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The Librarian, Part 4

The new couple enjoy a lazy Sunday

Along with having a comfortable bed, Sloane had an equally comfortable couch. I know because that's where we slept last night. We never made it up to her room. When Sloane got on her knees in the parking lot of my dorm and told me she wasn't done with me or my dick, I couldn't say yes fast enough. This time I made sure to bring clothes for the next day. As soon as we got back to her house...Read On


After-hours Antics

Shania and her supervisor have some after-hours fun

It was nearly six o’clock on a Wednesday as Shania sat at her desk and tried to forge through the stack of papers her boss Mr Watts had given her. She put her head in her hands and sighed. Screw it , she thought, it’s late and I’m tired, I’m going home . She logged off her computer, put the papers in a pile ready for tomorrow and stood up. She collected her coat and handbag from over...Read On


Gears of Lust

Sometimes getting home is a ride away.

It was another late Friday night that had turned into an early friday morning. I was still at the bar chasing sobriety because I’d had far too much to drink, and rightly, my friends had abandoned me in favor of their comfortable beds. The crowd had gotten rather sparse. The only people left were the people in a similar situation to mine, the bartender, and the people desperate to not go...Read On


The Enchanted Forest

I didn't believe in faires, but now I know the truth

“How long have I known you, and I still don’t know how to ask you this?” Ness’ voice was agitated. Vanessa and I had been at teacher training college together in our early twenties. We were a couple of wild chicks then. Now, I’m married to a gorgeous guy called Justin, and have a toddler named Jack. Vanessa, despite having an insatiable appetite for cock at college, lives happily with...Read On


I Couldn't Believe That Happened (Part 7)

I Just Didn't Want To Stop Even Though I Knew I Was Wrong.

Sitting on the love seat in my living room, I was wearing only a pair of shorts. I hadn't put on a t-shirt, and I had left my boxer shorts on the living room floor. I could not believe that my step-daughter Kiley was sitting on the couch across the living room from me. Nor could I believe that she was staring at me, having just witnessed her best friend Tammy give me head right there in...Read On


I become the first dickless DKE

"Kerothen Philoi Aei" ("Friends from the Heart, Forever"). I may be the only female DKE. That is not an abbreviation of a sexist slur. Delta Kappa Epsilon is the college fraternity of U.S. presidents, legendary CEOs, and Hollywood stars. It does not admit women. Baboon tribes do not adopt puppies; they love them, but only for lunch, with a side of tubers and grubs. A couple years...Read On


Thicker than Blood-PART FOUR

Who is it that is hurt most by betrayal the betrayed or the betrayers?

CHAPTER SIXTEEN 2003 “Mom, I have a thing going with Marlene and the pep squad this weekend. I know da—Uncle David will understand,” said Jenna. Her mother nodded. This would be the fourth time in the past several months that she had missed her weekend with her Uncle David. Stacey was concerned about him going off on her. She was sure he was going to blame her or Ronald for Jenna’s...Read On


Close Your Eyes

This is for a friend of mine who was shot Friday or Saturday night. Hoping they pull through

Remember me, as I find myself alone in darkness knowing that I can’t turn away from what I must do, and there are a lot of things that words can’t say. So walk away and believe and try to see through my eyes, and you would probably lose your fears. The sun will remain, as will those winds of change blowing that can’t be explained. I know you will find a way, so turn and walk away for there...Read On


Naked in the Street at Night

I go walking naked in the street

Hey there everyone, I know it's been a while since we last posted. A few weeks ago we had an engagement party in the city. We usually park at a station and catch a train into the city to avoid driving in all the traffic. I wore a red crop top and tight black skirt (no panties). As we were seeing James's family, I wore a bra (as those that have read our stories, I rarely wear a bra). As...Read On


Amy's Vegas Adventure

Amy's lives out he dream of a Las Vegas threesome

It was after midnight as they strode thru the Aria casino, taking a break from the tables to stretch their legs and look for a place to have a drink. Soon they found a nice table at the edge of a lounge that offered them a good view of the bar and for people watching. With cocktails obtained the conversation turned to a game of guess the conversation of the others around them. "Drunk couple...Read On


The Bad Girl (The Clique)

Out for the night . . .

