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a quickie

after work fun

Great, another dull day after having my period all weekend. All that I could think about was sex and I was so worked up I would just about say yes to anybody. As usual the day was slow and work was boring. I unfortunately work with boring people as well. Could my day get any worse? Maybe it's the thought of Spring being so close that my hormones were a mess. Who knows, but I needed some fun...Read On


Allison's Passion

Allison has been secretly harboring desire for her best friend Sammy

A balmy breeze rustled the paisley curtains hanging in front of Sam's living room window. She was perched on her old, lumpy couch next to her closest friend, Allison. Her long auburn hair was pinned up in a sexy messy bun, a few chunky pieces falling over her eyes. She laughed heartily, pausing to sip her third glass of merlot.  "You don't understand how badly I want to strangle him...Read On


The Summer of 78. Part 1

So there I was in my garage seated on my rolling mechanics chair working on my Harley. As I removed the last of the polish from the tank I saw a pair of shapely legs appear under a short skirt and ending in knee high vinyl boots walk up the driveway. I sat up straight and realized it was just Robin from two doors down returning from Summer school. I could not believe how much she had...Read On


Nipple Rings

A haunting memory of nipple rings

I have a thing about nipple rings. I don’t need deep analysis to know why, I remember that woman like yesterday. I used to travel from Euston to the Elephant and Castle often enough that it became routine. You know what that means, nothing about the journey sticks in your mind, one trip is the same as the next. There’s no anxiety about missing the stop, no worry about being overcrowded...Read On


The Babysitter Takes Control

The babysitter has a surprise for the couple

Heather and Michael were in their bedroom, preparing for their evening out. The kids were running around in the bedrooms, excited that Miss Cassie was coming over. They adored their babysitter, primarily because she let them do most of the things that the parents would not. Heather and Michael also liked Cassie. They thought that she was a nice young woman. She was definitely beautiful...Read On


Mother of the Groom

Spending time with my best friend's mother the day after his wedding

"It was really a beautiful wedding wasn't it, Justin?" Kathy asked me. "Yeah," I agreed. "Nate looked happier than I've ever seen him. Vicky, too. They're a great couple." We were sitting on her back patio, sipping mimosas, and nibbling on pieces of cantaloupe she'd cut up. It was about quarter to noon. I was wearing jeans and a button down shirt. Kathy still wasn't dressed. She wore...Read On


Journey into Cuckoldry - Fantastic Fifteen

Three beautiful women, two new sexperiences, one amazing evening for our Hero!

It was Thursday night, one week later. The Grandparents were babysitting our two kids while my sweet, unfaithful wife and I went for what we had described to them as ‘a bit of light supper with some friends that might go on a bit late’. The truth was that it was nothing of the kind. Food was definitely a secondary consideration; the entire evening had been arranged by the She-Devil Carmen...Read On


The Shy Asian Student Part 3

The third party of the true story of us.

I sensed my long wait was over. Our plan had been agreed; we would buy food then return to my apartment, for the first time. The shy, eighteen-year-old Asian student I had pursued for months and who referred to us as being in a relationship, was about to finally reveal the hidden beauty beneath her clothes. As she approached, her choice of outfit revealed her mood and my hopes rose. May...Read On


It's All In The Wrist - Chapter 4

Hooking a big one

"I got one! I got one!" I was so excited that I almost tripped and fell headlong into the stream. I had awkwardly cast the lure one more time and just as I had begun to reel it in, it disappeared. The rod was almost jerked from my hand. "Set the hook! Just like I showed you!" you called. I grasped the line and pulled down sharply, rod tip low to the water as you had had me practice. ...Read On


Business Man-On-Man (Part 5)

A new experience for a curious businessman

I am positioned on my elbows and knees, face down and sideways on the bed. Pillows support my head and chest. Rob is standing at the edge of the bed with his cock sliding between my spread ass cheeks, pushing gently and deeper into my virgin anus. The sensation is incredible. His hands are firmly locked onto my hips and he pulls me toward him as he pushes his shaft deeper within me. I hear...Read On


Maggie's Dark Side Chapter 2

Once you try black, you never go back.

