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My First Fellatio Experience - Part 3

Chad loses his virginity to Sally as Nicole watches, then participates.

Before I continue with our story, I want to take the time to introduce ourselves for those of you who have not read “My First Fellatio Experience” along with Part 2. My name is Sally, I am twenty years old with 38DD-cup breasts and a shaved mound. Chad is my seventeen year old stepbrother. He is a strapping young man with a seven inch clean shaven thick cock. Two days ago, I gave him his...Read On


Tutor Session

I remember sitting in class not understanding anything my professor was saying. I knew before I started falling behind I had to go to my TA's office. His name was Vlad. I remember all of his assigned female students were head over heels for him. I was never the type of girl to be into that bullshit. I had gone to him for help before and I knew he was good at explaining the subject. When...Read On

Recommended Read

The Desires of the Goddess Adelaide Part 1

The Goddess thinks of Her slave, as he takes a slut of his own....

It was early afternoon and she sat at her dresser. “Perhaps I have fallen a little,” thought the Goddess Adelaide as she traced the angle of his jaw on the sepia print before her with a blood red finger nail. His dark eyes were fixed on something far away and were thick with desire. “It’s not like me to be so fixated on one little plaything. And that’s all he is, a plaything, nothing more.” ...Read On


Mankini Bearcub Part 2

Barry continues his hook-up with Todd behind his wife's back...

"You should have brought your green mankini with you," Todd said when we were sitting on the edge of the bed in the nuddie watching my ice bucket video on his phone. "Aw yeah, I should have," I replied, feeling annoyed with myself that I'd been so dim-arsed yet again. "I'll bring it next time for sure. Don't let me forget." "There's gonna be a next time?" he asked with a surprised smile. ...Read On


Last night

A story told from two perspectives.

Her version. I awoke with a gasp, my eyes wide open in the darkness of the bedroom, the dream fading from my mind like drifting smoke. My aching nipples and my warm slick thighs the only reminders of the passionate thoughts that had so recently overwhelmed me. My chest rising and falling, I let one hand slowly drift down my naked body, across my belly and then slip between my quaking...Read On


My First Time

...a warm afternoon turns even hotter!

I have Fridays’ off work and it affords me time to workout. Sometimes, I head to the beach nearby. Today I'd already had a good run, worked out for a bit and showered, so I decide to drive to the beach. It is unusually quiet for a Friday, with only a few people hanging around. I find a nice spot to park myself, stretch out to enjoy the sun. I down a few cold beers and smoke a joint. It's a...Read On


A Question of Gender

Swinging in a dark room full of strangers feeds his panic

“A Question of Gender” (circa-1980) If someone had told him that one day he would fuck a middle-aged woman with a broken leg, who would then persuade him to join a swingers club and participate in group sex in a room full of faceless strangers, he would have said they were on drugs or completely mad. But there he was leaving the Cavendish Club with a fifty-year old woman with a leg in...Read On


Sisterhood of Sin -- 22 -- The Abduction

Our heroine enters the lion's den and emerges scathed.

"It's okay if you fuck him, Barbie. I let him know that. You'll be with him more than I will for a while, and it's clear that there's a special bond between you." "That's not going to happen, Cate. This special bond is mutual respect, not something you should feel threatened by. Besides, he'll be drained dry by the students." "I didn't offer only his cock, Barbie. If his ass...Read On


Modern Woman 2

After the seminar

The first few weeks after the seminar were really difficult. I know my husband felt that something had changed. He sometimes just looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face as if to say, 'Who are you and what have you done with my wife?' I spent those weeks trying to find a way to talk to him about Louise. She and I promised each other that we would find a way to leave our marriages...Read On


Made To Order - Part 2

I sat there with my mind going a million miles an hour. Did he just kiss me? Did I let him do it? I did, and I liked it. Damn him. Why did he do that? I knew it was on purpose trying to complicate things for me. I was annoyed, and yet turned on, but I wasn't going to let him get the best of me. I finally got up and walked over to his bedroom. The door was shut. I didn't bother to knock....Read On


A Bunny In The Garden

Allie thought she could indulge herself as a gardener. Mrs. Greenberg has different ideas.