This is chapter 2 in a trilogy of short stories. You may care to read the first episode, The Bad Boy, before reading this, but it isn’t necessary. She pulled into the parking lot at 8:20, right on time. Traipsing through the exterior doors, she felt the thrill through her sinews, hoping tonight would be as divine as some of those in the past. Lisa was behind the desk. “Hey!” “Hi, Mel,...Read On


Sarah's Job Interview

She tries to land the job by showing off her body but the men become way too interested in her

Sarah was returning home from another failed job interview. It was a hard time for her, as it was for many people her age. As a twenty year old girl, she was looking for an entry job in her field, but wasn't being successful in the interviews she attended to. Arriving home, she dropped off the purse on her bed and just laid down. She needed time to think about what was it that she was...Read On


Edible Artistry

College coed models nude for her roomate's art.

I lay back beneath the warmth of the water which flowed down the waterfall we’d created. The scene was a vision of me sitting nude on a large gray rock as water splashed down on me. It was a very relaxing and highly erotic pose that had me completely aroused. I kept imagining that I was naked in a forest and bathing beneath a waterfall when, in reality, I was seated in my roommate’s art...Read On


A Winter Break (Part One)

Snow, seclusion and some tempting neighbours...

It was late winter and we decided to dump all other commitments and just get away by ourselves. Anna and I had been married for three years and, after two Christmases with family, we felt that it was time to have some time away as a real break, one that involved no parents and no stress. Anna was at the end of her twenties, pale-skinned and dark-haired, with a lithe, slender frame. Her...Read On


The Wait (part 2)

Sub girl gets what she's been waiting for

I am acutely aware of your cock stiff and warm pressed against me from behind while you woo me with your mouth and fingers. You inhale deeply at the nape of my neck and exhale a sigh that almost sounds like a long, purring “fuuuck…” but I can’t be sure because you’re moving away to aim your cock between my thighs. Now all I can feel of your body is the head of your cock poised at the entrance...Read On


Repressed Slut Wife (Part Five)

Bill finds out about Cherie's cheating.

Dear Cherie, So let me get this straight. Bill knew about you and I in your guesthouse? And he suspected that you had been screwing around on him after your workouts this last month? But he never said anything? He let it go on? Oh my. You said that, after your evening session with Bazil and Amos, that he had called the club and they told him that you had left. He suspected that you were...Read On


Jonathan's Birthday Celebration

He doesn't want a big party for his sixtieth birthday, so his wife makes other plans.

I was working in my office when I heard a soft ping alerting me to a text message. Thinking it must be from my daughter, the only person who texts me regularly, I dug into my pocket for my phone. The message said: “ I am really looking forward to meeting you; I’m sure we can have a great time together. ” Accompanying the message was a photo of an attractive woman sprawled on a sofa....Read On


Polihale Beach

A true story of getting naked and masturbating on a public beach.

It was 1994. I was 40 years old and a well practiced masturbator. I was vacationing in Hawaii on the island of Kaua'i accompanied by several relatives. Our excursion this day was to the far west side of the island and visit Polihale Beach (pronounced pol-i-HAH-lee). It's a long, wide beach, but the treacherous surf and currents make the water unsafe for swimming. We settled down for...Read On


Adventures In Cock Sucking: Part II

When the situation arises with a cock a few inches from your face, what are you to do?

After a few months, I was off to the Army but not Vietnam, thank God. As new recruits, we didn’t get much time off base, but when we did, we headed straight for the red-light district usually right after payday. I bought my ‘first’ piece of ass there. It was the most exciting and wonderful thing I'd ever experienced. I remember that first night I must have fucked five different women. My...Read On


Tanning Salon

We Hit Tanning Gold

My wife Kat and I had been going to the same tanning salon for years. Even though we live in Florida, it is useful in the winter and evens out your tan in the summer. There had been many managers at this particular salon, but it was always open. One afternoon, we went in and found another new manager. Michelle was in her early forties, about 5'6", thin build, big tits, long legs and long...Read On


Completing The Erotic Circle Of Desire — Part 2 of 2

Ellie continues to delight Frank in his declining years. After his death I get a surprising request.

