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Other Colors - Ch. 22 (section 1)

A D/s romance set in Montreal.

Part 2 – Blue (continued) Chapter 22 *Due to length, this chapter has been split into two sections* No. No, no, no. Not here—anywhere else. Not here. I squinted through the windshield, through the furious flurry and amber-blue dark, quaking as he steered us into a too-familiar alleyway, and cut the engine. I wanted to believe I was dreaming; that I’d fallen asleep in the passenger...Read On


My Wife the Tease - Part 2

Marc asks his wife to flirt with a stranger, but how far will she go?

It had been almost six months since the ‘Ollie’ incident. I had been overly jealous at my wife, Val, for having flirted with an Australian jet-ski instructor during our vacation. The truth of the matter was that it turned me on to know that other men were vying for her attention. It was even more exciting to know that despite her overtly flirtatious nature, Val was faithful to me. Since then,...Read On


I Lose My Virginity

How my young next door neighbor seduced me.

I had just returned from my out of state college to my hometown,where I dwelt with my stepmother. It had been an extremely tough semester for me. I had to work hard to fit in schoolwork, the football practices, and games, as well as a job as a part-time waiter at a local restaurant. My dad had remarried two years ago and unfortunately passed away in a car accident six months after. My...Read On


Anal fun with Melissa

Melissa lets me fuck her ass

Melissa and I had become firm friends, you could even say we had become boyfriend and girlfriend. I had just turned eighteen and we spent most of our spare time together. Our parents seemed thrilled that their children seemed to get on so well. We had started messing about more often and had sex a few times. She loved to tease me and we often ended up having sex. Most of the time we hung...Read On


Lana's Rules Part 2

Lana's education continues

Lana felt like she was in some kind of surreal alternate universe. What was she doing in this stranger's car, dressed like a whore (a whore with very expensive workout clothes, but a whore nonetheless,) with her legs spread ludely apart? She had started this out of necessity, to get herself out of a difficult financial situation. Her friend Jenny had been very emphatic that this was...Read On


Fun at the Pool

A Ginger Story. (Names changed to protect the guilty - you know who you are!!)

I want to tell you about the beginning of the end of my previous life. As they say, when one door closes another opens. My background is that of a military brat, so I spent my teenage years going from base to base. By the age of sixteen, I was the pretty one and very active in cheerleading, and, if I may say, I am pretty smart! I have deep red hair big green eyes, and I'm very petite with...Read On


A Mistake

So a girl is trying to talk you and your wife to swing. This is very bad advice. Don’t start swinging. In fact the girl that you are talking about reminds me of the girl that first invited us for a threesome only to ditch me. Like all guys I thought swinging would mean getting all the strange pussy that I wanted. So for a year or so I tried to convince my wife Barbara to give it a try. I...Read On


The Wall

Bricklayer shows me what he's made of...

My name is Evelyn. A rather apt name might I say because Evelyn is one of those bi-gender names, that can be either male or female. I am not sure that the term bi-gender actually exists, but I have made it so. My mother had a love affair with the writing of Evelyn Waugh when I was born, a male writer, and decided that I would share his name. In retrospect, she was rather astute, because I...Read On


To Serve You, My Love

A story I wrote for my love.

When we are living together, and you had to go to work, I would spend the day making sure our home was cleaned and everything was in order for you to return. I would love to fill in the gaps of your life, doing the things that you don’t want or have time to do, making your life easier. I would be thinking of you while I am doing these things, smiling because I know I was being good to you...Read On


A Complete Lack Of Resistance

All Amy had to do was resist!

The music was loud. I could feel the beat of the bass notes shake my belly as I sat at a table close to the dance floor with my partner, Emily. We had difficulty hearing each other talk, what with the music, and everyone close to us trying to shout over it. I started to look around me, people were dancing, mostly in pairs and some were just chatting, probably getting to know each other. I...Read On


A gift of tongue: Slow-time 4

Profound eroticism in the gift of his tongue.

