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Last night the collywobbles took hold and the ache was long. I managed to write these few words for you in the form of a Flash, before Pepto-Bismol soothed my quarters. *** I knew by the sound of the cork pop, that this wasn't going to be an abbreviated fuck. With a twist, the fizz spewed. Shedding her gown, we kissed. With an ambling shade of lace, she approach me with her wanton...Read On

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For King and Country

The young king must be closely guarded.

A flash of lightning tore the sky apart, momentarily lighting up the castle’s ramparts. The storm was still far away over the sea, but the approaching clouds would release showers of fine spray, wetting the stones. The young king continued his walk around the ramparts, checking that all guards were in place. He cursed the blast of wet wind that hit his face. Why had his father’s...Read On


Three's A Crowd

A trip to the store opened up a world of possibilities

As the party wound down and everyone left, Rich decided he’d go out to buy a fresh pack of cigarettes. He told his girlfriend Jess and his best friend Seb that he’d be back shortly. Seb and Jess had hooked up during the summer and they they got along extremely well, sometimes better than Rich and Jess did which sometimes worried him. He'd noticed how well they’d been interacting all night...Read On

Recommended Read

Making Mindy Mine

Something rough and dirty. Not my usual, romantic fare ...

"I'm telling you Hank, that girl is a slut! She runs around like a wild animal, staying out all hours of the night, and always with different men! Older men, Hank! I swear, I think some of them are even giving her money! She's completely out of control! I just can't take it anymore!" The screeching sound of Gloria's voice was like a hot wire on my nerves, and instantly brought back...Read On


Angela Gets a Pimp– (Part 19 of the Angela series)

Angela is drawn deeper into the world of submission

Chapter 1 Regardless of whatever else would happen, Carly decided she needed to plan on how to get Angela out and when she could do it safely. She was still not sure she would be able to talk Angela into leaving voluntarily, and she could do nothing officially. She finally decided that she would enlist Dawn’s help with it when the time came. But it was going to have to wait until...Read On


Until Next Time - Part Five

This time, when we received the news that John would be back in town, we had adequate time to anticipate and plan. It was a nice change. His visit would have him in town on a Friday night, with a late business function to attend. Unfortunately, it was my weekend to work. I was lucky to find a coworker to cover my shift. I booked the night off from work, and Paula made arrangements for...Read On


Office Pet

I unlock the office block door and pull it open. I'm an hour early but it’s a busy day ahead and I want to make a start on the jobs that I need to complete.  My black heels click on the floor and the beat of the music is playing in my ear. I love being smartly dressed in my black knee length skirt suit and pink shirt matched with my skin coloured stockings. I know that my big purple...Read On


The Bachelorette Party - Part 2

A young woman loses her virginity and becomes a cock and pussy lover.

The Lost Virginity and More Robert wasn't done with Sarah's cunt by a long shot. As he withdrew his finger from her, he substituted his tongue. Robert was no slouch when it comes to eating pussy. His talented tongue soon had Sarah moaning, "Robert, please fuck me, I need your cock deep in me. Take my cherry, I don't want or need it anymore. Nobody taught me that sex would feel this good, I...Read On


Yours And Mine

An early morning call to charms

I woke up this morning and wished that we were back in that first apartment of ours. Back when I watched you sleep during my favorite time of day... those first moments when dawn has just barely introduced herself to night. I lie there dreamily and watch her overpower the darkness with her seductive strength. Seeing the way she steals into our bed and kisses your features, lighting them (and...Read On


Helping out a Classmate - Chapter 9

All the recent events take their toll

A week passes without any action. The two of you go to school, try to focus and go home afterwards. Although you stay with Danielle the complete week, nothing happens. When the two of you get home you just watch TV until it’s time to go to bed. Danielle isn’t the same now that her aunt killed herself. She’s not the happy girlfriend that wants to have sex and is laughing all day long. She...Read On


