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Latest Erotic Stories


The Phone Call

A phone leads to discovery of a very wet nature

The postman dropped the package through my letter box on a Wednesday morning. It had arrived just as Fiona had said it would when we last exchanged emails the day before. I picked it up, checked that the postmark read New York, as Fiona had said it would, then dashed upstairs with it. With trembling fingers I ripped open the plain brown packet and out onto the bedspread fell a...Read On


He Looked Familiar

A mature woman finds a young man to satisfy her needs

“He Looked Familiar” (circa-1982) When Brenda Morton entered a room her tits came first and the rest followed. “Come inside,” she invited, her words breathed in a soft seductive whisper, her eyes taking a quick tour over the smart young man old enough to be her son. “I was expecting someone older,” she said. “Please take that age thing as a compliment,” she smiled, flashing dark...Read On


My Fantasy Comes True

My fantasy of sex with a BBC comes true.

For several months, I had been having a fantasy about having sex with a hot black stud. I had watched several videos and the thought of having a hard black cock in my throat or in my hot little ass made me horny as hell. I decided to visit the local adult bookstore last night to watch some of the videos in the private booths in the dark back room. I have had a lot of fun times in the small...Read On


Stories of a Post Apocalyptic World: Part 3

Arthur sat there and watched as she wandered around the wastelands. He had been watching her for a few weeks as she tried to scavenge supplies from the ruined buildings scattered around. He was dying to introduce himself to her but every time he thought of it, he was returned to the harsh reality of things. He knew she’d think he was a monster, just like the other humans did but then...Read On


Confessions of a Cheerleader - The Naked Truth

Hot, panty-wetting, cock-raising sex

Prologue My name is Danny and I am cheerleader based in the south of the USA about an hour’s drive from Atlanta. My bestie, Julie Johnson and I won the Duo Award last year for Cheerleader of the Year, banking a thousand bucks each in the process. Since then, we’ve been approached by the Atlanta Falcons and we’ve appeared in Girls’ Life and American Cheerleader. I’m a blue-eyed blonde...Read On


How You Became My Slave. Part 2

She learns a new way to please her Master.

I lay you down on the bed and retrieve a soft plush towel from the bathroom. Starting at your shoulders, I begin to slowly towel off your body, gently wiping the beads of water from your soft skin. Your head is still spinning from your orgasm and you close your eyes to savor the feeling of being pampered. You know that it can’t last, fear that it won’t. This is just a phase, no slave...Read On



And I knew…

You aren’t my type. Every time my eyes met yours, I felt like a mouse facing a giant snake. Yours were a vicious and beautiful green while mine were a meek brown. For a second, our souls touched, barely brushed, hardly shifted, imperceptibly so.... And in that moment I knew... But I was enthralled, fear true utter fear consumed me, …..I was intrigued. I was fascinated….. And I knew… ...Read On


Power Chapter 28: That's Private

A new couple joins the group

Story to date: Mark Sherman graduated high school as a virgin, with no experience in sex. He had never even seen a naked woman. His mother paid for college if he would go where she chose – Anthony College. His first day Mark was horrified that a woman saw him naked in the shower. He soon learned that at Anthony the women have the power. And, it was an unusual place. Public nudity and...Read On


I am yours

Come and take me

Oh my lady come and take me. I’ll do anything you make me. I will be your slave for you to thus enjoy. Please come use me and abuse me. If you only would just choose me, Then I’d gladly be your little human toy. Please just use me to inspire, Every deep and dark desire. Force me all your secret pleasures to fulfill. And if I were hesitating, And my mistress grows tired waiting, Please...Read On


The Party Gift - Ch. 2

Deanna took her party gift, me, to her home for the first time.