Master called. It was time again. For those that don’t know, Darkstarfish is my Master here on Lush and in real life. This is another story about our on-going adventures: the true-life odyssey of us: Hidden and Dark. Master had told me again to come to him. As I am his to use in any way he sees fit, I am always ready to carry out whatever request he has of me. I will deny him nothing. ...Read On


Poolside Romp - Part 2

My wet encounter continues with my concierge

I couldn’t stop staring. She looked like an angel. A beautiful naked angel. Her tits floating on top of the swirling spa water dripped as she lightly splashed water on them. She was casually touching herself, no rush, nothing excessive, just… touching, lightly like a feather tracing across her skin. A bead of water caught on her pointed nipple and my pussy throbbed. I wanted to lick it...Read On


What Happened The Night Todd and Reggie Met

Todd has his first experience with a shemale.

Reggie had taken Todd back to her condo after meeting him in a bar. They had shared a great moment with Reggie giving Todd an awesome blowjob. Then Reggie shared her secret with him as things started to get even more intimate, that she was a shemale! This story is how the night went for Reggie and Todd after this revelation. ********** “That’s okay Todd. I was enjoying your attention and...Read On


Lisa's first time - Chapter Two - Don needs his release

I learn about the male anatomy

I learn about the male anatomy I watched as Don stood and lowered his swim trunks. His huge hard cock seemed to spring forth from his trunks as he lowered them. This was the first penis I had ever seen ‘in the flesh’ so to speak. I was intrigued. It was thicker and longer than I would have imagined. It stood straight up, about six and a half to seven inches in length. But its girth...Read On


I helped him cheat then cheated with him

I finally fuck my husband's friend

My husband, Dillon, hosts a poker game once a month at our house with his friends, coworkers, or whoever he can find to try to win some money from. So once a month our basement turns into a poker room. Lots of alcoholic beverages, cigar smoke and cussing. I usually enjoy having the guys over even though I complain about it to my husband. I love Dillon. He's smart. He's white, 5'8" and works...Read On


Seducing Amy

Amy was my gorgeous neighbor and I HAD to have her! And she was more willing than I thought she was.

It had been six months since I hosted the block party. That’s when I met Donna and Becky. This time the block party was hosted by Tom and Amy. I remember meeting them at my party, but Donna had occupied so much of my time that day that I really didn’t get a chance to schmooze much. They seemed like a nice couple and Amy was as cute as a button; silky brown hair cut in a cute bob with a part...Read On


Filthy Frank

Filthy Frank receives a surprise visit from a teenage girl.

It all started about a year ago, shortly after finishing her school education. With no qualifications or ambition for a career, Tina Barclay had found it impossible to find employment. So, on her mother’s advice, she decided to volunteer with a third sector organisation called The Association for the Aged (TAFTA), to gain some experience in the care industry, with a view to possibly taking...Read On


Adventures in Cock Sucking: Part VIII

A solution must be found to quell the thoughts and desires stirring in his head.

After that week of cock sucking and fucking with Gary, it seemed I was ruined for pussy. I just couldn't get cocks out of my mind. It was affecting my marriage. When I'd fuck my wife, I couldn't help but imagining her cunt was Gary’s mouth, or her mouth would be his sucking my cock. When I was eating her pussy, I wished it was full of his cum. What the fuck had happened to me? Trying to...Read On


Summer Of Addictive Saturdays - Part III

With her sexy neighbor's help, Fiona overcomes second thoughts about their first time

We lay side by side on our backs at the pool’s edge, spent and out of breath, our nakedness streaming with rivulets of water and sweat. Faint patterns of reflected light shifted rhythmically over our skin with the rise and fall of respiration as heart rates slowly stabilized. I stared raptly up at the leaf mosaic framing the hazy night sky. Cricket songs increased their cadence as a...Read On


Revising His Quote - The Sales Call

A salesman finds a unique way to get the order without lowering his price.

