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My wife on the porch part eighteen

The story continues

She spent her first night with Chris in her bed, fucking and sucking like crazy. I couldn’t get the image of seeing her sucking Chris’s dick the following morning out of my mind, and I also had the image of her coming into my room and seeing her in her bright red bra. I had an erection the whole day and was hoping that her second night with Chris (which was planned for tonight) would bring...Read On


The Dice Game

I’m Chuck and in March 1999 I was twenty-nine years old and had been divorced for five months. I met this eighteen year old girl that I thought looked good. Her name was Christy and she was five foot two and weighed one hundred and fifteen pounds. She had blue eyes and long silky hair that looked reddish in certain light. Her skin was very pale and she had a lot of reddish freckles on her...Read On


My Joy

A man's sickness finds his Joy.

I love the Gulf Coast. The white sand beaches are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, so when my company sent me to a conference on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, I was more than excited. I quickly booked a room at the hotel where the conference was being held, and impatiently waited. The conference was a week long conference, so I arrived on Sunday afternoon. I checked in and went to...Read On


Mastering Emma – Part 3

Emma has to masturbate in a café, in front of an unsuspecting person.

I knew that one day, I would have to meet Emma and congratulate her on being a wonderful, yet virtual, submissive. I pondered that very thought. I smiled at myself by knowing that I had one, very major advantage. If we ever did meet, Emma would probably not recognise me unless I wore a silly red rose, or something equally banal. Still, the logistics of that meeting were far, far away,...Read On


The Student

A female prep school student seduces her teacher and has her way with him

Lookingback, Roger Marks thought that his acceptance on the staff of Mason Alexander Preparatory School was the best thing ever to happen to him. He was 28 years old and was now on the faculty of the most exclusive, well-funded, and well-paying private school in the state. The student body was well-behaved, coming from the more affluent families in the surrounding tri-state area. Of course...Read On


Double Date: A Lush Fantasy Come True

Sex site members need more than just chat.

I'm sure we've all imagined meeting someone from Lush in real-life. When flirting and teasing and even cybering no longer satisfy our erotic urges. A couple of Lush members took that next step and decided that a face-to-face encounter was the only way to go. Their pent-up sexual tension boiled over. They had to meet, eat and fuck. The tryst would prove so gratifying that they planned a...Read On


Mr. Callahan's Slut, part 4

Mr. Callahan claims new, long coveted, territory.

The whirring of the motor is comforting. Finally, after a day that seemed to go on forever, I’m on my way to meet my wonderful man, my Sir, Mr. Callahan. For the first time we have a real date, in a restaurant. All our previous interactions have taken place in the office. Not that I would ever complain. I’m a lucky, lucky girl to have gained the notice of such a perfect specimen of a man. ...Read On


My Wife’s Little Sister

Kayla had grown up to be a sexy little thing and she was hitting on me! What could I do?

My wife, Sandy, and I are both in our early forties and have been married for fifteen years. Her little sister, Kayla, who her parents admit was an accident, had just turned seventeen when she came down to Florida for a month-long visit. She lives with her parents in Seattle, so we don’t get to see her or my Sandy’s parents very often. From the moment we picked her up at the airport, I...Read On


Repeatedly Gangbanged Part 1

Girl gets gangbanged again and again and again

As I lay exhausted on the grass of the local park, with my clothes scattered all around me, I couldn't help but wonder. What is about me that makes men treat me this way? Do I have, "Please Fuck Me," tattooed on my forehead or something? But I'm starting at the end. Let me give you some background. My name is Alison. I'm in my last year of high school. It's a private school because my...Read On


Waiting For Dominick

Sexy fun after Dominick's morning run

Things have gotten really strange at the house recently. My wife’s daughter has developed a little crush on me. When her mother isn’t around, she’s constantly teasing me and wearing very inappropriate outfits around the house. She knows I don’t appreciate her doing this to me. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. My wife had to go on a business trip suddenly. I was afraid what my...Read On


The Farmer’s Daughter - Chapter 1

Jess takes a bite out of the ‘Big Apple’

"C’mon, it will be fun,” he said, “while tiptoeing through the tulips at the New York Botanical Gardens.” He is Josh Logan, a fashion photographer and my newly-met father-in-law of two months. My husband Lyle’s parents, Josh and Jane never married. They were both seventeen when Lyle was born. He saw his dad Josh very rarely, but they kept in touch via cards, e-mails and phone calls. Lyle and...Read On


Best Buddies - Part Two

The saga warms up....

