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Enjoy the Show

Some pleasures are discovered by accident.

Sprawled out over the king size bed, I listened to the faint sound of running water. My friend was having a morning shower and I was left alone. Her parents had gone on vacation together with her brother, so we were alone at her house for a whole week. Being a little more than just friends we had decided to occupy the parents’ bed. In my boredom I sighed, closed my eyes and just listened....Read On


A Different Sort of Cramming

It was exasperating, she really did need to cram for her boards, but it was also exhilarating.

Textbooks and study notes showered down from the bouncing mattress of a venerable four-poster bed as a long, thick, column of rigid flesh kept up a steady rhythm of lust and need, surging back and forth past stretched, slightly irritated pussy lips that clutch tightly around the unyielding shaft relentlessly cramming its engorged cock head into the inner most depths of a wet, stuffed...Read On


My Initiation-Part14

I was enjoying my surveliance of the sorority house .

I watched as the mistress stood between her sub's legs, and after telling her that she was not allowed to cum until told to do so, put her strap on cock into her sub's pussy. The sub let out a moan of pleasure but since she was tied the way she was, she did not move her body at all. Any movement would pull the chain attached to her nipple clamps. I heard the purr of the vibrator in the...Read On


Lucifer's Bow 4

Special thanks to BethanyFrasier for editing

Lucifer's Bow, a ring of harbor buoys, now shrouded by fog. So distant they seem, when the fish don't bite, but things have a way of cutting through the fog. * Gray went into the bathroom and scrubbed his face. He removed all the make-up, and then stepped into the shower to wash himself off, making sure the water was icy. His sphincter was still tingling from all the thrusting and pounding...Read On


The Naughty Party

I was invited to a party, I soon found out what kind of party it was!

It was the kind of party that I had never been to. You could have said that I was naïve when I accepted the invitation but then there was no real need to be otherwise. After leaving the party I was more than curious about everyone else that was there. I was on a high. I was invited by a friend from work. I would know only her at the party and would be reliant on a stunted conversation with...Read On

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Into the Shadows

Nestled within the Victorian hinterland lies a seductive power beyond comprehension.

Extract from the Journal of Patient Trokes, A. (Kept in shorthand) The lanterns aboard the Brougham carriage provided the only light by which to see. The dirt road was black as charcoal and the surrounding countryside deserted. The onset of autumn had stripped the trees of foliage; their wizened branches gouged the sky, searching for warmth and daylight so distant it was a forlorn...Read On


A Middle Earth Odyssey - Chapter 2

The best birthday party ever!

Chapter 2: The Party Twice Interrupted Starial instructs me to get up. She has me kneel at the end of he bench. I lie forward so that I am in a doggy position. My upper body is supported by the bench. I can't see Starial, but I sense she is giving hand signals for the girls to take their places. I raise up on my elbows to look around. Yanina straddles the bench and sits facing me....Read On


Illicit Desires Ch. 01

Katie's late nights arouse Frankie's suspicions

I sat up and rubbed my eyes. After a moment I figured out that the irritating noise I was hearing was the television. It was still on. I focused my attention. A gray haired man wearing a gaudy shirt with a long pointed collar and an attractive young blond were hawking an anthology of classic disco music. I realized that I must have fallen asleep in my chair. I stood up and glanced at...Read On

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Eighteen Hours of Rain

Spies, sex and serendipity's smorgasbord. The cold war--gloves, hats and sexy spy-craft.

Everyone knows the name Kim Philby. You all know the notorious Cambridge Five spy ring. Unlike that famous quintet you have never heard this tale before. You have never heard the name, “Jean de Langham,” unless perhaps you are a massive fifties film fan. So sit down, pour a scotch, grab a cigarette if you’re so inclined, and listen up. The Soviet Cheka was more professional than most...Read On


My Ex-Wife’s Stepdaughter Again

I thought I would never hear from Charlotte again after what she had done.

