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Chelsea turns straight boys gay

I’ll never forget the experience that changed my life forever. Summer 2008, when I was nineteen years old, I met someone who helped shape me into who I am today. Her name was Alice, and I will never forget her as long as I live. It was a hot summer Wednesday when I made my way down to Pennypack Park, with a group of my friends, to one of the weekly concerts that were held at the band stage...Read On


I Love Older Women Chapter Three

Older Women are attracted to a young business man

Chapter Three We joined May and Sue in the Cocktail Bar. I ordered a bottle of Champagne and two glasses. Molly said to May, “I am so sorry to hear about your husband.” May replied, “He had no pain and it was quick. I am starting to get a life for myself. I want to say a big thank you to you for teaching Jack how to satisfy a woman.” Molly replied, “It has been wonderful for me the last...Read On


First Encounter: Carrie

The first time Carrie meets her online mentor.

Carrie was nervous, and excited. She had dubbed it, excitedly nervous. It was her first day of teaching a class, a real college class! She had been a TA for a little over two months now, and the Professor had finally given her a chance to show all she had learned in the classroom, and apply it to actually teaching other people. The outfit had been planned two days in advance, a simple...Read On


Ladies Who Lunch

Alan discovers the exciting truth about his wife's weekly luncheon parties with her friends.

To outward appearances Alan and Vivienne were a fairly ordinary couple in their late fifties. They had married young, just after they had left college, and with the help of their parents had bought a small semi in a nice area of Chichester. Within a couple of years their first child was born, a girl, followed by a boy three years later. Alan had done well in his career, and even though...Read On


Amber's Eyes

An impromptu foursome sparked by sparkling eyes

We were dry humping at the end of the small wet bar. I first spied her across the family room, on the far side of the pool table. Our eyes locked for a long moment, and that classic jolt of electricity hit us both. It wasn’t love at first sight. It was lust. This was a swinger’s house party, and we were here to fuck.  My wife was off with her girlfriends in the master bedroom behind a...Read On


Little Black Bikini

A little black bikini works magic between old friends

I've known Sarah for a number of years. She'd gone through a bit of a challenging start when she got pregnant at 17 but she and Robert decided to get married and make a go of it. Despite working two or three jobs at a time and raising a child, they both managed to make it into college. Robert pursued business and now worked in the world of investing. Sarah followed her passion and became...Read On



An unsuspecting guy does a favor for a mysterious co-worker

“What are you doing tonight?” I blinked awkwardly, stared for a moment, and then blinked again. Was she talking to me? Theresa, the tall, dark-haired beauty who had been waiting tables at my cousin’s restaurant all summer, but had barely glanced in my direction even when collecting the food that I served up for her customers, was suddenly asking me about my plans after work. I thought...Read On


The Professor's Wife

A night with the professor and his wife.

Sarah wiped the table and set the condiments back in place. She went to check on her other customers. She was happy to finally have a job that she enjoyed. It didn’t pay too well, but the tips were excellent. She had learned quickly how to flirt with the male patrons enough to encourage them to leave big tips. The guys seemed to like her, but who wouldn’t. She was an athlete so her body...Read On


Making New Friends In The Woods (Part 2)

Second part of Making New Friends In The Woods where we end up in a hot outdoor foursome.

Please read part 1 first to follow the story line.  The atmosphere was surreal and apart from that single word, neither one of us had spoken yet. The man’s wife, still lying on top of Jay, their naked bodies pressed together on top of the fallen tree trunk, looked directly into Jay’s eyes and simply said, ‘Hi, my name is Sally.’ That simple announcement from Sally to Jay seemed to...Read On


Beth loses control-part 2

A beautiful model's humiliation continues

The woman continued parading me naked around the room by pulling the chain attached to my nipples. We stopped in front of everyone so that they could inspect my naked body. Many of the guests felt my tits, ass and cunt as I was displayed. The last person I was taken to was the elderly man who sponsored this sex club. He was Asian and still quite handsome. His hair was dark with some gray...Read On


My First Erotica: Drenches (Part IV)

the fourth part of a longer story called "My First Erotica" about 'my first erotica'

I leave the bathroom and find her completely nude and on all fours facing away from me and toward the console under the television. I give a little tilt and look. I can see her pussy just under her ass. She must have positioned herself this way consciously; it looks too perfect. She is clearly not done playing with me. I’d known that, but made her leave the bathroom first so that she...Read On


I Wanted It So Bad (Part 6)

I Thought I Was Dreaming...

