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Julia's Sexual Awakening

Extra credit becomes a lot more

For as long as I can remember, I had been a quiet girl, who kept to herself. Through all four years of high school, I was the girl that no one wanted to talk to. The popular girls were all off dating and partying, while I stayed inside and read books. Blondes seemed to be the top pick for all of the guys, especially with the girls that developed early. Their breasts had gained them all of...Read On


Canadian Horror Story

Filming a horror show on Hollow's Eve, in Toronto.

“Pleeeeease! I don't want to die! You don’t have to do this! Please let me go, I swear I won’t tell anyone!” The girl tied to the chair pleaded, as tears streamed down her face, to her hooded captor, as she struggled in vain to free herself from the ropes that bound her arms to the chair. She watched in horror as he sharpened a meat cleaver on a stone. The dark, musty, sound...Read On


Through my hotel window

She really liked what she saw when I got busy in my hotel room

I had just finished taking my shower. The hotel I was staying in was my favorite in the city and the staff always puts me in the same room, week after week. The fifth floor seems to be where they put all the weekly guests. The apartment building that is being refurbished behind the hotel had just begun to rent apartments. The two building stand just ten to twelve feet apart. All the...Read On


My Life With JuLee

A wife who amazes me in bed and everywhere else.

I met JuLee while serving with the U.S. Air Force in Korea. I had occasion to accompany a Korean civilian employee to our Base HR section regarding a pay complaint. We waited quite a long time, as many people were there. Finally, we were at the counter and were approached by an unusual woman. By unusual I mean she was very tall for a Korean, 5'8" or 5'9", and stunningly beautiful. She...Read On


Drawn to Addy - Part 1

Stephen discreetly discovers his beautiful step daughter in a very private moment.

A weary sigh escaped Stephen as he pulled into his driveway and turned off the car. His watch read 10:48. He didn't know how many more of these late nights he could do. For the past few months he's been out the door by seven and he's been lucky to be home by ten. That's what happens when you accept such a high promotion in the corporate world; it's more money, but the cost of it is high for...Read On


I Finally Nailed My Neighbor’s Wife

I’d always wanted to get Becky into bed and I finally did it.

When Bill and Becky moved into the house behind us, I was immediately in lust. She had long, flowing black hair, a great body, and a sexiness about her that just really had me hard whenever she was around. My wife and I became friends with them quickly and we were together every weekend playing cards or swimming in our pool. After a few months of playing cards and looking at Becky’s...Read On

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Nikki slouched low in the chair. The impudent shape of her pussy shoved conspicuously against the seam of her jeans. They were skintight, with frayed cutouts all over, exposing almost as much of her almond complexion as they covered. Her body had a way of looking relaxed, yet like it was bursting out of itself at the same time. Her skin looked so smooth Stone could almost feel the texture...Read On


Cleaning Lady Fun

A teenager skips school to get a glance of the cleaning lady

I didn’t go to school today, because Mia, our cleaning lady is scheduled to clean. One time, I had come home early from school and found her dancing to music in her bra and panties. I nearly fainted and passed out. She just smiled and laughed and continued to vacuum. She didn’t even cover up. I just stood there shocked and just drooled. She’s a hot tamale for sure. She has black long curly...Read On


Catching Up (Part 1)

Joanna is reminded of a love that got away.

Tuesday 22 February 2011. Twelve fifty-five pm. That was when a devastating earthquake hit my home town of Christchurch, New Zealand, after which nothing in this city will ever be the same again. Unbeknown to me at the time, that same moment was also to trigger events after which, in a much happier way, nothing in my life can be the same again either. Not ever. I was one of the many...Read On


I Couldn't Believe That Happened (Part 3)

It wasn't an accident...

I stood there, in the shower, staring at Tammy's naked body. I couldn't take my eyes off her round, firm, beautiful teenage boobs. As I casually glanced down at her hard nipples, my eyes kept roaming, and went lower. I stared at her stomach that was quivering and trembling slightly, and then lowered my eyes farther, to stare, transfixed at the thick patch of pubic hair that was between her...Read On


Isabel’s Slave – Part Four

The night is not over for Melissa, the sex is only just beginning and this time it’s personal.

