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DJ's Dad, 3

Dan sat in the den catching up on the latest sports scores, but he couldn’t get his mind off of Natalie. It was torturous knowing she was just a few feet away in his son’s bedroom. They were supposed to be studying, but from the giggling he heard over the loud music, he suspected more was going on. He approached the door and knocked loudly before slowly proceeding to open it. DJ and Natalie...Read On


My Husband's Boss

I decided to satisfy him

My husband's manager arrived from Saudi Arabia and arranged to stay with us in the spare room here in our apartment in London, mainly to sort out the business which was not doing well. He was much older than me. I am only in my late thirties, he was about fifty. I didn't get along with him at all, and hardly said a word to him, but each morning, after my husband had gone to work I would begin...Read On


Vacation Part 3 ( Sue )

Fuck me everyday in front of everyone as long as it is hard

Janet got out of bed after our night together. She thought I was still asleep. I watched her walk very gingerly to the door. I saw she was sore from getting her ass and pussy fucked last night. She closed the door and I moved to where I could hear the women talk. Janet told them how gentle I was with her. She told them I took my time to make sure both her ass and pussy was ready for my cock. ...Read On


The Initiation

It had been many years since I last fucked a virgin.

The notion that any of my former lovers would ask me, at my age, to initiate her virginal daughter into the mysteries of sex had never crossed my mind. “For several reasons,” she said. “First, she knows and likes you. Second, you were a wonderful, gentle, thoughtful lover, who always treated me with respect. And, because she is leaving for college next year. The thought that her...Read On


My Initiation-Part16

This was the night i tried to complete my initiation into my fraternity.

I wanted to stay and listen to the two girls making love in the bed, but I was running behind again and I had a couple more rooms to do. I was getting tired and didn't want to screw up. The next two went very well. Again the girls were sleeping naked, but there was a definite difference from these two to all the others I had done. When I looked at the first one in bed, she was sleeping on...Read On


San Diego Summer 2

Cindy has her way with the help.

Like I said, things didn't get awkward between Kienan and me after our jerk off session in the van to get rid of the massive blue balls Cindy had given us. However, things did change. Things between Kienan and I became more relaxed or free spirited. It started with Kienan. One night I was in my bedroom watching TV before going to sleep. Kienan knocked on the door then entered my room. He...Read On


Obedience Personified

Jill was told she was his for the night. Things didn’t quite turn out that way though!

So here I was, I had arranged to meet someone at the hotel while my husband actively encouraged it. Well, it wasn’t so much that I had arranged it, my husband had. I was encouraged to meet this guy called Richard. We had exchanged emails a few times from an erotic story site that I frequent and I was seduced by his manner. He talked about what he would do with me, how he would fuck me and...Read On


Illicit Desires Ch. 02

After learning the truth Frankie makes a plan

My office had to be my first stop. There were several tasks that required my immediate attention. It took me a couple of hours to get everything done. By the time I was finished it was after noon, but that still left me plenty of time to complete the rest of my errands. My second stop was a discount electronics store where I purchased a compact digital voice recorder and a miniature camera....Read On

Recommended Read

Out of Control

She never dreamed that she would be one of those type of girls. But, she was.

There was not a lot of people on the floor in the small area designated for dancing. After all, it was more of a bar designed for socializing. The area was barely even lighted. Alaina loved to dance. So when the guy that had definitely held her attention for most of the night asked her to dance, with that teasing smile of his, she did not hesitate. Before she knew it, she was grinding against...Read On


Seducing the Bride to Be

I dated Erika a couple of years back, but I had to have her again before she got married.

I’m an ER doctor at a large hospital in Chicago. In a town that size, the ER is always busy and hectic. It’s always one emergency after another for the whole shift. I like to work the second shift so that I can have my days to play golf or go flying in my Cessna 310. Erika was a new ER nurse, a gorgeous blonde, but we were too busy to even say hello, much less talk and get to know each...Read On


He's Hiding On The Balcony (Part 3)

What's in store for our married couple? Trouble in Paradise? Or will a rainbow appear?

