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The League of Bi-Curious Gentlemen, Part 3

Jonathan and Lauryn take things to the next level.

The rest of reading week passed in a bit of a haze for both Jonathan and Lauryn. As she promised—or commanded—they did in fact fuck twice more that first night, and he woke up the next morning from a vague sex dream to find that she was languorously sucking his cock. They spent the better part of the day in bed, alternating between talking, fucking, and going down on one another. He was amazed...Read On



Just remember that you need to always enjoy the game within the game…

I live the dream life. I’ve once heard it said that when you choose your career you should make your living by doing what energizes you, what floats your boat. I was told to only do what you really love. Find your sweet spot they would say. Well I’m a man who’s by nature a planner and that’s exactly what I’ve done. And as a tennis pro, it’s my job to instruct others on how to consistently...Read On


Amy's Dream Job

Amy has a dream come true

It was 4:00am and Amy awoke from the dream she was having of deep throating her husband, sweating from how realistic it had seemed. Eric had finished fucking her hard just a few hours ago, working over her bare little pussy as she had cum and cum in multiple orgasms before passing out from exhaustion. He always fucked her so well. Amy's mind was racing, even in her sleep after such a...Read On


My Wife Requests A Spanking

She asks to have her spanking fantasy realized

“I want you to spank me,” my wife said with a plea in hervoice. “Why?” “I need to know if my fantasy is as good in reality.” She had confessed to me a while back a number of sexual desires she wished me to fulfill for her and spanking was on the list. I hadn't thought much more about it and chose not to bring it up again myself since then. Apparently it was on her mind and she wanted...Read On


The Secret Sandy

His marriage is over, but his mother-in-law gives him a long goodbye...

This is the story of an experience I had about 25 years ago. I’ve never told anyone about this because it would have caused a lot of problems for various people if those various people ever found out. The names are changed, and the dialogue is paraphrased, but I remember most of this like it was yesterday so it is fairly accurate to the way things happened. My name is Rob, and as I write this...Read On


The Mile High Club

A routine business trip turned out to be way more than routine - or all business!

I always hated flying. It's not that it scared me or made me sick, it's just that I thought it was a terrible waste of good working time. That time spent in the air and on layovers could be put to so much better use than just sitting there. I didn't mind trains, because you could actually get some work done on them - providing they weren't too crowded. Unfortunately, trains don't cross...Read On


Sophie's Adventure

Sophie's afternoon takes an unexpected turn.

My name is Sophie. I was born Sophie Roberts and later became Mrs. Pendleton, and if I'm honest, I know I have a life that many would be jealous of. My father is rich, not only rich but disgustingly wealthy and my husband comes from one of the oldest and renowned families in the state of Virginia. Because of this I've been pretty much spoiled all my life. I was sent to the best schools...Read On


A New Toy

Sir brings home a new toy so we can both play.

You walk in with a girl. She's very pretty and my opposite. Her boobs are a B-cup, whereas mine are a DD. She's also shorter than I am. "Baby, here's your new play toy," you say. "Thank you sir." I'm already naked, but together you and I strip her down. You help her out of her skirt and panties and I take off her shirt and bra, kissing her as I do so. She and I begin making...Read On


Headmaster's Secretary

School Secretary takes up some after hours work.

So, after a few disappointing month's worth of job searching after graduating from university, Liz had finally gone for a secretarial job. Her interview was later today, the job was being a secretary for a local private school, which was no bad thing. The hours wouldn't be that bad, there were lots of holidays and the pay would be acceptable. She may even be able to pay off her loan! Liz...Read On


Doctor's orders

Army Doctor Stephanie goes all out to help her patient

Stephanie mused over the notes of her next patient. Her job as a military Doctor often presented interesting and varied cases, but her next puzzled her. He had submitted himself to her. He was worried about his mental health and some of the urges he had been feeling, but the Warrior, as Steph had nicknamed him, showed no signs of mental illness or injury. However, Steph could tell...Read On


Cheerleader's Reunion - Michelle (Part 1)

A Chinese Cheerleader Takes A Chocolate Break

Michelle Shin was feeling irritable. For most of the morning she had been the only one at the school gym working to set things up for the reunion festivities that were scheduled to take place that evening, and she didn’t like that her sister cheerleaders had taken advantage of her punctual nature to have her work while they took time to enjoy themselves elsewhere. Well, the seniors had....Read On


Please Have Sex With Me

My husband won't make love to me.