Amy stared at Melissa, the huge grin on her face was almost unbelievable as she watched her mistress leave the lounge. Amy decided to put things in order. She yanked at the chain and Melissa’s whole body turned to face Amy. Amy stood up, she took the remnants of her drink in her hand and gulped it down. “On the floor – now,” she commanded, “with your head next to the chair.” Melissa...Read On


Club Exstasis

A middle aged married couple join a club for people who like being watched when making love

I must tell you about a very exciting sexual experience that my wife, Susie, and I enjoyed last week. I get hard just thinking about it now, but at the time, it was just about the most amazing and naughty thing we had ever done. We had been wanting to expand our sexual horizons for some time, but were not interested in the swinging scene, since we were quite content with each other as...Read On


Treats First then the Trick

What a hoot, thought Randi. This good-looking hunk is taking me to, of all places, a damn graveyard.

It was a fantastic fuck. Randi Druitt's sex-charged body writhed and shuddered. A large, powerfully built man lay between her widespread legs. With deep, fluid strokes, he pumped his demanding cock in and out of her very willing pussy. Each thrust left her gasping with passion and wanting more. The freckle-faced redhead lay nude on the backseat of an old Buick, parked on the far side of a...Read On


Her Beautiful Breasts

For Breast Cancer Awareness

The mirror told her she had beautiful breasts, however she didn't need a mirror to tell her that. Both men and women loved to tease them with tongues and fingers; to lick all over her breast, to wrap soft lips around her nipple and suck, lightly then fiercely, flicking the tip of a tongue or the edge of teeth across the surface, nibbling gently or biting roughly sending shivers of delightful...Read On


Beth loses control- part 3

Beautiful model again is degraded by strangers

If you've read the first two parts of my story you know all about me so I'll immediately describe what happened next. Less than a week after my last adventure the Asian man who was our sex club sponsor called me. He said he needed a special kind of woman to entertain some of his business associates. He said that their fantasy made him think of me. He told me, "There will be four of them...Read On


Second Honeymoon: Chapter 7

Clair and Karl reach an understanding, of sorts.

On that Friday before the neighborhood party, Karl delivered Dimitri to the rental car outlet and came home. He found me in his new bedroom, arranging his clothes in the closets and drawers. We had our talk. Karl told me about his Saturday with Ian and Alec. I realized Alec was the secretary/tour guide at the MG museum. I vaguely remember seeing a British couple at our city hotel, but...Read On

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A story of a taboo seduction

It had been five years since my wife died. I was stuck in a rut. It was as if my life had stalled the day Gina passed away. I was as emotionally healed as I would ever be, yet I lacked the will to go out and start anew. I worked, I came home. I slept, and then I headed back to work again the very next day. My life became a cycle. Rinse and repeat, ad infinitum. Maybe that’s why I...Read On


Humiliated By Shorter Friend

Last year I was cuckolded and humiliated in a most shocking manner by my childhood buddy (Let's just call him Mike). This is a true cuckold story. But, a little background. I'm a burly six foot with a protruding beer belly. My arms are strong and muscular though after years as a carpenter. Buddy Mike, on the other hand, barely exceeds five foot and is wiry and looks seriously in need...Read On


My Girlfriend's Roommate

My plans to have a hot time with my girlfriend are derailed... and it is amazing.

Back in college I was dating this girl Shannon. She was on the school volleyball team so she was in incredible shape. The only problem was that, during the season, she was often busy, and when she wasn’t busy she was tired. This often left me lacking when it came to sex, and I would often be left to take care of myself. When she wasn’t in season, though, she could and would screw me until...Read On


Local Affairs: (1): MILF and Two Sugars

A young local government officer gets the sexual surprise of his life.

It was raining heavily by the time Greg Somerfield parked outside Mrs Hemsley’s house. He looked at the distance to the house and cursed himself for not having brought an umbrella or a raincoat. He would have to choose between getting thoroughly wet and making an undignified dash to her front door. Grabbing his briefcase, he decided to hell with dignity. He quickly got out of the car, went...Read On


The Handyman - Part II

The handyman returns for some more fun with Carla

Carla managed to hold out for five days. She had taken his card out of her bag after getting home from her shopping trip and pinned it to the kitchen notice board. There were a few business cards there of services that they had either used in the past or might need in the future. Jo had looked it and commented on what a good job he had down. Carla had looked at it too but with a smile; she...Read On


Caught (Part 9)

She Thought She Knew...

