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See Me After Class

A lecturer gets his revenge for a student teasing him

"So you haven't done your assignment? None of it?" Professor Lambert stared in exasperation at the pretty young student. She sat right at the front of the lecture hall, as she always did. Eyeing him defiantly, but with a slight hint of amusement. "No. Sorry Professor. Had things to do." Professor Lambert ran his hands through his thick dark hair. She was driving him to distraction, this...Read On



As I'm sure was the case with most everyone, the first time giving head I was very nervous, but excited that it was finally going to happen. I'd never had any contact with a dick, although I thought about it through nearly every masturbation fantasy. I was thirty five and my wife Barbara and I had been living here for seven or eight years. I had a friend, Bruce who was an ex-landlord and...Read On


She confesses her sexual desires to her lover

My wife, before we were married, confesses what she desperately wanted sexually

We had been dating for about 6 months and there had been an irresistible connection and a very strong chemistry between us from the onset. She seemed to know exactly what was in my mind and I always seemed to know exactly what to do to make her feel safe and secure. There was a trust that came almost at the very beginning and we were compatible as two people could be who came from...Read On


Strip Club Night

Girls gone wild

It was a Friday Night and Kat, Bree, Ada, Kary, and Michelle were at the house along with their male friends. We were all talking about doing something different. I asked Bree to call the club she strips at and see if we can get the VIP room. I also asked her if the girls wanted to dance could they. She made the call and told me yes to both, we had the room and the girls could dance. Ada and...Read On


Tales From Paradise Apartments Chapter 2

Will Everet accept Anna?

Anna awoke to an alarm clock going off the next morning. She realized it was in an adjacent room as she heard it shut off and footsteps down the hall. She laid there thinking of all the things that had transpired the previous day and decided to get up and dressed. She walked out of her room and down the hall to find Everet in the middle of cooking something. “Morning.” he said as he...Read On


My Second MILF

I was nineteen when I met Jeannie during my first week at college. She was a tall and tanned brunette with long flowing hair. Her drop dead gorgeous looks were combined with a slender body and an outstanding personality. At first our interactions consisted of nothing more than exchanging pleasantries as I was still a little shy. It was less than a year ago I had been in a relationship...Read On


Movie Night

Movie night with a friend turns into something unexpected.

I'm taking a shower. I've just gotten done working out and I love feeling the water run over my body. I massage my breasts and wash my vagina, deciding for fun to slip a finger in. Little do I know that my friend has arrived early to watch a movie. I shower with my door wide open. So he walks in, and sees me. After watching me for a bit he feels himself getting hard. I rub myself and massage...Read On

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Gregory saw her early one evening when he was headed to his car. She wore a white, button-down blouse, a slim, black skirt just below the knee, and a pair of black, heeled, Mary-Janes. Her hair was in a long, red braid. He stopped to watch her pass and his eyes followed her down the street. Legs with promise. An ass that he wanted to expose and explore. He shook his head as she continued on...Read On


His Smile: When She Succumbs

Rochelle thought one was bad enough. She was pleasurably mistaken.

"What do you say we head back to my place?" Daniel whispered hoarsely in my ear, his desire for me dripping from each word. I looked up at him, my mind a whirlwind of activity. Before I could stop myself, I found that I’d nodded my consent to his request. I didn't want to back down now. I couldn't. Not after everything. I'd waited too long, and to know he felt the gosh if it...Read On


Blast from the Past

You Never Know

I was enjoying the twenty two ounce Coors Light "Happy Hour" special. The Dugout was your typical busy Friday night sports bar. Suddenly, I heard a sweet voice. "Isn't your name Steve and you wore number twenty five for the Cougar football team about twenty years ago?" I looked up and saw this gorgeous blonde that was about thirty five, with a cute face and great body who knew football. If...Read On


Amelia in the half-light

A pre-dawn erotic meeting

Bingo turned the end of the conversation with Fred over and over in his mind as he started his walk. “It’s all about how you take the stage..” “What?” “I think I have to go. All this talk about you, and your dating profile, it’s compounding my own… stench of… of desperation. It might not work out but I have to get out there you know?” “No.” “Well I’m gone, I’ll let...Read On


Parting Lilly's Petals

A teenaged girl experiences a first time she'll NEVER forget...