Taking Deanna at her word, I threw on my favorite sweat suit over a white tank top and then stuffed a clean pair of pink scrubs, fresh underwear and socks along with a few personal toiletries into my back pack. As I watched Deanna dress (a very painful sight I might add), I told her that she and my roomie Laura were about the same size and I’m sure Laura wouldn’t mind if she wanted to...Read On


Traveling With Bryan - Ch. 6 - Our Big Date

Bryan is my date

We hit the road early the next morning. I was anxious to get to Memphis for my date night with my stepson. Bryan and I both realized, this would be a rare opportunity for us to act as lovers in public, not just a proper stepmother and stepson. We arrived at the hotel a little before four o'clock in the afternoon and checked into our room. "Okay, lover boy, what are your plans...Read On


Unfinished Dreams

When dreams end too soon...

I lay awake, my mind racing. I can't sleep. Your fingers glide along my lips; I am left aching. My hand travels into my panties feverishly trying to gain some relief; the imprint left from the dream. Flashing images of the erotic scene replay in my mind. My pulse quickens, as I build. Deep into oblivion I shatter. The aftershocks dwindle away, A calm sets over me. Tired now, and...Read On


Amy's Arousal

Amy is seduced further

Ever since my strange experience earlier in the day with Alex and Beth, the most disturbing and erotic thoughts kept dominating my mind. I fantasized about her, about them, my fevered imagination coming up with scenarios, ways to justify my desires. I was also torn with suspense; Cameron had confessed his fantasy of watching me with another woman and after my hesitant agreement had promised...Read On


Meeting up with Master-Part Two

My master pulls me up into his arms, removes my mask so I can finally look into his eyes, and we hungrily kiss each other for the first time after being apart for two months. I touch his face and feel it's smoothness. I run my fingers through his hair. I take it all in as I know that shortly I may not have my hands free to do so. We stand up and he hugs me close as he whispers in my ear,...Read On


Mile High Club: Part Two- Anticipation

Cara and Liam speak after parting at the airport but will they meet again?

Liam groaned on waking and went to the bathroom before climbing back into bed. Sleep after two days without was a relief and a shower was next on the agenda. Picking up his phone, he flicked through Facebook and noticed a post made by Cara expressing her delight to be back home. A thought crossed his mind and with the mirror framing his body from upper thigh, he took a photo and sent it...Read On


Love Off The Dance Floor: The Final Chapter

Author's Note: Well here we are, at the final part of another story. I thank you all for your great support, lovely comments, both those positive and negative, as the negative can always be used to improve upon my writing. Love Off The Dance Floor: The Final My knees felt weak, almost rubbery as I followed her, the luxurious carpeting squishing beneath my toes. The bed...Read On


I Am Lilly Rose: This is My Story

Eternal love comes under many guises. I found it, gentle, sweet, lasting.

This story took place many years ago. I feel it is now my duty to write it down in some detail to give to you, my granddaughter, Lilly Watson née Gross, the eldest daughter of my son, Walter, on the occasion of your wedding. In this day and age of much more liberal expression in matters of sex and marriage, my story will seem tame. It is, however, true, and I hope it will be of comfort to...Read On


Half-Pint Chuckle

Timber of the ember lay like ash As frost of insomnia freeze my darkness Up to my writing stick feather of the fowl Tobacco in the bowl of my pipe chilling  Hearken of spirits comfort my bones Like a succubus sucking my breath  Nimble fingers stroking my member Crinkle of her pucker seducing me Casting shadows on my bleariness  An omen near my penis quake Swooshing out matter...Read On


Moving Day

My eyes followed his. Robbie was standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame...

 The boxes were stacked in the corner, and I was almost ready to go. The apartment I’d shared with Shawn for the past two years looked bare, even though he was staying here. Most of the big furniture had been mine, either handed down to me by relatives or found at the rummage sales that I liked to frequent. The apartment itself was fine, but it was located in the midst of the college...Read On


Sybian Joy

I love this thing

I love my Sybian toy, I ride it everyday. It gives me so much joy, I fuck it lots of ways. I just sit and squat, I rock and I move. God, it hits the spot, I'm in my total groove. It's very loud, And very strong. No need to be endowed, I listen to some songs. My pussy loves the vibrations, I get so freaking wet. I love all the sensations, I work myself into a sweat. I play with my...Read On


Think of Me

I want to be the girl you dream about It is my name I want you to shout Touch yourself and think of me It is my face I want you to see Pretend that I am giving myself to you Think of all the things we could do Imagine your lips on mine Kissing me sweetly and so very fine Making love would seem so right Don't hold back these feelings. Please don't fight Just think of me...Read On


The Movie

What can happen watching a movie on the couch.