Life is supposed to be joyful when you’re pregnant. Once you get the exciting news, everybody is so excited. The wife's body changes and you mark all the things that happen down in the baby book. Your husband is so excited and helps his wife with whatever she needs. The couple still make love as long as the pregnancy is a healthy one. Nine months goes really fast and then you have your bundle...Read On


Pleasing Chloe - part 1

freind tells a husband what he heard about his wife.

PLEASING CHLOE - Part 1 My friend Dave, a buddy from high school, was having a party. He is very social and being a plumber, had met and made friends with many people throughout the community. I was more private. Aside from his Christmas bashes I usually declined his party invitations. When I finally did show up for his Christmas party, I only knew a few people and left early to escape...Read On


Kelle Returns To Mayhem

Kelle after a grueling 60 minutes at Mayhem Crossing, a notorious biker bar, contemplates a return.

Kelle wasn't fucked. Not this time. There was no lost bet. No agreement to complete. Yet. Mayhem was on her mind. It had been a few weeks since her near debauch at Mayhem Crossing, the local biker bar. She had lost a bet and ended up doing things she never imagined doing. She had paid the bet and her career with the police was solid. She was no longer a rookie cop. She was off probation....Read On


Anna and Sam. Chapter 16

“I wanted to die, Penny. Wouldn't that solve everything?”

It was several hours later that I finally plucked up the courage to call Sam back. Philip had gone for a walk, 'to clear his head' he had said. He promised he would not be long but it gave me the chance to speak with her undisturbed. My head was still aching, even though the lump had diminished considerably and I went to the cupboard for some more painkillers. I smiled sadly to...Read On


See Me After Class

A lecturer gets his revenge for a student teasing him

"So you haven't done your assignment? None of it?" Professor Lambert stared in exasperation at the pretty young student. She sat right at the front of the lecture hall, as she always did. Eyeing him defiantly, but with a slight hint of amusement. "No. Sorry Professor. Had things to do." Professor Lambert ran his hands through his thick dark hair. She was driving him to distraction, this...Read On



As I'm sure was the case with most everyone, the first time giving head I was very nervous, but excited that it was finally going to happen. I'd never had any contact with a dick, although I thought about it through nearly every masturbation fantasy. I was thirty five and my wife Barbara and I had been living here for seven or eight years. I had a friend, Bruce who was an ex-landlord and...Read On


She confesses her sexual desires to her lover

My wife, before we were married, confesses what she desperately wanted sexually

We had been dating for about 6 months and there had been an irresistible connection and a very strong chemistry between us from the onset. She seemed to know exactly what was in my mind and I always seemed to know exactly what to do to make her feel safe and secure. There was a trust that came almost at the very beginning and we were compatible as two people could be who came from...Read On


Strip Club Night

Girls gone wild

It was a Friday Night and Kat, Bree, Ada, Kary, and Michelle were at the house along with their male friends. We were all talking about doing something different. I asked Bree to call the club she strips at and see if we can get the VIP room. I also asked her if the girls wanted to dance could they. She made the call and told me yes to both, we had the room and the girls could dance. Ada and...Read On


Tales From Paradise Apartments Chapter 2

Will Everet accept Anna?

Anna awoke to an alarm clock going off the next morning. She realized it was in an adjacent room as she heard it shut off and footsteps down the hall. She laid there thinking of all the things that had transpired the previous day and decided to get up and dressed. She walked out of her room and down the hall to find Everet in the middle of cooking something. “Morning.” he said as he...Read On


My Second MILF

I was nineteen when I met Jeannie during my first week at college. She was a tall and tanned brunette with long flowing hair. Her drop dead gorgeous looks were combined with a slender body and an outstanding personality. At first our interactions consisted of nothing more than exchanging pleasantries as I was still a little shy. It was less than a year ago I had been in a relationship...Read On


Movie Night

Movie night with a friend turns into something unexpected.