When we last left Carol she was fulfilling her husband’s fantasy. She was on the hotel suite bed being impaled by a young Canadian tennis stud with a cock more than twice the size of poor Paul’s. Carol’s husband was crouching on the balcony behind a wicker chair watching in fascination. How will Paul’s fantasy turn out? What is in store for our troubled married couple? Let’s find out. ...Read On


Stolen Afternoon

A stolen afternoon with my woman...

I look up from my place between your thighs. The sight of you tied to the bed-head and blindfolded makes me smile. You struggle a little, more in frustration than objection. I've been keeping you on the edge for close on half an hour, and your moans have got louder. But no matter how much you want to, I will decide when you can come. Sliding back between your open thighs, the musky scent...Read On


The Bachelorette Party - Part 1

There is always a story before the party. Mine just happens to be raunchy!

The Beginning After graduating college with a degree in Anthropology, I went hunting for a job. Guess what, no jobs available for this degree, I should have done my homework before choosing it, I was a teenager and I made a huge mistake. My parents wanted me to continue pursuing another more in demand degree and were willing to pay for it. I told them I would think about it but first I would...Read On


The Last Flight. Chapter 27

Karen and Jemima dine together

We stood, holding hands, silent, until Jemima took a deep breath. “Well, now we have that settled, I could do with a drink!” she grinned, her eyes sparkling in the half light. The Sun had dropped behind the houses and the light coming through the window above the front door was gradually darkening. “Oh! I'm sorry, I don't drink and there is none in the house. My father, he...” ...Read On


Sex on the beach

Candy meets up with a girlfriend at a hotel and meets two hunky guys who take them on the beach.

I was really looking forward to meeting Amanda in the flesh for the first time. We’d met over the internet and enjoyed some really horny messaging so it was probably inevitable that when we got together we would end up in bed. She’d sent me the details of the swanky hotel she was staying at on the south coast and it looked perfect for the weekend we’d arranged. Perched on a cliff above...Read On


Cell Block X, Part Two

Mary's struggling with her feelings for Rodriguez. Can library duty calm her down?

It was two weeks before she saw him again. Mary almost wished that she could spend every one of those fourteen days fantasizing about him, pining for him. These new, lustful feelings thrilled her, but despite the near-overwhelming urge to scout Rodriguez down, throw him up against the bars and have her way with him, Mary knew that any chance of seeing the man again depended on a flawless...Read On


Afternoon Delight Part 2

Thank You JWren for taking the time to edit my story.

Several weeks have passed since that afternoon I spent with Michael. But it seems that is all I can think about. Why didn't I get his number? Then again, why didn't he ask for mine? We said our goodbyes, now just leave it alone, I thought. But I couldn't leave it alone: I wanted to see him again. My pussy craved him. He made me feel so alive, something Kevin hasn't done in years. I felt...Read On


I Dominus - Part 2

I ordered a scotch, neat, at ten minutes to noon. I had arrived early at the hotel and checked in to my room. My cock was semi hard already. I was looking forward to putting Heather through her paces. At noon, sharp, Heather approached the bar and spotted me. I had taken a seat at the end of the bar, my profile visible to anyone that approached. She gasped when she spotted me. In an...Read On


Best Friends, Part 4

Pain. That was the first thing that Allana felt the following morning. Before she even had her eyes open, she was groaning loudly. She put her hand on her forehead and sat up slowly. She peaked out of one eye in time in see Renee come out of the bathroom. “Oh good, you’re awake,” Renee said then she winced. “Headache?” she asked pointing out her painful expression. “What happened?”...Read On


Sweet Revenge

See why Frank could only sit there and watch his wife in action...

My name is Jenna. I’ve been married to my husband, Frank for about ten years. Other than the normal problems that occur in any marriage, everything has been just fine. It’s only been within the last year that things started going south. Yes, we have some financial difficulties, but no more than the average couple. Actually we only have one major issue in our relationship; unfortunately...Read On


I Wanted It So Bad (Part 3)


Our vacation had been planned for quite some time. My wife and step-daughter had rented a condo down south. Late-minute plans ended up including my step-daughter's friend Katie. My step-daughter had chosen to take her friend Katie with us. For a sixteen year old, Katie had one of the most unique personalities that you could find on a girl her age. Katie was outgoing, verbal, blunt, and...Read On


An Olympic Athlete Fucked My Girlfriend

Lacy offers herself to an Olympic soccer player. Names and locations altered for privacy.

