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Making Good Better, Part Three

After several encounters with swinging, Lynn and Curt settle into the lifestyle

Lynn and I continued to have a fulfilling sex life as a result of our swinger encounters. We talked about having an open marriage, but that didn't fit well with the deep abiding love we felt for each other. The parties at the Summers' were great, yet neither of us liked the idea of spending entire nights with someone else. However, we agreed that in order to keep a healthy sexuality, we...Read On


A Quickie in the Shoe Store

Stefanie was so adorable and so willing that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have her.

I was at the mall last night looking to replace my well-worn running shoes. I had looked in two stores already and was going to look in one more, then call it quits. As I perused the available styles in store number three, I found one I liked and looked for an employee to help me. “Hi Mr. Wilson. Can I help you?” I turned around and saw the most adorable teenager! She had long...Read On


Sherry, The Storyteller Pt.3

A modern telling of Scherherazade

I knew the ending because I had finished the story that morning, but something was happening to me while he was stroking my hair, my head on his lap, his saying he was falling in love with me and how much he wanted me to stay there and wondered if I would change the story. What's going on with me? “ Where almost near the end,” I said, but was now uncertain of how the story would...Read On


Bawdy Tales: Part 3 — The Whore's Story

A simple story of a whore with a heart of gold.

Bedefunde, June 29th — My name is Alice. I am twenty years old, and what most respectable folk would call a common whore. I believe I am quite comely with red lips and a complexion yet unmarked by disease and men seem to like to suckle on my ample bosom as they bury their cocks in the dark wetness between my thighs, before they release their hot seed into my cunt with much sighing and...Read On


Mother Blows Best

Genny starts her transformation into a submissive for her son-in-law!

The following story is a follow up to my earlier story "Like Mother, Like Daughter" and takes up where that story left off. If you haven't read "Like Mother, Like Daughter" yet, please read that story first as it will provide a background to the characters and events here. It had been a couple weeks since that day when Genny found out about her son-in-law, John, and confronted him....Read On


My Horny Stepbrother Whom I Love To Watch

As a young woman sees her stepbrother again, she makes her move.

I watched him get right up from the other side of the couch in middle of the movie. "You are gonna do it again, aren't you?" I thought, as he strolled out of the room. I glanced over at our parents on the other couch. "Well, it is easy to sneak out undetected when a boring movie puts your parents to sleep." I sat there for a moment as my panties became wet. "Fuck it, I have to see him do...Read On


The Spirit of Fertility ch.3

Amber tries to deal with her pregnancy.

For the following couple of weeks, Amber kept mostly to herself, even at work. Aside from the standard pleasantries, she didn’t feel up to talking much. Her mind was filled with thoughts of being pregnant and had even taken a home pregnancy test just to make sure. She knew she hadn’t had sex for quite a long time, so that only left the tale about the egg. Every day now, she couldn’t help but...Read On

Recommended Read

Punishment Required

Can He Really Get Away With This?

'Can’t be late, can’t be late. I made a promise to him.’ The same few words roll through my thoughts as I tap out the last few entries for the day. My boss has finally trusted me to do more than getting coffee, taking calls and running around getting people their lunches. It has taken me eight long, tiring months to move up to the next level in an already shitty job, but one that leads to...Read On


Vanessa And The Girl Next Door II

Vanessa discovers there's even more to the girl next door than she thought...

Now, I’m five feet eight and slim - a little too slim in the breast department for my own liking but I hadn’t had any complaints. My eyes are brown as is my hair, which is cut short. I live in my own house and have done ever since my divorce ten years ago. I’ve had a couple of flings but nothing too serious. About nine years ago a nice couple moved in next door. They had a teenage daughter...Read On


The Party - Part Two

The party continues and Jay lives out a fantasy.

Chapter Four Jamie and I giggled as we stood sorting out our make-up in the downstairs loo. She was stood at the washbasin re-applying her mascara, as I sat on the toilet. I looked down between my open legs at my red, well used pussy and saw a long string of my girl cum hanging from my labia. I tapped her on the hip and gestured between my legs at the cum, as it hung from me. "Fuck...Read On


Melissa Gets More Surprises

Sarah and Melissa have some girlie time as Sarah recounts how it all began.