Charlotte had used sex with me to get back at her step-mother, Gloria, my ex-wife. They didn’t get along and having sex with me was her revenge, her ultimate gotcha. It was a sucker punch to me. I was a little suspicious of her intense interest in me, but at the time I didn’t care if it got her into my bed. She was a gorgeous eighteen year-old and I wanted her. It’s been over three...Read On


Dirty Little Secrets 1: Performing For Two

A wife shares her dirty little secret

I know he’s there, even if he isn’t. What I mean is that I can never know if he’s there, but he’s so real in my mind that he’s always there when I perform. Oh dear, I’m not explaining this very well, am I? It’s like this. My husband, John, spends every other working week abroad. I’ve never had any reason to imagine that he’s been anything other than completely faithful to me, but at the...Read On


An Unexpected Threesome With The Babysitter

A couple have an unexpected threesome

My husband and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary and we asked our babysitter to come over. Sandy is a young woman who’s nineteen, very reliable and always available to make some money. She’s so good with our children and we’ve had her babysit our children for the last few years. Our children just love her to death. Rex and I were celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary....Read On

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Recommended Read

Pure Filth

Listen to what I want

Let me tell you what I want. I want you to know what gets me hot and worked up. What you can do to me to get my juices flowing freely from my pussy. I want you to fill me. I want your cock buried so deep inside me that I see stars and my whole body shakes from the pounding you’re giving me. I want you to fuck me, until your cock explodes plastering my pussy with your creamy load. I’m...Read On

Recommended Read

Alice's Panties

“Luke?” She’d answered in the midst of the fifth ring, right before her phone went to voicemail, her voice soft and hesitant. I paused, listening carefully as she fought to catch her breath, her breathing shallow and quick, enjoying the moment for as long as I dared before speaking. “You forget something?” It wasn’t a question, and I could tell by her silence that she knew it. I let...Read On


Good Solutions (Part 3)

A confused Laura gets a surprise in the woods

It had been three weeks since the night Laura witnessed Jamey losing her virginity to Dean. The vision of the young woman, lowering her young frame unto the thick cock sticking upright from the young man’s groin, plagued Laura to the point of screaming with frustration. Her frustration caused numerous self-induced, or otherwise, mechanical, releases from her selection of toys. The...Read On

Recommended Read

The Run of Her Life, The Run to Find Herself -- Chapter Two

Cali's beach run turns into a romantic affair

  Preface: This story, (Chapter Two) is self-contained and may be read as a standalone story, but you will benefit from the character development of reading the first story. Chapter One is not marked as such, as I never intended on writing more chapters, but some readers fell in love with these characters and asked for more. So relax and enjoy more teasing banter, and sexual fun, with...Read On


The Red Shoes

Was it a dream, or reality?

Street lights flickered on and the sidewalks glistened from the remnants of an earlier shower. I stopped to gaze in a store window to see if the red pumps I was drooling for were still there. A man was blocking my view, but then I changed my attention to the most delicious set of glutes I had ever seen. He was about 6'4" and his broad shoulders told me he wasn't afraid of hard work. I...Read On


The Movie Theater

Teresa gets more than a movie at the theater.

As Teresa walked into the movie theater, she remembered the previous day with her lover. She was with her niece now, who knew nothing about the relationship. A relationship, if you could call it that, which was on its third year. An arrangement was a more appropriate word, Teresa thought to herself. Every Monday, her and her male friend, Michael, would meet at his house for a few hours of...Read On


Helping out a Classmate - Chapter 8

You punish Danielle for sucking another man's cock

“So, what do you want me to do as ‘punishment’?” Danielle asks as the two of you enter her apartment. “A quick blowjob?” “No,” you say. “I want to tie you up.” Danielle is surprised by your wish but goes along with it, thinking that this might spice up your sex life. Like that’s necessary. The two of you walk into the bedroom and Danielle starts to undress. You help her out of her...Read On


I Wanted It So Bad (Part 2)

I Can't Believe It Happened...

My wife, step-daughter and I took a vacation. It was something well-deserved, and we desperately needed to get away. To make it a bit more enjoyable, and to give my step-daughter some company, we'd agreed to let her take a friend. I knew Katie through her parents, and my step-daughter and her, although being "friends", weren't technically that close. Why my step-daughter chose to take her...Read On


Afternoon Delight

Thank You JWren for taking the time to edit my story.