“Hi, Mrs. Greenberg, I’m Allie, I’m here to do the weeding!” I smiled brightly at the tall, gray-haired woman in the dark blue gown that opened the door to the mansion. The way she looked me up and down spoke volumes, and when her eyebrow went up and she declared in a rather posh voice, “I expected someone… different, I was rather pleased with Pablo’s work,” I readied myself for a taxing day. ...Read On


It's a Beautiful Day

It's easy to appreciate a beautiful day.

It had been a hectic past five years. I had fallen in love twice with men who turned out to be uninspired, and now I was twice divorced and had to pay alimony to the men I chose to share my bed with. They were cute, but they didn't have very good imaginations or what it took to be my man. Young muscular men had always been my downfall. Their touch was electric; their bodies were...Read On


Always Faithful - Chapter Twenty-Three

Laura with Dan and Artsy discuss art and fashion for Business Lady.

Chapter Twenty-Three - Laura with Dan, Plus Artsy Dan answered the telephone in the middle of the third ring: Hi Baby, I am just calling to confirm my travel plans . . . Yes, I am still on the red eye . . . I will see you Thursday morning before you go to work . . . I love you too, Baby. Save a kiss for me and maybe a little bit more. Bye bye. ...Read On


The New Boss's New Punch, and Judy

Share and share alike: In which Punch's new boss takes her to meet his family.

Best to read the first two "The New Boss's New Punch" stories with this one.  He was taking his pleasure in her, slowly, from behind, when somebody walked onto the balcony. “James, is this the pretty young thing who works for you?” came a woman’s voice. James, startled, paused. “Well, yes, Judy, this is Kelly,” he managed to get out in a fairly normal tone of voice. Stark naked, bent...Read On

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Phone Sex

We have talked about this for a while. I have expressed how I wanted to call you, during odd hours of the day and have phone sex with you. I have told you that it would just be me talking, and masturbating as you listened to me pleasure myself. You are away, visiting your family and I am so, very horny. I have decided to put it into action. "Hi baby," I say into the phone. I can hear...Read On


The Party Gift

I went to a birthday party and got the party gift of a lifetime; her name is Deanna.

Even now, it still sends chills of terror up my spine and shudders of dread through my soul whenever I think of just how close I came to not going to the party that night. How close I actually came to never meeting “my one”. There are nights I lie awake in bed and I can do nothing but gaze with absolute wonder and hopeless romantic adoration at this literal Goddess who is cuddling me...Read On


Love Off The Dance Floor III

The crowd's cajoling carried on, their shrill whistles in the background. I was hardly aware as Serena came toward me. I stood, transfixed. Her fingers found the ties of my lingerie. She pulled the delicate satin, allowing it to sweep off my shoulders. It slid down, baring my flesh beneath. I was as naked as she, exposed beneath the lights on stage. The men went crazy. Bouncers remained...Read On


It Started With Babysitting

Two babysitters are encouraged to do more than sitting.

I was employed in an office in town as a part time receptionist. I am also studying at University for a Business Management Degree, as is my best friend Samantha. At a party, we were talking and one of other girls mentioned how much money she made as a baby sitter. It also gave her the opportunity to study while she did the sittings. I asked was there much work around as I would not...Read On


Meeting up with Master

My boyfriend is the hottest, sexiest man I know. He has short brown hair, dark brown eyes and a sexy smile complete with dimples. He is also my master. He can look at me without saying a word and I know exactly what he wants, and he knows I will give it to him. I am his and I only want to please him. I am lucky to have such a great master because he allows me to have pleasure too. We...Read On


Privates - Stand Two!

Pam educates Simon in the looser arts of ballroom

This is a continuation of my story ‘Privates on Parade’. You may wish to read that first to get a better understanding of how I was lucky enough to get this far with a woman some thirty years my senior . . . . Pam stepped away from me towards the head of the table. She breathed in heavily through her nose and looked wanton, her lips apart and lust in her eyes. Her mouth closed and that...Read On


Telephone Hook-Up

First meeting of two hot and horny crossdressers.