We decided to watch a movie before bed. I watched you walk off to the bedroom to change as I put in a DVD. I grabbed a blanket and lay down on the couch. As you enter the living room and slip under the blanket I notice what you are wearing. It is a satin nightgown that stops midway down your thigh. The front drops down low enough to show ample cleavage and your shoulders are bare except for...Read On


Thwap! Thwap!

Tap! Tap! Ripe for the taking Thwap! Thwap! Red in the making No snap! Snap! Bonds won’t be breaking Just Thwap! Thwap! Fingers will be raking So. Clap! Clap! You are Mine for the making More Thwap! Thwap! While you lie aching A trap! Trap! Of your own making So, Thwap! Thwap! Pain, you...Read On


Laying the Groundwork

Extending the boundaries with my fiancee

My fiancée and I always have been a bit more adventurous than the average couple when it comes to sex. While we both enjoy the sensual feeling of pure, romantic love-making, we also tend to get a bit rough and voracious when the moment calls. In the past, we had experimented with some anal play, with me initiating most of the contact on her. Fortunately for me, her hands also had wandered a...Read On


Licentious Conduct

White girl meets Asian guy

I have never been the type of girl to let the break up of a relationship get me down. In fact, within a week I’ve shrugged it off and have my hand held up, saying, "Next," like someone hailing a yellow cab in New York City. When Jamie decided that he preferred his ex to me after six months of soul-searching and wasting my damn time in the process, I couldn’t wait to see the back of him to...Read On


Anal Anxiety (Part Two)

Cindy and her husband demonstrate anal sex in front of a small private party.

Emotions… fear, nervousness, excitement, worry, self-consciousness… I was feeling them all. Wrap them up into one big ball and call it anxiety. That’s what I was dealing with! Jimmy and I had agreed to have anal sex in front of some couples we didn’t know at our friend, Jen’s house. She owned our favorite adult toy store, and had asked us if we would show some mature couples how to do it....Read On


Young Mistress, Old Sub

An Older man meets his Young Mistress

Carrie was eighteen, and the most shy girl I had ever known, but also behind that shyness, as kinky and dirty as anyone I had chatted to. For the last few months she had been coming out of her shell more to me online, and had become my Mistress. We were now due to meet for the first time. It was not the first time we had been due to meet, but the previous times her nerves had got the better...Read On


A Night Away for Rob and Jen

A second honeymoon in a never ending love story

It was a beautiful day when I left the house that morning. We had celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary the week before. My parents were away and this was the first time Jen’s mother could find time to sit for the children, and then for only one night. Yes, a beautiful day for Jen and I to have a night to ourselves. The sky was blue. It would be warm in the sun but cool in the shade....Read On


Do Your Duty - part five

It was always good weather in Hawaii. Except when the storms came. Private Lovall was out on a training mission when a tropical storm came in and disrupted the exercise. But, a little wind and rain wasn't going to stop a field exercise for the infantry troops out on the range. They hunkered down, kept the tents and camo netting in place, and waited it out. The unit had gone out to the range...Read On


Tied Down

He wanted her anyway he could get her.

His heart pounded as he stood in the doorway, watching as she moved about, enticing with her wiggling hips whenever she bent to retrieve something. He wanted to move farther in, to take her in his arms and kiss her passionately, but she had commanded that he stay where he was. Wanting to appease his saucy minx, he had stayed where she wanted, watching in agony as she stripped in front of...Read On