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My Girlfriend's Roommate

My plans to have a hot time with my girlfriend are derailed... and it is amazing.

Back in college I was dating this girl Shannon. She was on the school volleyball team so she was in incredible shape. The only problem was that, during the season, she was often busy, and when she wasn’t busy she was tired. This often left me lacking when it came to sex, and I would often be left to take care of myself. When she wasn’t in season, though, she could and would screw me until...Read On


Local Affairs: (1): MILF and Two Sugars

A young local government officer gets the sexual surprise of his life.

It was raining heavily by the time Greg Somerfield parked outside Mrs Hemsley’s house. He looked at the distance to the house and cursed himself for not having brought an umbrella or a raincoat. He would have to choose between getting thoroughly wet and making an undignified dash to her front door. Grabbing his briefcase, he decided to hell with dignity. He quickly got out of the car, went...Read On


The Handyman - Part II

The handyman returns for some more fun with Carla

Carla managed to hold out for five days. She had taken his card out of her bag after getting home from her shopping trip and pinned it to the kitchen notice board. There were a few business cards there of services that they had either used in the past or might need in the future. Jo had looked it and commented on what a good job he had down. Carla had looked at it too but with a smile; she...Read On


Caught (Part 9)

She Thought She Knew...

She was on her back. Her legs were spread. I slowly entered her, pulled back, entered her again, and pulled back again, teasing her. I watched her face, watched her tense up, felt her vagina tighten every time my massively hard penis slid deep inside her, and heard her gasp when I withdrew, only to enter her again slowly and gently, filling her all the way deep. I felt my balls tighten up....Read On

Recommended Read

Bawdy Tales: Part 4 — The Widow's Story

Dame Elizabeth tells the true story of a youthful love affair.

Tucks-ford, The Laxton Arms, May 27th — We had no need to cast lots yester-eve to choose who should entertain after supper tonight. Almost as soon as the Cook had finished his tale of the Devil and the Lady, the widow Dame Elizabeth called out above the hubbub and general hilarity. “Dear friends,” she said, “for that is what I must perforce call you now, there being none of my family...Read On


All For Charity

Never underestimate women. Some look sexy, but others ooze sexuality in ways that surprise you.

The charity event my wife runs started about two months ago. It’s not a normal charity event. My wife, Maggie, and her few friends; there’s about five of them that are real close, occasionally get together for a night out. One night, they all arrived back at our place and Maggie announced, out of the blue I may add, that one of them was going to have sex with me for charity. They had worked...Read On


Seduced by My Friend’s Daughter

She and her friend were horny and cornered me, intent on seducing me.

My long-time friend from college came down to Orlando with his daughter Dana and her best friend, Haley. I offered to let them to stay with me because I knew how expensive it was to stay in a hotel near Disney World. They had 3-day passes and were planning to see everything. I had never met his daughter before and was floored when she came through the door. She was a knockout, as was her...Read On


The Woman Downstairs

New neighbor moves in downstairs and gives me quite a show.

It was around 9:00 on Friday night, and I'd just pulled in to the parking lot at my apartment. It had been a long week and a longer day, and I'd just finished making the two-hour trip to bring my wife to her parents' house for the weekend; her car was in the shop, and she needed to help her mother who just got out of surgery. After a long day at work and a long trip, I was ready for dinner and...Read On


Self-Sucking Sissy

His step-sister catches him experimenting with himself and helps him learn to self-suck.

My cock was already hard as I strode naked into our huge living room. I finally had the house to myself and I was going to take advantage of it. My dad had taken Bimbo-Barbie (a.k.a. my step-mom) to Tahoe for the weekend, and my step-bitch – sorry, step-“sister” – was off with her vapid pack of friends doing who cares what. She was only sixteen, same as me, but she always acted like she was...Read On


The Things A Teacher Should (Or Shouldn't) Do...

What You Can Teach In A Classroom

When I was in high school and middle school, I knew we had very little respect for substitute teachers. To us, it wasn't a flunky job or anything disrespectful. We just didn't give the same credit to someone filling in for a day or two when the regular teacher wanted a day off. In today's society, I knew that substitute teachers weren't looked at with the highest amount of respect either, but...Read On


Shopping Day

She found a FULL SERVICE shoe store that cared about her after the sale!