She was on her back. Her legs were spread. I slowly entered her, pulled back, entered her again, and pulled back again, teasing her. I watched her face, watched her tense up, felt her vagina tighten every time my massively hard penis slid deep inside her, and heard her gasp when I withdrew, only to enter her again slowly and gently, filling her all the way deep. I felt my balls tighten up....Read On

Recommended Read

Bawdy Tales: Part 4 — The Widow's Story

Dame Elizabeth tells the true story of a youthful love affair.

Tucks-ford, The Laxton Arms, May 27th — We had no need to cast lots yester-eve to choose who should entertain after supper tonight. Almost as soon as the Cook had finished his tale of the Devil and the Lady, the widow Dame Elizabeth called out above the hubbub and general hilarity. “Dear friends,” she said, “for that is what I must perforce call you now, there being none of my family...Read On


All For Charity

Never underestimate women. Some look sexy, but others ooze sexuality in ways that surprise you.

The charity event my wife runs started about two months ago. It’s not a normal charity event. My wife, Maggie, and her few friends; there’s about five of them that are real close, occasionally get together for a night out. One night, they all arrived back at our place and Maggie announced, out of the blue I may add, that one of them was going to have sex with me for charity. They had worked...Read On


Seduced by My Friend’s Daughter

She and her friend were horny and cornered me, intent on seducing me.

My long-time friend from college came down to Orlando with his daughter Dana and her best friend, Haley. I offered to let them to stay with me because I knew how expensive it was to stay in a hotel near Disney World. They had 3-day passes and were planning to see everything. I had never met his daughter before and was floored when she came through the door. She was a knockout, as was her...Read On


The Woman Downstairs

New neighbor moves in downstairs and gives me quite a show.

It was around 9:00 on Friday night, and I'd just pulled in to the parking lot at my apartment. It had been a long week and a longer day, and I'd just finished making the two-hour trip to bring my wife to her parents' house for the weekend; her car was in the shop, and she needed to help her mother who just got out of surgery. After a long day at work and a long trip, I was ready for dinner and...Read On


Self-Sucking Sissy

His step-sister catches him experimenting with himself and helps him learn to self-suck.

My cock was already hard as I strode naked into our huge living room. I finally had the house to myself and I was going to take advantage of it. My dad had taken Bimbo-Barbie (a.k.a. my step-mom) to Tahoe for the weekend, and my step-bitch – sorry, step-“sister” – was off with her vapid pack of friends doing who cares what. She was only sixteen, same as me, but she always acted like she was...Read On


The Things A Teacher Should (Or Shouldn't) Do...

What You Can Teach In A Classroom

When I was in high school and middle school, I knew we had very little respect for substitute teachers. To us, it wasn't a flunky job or anything disrespectful. We just didn't give the same credit to someone filling in for a day or two when the regular teacher wanted a day off. In today's society, I knew that substitute teachers weren't looked at with the highest amount of respect either, but...Read On


Shopping Day

She found a FULL SERVICE shoe store that cared about her after the sale!

I left the store and walked through the parking lot towards my car, excited and happy with my new purchases. It was a gorgeous day and I'd bought some sexy new clothes - a pretty red lace teddy, thigh-high stockings, and a revealing tight black dress. But the highlight of my trip had been teasing the man in the shoe department. He'd been helping me try on shoes, and I'd shamelessly teased him. ...Read On


Ribbons, Part II

Things get interesting when Dan and Theresa arrive at their destination

Driving on the wooded, winding roads that led to the highway I eased up on the gas a little. If I could just get us to Theresa’s sister’s house alive, untold pleasures awaited me. She continued to rub my thigh with her palm and feel between my legs with the tips of her fingers, but in a way that made it seem like she was just exploring, and the conversation abruptly changed to less sexual...Read On