Standing in the kitchen, I was digging through the cupboards, looking for stuff to get around for breakfast. I was actually quite surprised that I was awake, considering I'm a late sleeper, and the girls were all still in bed. Looking at the clock, I realized it was just before 10am, and I'd only gotten about five hours sleep. But considering the events that occurred the previous night, it...Read On


Irene's Story - Chapter 11 - Weekend Getaway With Alfredo

Oscar packs my things for my week with Alfredo and, too late, I find that he removed my diaphragm

After my wonderful lunch and afternoon with Alfredo, we could not get enough of each other. Part of the appeal was the newness of the affair; part of it was the risk of being caught by our friends or by Alfredo's wife, Sonya; and part of the appeal was that Alfredo and I had such limited opportunities to be together we cherished each moment we did steal. When we could, we'd sneak off to...Read On


Vacation Part 5 (Becky)

I know you wanted my cock so bad inside your pussy that I would be fucking you tonight.

Tina starts sliding out of bed, just to have me grab her arm. “Not so fast babe. If you don't want me to fuck you in front of everyone out there, have one more go in here,” I say. Smiling, she slides back in bed. “What do you have in mind?” Kissing her sweet lips and slipping a finger inside her pussy, I say, "You are very wet. I think I will show you what it is like to be fucked...Read On


Lucky Day

Some days, good luck comes in threes.

Some days are just better than others. Last Wednesday, for example. My phone rang about 6:30 am, awaking me from a pleasant dream. It was Leslie, a dear friend-with-benefits. She was thinking of me, and wondered if I would enjoy a visit on her way to work. She had yet to leave home, so I had about thirty minutes to prepare for her arrival and start the coffee. I leaped out of bed,...Read On


Road Trip Part 3

My weekend with Wanderlust continues,

My meeting with Wanderlust went better than I could have ever imagined. She turned out to be a stunning twenty two year old blond with a bold kinky streak. I mean there are not to many ladies that will allow you to finger them in public will she jacks you off. She didn't even care that I was twenty years older that she was. The attraction between us was undeniable. I gave her my room number...Read On


The Story Of An American Girl

A simple story of two people who meet by chance on an erotic stories site and fall in love.

Amy's Story Once upon a time, a girl from the United States started on an adventure to enlarge and enrich her rather humdrum life. She had got married to a wonderfully kind man at a fairly young age, and they had been married for several decades by the time of this story. They were not very sophisticated in the ways of sex when they married, having been raised in a "sex is not...Read On

Recommended Read

Pearl Of The Orient

A foreign-exchange student finds more in America to study than her books!

Mi-Cha walked quickly across the Central Plaza of the University of Washington in Seattle. It was a rainy day - typical of Seattle at that time of year - and she was hurrying to try to keep from getting soaked completely. She was headed towards the Odegaard Undergraduate Library to do some research for a paper she was working on. It was hard for her to move quickly, due to the three big...Read On


Wife Swap I

It wasn't really planned, honestly, but then it happened . . .

My wife and I have been married eleven years and while we have a good marriage, the bedroom activities have lessened over time to a point where it is either just a superfluous act, or one of us got tipsy and took advantage of the other in a moment of weakness. Sitting at the coffee table one day a few weeks back, I looked over at Danny, which was short for Daniela- name she hated and asked...Read On

Recommended Read

Butterfly Beach III :Storm Clouds Over Eden (An Interlude).