I had stopped at the adult bookstore on the way home and picked up the latest copy of the adult phone directory. When I arrived home, I took a long, hot shower and put on one of my sexy little teddies, grabbed a beer and sat back in my recliner thumbing through the new directory. I came across several couples ads and several single guy's that had also placed an ad. I relaxed for a few...Read On


Teen Diaries 22: Parking Lot Fuck

Lindsey fucks a stranger in the parking lot to get her battery started

Hey Diary. I know it's been a long time since I've written, but something happened last night that I never want to forget, so I'm putting it all down here. I was at Wal-Mart late last night buying a last minute birthday gift for my friend, but when I got back to my car the battery was dead. It was 2:00 in the morning and well past curfew. It was a cold night, somewhere in the high twenties, so...Read On


Modern Woman

A jaded wife attends a seminar

I have been married to a wonderful man for twenty seven years. Our youngest of five children finished school and left for college eight months ago. I thought that my husband and I would really enjoy being empty-nesters. Boy, how wrong I was! He just worked longer hours, leaving home before I was out of bed in the morning and not getting home until dinnertime. And it was a dinnertime that had...Read On


Someone Different Chapter 1

Sunday, February 8th, 2015 10:01 am It was nothing new for Seth to groom his body like that of a woman; shaving everything, styling his long, chestnut-colored hair (which fell to the center of his back) in feminine styles, wearing make-up, and even wearing women's clothes. These were things he did on a normal basis. They were not things, however, that he ever did around...Read On


Pisscilla's Girlfriend

Can becoming your crush's girlfriend be punishment? At Wetwood High, the answer is yes.

I had been an on-and-off member of SLUT for the last half year, sometimes attending a few evenings in a row, sometimes doing my own thing for weeks, but I felt that this, somehow, didn’t sit right with Angie, my roommate. She had introduced me to Wetwood High’s most secret of clubs after she had caught me red-handed - or red-cheeked - one night, with my face buried between pretty redhead...Read On


Azzie's Silver Tipped Surprise

Azzie enjoys fulfilling her wildest fantasy.

The night breeze brushed Azzie's delicate features with a welcoming embrace. The night's events were a blur and her body ached. It was a pleasant ache though, a necessary after effect from having so many endorphin releasing orgasms. Azzie's wildest fantasy had come true and her adventure had fulfilled all of her expectations. She reveled in the afterglow. Now all she wanted to do was sleep. ...Read On


This is a New Beginning Part 2

Part two of a story of a new relationship.

My step-daughter Ellen was standing there with a strap-on dildo in her hand just smiling at me. I was tied to the bed wearing lingerie and a wig. It was one of my favorite sets in black and the stockings felt good against my legs. I looked at her and wondered what she was going to do next. I thought back to how it started. My wife had gone on a trip and I was home with Ellen. My wife and I...Read On


Becoming a Cuckold on New Year's Eve

My husband and I try swinging with freinds on New Year's Eve, and he becomes my cuckold.

The sexual revolution in the Western world from the 1960s to the 1980s was a time of amazing transition. Our society was becoming increasingly accepting of sex outside of traditional heterosexual, monogamous relationships. Sex outside of marriage and homosexuality, as well as other alternative forms of sexuality, were much less taboo. The development of birth control pills also helped to...Read On


Our Stories: The UPS Guy

My wife decides she wants to have me watch her fuck another man and chooses the UPS delivery man

A lot had happened since our encounter with Christina in Ocean City. Sheri and I started having sex with her regularly, without Bob ever finding out. We had threesomes at least once or twice a month for quite some time. A few years later, Sheri and I got married. We moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland where I got a new job. We got a nice apartment with lots of room. Moving meant we barely...Read On


Sweet Memories

An unexpected visit from a very friendly neighbour

You know sometimes you see or hear something that gives you a private smile? Well, occasionally I hear or see the phrase ‘3G’, and when I do it reminds me of an incident that took place a long time ago, and some distance away from where I now live. So read on if you’d like to find out why… *** If I remember rightly, I was twenty three at the time. It was just after Christmas,...Read On