Best Friends, Part 5

“Well don’t stop now. You were just getting into it,” a voice said coming from the open door. Allana pulled away quickly and looked up. She saw Renee who was staring open mouthed at Allana and Wes. Right behind her she saw Kai. He was the one who had spoken. The memories of everything that happened before she left came back to mind. The memory of how he had been angry at her leaving and how...Read On


Field of secrets

They shared their secrets and they made new secrets in the field

She'd walked back home not knowing what to think of her afternoon. Who was this man, this Sir Edgar? She reminisced on the events that took place in the barn. She recalled the pleasure and smiled. She recalled the confusion and frowned. She recalled realizing she had a secret. For the people of her community would surely think her actions were a disgrace. She snorted at the thought. A disgrace. ...Read On


Old Black Neighbor Breeds My White Wife - Part 1

A seventy year old, black, big-cocked neighbor befriends and fucks my wife and neighbor's wife.

It sometimes seems like only yesterday when my wife Jackie and I decided to leave our home of over thirty years and move to a retirement community. But as you’ll learn in this story, that move two years ago put us on a path to an entirely new and unexpected lifestyle. The Phoenix area was a great place to raise our three kids, but they have long since grown and left the nest. My name is Ed...Read On


Under The Stars II- More Than A Lover

Two month Anniversary of the night under the stars.

It had been two months since that wonderful night underneath the stars. The night that changed both of their lives forever. In the past two months, the passion had not died. They lived together in perfect harmony. Two different lives had come together to make one life. They had made a life together in his secluded cabin in the hills of Tennessee. It was a small cabin but it was enough for...Read On


My Girlfriend is Such a Tease - Part Two

Running into a little problem with my stepdaughter

I had a very stressful day in court today. I came home earlier than usual and I heard a lot of moaning and screaming coming from upstairs. I needed to find out what was happening. I knew Lisa was home and was sure it was coming from her room. I walked up the stairs and the moans were getting louder as I approached her room. She left the door semi-opened and I peeked in. She was on her bed...Read On


Jennifer and me Chapter one

Sexually deprived lady desires to have her dreams and fantasies come true.

Sometimes in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to make decisions of substance and consequence. The use of the word substance will be further explained later in this narrative. Later this week I will turn seventy-four, six months and four days after becoming a widower after having lost my wife of fifty-four years, ten months and fourteen days, due to pancreatic cancer. Two...Read On


Caught (Part 7)

And it continues...

The first incident I had with Kristina eventually led to another one and, by the third encounter, we ended up having a passionate, very intimate and intense sexual encounter in my living room. My step-daughter watched the entire thing. It was the sexiest, dirtiest, and most taboo thing I had ever been involved in. When we were initially "caught", we were both fearful that it would get back to...Read On


DJ's Dad, 3

Dan sat in the den catching up on the latest sports scores, but he couldn’t get his mind off of Natalie. It was torturous knowing she was just a few feet away in his son’s bedroom. They were supposed to be studying, but from the giggling he heard over the loud music, he suspected more was going on. He approached the door and knocked loudly before slowly proceeding to open it. DJ and Natalie...Read On


My Husband's Boss

I decided to satisfy him

My husband's manager arrived from Saudi Arabia and arranged to stay with us in the spare room here in our apartment in London, mainly to sort out the business which was not doing well. He was much older than me. I am only in my late thirties, he was about fifty. I didn't get along with him at all, and hardly said a word to him, but each morning, after my husband had gone to work I would begin...Read On


Vacation Part 3 ( Sue )

Fuck me everyday in front of everyone as long as it is hard

Janet got out of bed after our night together. She thought I was still asleep. I watched her walk very gingerly to the door. I saw she was sore from getting her ass and pussy fucked last night. She closed the door and I moved to where I could hear the women talk. Janet told them how gentle I was with her. She told them I took my time to make sure both her ass and pussy was ready for my cock. ...Read On


The Initiation

It had been many years since I last fucked a virgin.