From the sketchbook of G. McCrossen. Day by day, the desire to be rescued fades. Here, I no longer fear being found out. I feel free. Returning to civilization is far from my mind. Carter tugged insistently on Gavin’s hand as they walked along the beach, the sound of waves crashing against the rocks before sluicing through the tide pools their constant companion. They’d left the camp...Read On


Gina Discovers Something About Her Stepmother

Gina hears noises and needs to investigate

My boyfriend and I were out at a party and I was a little drunk when he drove me home. My father was away on a business trip and my stepmother was asleep. I snuck my boyfriend into the house and we fooled around on our living room couch. We really didn’t have the money to get a hotel room. We had to be quiet, so my stepmother didn't hear us. We kissed deep and passionately. Eric stood up...Read On



Escaping from the steampunk asylum for incurable lesbians

I can still remember my father’s face as he handed me over to the grim faced nurses on our doorstep. “What are you doing?” I asked, turning and fighting to break free as he shoved me into their arms. “Where are they taking me?” Two autocops stood on standby at the end of the gate, waiting to see if I’d run. I took one look at the line beside the house before remembering my wristhook was...Read On


Beth Loses Control-Part 1

A beautiful model likes being sexually humilated by strangers

My name is Beth and I am a professional model. Most of my work is modeling clothes for photographers. My image has become recognizable in fashion magazines and on posters. I have frequently posed in underwear and lingerie. I'm not in the top five of my profession but I have a busy schedule and I have never posed nude or done pornography. At twenty eight years old, I am successful and...Read On


High Fashion Queen

A transformation changes the lives of two college friends.

I felt like such a loser. It was Friday night and instead of going out and hitting the clubs to dance, drink, and have fun, I was in my dorm room with my best friend. We had known each other since the 6th grade and today was his birthday. No one should be left alone on their birthday right? To be honest, I didn’t really feel like going out anyway. My boyfriend, who I had been seeing for...Read On


A New Direction

We took our relationship to a new level, and a new direction.

This is sort of a continuation of my last story. It's still true, but I left a "cliffhanger" so that I could continue writing at another time. *** I had had my first gay experience with my friend’s uncle some six months before, but one night we took our story one step further. My friends and I had spent the afternoon at my friend’s uncle’s house, hanging out and drinking. We watched...Read On


My First Erotica: Progresses (Part III)

The third part of a longer story called "My First Erotica" about 'my first erotica'

It's only been a short while since she started tempting my cock, but I’m not about to give up yet. She played a good game, and after the initial shock wore off, I was able to reclaim my dominance, and she gave in to her desires. Now here we are, the both of us in the bathroom together. I’m standing over her with my penis still poking out through the slit in my boxers, and her sitting on...Read On


The Things A Stepparent Can Teach Their Stepkids

The Memories That Last Forever...

The initial plan was to rent a cabin, spend a week in the mountains, get away from life as we knew it, and just have fun. Little did I know, the fun that we wound up having would be something completely unexpected, off-the-wall and dirty. But I had no complaints whatsoever. None at all. The vacation planning took the better part of six months. My wife and I had finally agreed to visit...Read On


There's Something About Fucking a Married Couple - That Dream (2)

When they begin to haunt Scott's dreams...

I woke up from 'that dream' again. It's only been a week, but already it's become 'that dream.' It's just like that video she sent me. Well, not just like. In this dream, it's my stiff prick that the lovely lady slobbers all over. Oh, it's a lot like that video, but not quite. She sucks my cock and slaps it against her rosy cheeks. She speaks all manner of obscenities that would make...Read On


Do You Always Go Commando?

A prospective buyer views my parent's house and we end up having sex on their kitchen table.

It’s fascinating how something as simple as a family snapshot can suddenly bring back vivid memories of an event that makes your heart skip a beat. In my case it was a photograph of me standing next to my car that reminded me of a wonderful morning of horny sex with a gorgeous Italian guy on my parent’s big pine kitchen table. When I was at school I read several autobiographies and...Read On


Awakenings Ch. 34

Ginger and Scotty tell Maureen and Michael more about their cuckold hot wife marriage

Turning to Scotty, Maureen said, "You told me that you like to watch Ginger when she's entertaining a male friend. How soon did that actually start happening.?" Ginger answered. "That's complicated. I was ready to let Scotty watch right away, but most guys are a little shy about having a spectator in the bedroom. A month after my date with Matt, Scotty and I found a two bedroom apartment...Read On