I'm taking a shower. I've just gotten done working out and I love feeling the water run over my body. I massage my breasts and wash my vagina, deciding for fun to slip a finger in. Little do I know that my friend has arrived early to watch a movie. I shower with my door wide open. So he walks in, and sees me. After watching me for a bit he feels himself getting hard. I rub myself and massage...Read On

Recommended Read


Gregory saw her early one evening when he was headed to his car. She wore a white, button-down blouse, a slim, black skirt just below the knee, and a pair of black, heeled, Mary-Janes. Her hair was in a long, red braid. He stopped to watch her pass and his eyes followed her down the street. Legs with promise. An ass that he wanted to expose and explore. He shook his head as she continued on...Read On


His Smile: When She Succumbs

Rochelle thought one was bad enough. She was pleasurably mistaken.

"What do you say we head back to my place?" Daniel whispered hoarsely in my ear, his desire for me dripping from each word. I looked up at him, my mind a whirlwind of activity. Before I could stop myself, I found that I’d nodded my consent to his request. I didn't want to back down now. I couldn't. Not after everything. I'd waited too long, and to know he felt the gosh if it...Read On


Blast from the Past

You Never Know

I was enjoying the twenty two ounce Coors Light "Happy Hour" special. The Dugout was your typical busy Friday night sports bar. Suddenly, I heard a sweet voice. "Isn't your name Steve and you wore number twenty five for the Cougar football team about twenty years ago?" I looked up and saw this gorgeous blonde that was about thirty five, with a cute face and great body who knew football. If...Read On


Amelia in the half-light

A pre-dawn erotic meeting

Bingo turned the end of the conversation with Fred over and over in his mind as he started his walk. “It’s all about how you take the stage..” “What?” “I think I have to go. All this talk about you, and your dating profile, it’s compounding my own… stench of… of desperation. It might not work out but I have to get out there you know?” “No.” “Well I’m gone, I’ll let...Read On


Parting Lilly's Petals

A teenaged girl experiences a first time she'll NEVER forget...

“How are you doing?” “Mmmm… I’m good.” I watched through the sounds of her innocent but piercing moans, as my girlfriend tasted and teased my step daughter’s sweet, young pussy.  “Do you like how Cassandra tugs on your pussy lips with her mouth?” “Oh yes… I do.” I could tell by how she slowly flapped her spread legs and gently gyrated forward her hips that she was telling the...Read On


Becoming Chloe - Part 36

Chloe ends her career as a porn star and Colin has a surprise.

So much happened in the following months that it's almost a blur. After I informed Cathy that I didn't want to make any more films, she tried her very best to change my mind. Somehow, after a lot of phone calls and visits from both her and Bruce, and the promise of a pay-check that I couldn't believe, I eventually gave in. I agreed to do two more films with the provisos that my sex scenes...Read On


A Getaway to Remember - Part Five

Someone's been watching them...

Alessandra had taken a job with the cleaning staff in the quaint boutique hotel where Jessica and Nicole were staying. She was barely seventeen and had decided to move into the coastal town away from the small farming community where her family had lived and worked for several generations. Although her parents were disappointed that she didn't want to stay and help her two brothers run...Read On


The New Aloha Spa

Being a true account of a trip to a New York Korean erotic massage parlor

Some older guys are buddies of mine. Winters in Sag Harbor only the fire department bake sale and amateur poetry readings at Ashawagh Hall are exciting. I show up at Rowdy Hall in a tight red dress and start the intravenous Chardonnay drip and make friends. Too bad Rowdy Hall doesn’t stock white Burgundies at $250.00 a bottle; I know my buddies would compete to pop for it. I offer nice...Read On