I left the store and walked through the parking lot towards my car, excited and happy with my new purchases. It was a gorgeous day and I'd bought some sexy new clothes - a pretty red lace teddy, thigh-high stockings, and a revealing tight black dress. But the highlight of my trip had been teasing the man in the shoe department. He'd been helping me try on shoes, and I'd shamelessly teased him. ...Read On


Ribbons, Part II

Things get interesting when Dan and Theresa arrive at their destination

Driving on the wooded, winding roads that led to the highway I eased up on the gas a little. If I could just get us to Theresa’s sister’s house alive, untold pleasures awaited me. She continued to rub my thigh with her palm and feel between my legs with the tips of her fingers, but in a way that made it seem like she was just exploring, and the conversation abruptly changed to less sexual...Read On


My Daughter’s Friend

When Jamie brought her friend home for a visit, I had no idea what they had planned for me.

My daughter Jamie is twenty years old and a junior at the local university. She lives at home and we never argue. She never went through that difficult teenager phase and we could always talk about anything. “Daddy, I have a really close friend at school. Her name’s Kaarina. She’s an exchange student from India.” “Really?” “Yeah. I’ve been wanting to invite her over some weekend....Read On


Samantha's Night at the Pool Party.

Samantha walked into to her apartment and just dropped to the floor inside the door almost eighteen hours after leaving it for a night out with a friend. She was so exhausted from her night out she just couldn’t move. Her mind started running through the night and the images that where so vivid she just couldn’t shake them. As she sat there with her back to the door, she started sobbing...Read On

Recommended Read

There's Something About Fucking a Married Couple - the Toy Show (3)

What gives Scott the courage to take the next step toward making his fantasy a reality?

Oh, there were a lot of good reasons to take them up on their offer to join them for a weekend. If the video, and 'that dream' that it had spawned, weren't enough; the toy show that followed was certainly enough to leave me wanting more. I'm sure Paula and Eric had no idea of the pure carnal roller coaster of thoughts that their video had unleashed inside of me. It's not like I came right...Read On


Captivating Catwoman

Catwoman entertains a couple at a lifestyle club in Texas

Sarah's husband Robert had only been away on assignment for a few weeks when he informed her that he was involved with a woman in Europe. He hoped that any legal proceedings could wait until he returned. In the meantime he instructed a lawyer to draw up papers transferring the house to her name and providing financial support for her. He said he knew she had been unhappy and hoped that...Read On

Recommended Read

Not what Mother intended part one

Marjorie delivers her son, Ms Roberts promises to take care of him.

Marjorie Graham ran her household, and family, in much the same way as she ran the office of Harris, Lewis & Applecross; Solicitors. There was a procedure for everything, and everything was done correctly. When it came to her son, Kenneth, she was particularly concerned that he would be kept well clear of undesirable influences, and remain wholesome and virtuous. Her husband James thought...Read On


Meeting my Dom Ch.1

The story, in chapters, of younger girl meeting older Daddy Dom.

‘This is actually happening…wow; this is actually happening.’ Over and over again the thought played in my head. My short colorful dress swished around my thighs as I paced back and forth on the sidewalk, waiting. In a few short moments, I would be meeting the man I loved. At nineteen years old, I would be meeting the fifty year old man I’d been in love with for a year.  The day had...Read On


PJ and Xiu

Eighteen year old friends on Spring Break.