“So, sweetheart, what are we going to do while the house is a man-free zone?” Robert had to visit his parents for the weekend at short notice; too short for the three of them to go together. Melissa had some commitments at college on the Saturday morning, and Sarah was reluctant to leave her by herself. It was not that she was not capable, but a lot had happened this last few weeks, and...Read On


My Wife’s Harem, Part 2

I was ready to have a go with three more girls in my wife’s harem.

It had been three weeks since I’d spent that long night of sex with Elizabeth. She was the fourth girl in my wife’s harem of girls that I’d had in my bed; three gorgeous blonds and one brunette. They all had been amazing fuck buddies that wanted me again anytime I wanted them to return. Cathy is thirty-four and lives just across the street. Teresa is a gorgeous sixteen year-old...Read On


Sherry, The Story Teller Pt. 2

A modern telling of Scheherazade

Sarah went into the kitchen, washed her hands, then took out from the refrigerator lettuce, broccoli, a green pepper, a cucumber, a jar of Greek olives, a small ceramic container of cheese, then from the basket over the counter, a red onion and a big tomato. Angelo came in with a bottle of red wine and Sarah handed him a cork screw and, with her eyes, told him to open the wine, then...Read On


The Camping Trip

A man leaves his wife to go for a walk and gets a surprise.

A few years ago my wife and I decided to go on a camping trip. We always head to the beautiful Blueridge Mountain Parkway where colors are the most beautiful in the Fall. It was a cool October morning, when I awoke in our tent. The air felt so cool and refreshing, that I felt a sudden urge to take a walk down to the lake. I noticed that my wife was still sound asleep on the cot. She seemed...Read On


Now Do You Believe Me?

Julie gets lost in the woods one day and is rescued by an elf.

"An elf? You saw an elf? You can't be serious," Sylvia almost screamed at her friend. "Julie, what in the world are you talking about? That is absolutely nuts, saying you have seen an elf. Seriously, where did this come from?" Julie and Sylvia were still in the changing room, wrapped in towels, recovering after their weekly work-out at the gym. Looking at them, the first thing that would...Read On


When the lights go out

As I walk over to their house, I go from damp to wet. It's early in winter and the night is icy. I wrongly thought I'd be able to make the walk before the rain hit, looks like I was wrong. By the time I get to the front door, my tight jeans are dripping wet, the thin jumper I donned is glued to me and my erect nipples are pressing hard against the fabric. Although cold, the friction of the...Read On

Recommended Read

Red Light District

A night out as a threesome turns to more carnal pleasures...

She must have been fit to burst. Looking into the neon red rooms filled with erotic delights, she giggled as they beckoned us in. Morty and I watched the look of awe on her face as the tight-bodied lap dancer gyrated naked in front of us. Watching a live sex show, she wriggled on my lap as my hard length pressed against her pert rump. We took turns to finger her in the dark corner of a...Read On


Saturday submissive

A perfect Saturday surprise

I stirred from sleep when the mattress heaved beneath my limp body. I forced my eyes open and squinted through the darkness at the green glow of the digital clock on the nightstand. The luminous numbers were blurred by the sleep in my eyes but they appeared to be the outline of three fives. It was unusual for him to get up this late even if it was Saturday, but it was much too early for me, so...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 33

Ginger and Scotty tell Michael and Maureen about their relationship

Maureen looked at Ginger and said, “I've never met a couple like you and Scotty. I have lots of questions, but they're kind of personal.” Ginger responded, “We're actually not all that unusual. You'll understand that when you get to know some of our friends. Don't worry about asking personal questions. If we're going to take over your slut training we're going to have to get very personal.”...Read On


The Beginning of a Long Life Together

Her hands felt wonderful there as I continued to share myself with her as she shared herself with me

Five o'clock came so fast Friday morning. My trip, to West Virginia, was going to be a seven hour long drive from South Carolina, but it was going to be well worth it. It was still dark when I pulled the rented Jeep Cherokee out on to the highway. It was a cool, slightly foggy morning. The headlight beams passed through the mist and illuminated the road ahead. As I drove, the nervousness...Read On


Hot For Teacher

When the Drama Coach walked into the room I almost had an orgasm on the spot.