“How are you doing?” “Mmmm… I’m good.” I watched through the sounds of her innocent but piercing moans, as my girlfriend tasted and teased my step daughter’s sweet, young pussy.  “Do you like how Cassandra tugs on your pussy lips with her mouth?” “Oh yes… I do.” I could tell by how she slowly flapped her spread legs and gently gyrated forward her hips that she was telling the...Read On


Becoming Chloe - Part 36

Chloe ends her career as a porn star and Colin has a surprise.

So much happened in the following months that it's almost a blur. After I informed Cathy that I didn't want to make any more films, she tried her very best to change my mind. Somehow, after a lot of phone calls and visits from both her and Bruce, and the promise of a pay-check that I couldn't believe, I eventually gave in. I agreed to do two more films with the provisos that my sex scenes...Read On


A Getaway to Remember - Part Five

Someone's been watching them...

Alessandra had taken a job with the cleaning staff in the quaint boutique hotel where Jessica and Nicole were staying. She was barely seventeen and had decided to move into the coastal town away from the small farming community where her family had lived and worked for several generations. Although her parents were disappointed that she didn't want to stay and help her two brothers run...Read On


The New Aloha Spa

Being a true account of a trip to a New York Korean erotic massage parlor

Some older guys are buddies of mine. Winters in Sag Harbor only the fire department bake sale and amateur poetry readings at Ashawagh Hall are exciting. I show up at Rowdy Hall in a tight red dress and start the intravenous Chardonnay drip and make friends. Too bad Rowdy Hall doesn’t stock white Burgundies at $250.00 a bottle; I know my buddies would compete to pop for it. I offer nice...Read On

Recommended Read

Party Interruptus

Taylor is getting ready for tonight's party while her husband, Dave, has other ideas

Taylor had finished her shower, toweled herself dry, and pulled on her black, silk bikini panties when she walked out into the bedroom to continue getting ready for the party. Her first sight was Dave, her husband, sitting on the bed, naked and hard. She could see every heartbeat, as his rigid cock just slightly moved up and down with every pulse of blood into it. “Dave, what are you doing?...Read On


I Love Glory Holes

I’ve only been in one once, while I was on vacation in Dallas. My boyfriend Tyler and I went into an adult bookstore in Kennedale on the edge of Fort Worth. We’d been to Wet’n’Wild Water Park in Arlington. On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at the bookstore and as a lark, we checked out the viewing booths behind the beaded curtain in the arcade area. The first thing I noticed when...Read On


Gabby Goes To Ikea

A fed-up wife discovers shopping can be lots of fun.

Gabby and Phil shared something in common with millions of other couples around the world: Gabby liked to go to Ikea, while Phil despised it. For the past several weeks, Gabby had taken stock around the house. Their son Anthony had just turned four, and he required a bigger bed and some children’s furniture rather than nursery items. The threadbare rug in the dining room, bought at a...Read On


The Bus Ride - Tuesday

RuthAnn has to take the bus again and her "friends" are back and ready for her!

RuthAnn got ready for her second day. Yesterday's bus ride was still on her mind. She was embarrassed and humiliated. So much so, the thought of taking a taxi had occurred to her. But she was also puzzled by her body's reaction to the touches. It had been years since she had been in college and had guzzled-out frat boys accidentally making contact with her ass and her boobs. However, this...Read On


Life Gets Better Part Two: The New Roommate

Just when Brian's life starts getting bad, he gets a new roommate.

Brian looked down at Stacy. He couldn't believe he might be fucking these huge tits for the last time. The two of them had a good thing going on between them for these past three months. They both had decided not to put a label on their relationship. Instead, they just enjoyed each others company, as well as fucking each other to the point of exhaustion. All of that would have to was on...Read On


Now Who Is Watching Me?

