had to seduce at least one of them.

My wife works the three-to-midnight shift at the hospital, so taking care of our two year-old daughter always falls to me, as it should. But there are times when I want to go to a movie or play poker with my buddies, so we have a couple of teenagers that I can call. Katelyn is simply adorable! She’s eighteen, has long brown hair that she always wears up in a ponytail, and that ponytail...Read On


Illuminated in July

“So what are you exactly—gay? Bi?” I asked Julian. We were lying naked on the locker room floor of the bathhouse the following morning. My head was still spinning with thoughts about my first gay experience that I had indulged in with him just hours ago, and my ass was still sticky with the remnants of his jizz in my crack. He smiled and shrugged slightly as he rose from the floor to...Read On


Rear Ended - Chapter Eight

Rachel confesses to Antonio with consequences

Rachel looked on at the familiar scenes below. It was early September, and the remains of the summer were fast fading. It was an exceptionally hot and humid day in London, and the people of Kensington Park were taking one last advantage before the seasons turned.  For Rachel, this marked the time Antonio was due back from his ambassadorial mission abroad. How could she begin to explain,...Read On


The Dance, Part 2

The experience goes on.

He sat there in the chair, still one hand cuffed to it. There was a mess on his lap, a mess that he had created. Where was Officer Sarah? Suddenly the light went out. He could see nothing. His pulse quickened as he wondered what was going on. Listening very closely it sounded like someone breathing, not too far away. In fact he heard what sounded like several footsteps. They were coming from...Read On


The barn

How she got there, she didn't know

There she lay, strapped on a table or a bed. She couldn't quite make it out what it was she was lying on. It wasn't uncomfortably hard, however it wasn't very comfortably either. She felt her hands were tied at the wrists. Her feet were tied at the ankles. Her legs spread apart. She was naked. She began to realize she'd been blindfolded as well, unable to see her surroundings. She felt the...Read On


Blondie Does Anal

Sam and I bought our cabin last year for weekends just like this one. It gives us the perfect place to have our friends come by and party with us. This past week was probably the hottest we've had so far. We were all looking forward to hanging out on the beach, and spending our evening enjoying drinks in front of a blazing bonfire. Our friends are going to bring the food and drinks and...Read On


Oculi qui vident

Liam gets to watch...

Maggie was hardly spending any time at the flat. For the past week, she had stayed over at the house of her lover, who it turned out was called Ryan after all. Every day she came back to the flat for clean underwear walking more and more like John Wayne, but progressively with a bigger smile. Maggie and Ryan had discovered a shared love of light bondage. In their case, this meant restraining...Read On


Perhaps One Last Fling

“Perhaps maybe I should have one last fling,” I said to myself.

It was Saturday night followed by my college graduation and next day I was moving back home with my parents. Oh! How I dread that stifling environment. “ Perhaps maybe I should have one last fling, ” I said to myself. I reached home and took off every last piece of clothing and stood naked in front of the closet. I gawked at my clothes to find just the right piece for the night, which I...Read On


Business Trip - Sharing A Room pt1

On a business trip, Holly and Shannon end up sharing a room.

Returning to her hotel room after having a few drinks and dinner with the clients, Holly noticed that the lights were out and it appeared Shannon, her roommate for the trip, was already asleep. She turned on the bathroom light so not to disturb her coworker but also allowing her to see enough to get undressed and into bed. Shannon had returned earlier saying that she needed to get a few...Read On