When I looked through the photos I had taken, out of more than 100, there were about a dozen which I thought I would be able to use for my project which I copied to a separate folder on my hard drive. I also copied all the pictures to a file on cloud storage — I have known hard drives crash in the past, and always make sure that I have copies where I can't lose them in the event of a disaster. ...Read On


Jouney into Cuckoldry - Lucky Thirteen

Fancy dress party welcomes the New Year with more than one kind of bang!

The hotel bar was busy as Alice and I entered that New Year’s Eve, the air filled with music and the babble of voices punctuated by the popping of champagne corks and the cheering that followed. In my plain black suit and tight clergyman’s collar I knew I was in for a hot and uncomfortable evening but for a ‘Tarts and Vicars’ party there was only one type of costume I could have chosen. By...Read On


The Special Show

Sara's best friend introduces her to the world of web-cams

Tracy answered the door to her apartment. Her best friend Sara was standing on the other side in, fighting back tears. She'd called 20 minutes earlier, sobbing on the phone, hardly intelligible. Tracy invited her over. "Jesus, Sara," Tracy said. "You look awful." Sara, gave her a weak smile, walked past her to the sofa, and collapsed. Tracy poured two glasses of wine. She handed one...Read On



A man becomes enslaved to an aristocratic cigar-smoking domme

Chapter 1 The situation in which I now find myself is something I never dreamed would ensue when I began corresponding with Ariana. It started seven years ago as a brief e-mail correspondence and has now become my life. But I must here digress, in order to give the reader some background information about me that relates to this tale. It will sound a bit weird to those of you who...Read On

Recommended Read

The Stripper Wife, Chapter 4

Her secret finally comes out... but what will her husband do now?

It was time for Lexus to move to the satellite stage and do a song there. She felt bad about leaving her customer and was a little worried the next girl might shift his attentions, but as she climbed up on stage and began to dance (topless again with only her g-string), she saw that her customer had moved once again and followed her to the satellite stage! She was really happy about that and...Read On


Madame Dubois

A British exchange student is seduced by a French host

I was eighteen when my parents sent me off to France. Most of my friends were either taking a gap year or going to college but I didn’t really have much choice. My parents had firmly decided that it was culturally important for me to experience life in a foreign country and learn the local lingo. When I arrived at the train station, I could still hear my mother telling me how to introduce...Read On


The Restaurant - Afters

The evening continues after they leave the restaurant.

As I left the restaurant, my mind still in a state from my recent orgasm, I saw Susie get in to the black taxi parked by the curb and settle herself on the back seat. As I moved to sit beside her, she pointed at the bucket seat opposite and told me to sit there. I assumed she wanted to continue our game of footsie or something similar, so I went to close the door before sitting down opposite...Read On


Coming Out to Play

A fun-sized young woman discovers the risks and rewards of masturbating outside of her comfort zone.

I was so horny that I was rubbing my pussy through my jeans the whole drive home. It was my first day as a freshman at South Florida Community College, and all the cute guys had me practically creaming in my pants. I couldn’t wait to get home and give my big, fat pussy a hardcore workout. As soon as I was through the door I dropped my bag, kicked off my shoes and headed straight for the...Read On


A Feast Of Pleasure

The woman of his dreams is a whore at heart.

My wife, Shelly and I have been married for seven years and have three children with a fourth on the way. Shelly is the sexiest woman I have ever known. She is stunningly beautiful, with long mousy brown curls that fall softly over her shoulders, sensuous hazel eyes, a small pouty mouth, and the cutest little nose. Her model slim body is perfect and has firm up sloping tits with...Read On

Recommended Read

Kindling A Cuckold - Part VII

Sara finally gets the message that Brian wants her to cuckold him

Sara stared down at her coffee cup as she slowly stirred. She was deep in thought and pensive. “Is everything okay?” Brian asked her as he sat down at the kitchen table alongside her. ”Everything is fine,” she responded without looking up. The silence between them remained for a few moments until Sara broke it. “Do you want me to cuckold you, Brian?” His head jolted back. “No of...Read On