My girlfriend, Lacy, told me she had the opportunity to fuck a member of the U.S. Men's Soccer Team, and she took it! Lacy is an absolutely gorgeous, twenty-eight year-old blonde, the quintessential "head-cheerleader". type. This happened a couple of years ago, when she was twenty-six. Lacy was following one of the U.S. team members on Twitter, and she sent a couple of private messages....Read On


DJ's Dad, 2

Natalie, sweet chocolate Natalie ... Dan couldn’t stop thinking about her. Never in a million years did he think his infatuation with Natalie would be reciprocated, yet sweet little Natalie was just as hot for him as he was for her. He kept replaying the day’s events in his mind; remembering how delicious and tempting she looked in her tiny pink polka dot bikini while swimming in his pool....Read On


Of Love and War and Donna Lynn

He was tired of death; tired of trying to kill unknown men who kept trying to kill him.

It was another turbulent day in the summer of 68. Student protests raged from the Sorbonne to Berkeley. In the US, civil rights demonstrations and anti-war rallies were turning violent. Martin Luther King was dead; Bobby Kennedy would be soon. In South Vietnam, hundreds of other Americans were being killed each month. Soldiers patrolled the streets of Saigon, Paris, and Washington while...Read On


My Girlfriend Is Such A Tease

My girlfriend drives me crazy

My girlfriend and I have been going out for over a year. She's the biggest tease on the planet. We'll be making out and getting all hot and heavy and she'll get me all excited, but then will say "she's tired or not in the mood." I have blue balls most of the time, because she never has sex with me. It's not like she's a virgin or anything. She's nineteen and just likes me to pleasure her. A...Read On


My Initiation-Part15

I was ready to finish my initiation into my fraternity.

I was ready to complete my challenge for my initiation into my fraternity. I had one week to observe every room in one particular sorority to learn the habits of the girls living there. I had to sneak into each room, steal a pair of panties from each girl, label it, and get out without getting caught. This had to be done in one night over the weekend.  I had watched every girl, what they...Read On


Exposing Cindy - chapter 1 - Blindfolded and Bound

Jim allows someone to fuck me while I am blindfolded and tied up, and I do not know who it was

Saturday, August 15, 2015 The boys returned to college earlier this week, leaving Jim and me as 'empty nesters' once again. Don't get me wrong, I love having the boys home, but their presence does limit some of Jim's and my less conventional activities. In fact, I was forced to be a very good girl since the boys arrived home in mid-May. I was more than ready to misbehave. It was...Read On


Murphy Carol - The Party

A man's girlfriend is the life of the party

Carol bit her lip as she felt her body sway in the car seat. She wore big, dark sunglasses, but they were only to hide the 'x's of electrical tape that sealed her eyes shut. In darkness, she became sensitive to her own body, feeling it push and swing against the seatbelt as Murphy drove her to their special night out. "Almost there. You nervous?" Murphy asked. She felt his wide, strong...Read On


My Cousin Terry

Terry was my second cousin and was a hot little thing and rather easy to seduce.

I grew up in central Kentucky not far from the famous Mammoth Cave National Park. I had relatives all over the state, but I hadn’t seen my second cousin, Terry, since she was ten years old. It was the Fourth of July weekend and my parents were hosting a rare family reunion. That’s when I saw Terry again. Wow! She had grown up in the last seven years! She had become a beautiful girl and...Read On



In the latest escapade of The Cum Slinger, a character of only my mind. A character that often leaves Cum Shot Residue, (CSR) at the edge of the divide. My shadow and flesh can usually be seen behind the mesh in my bookshop, conniving with Rowanberry ink. Often as not, imbibing a nog of rum. I am not often given to exaggerations, but it was a slow day. I cover expenses by scribbling out...Read On