After Hank completely drained himself into Kelleigh, he rolled off her, and instructed her to fetch a facecloth to clean his cock. She returned moments later, and performed her task. Kelleigh then revisited to the bathroom, to take care of her own cleaning. Observing her red backside in the mirror, a thrill of excitement surged through her. Smiling, she wondered how often she would...Read On


The Cop

I was twenty two when I spent the summer waiting tables in a little café on the beach in Galveston. I was going out to the bars nearly every night. It got to be boring, so my friend Kevin came up with a challenge. The first challenge was to be the first to hook up with a guy, the loser would buy the next night's drinks. Since we were both straight it wasn't our norm, but we decided to go for it....Read On


A friend with something extra. Part 4

Grant dresses Ian for the first time.

Ian woke up around 9:00 AM and headed to the bathroom where he found his clothes hanging on the doorknob. After dressing he headed to the kitchen where he found Grant drinking coffee. He looked like he normally did, there was no trace of the sexy stunning female that Ian had sex with last night. Where's the girl?" Ian asked pouring a cup. "She's gone for now, but she'll be back,"...Read On


Walking naked in a couple of malls

Dangerous mall walking

I have always loved the concept of walking nude through a mall. In this country, it is difficult to fulfill that fantasy. In other countries, you can ultimately get away with it; not without a few problems, but almost unscathed. These are two adventures, one in the USA and one in Japan. The first one is in this country. I live within a block and a half of a mall. The mall is at the corner...Read On



A great start to Sunday morning

I’m awake. It feels good to stretch and roll over. Ahhh… it's Sunday. No need to get up until I feel like it. She’s breathing softly and steadily, still asleep. Snuggle closer; she’s lying on her back. I like cuddling with her, even when she’s asleep. Even after years of marriage, I still find her sexy as hell. Look at her face from inches away. I love those lips; best kisses and...Read On


Nowhere Else To Go

I was starting to become desperate with the situation. He was a good guy, sure, and very supportive with all my work problems. But I hadn't seen his cock for several months, he had stopped caressing my tits and trying to get his hands inside my knickers. And, although I am not a women who needs sex on a daily basis, I was in my mid-twenties and needed an orgasm from time to time. He was...Read On


My Adventures With Mr. Sexy (Our First Time)

Ten inches closer to heaven.

After a particularly bad week; a break up, a promotion rejection, and someone scratched my car, I was ready to physically assault someone. But, my gal pals dragged me out to, from where I was sitting, watch them flirt with a group of men I had no interest in whatsoever. They had walked in with me, intent on drinking our worries away, but ended up surrounded by males for most of the night. ...Read On


My best Friends Mom

unexpected situation while home on leave

During Desert Storm, I was serving in the Air Force and ready to come home on leave. At nineteen, I was in very good shape with a very firm body and neglected cock after being gone for so long. I was given a couple weeks leave after being gone for a year, so I immediately started making plans.  My mom had a goof-ball boyfriend living with her, so I didn't want to stay there. Next best option,...Read On


Through The Window

She knows I’m watching

It’s dark in the room. It has to be dark if I’m to see out, across to next door, where lights burn in the upstairs room about twenty yards away. This is by now a ritual, at least when I’m upstairs alone and Sandra hasn’t yet come up. If I hear her on the stairs I climb into bed, pretending to read. I watch, I wait. The timing varies, but never by more than a quarter of an hour. This evening...Read On