Freshman college coed apartment. “KC what do you mean you need a driver for spring break?” There are times that I really hate my twin sister. This is one of them. She wants me to drive her and a few friends to Las Vegas. “PJ you need to loosen up. You've had your head in a book since you were six years old.” Together we say, “How is it that we are twins?” We stare at each other for...Read On


The Sleepover Part 2

The weekend finally ended and a new week began. On Monday and Tuesday Brittany gave the appearence that she was sluggish and tired in all her classes. " Britt, you okay?" Tonya asked her on their way to lunch. "I just don't feel so hot," she responded. "Are you coming down with something?" Lara asked stepping back from her. "I'll be okay," Brittany responded. She kept up the same...Read On


Baking Cookies

She leaned over the kitchen counter, intently looking at her phone. Rich came from behind her, wrapping one arm around her slender waist and gently slapping her taught ass, only the lace fabric of her pajama shorts separating their bare skin. Carmen closed her eyes as she enjoyed the love tap. She was petite; standing about five feet four inches with dark brown hair, a smile that could...Read On


I Never Knew She Liked To Watch (Part 8)

Please Never Let It Stop...

As I lathered myself up, and soaped my naked body in the shower, I stood there, still not believing I'd just fucked my step-daughter in the living room of my house. But what was more shocking, was the fact that her best friend Kristina, the same age as my step-daughter, watched me take her virginity right there. It was some of the most intense, passionate and powerful sex I'd ever had....Read On


Hockey Season

Hooray for hockey

Thank God for hockey! I got home in the late afternoon from running errands and got ready for a night at a great swingers party I attend regularly with my man. Our house was empty when I arrived home so I went ahead and began preparations for a great night. I got in the shower and shaved totally bald. I made myself soft and sexy, knowing I wanted to have some fun that night. I got dressed...Read On


Illicit Desires Ch. 08

The confrontation

I was seated at the bar at Murphy's sipping a pint of Harp when Dana arrived. It was exactly 5:30. I stood up and called to her, "Hey Dana." Smiling when she saw me, she walked over, kissed my cheek and said, "Lets grab a booth." I picked up my beer and followed her. We sat opposite each other rather than on the same side of the booth. In the future it was possible that we might...Read On


A Sucessful Convention

Working Hard In A Short Period of Time

I am an associate partner in an accounting firm and we are like family. My boss Joe, one of three senior partners, served on an industry trade group as president. When the industry decided to hold their annual convention in Williamsburg, VA, my boss was asked to head the planning committee. Naturally some of the coordinating effort became my responsibility. As convention time drew near, my...Read On


Blackmail Worked

Angie was hot and I caught her doing something that would get her into my bed.

I own a small, but rapidly growing IT company. Competition is fierce in the IT business and there is always the threat of theft of intellectual property. My competitors would love to get their hands on the circuitry my company has been designing. Angie came to work for me about six months ago as my technical assistant. She came highly recommended with an extensive resume. She hit the...Read On


The Spirit of Fertility ch.4

Amber makes her decision.

Two months later , Amber continued to wait for her egg to be found, though her hope was all but gone. The sexual episodes remained constant and the birth control seemed to be working so far. The longer it went on, the more intense and direct the episodes became. She knew it was happening because she was taking the birth control and upsetting the workings of the spell. There didn’t seem to...Read On


Climbing my own everest

The story of how I got to mount my everest

His name reminded me of mount Everest and in time he became to symbolize it too - an unreachable, mysterious goal. Our friendship began quite unexpectedly. I knew of him from high school but it wasn't until we were in the same college that I realized him. He was, and is the sort of geeky guy, that you would not recognize if you did not go up and talk to him; and maybe even then. He does not...Read On


My First Erotica: How to do it (Part V)

the fifth part of a longer story called "My First Erotica" about 'my first erotica'

February 14th 2015 It’s been a month since I decided to spend the rest of my life with her. It’s been two and a half years since we first met. It’s been three days since I last saw her. I can’t wait to see her again. I miss her. She’s on some business trip. We haven’t seen much of each other since she first came on me and pissed all over my face. I miss her, but even though she’s away, it’s...Read On


Here’s Looking At You

"Here's looking at you, kid." This was Sam's endearment to his first wife, Jenny.

Sam held the black-and-white photograph of his first wife in the gnarled fingers of his hand. “Here’s looking at you, kid!” he said, holding it up towards his failing eyes, as much aware of the liver spot on the back of his hand as of Jenny’s prim beauty. Her hands were crossed over a pleated knee-length skirt and her face shone in the monochrome sunlight of a distant age. All Sam’s...Read On