Jack had been in industrial sales since he graduated college at age twenty three, he was older now with salt and pepper hair. Jack was excellent at his job with a lot of happy customers. He kept himself in shape by going to the local "Y" to work out a few times a week. Jack looked better than most men his age. Standing six feet tall with a trim body shape, he was a good looking man. Jack...Read On


Locked Out of My College Dorm, Twenty-Five Years Later

Getting locked out of my dorm at my college reunion has an unintended benefit

When you go back for your twenty-fifth reunion at FPU, everything is designed to make you feel that nothing has changed. They even put you up in the dorms, often a room you lived in, to raise the nostalgia to maximum check-writing levels. I wasn’t too surprised to find that I’d been assigned the room I’d lived in as a junior. The room looked the same. Built in the 40s, the dorm was designed...Read On


Shard 428: The Razor Thin Edge

He rode the hot edge of his orgasm, consumed by it.

It was a moment as thin as a heartbeat. One moment plucked from an infinity of them, laced on the string of time like pearls. He pushed her to her knees onto the plush carpeted floor of the hotel room, her wrists bound behind her back with the duct tape they had bought from the clueless and vacantly smiling clerk at the hardware store downtown. He had duct taped her mouth too, but...Read On


Anna and Sam. Chapter 18

I retched and heaved until my abdomen ached with the unprecedented effort...

“Sam, wait! Come back... Please!” I shouted as she ran. I tried to get to my feet but my cast made it difficult. “Penny, stop her!” Penny ran after her but it was too late, Sam was gone. When she returned I begged her to follow her, to find and tell her how sorry I was. “I can't, Anna,” she answered with a slight shake of her head, “I didn't see which way she turned at the end of...Read On


Love: Chapter One

Love always finds you in the most unexpected places.

This is a love story. It’s about two people who, for a brief moment in time, fell in love with each other. This is not a happy story. Yes, there are moments of happiness, but not a happy ending. It is not just a love story, it’s my story. March 2006 was quite possibly the roughest month in my life. On March 7 my mother finally ended her brave battle with cancer. On March 17, her...Read On


Heavenly Suck

Melissa gave me a great blowjob

Summer had been and gone and Melissa and I seemed to be busy all the time. I was in catering college and she was in university. She had made it abundantly clear to me that we were not an item, we were just good friends that happen to have sex. That was fine by me as I had become close friends with one of the girls at college.  One evening Melissa came over to hang out. As usual she looked...Read On


High School Buddy

I was about thirty-five, already married and happily so, but much to my sorrow, I’d been having these fantasies about having sex with another man. Then it was time for my high school reunion and I drove up with Wayne, a high school buddy. Tonight was a stag party, male only, so there were no wives or girlfriends around. Wayne and I had way too many drinks that evening and then on the way...Read On


Other Colors - Ch. 21 (section 2)

A D/s romance set in Montreal.

Chapter 22 (section 2) * Due to length, this chapter has been split into two sections.* “Je ne sais pas, Maître,” I sighed softly. He leveled his gaze, “mull it over. We leave at nine if we leave at all,” quickly, he kissed my forehead, stood, and stalked toward the door still shirtless, “come find me in the ballroom when you’ve made up your mind.” My mind… I winced, thoroughly...Read On


Lisa's First Love - Chapter One

Don returns from college and notices that I have grown up

I meet Don I remember very well the day Don’s family moved in next door. His family came to New Orleans from Portland, Oregon, and I was a gawky fourteen year old, soon to be an eighth grader, when I first met Don. Don was a handsome, athletically-built seventeen year old. He was entering the eleventh grade. I was very much a tomboy who liked sports and I played on the...Read On



My mother's friend next door shows me how it's done.

Renee was the woman who lived next door to us for as long as I could remember. She was a few years younger than my mother, but they got to be very good friends over the years. As I entered puberty and beyond, I would watch Renee while she was working in the yard, swimming in the pool, or sunbathing. She had a hot body and didn’t seem to mind showing it off. My friends would kid me that my mom...Read On


Sunday Night Fun Night

A night at the club turns naughty.

Usually when the girls and I go out dancing it's a Saturday night, but with the holiday weekend we knew the dance club would be more fun Sunday night. I'm only eighteen but thankfully my sister Amy, who's three years older, and I pretty much pass for twins so I use her old ID to go dancing in the clubs in the city. I felt like looking extra cute that night so I curled my hair and decided...Read On