When I decided to go back to college I had no idea the teachers, I mean professors, would be so hot. I took Drama and when the Drama Coach walked into the room I almost had an orgasm on the spot. I wanted him! I skipped my next class and went to my room. I started to fantasize about Professor J. I thought about him rubbing my pussy and my tits. I thought about him sliding his fingers...Read On


People on the Move chapter 1

new boss getting started

Kimber Carlyle's parents built a business and ran it for many profitable years. Kimber spent most of her early years learning the basics of the business. She even learned to run some and became familiar with most of the machines. She also became a certified welder including overhead. Graduating at the top of her class in Business Administration at college, she was pursued by several of...Read On


Megan’s Transformation Into A Hotwife - Part 4

Megan discovers that Derreck is not the only fish in the sea. White men can be well endowed also...

I was disappointed that Derreck was not going to be in town for the weekend. Our three intimacy sharing occasions had totally infatuated me with him. I spent more time preoccupied with him than maybe I should have, but I was craving him. It had been difficult accepting and getting my mind around what I had become, a hotwife. Such a simple term for a very complicated style of living, one...Read On


The Teacher Is Taught - Part 4

The teenager's discipline regime continue

Thirty-three-year-old Amanda looked worriedly at her watch as she walked up the path to her house. She was only too well aware that she was nearly two hours late; she had told nineteen-year-old Jodie that she would come home straight from school but instead, had attended a drinks leaving party for one of the teachers. That was well over a bottle of wine ago. Amanda was still enjoying her...Read On

Recommended Read


When sex is outlawed only a fool would fall in love with another woman

A Steampunk Erotic Romance I always think of her when the sun sets. We’d been on the beach all day, I’d been watching her play and enjoying the heat of the summer as the tide slowly crept towards us. Eighteen years old and still making sandcastles like a child, it was just one of the endearing things about Olivia. Behind me the beach huts crawled slowly back up the sand towards the...Read On



Sex dream

I come to your house, finding it was easy enough even in the dark. All of your lights are out. I know that it's past your bedtime and you'll be fast asleep. I enter easily enough, sneaking, almost floating up your stairs without a sound. Tiptoeing into your room whilst you sleep, stopping and watching over you silently as your eyes flutter with whatever dreams you may be having, I hover...Read On


The Cookie Man and the Sad Girl

Erotic fantasy etched between torrents of rain in a grassy valley. Darjeeling tea and cookies await.

To you who are sleeping on the train, unknown, untamed, unclaimed, untouched but by the pain that lingered on your sleeping lips as you sit by the window and the rain, to you I write these words so you may suffer them, as I have suffered your sad beauty. While you sleep alone, I dream awake... When the walls of our train have vanished and we have been abandoned in this green valley in the...Read On


A Night in Nairobi

Philanderer seduced by unlikely traveller in the tropics

To the casual observer, Maxwell James Robertson looked much like any other expatriate in the lounge of Nairobi’s Fairway Hotel. A well proportioned man, a touch under six feet, age had treated him kindly. Middle-aged, he had a firm face with a determined “Scottish” chin and aquiline nose. Having just spent a couple of weeks in Uganda, he was pleasantly tanned, a tan that set off his...Read On


One Last Time

It's time. The clock ticks closer I walk down the hall and my heart beats hard. I know I am going to be late. He will no be pleased. I knew our time together was coming to a end after such a long time. I know everything will be different now he will no longer be in control of me and what I do. This will be the last thing I will do for him. I know just the thing to make him forget that I...Read On


The Elevator Girl Part 4

It.s almost time for Michelle to lose her cherry.

It had been a month since my tryst with James in the elevator. It's was all I'd thought about, all I'd dreamt about. I hadn't even seen him. He must have been taking his private elevator. As I walked into work I hoped and prayed I would see him today. As I came through the big glass doors Charlie gave me a wave. I waved back and headed to the locker room. I wasn't in the mood for conversation,...Read On