Maggie and I were sitting around one Saturday doing nothing, as the grandparents had taken the kids for the weekend and wouldn't be bringing them back until late Sunday night. It was early afternoon and I was having a cold beer and Maggie was having a rum and coke. We had had a couple, so were in a pretty good mood, when the phone rang. Maggie got up and went to answer it. She came back in...Read On

Recommended Read

Night Trawling: A Night At The Glory Hole

Just something short and dirty to get my juices flowing

The Paradise Arcade and Adult Video Store, what a grand name to be wasted on such a fucking dump. The place was filthy, with bare, concrete floors and cheap-ass, home-made wooden shelves filled with used VHS porn tapes that had previously run again and again and again on closed circuit in the arcade. Along with those were a scattering of sex toys, from Ginger Lynn's rubber pussy masturbator...Read On


I lose at strip poker, suck but can't get fucked, flee to the night surf

This is my night to "do" everyone and then run nude and alone along the beach

Are we comfy in the tent? I trust my hawker did not exaggerate our side show—the woman still having the same orgasm two years after seeing Paul Newman as the shirtless, sweating Sioux Indian in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid . Lawsuits are pending. In my latest recent post, I shocked readers will the story of buying my first vibrator. Now, I top that experience by recounting my...Read On


Olivia Caught Red Handed , Part One

It was in the middle of the afternoon when Olivia decided to play with herself. She knew she would be in big trouble when Jack came home from work, but she wanted to give herself a much-needed orgasm. She had been two months without an orgasm and she was about to bust. So she went to grab her favorite 9inch dildo and her most trusted glass ribbed dildo as well. She laid down on the couch with...Read On


Cabin Fever

A married woman's latent bisexual energy is released...

She panted loudly like a loyal dog following its master on a long run along the beach. I heard her metered sounds of lust pulsing through the cabin wall and I could tell she tried her best to muzzle herself. She either had her hand over her mouth as he moved his hips between her legs, or her face was buried in a pillow, as he slide inside her from behind. Or maybe, it was something else....Read On


Road Slut

Slut is taken on a short road trip, played with, displayed and given a new collar.

Picture my slut: she is a tiny woman, with red hair and green eyes. She wouldn’t probably call them green. She’d have some other fancier name for them. I would just call them beautiful. Truth is like that; simple. It’s simple like the color green, the same color of the grass in the yards we passed through the neighborhood on the way out to the store. The air is cool, as is the skin of her...Read On

Recommended Read

Answers - Questions part 2

A good girl experiments with kink.

Amber walked silently beside me, as we made our way to my car. I held the passenger door open and smiled at her. She got up on her toes and placed a gentle kiss on my lips before she entered my vehicle. On the ride up to my floor in the elevator, she slipped her pinky around my thumb and leaned against me. "Are you sure about this, Amber?" I asked as the elevator doors opened. She...Read On


Skype Porn

His girlfriend accidentally gives him a treat, and he can't turn it down.

"So, you are telling me the very minute that finals are over, you'll sleep with me again?" "Yes. As soon as we're both done, I promise that we'll both run right to my place, get naked and fuck each other's brains out. Trust me, its been no easy ride for me either. Take a look," she said, before she rose to her feet so I could only see her crotch and belly. She undid her pants and pushed...Read On


Anna and Sam Chapter 14

"Do you remember our honeymoon, how hard it snowed the whole week?”

It was late when I finally decided to go home. I phoned Philip and he came to get me without even the tiniest grumble. When my Mum opened the front door for me and helped me down the step, I noticed that it had begun to snow and on the ground was a very thin layer where it had settled. I looked up into the dark night sky, watching the large white flakes fall gently upon my face, blinking...Read On

Recommended Read

The Girl In Red Shorts

A Friday afternoon commute I'll never forget!