Cyndy's holiday continues with another unexpected encounter and a new audience

My short Palm Springs holiday was quickly coming to an end. Tomorrow I would be not only leaving the sunshine and heading back to the dreary, wet Pacific Northwest, but I would also be leaving my new young lover. All I had wanted was a few days lying by the pool while Jimmy, my husband, was on the east coast for business meetings. Yes, I achieved that, and the proof was obvious when I took...Read On


My Secretary’s Granddaughter

Gillian was a gorgeous 19 year-old and loved to give head.

I was attending our annual office Christmas party where every employee can bring their spouse and/or adult children, so it was my first opportunity to meet everyone’s family. I was the newest employee at the law firm, so I got a lot of attention. All of the partners had their wives and younger daughters or sons there; many of the daughters were quite attractive. I was single, so I...Read On


Does 2 x 2 equal 3?

A weekend hosting two college visitors with surprising turns

It was the spring of 1979, the time of year when high school seniors were anxiously awaiting those thick envelopes containing college acceptances and dreading those thin ones containing rejections. Once the classes were set, the schools would then open the doors for transfer students to apply and make last minute decisions to fill the remaining spots in upper classes. And this is how I may...Read On


Maîtresse en titre dans l’amour: II

Isabel uses her skills to try and gain Giles' trust.

February 1391, Guildford ‘Have you met her? This Hobbes girl?’ Isabel asked. She and Hamon were sitting in the great hall in front of the fire breaking their fast together. Sir Giles was still abed, after the previous night’s excesses. Normally Isabel or his squire Roger would have woken him up, but this morning she let him sleep. The travelling troubadour Jace was playing a tune on his...Read On


The Bonfire

Highschool seniors experience thrilling sex by highschool bonfire.

The heat of the bonfire warmed my hands as Lacy slightly nudged me. “Look straight ahead.” I slightly nodded, waited for a couple of seconds, and glanced up, peering over the flames of the raging bonfire. Sitting on a stump in between a group of other seniors sat Max, who seemed to be glancing back through his messy black hair, his green eyes sharply reflecting the fire’s dim light. ...Read On


Lovin' It Up

An elevator is the site of a quick release

The door thudded shut. The "ding" sounded. The movement stopped. They were finally alone in the elevator. They couldn't keep their hands off each other all night. An evening of drinking and dancing had left them both charged with an insatiable desire. He pushed her back to the mirrored wall and pressed his lips against hers. She slid his tongue into his mouth and grasped his ass...Read On


Evening Call - Pt 1

A deeply held and long-cherished fantasy

The door clicks shut, and I hear the door being unmistakably locked behind you. Late Sunday evening, it’s very late for a routine call. I lie here in this hospital bed, between sleep and vague drowsiness, hot, frustrated and uncomfortable. Waiting. Always waiting. Waiting to be fed bland hospital food, waiting to be taken to the toilet for a pee, as I am after all learning to walk...Read On


Blind Date

A few years ago…

I was in a hotel bar waiting for my blind date to arrive. A friend set us up. His sister’s hot girlfriend wanted to have sex with a good-looking guy that was hung. I’m not a bragger – actually, I’m more on the quiet side. My friends brag for me and supply me with more pussy (mostly hot, some not) than I’ll ever need. Seated kitty-corner from me at the bar were two ‘thirty-something’...Read On


Bexley Perplexity CH. 3

Wyatt participates in two new experinces, and loves them both

Wyatt rolled over, he could feel the adrenaline coursing through his veins. Bexley ran her hands up and down his legs, rubbing them as she attempted to relax him. Her hands slid up and gently cupped his ass, she leaned forward and began to kiss, and gently nibble on his cheeks. He could feel her nipples brushing against the backs of his legs as her tongue slid up his crack. She worked...Read On


Masturbating in student halls

A true story

When I was a horny student I spent a lot of time masturbating. I am sure everyone else did too. In my first year I stayed in halls of residence, with hundreds of other students. We each had our own bed-sit type room and a shared kitchen and bathroom. Two particular solo sex incidents stand out. The first one was when I had finished lectures one afternoon and nipped back to my room to...Read On