My name is Joy and I’ve been married to Kevin for most of our adult lives. Although it’s been an unhappy and sexless marriage for many years, we have never to my knowledge cheated. It’s just something I’ve never thought about, even though we are more like roommates than a married couple. I'm 5’4" and have long brown hair and brown eyes. I try to stay in shape and healthy with regular...Read On


First Encounter Of An Online Friend

We met for the first time in person

We had never met in person, but Gingersnap1993 had amazing photos online. We had been speaking for about two weeks when we decided to meet. We had used various websites, moving from a dating site, to snapchat, to texting each other almost obsessively because of the connection that we had made almost immediately. She wanted to come to my house and fulfill a fantasy of mine that I 'd had...Read On


Death Makes Me Feel Alive

When she meets the god of death, is he everything she imagined?

I have watched over earth for thousands of years, and my existence has faded to myth and legend. Over time, my kin became mere shadows of the beings they once were, until they disappeared altogether. My wife, Persephone, was the first to disappear. More like a companion than a wife, she had long been without purpose. I am the only one left with a job; to care for the dead. Since my...Read On


The Cuckolding of Neil Dodds - Part 14

Claire and Karl's relationship takes a new turn

They walked the short journey to the Ye Olde Village Pub. Karl’s fingers brushed against hers along the route and Claire was quick to pull away. “Can’t I hold your hand?” he joked. “Stop it,” Claire said quietly, with a smile. “Can I touch your pussy then?” “Ssssssh.” “It will be a different story later this afternoon when I’m taking your knickers off,” he told her. “You’re...Read On


Michelle's New Boyfriend, Ch 2 part 5

Jacqui and I enjoy the rest of the evening with our new friend.

Robert I couldn’t believe how long this was taking. What the heck are those two women doing, taking a nap? Apparently they’d decided to leave me in the living room alone for the night and do their own thing, whatever that might be. My cock was hard as a rock. I got up to wander around, getting another glass of wine. Ugh, I didn’t like it, but thought it might calm my nerves a little...Read On


Fun at the beach

Playing at the beach

On the 30th of December 2014, James and I went to an unofficial nude beach. As those that have read our other stories would know, whenever we go on our "adventures" I usually wear as little as possible. This was no different. My outfit consisted of a tiny pink skirt that did not cover my ass fully, no panties (obviously), a brand new buttoned crop top and no bra (even more obvious). The new...Read On


My second time with a man

This is the story of my second sexual encounter with an older man

I found myself very horny for a man's penis one Friday and decided that I was going to fulfill my desire. I got online and began to chat with an older black man who wanted to play. I told him that I was in the mood to give a blowjob to a Daddy and maybe more. He wanted to feed his dick to a younger bi and was into the idea of hooking up with me. He invited me over to his place and told me that...Read On


An Office Affair

An attorney finds passion with a young paralegal.

Taylor pressed her security badge against the electronic panel. She heard the lock click and opened the door into the law firm where she worked. It was just a little past six in the morning and as usual, she was the first one at work. She walked down the short hallway and entered her office. She frowned, noticing that the huge stacks of papers on her desk hadn't magically gotten any...Read On


Beach Trip

Another day in the life of me

My family, which consists of my significant other and his child, planned a weekday trip to Old Orchard Beach, Maine, two weeks in advance. We do this a few times each summer since his family owns a house there. When he allows a friend of his child to join us, it becomes a sexless vacation. The beach is white and the town center has plenty of amusements, games, and restaurants open to...Read On


Jamaican Night

A glance on the dance floor escalated quicker than anticipated.

I read on the internet that this weekend was the ‘freezy’ festival in my town, three nights of free live music, street food and DJs. I decided to go on that same Friday night to enjoy the atmosphere and the crowd even though I didn’t know any of the artists playing. My flat-mate Marcus decided to tag along. He checked with me whether his converse or shoes complemented his casual shorts...Read On