Stepdaughter's Visits

Love her body

Ada, my stepdaughter, came to stay for a week while her boyfriend was deployed to Germany. Ada is twenty five, five feet five inches, medium build, long brown hair, and 36DD pierced tits. I have been in her life since she was fourteen and to her I am dad. She has been able to talk to me more than anyone else. She shares everything about her life to me and has done so since she was...Read On


The Spying Neighbour

A neighbour spys on her much younger neighbour and gets caught and disciplined

Jenny was thrown when she heard the doorbell, opened the front door, and saw her neighbour’s twenty-two-year-old daughter, Samantha, standing there. She smiled uneasily as she had just this moment come back downstairs after masturbating on her bed. The thing was that she had been fantasising about Samantha. Jenny was thirty-seven-years -old but was so taken by Samantha. “Hi Samantha,”...Read On


Lemons and Coffee - Chapter Two - Kandy

Kandy catches Kat naked on the deck

Kandice, Kandy for short, was even more stunning than Kat – if that were possible. She had an almost identical body to Kat, just a little more developed in the right places due to the five year age gap between the two girls. She stood almost five centimeters taller than Kat and carried the extra height well.  Kandy was twenty-eight years old and recently married, and I often thought what...Read On


Lose the Loose Shorts - Part 1

Rachel gets her wild side exposed...

You know how in life we all want to get laid by our crush? I mean, we at least think about it more often than we admit. Well, I got my wish around my third year in college. It was an accident actually. I wasn’t even trying to impress him. If anything, I was actually trying to avoid him. Anyways, let me give you a rough idea on how I and some of the other people look like before...Read On


The Wedding Reception

The Dream of a Lifetime Instead of a Nightmare

It was a bad situation. My deceased wife's sister had her daughter getting remarried for the second time. I did not want to go this event, but I could not figure a polite way of getting out of it. I just bit the bullet and decided to get it over with. When you go to a reception by yourself, it is always awkward. You are a "one" and the relatives, friends and others are on the hunt for a...Read On


Buying Some Candi

Luke buys some Candi and Becky surprises!

I pucker my lips together as if I am going to kiss the mirror. The dark red color matches my nail polish the way I hoped it would. I don’t skimp on the application, even though, I know what is going to take place in the next few moments. That’s the difference between others and myself, I am a professional. Ms. Quinn always says there are other opportunities that lie behind your clients....Read On


Victor of the Prank War

Can being given a handjob by two women ever be a bad thing?

I had been in a good mood for these past few days but that was all soon about to change. I just pulled off one of the best pranks on Reina, and haven’t even received any retaliation yet. We often got into a lot of prank wars to see who would be the ultimate victor. These pranks were often quite sexual in nature, adding more dynamic to our relationship. One example was when we were seeing...Read On


A Vulnerable Housewife - Chapter Three - Returning home

My life is never going to return to normal after my wonderful evening with my boss

Previously: As you recall from previous chapters, my husband was laid off and I was forced into the work place. I was fortunate to land a job working as Tom's executive secretary. Tom was more than just the President and principal owner of his company. Tom was a dear family friend. I had known Tom since I was a little girl. If I am really honest, I must admit that my...Read On


Introduction of Katie

Holly and Nick's hot niece learns of their bi explorations and wants to experience for herself.

It was another Friday night at happy hour at our local bar. The place was crowded this evening and it was the weekend before another group session. I had met Jennifer and Jerry there, as well as a lot of regulars. Holly and Nick arrived a little later than normal. Holly had relatives in town and brought them along for dinner in the restaurant section of the bar before wandering over to the...Read On

Comp Entry

French Kiss

A Canadian girl finds out all about her father.

November 1995 Montreal, Canada The envelope was addressed in bold print and looked quite official. It said: Miss Elizabeth St. Jacques 9373 Maurice-Duplessis Boulevard #16 Montreal, QC, H1E 6P2 Lizzy glanced at the return address. It was from some lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania named Mr. Ben Foster. Lizzy had never heard of him. She was more interested in getting...Read On