The notion that any of my former lovers would ask me, at my age, to initiate her virginal daughter into the mysteries of sex had never crossed my mind. “For several reasons,” she said. “First, she knows and likes you. Second, you were a wonderful, gentle, thoughtful lover, who always treated me with respect. And, because she is leaving for college next year. The thought that her...Read On


My Initiation-Part16

This was the night i tried to complete my initiation into my fraternity.

I wanted to stay and listen to the two girls making love in the bed, but I was running behind again and I had a couple more rooms to do. I was getting tired and didn't want to screw up. The next two went very well. Again the girls were sleeping naked, but there was a definite difference from these two to all the others I had done. When I looked at the first one in bed, she was sleeping on...Read On


Club Exstasis - What Came Next

Ken and Susie receive some exciting news and a very erotic video.

Every evening since our membership application had been accepted, it had become our practice after dinner to log on to the club website to see what messages we had received. We often masturbated side by side looking at the highly explicit images and videos we were sent by other members, before retiring to bed for more intense love making. We both agreed that our mutual sex life was better...Read On


San Diego Summer 2

Cindy has her way with the help.

Like I said, things didn't get awkward between Kienan and me after our jerk off session in the van to get rid of the massive blue balls Cindy had given us. However, things did change. Things between Kienan and I became more relaxed or free spirited. It started with Kienan. One night I was in my bedroom watching TV before going to sleep. Kienan knocked on the door then entered my room. He...Read On


Obedience Personified

Jill was told she was his for the night. Things didn’t quite turn out that way though!

So here I was, I had arranged to meet someone at the hotel while my husband actively encouraged it. Well, it wasn’t so much that I had arranged it, my husband had. I was encouraged to meet this guy called Richard. We had exchanged emails a few times from an erotic story site that I frequent and I was seduced by his manner. He talked about what he would do with me, how he would fuck me and...Read On


Illicit Desires Ch. 02

After learning the truth Frankie makes a plan

My office had to be my first stop. There were several tasks that required my immediate attention. It took me a couple of hours to get everything done. By the time I was finished it was after noon, but that still left me plenty of time to complete the rest of my errands. My second stop was a discount electronics store where I purchased a compact digital voice recorder and a miniature camera....Read On

Recommended Read

Out of Control

She never dreamed that she would be one of those type of girls. But, she was.

There was not a lot of people on the floor in the small area designated for dancing. After all, it was more of a bar designed for socializing. The area was barely even lighted. Alaina loved to dance. So when the guy that had definitely held her attention for most of the night asked her to dance, with that teasing smile of his, she did not hesitate. Before she knew it, she was grinding against...Read On


Seducing the Bride to Be

I dated Erika a couple of years back, but I had to have her again before she got married.

I’m an ER doctor at a large hospital in Chicago. In a town that size, the ER is always busy and hectic. It’s always one emergency after another for the whole shift. I like to work the second shift so that I can have my days to play golf or go flying in my Cessna 310. Erika was a new ER nurse, a gorgeous blonde, but we were too busy to even say hello, much less talk and get to know each...Read On


He's Hiding On The Balcony (Part 3)

What's in store for our married couple? Trouble in Paradise? Or will a rainbow appear?

When we last left Carol she was fulfilling her husband’s fantasy. She was on the hotel suite bed being impaled by a young Canadian tennis stud with a cock more than twice the size of poor Paul’s. Carol’s husband was crouching on the balcony behind a wicker chair watching in fascination. How will Paul’s fantasy turn out? What is in store for our troubled married couple? Let’s find out. ...Read On


Stolen Afternoon

A stolen afternoon with my woman...

I look up from my place between your thighs. The sight of you tied to the bed-head and blindfolded makes me smile. You struggle a little, more in frustration than objection. I've been keeping you on the edge for close on half an hour, and your moans have got louder. But no matter how much you want to, I will decide when you can come. Sliding back between your open thighs, the musky scent...Read On