It was going to be another scorching day. It was a Friday and like every Friday we got to knock off early. I had planned to sit in my garden with a long glass of something and soak up the rays after anointing my skin with my factor ten thousand lotion. Being so blonde, I had to be careful but it was gearing up to be so hot, I had to rethink. The college had their week off for the late...Read On


Always a Breast Man

Chris had always been a breast man, and Maria’s were the best he had ever had in his mouth. Full and rounded and naturally more than a handful. He loved her breasts and often stroked himself just thinking of them. Her nipples were a shade of dark pink in colour, and around the areola, there were small, secret ridges that came alive when his tongue licked over them. It would only take...Read On


Fun Times: Prologue - Part 4

The after party party ... Suprise!

Fun Times: Prologue, Part 4 Carrie had never been to such a fancy dance before, and she was taken aback at the all the pageantry of the event. It was sort of absurd, really, but it was an awful lot of fun! Ever since Kim had shown her how to do her hair and makeup and introduced her to tricks on how to better dress, Carrie had really enjoyed glamming it up. She liked that phrase. Kim...Read On


A Rocking Weekend

You can find passion by the pool!

Veronica and Ian knew Mark from the swingers club and had invited him and his new girlfriend up for the weekend. There was an awkward silence when everyone met. Ellen was aware of their past, that they were all swingers and she felt a little out of place. Veronica sensed her uneasiness. To make her feel more comfortable, Veronica suggested they all go for a swim. Everyone dressed in a...Read On


Fixing The Garage Door

Cadey's story of desperation.

I was late for work. The garage door didn’t open fast enough and I had hit the stupid door with the car. Crap! I pulled back into the garage and hit the “Down” button. The garage door creaked and then it stopped half closed. I got out and surveyed the damage. The door hung off the roller on one side. I didn’t know what to do. I was pissed. I had been divorced about six months and had...Read On


The Fucking Machine, Chapter 1

He couldn't handle her enormous sex drive... so he brought in reinforcements!

Diane and I have been married for a little over ten years now, having met while in college. For our tenth anniversary this year, I bought my loving wife a very special present. You see, my Diane loves sex - I mean she really LOVES sex. She describes herself as a nymphomaniac, although she has never been "officially" diagnosed as such. But that doesn't matter she acts like one and that's...Read On


My Aunt Barb Chapter 4

Katherine makes a decision

When Barb moved to Portland I had no idea my life would undergo such a dramatic change. Looking back, I saw myself living a routine existence, getting married, having children, working until I was sixty-five and then retiring. I realize now that I would not have been living my life to its full potential. When I began making love to Ping it was more than sex. I know it might sound odd but...Read On


Enough About Carrots

Ali learns more about himself by doing instead of thinking.

“Oh, hey Jayden. You’re early.” Allan smiled as he walked up to him. “Yeah, Walker let us go earlier. Apparently he has some sort of a meeting to attend,” Jayden answered. “Well you’re just in time.” “Uhm, what?” I muttered surprised. “Come on man, don’t be like that. Don’t pretend like you didn’t like being fucked, like you didn’t enjoy being used. I’m pretty sure the whole street...Read On


Photo Op

A sexy story inspired by a sexy photo.

Marie had never had her photo taken like this before. She stood in the middle of the room in nothing but black stockings. Her hands lay on the arms of the chairs in front of her while she bent over as her husband instructed, exposing her glistening folds for his camera lens to capture. Her husband had been taking a lot of pictures of her lately. "Capturing her beauty" was the reason he gave...Read On


A Trip To The Lake

Joe's little sister is lots of fun.

Every year about this time, we make a last trip up to our cabin on Big Pines Lake. School was going to start the next week, so we wouldn't be able to come up, as we had lots going on at school. It was my dad, mom, their friends, Harry and Millie and their son Joe and daughter Mary Lynn, and I. We left the house late and it was about a four hour drive to the lake, so it was going to be...Read On


The Boy Who Lives In My Room- Part Three

Lena starts to discover more about her creation...

After a wild two days, Lena was beginning to wonder if the mystery man that she had created, was real at all. Since their last rough fuck, in the bathroom stalls of her university's library, she hadn't seen him once. It was kind of making her nervous that she was going mad, but she went on as she had before he appeared. Longing after someone that wasn't real. Clearly she hadn't mastered...Read On