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Growing Up Chapter One

Mature ladies are attracted to a young student.

Jack was now spending his fifth night at Jill's. He had sixteen more nights to go before his parents came home. Jack was eighteen and had just finished school. He was taking a gap year as he would start University next year. Jack’s mother and Jill had grown up together living next door to each other. and had kept in contact when they had married and had children. Often Jack stayed at...Read On


Casual Encounter

Are you still with me? Why sure you are if you haven’t blown you load yet…

Finally, it was Friday night and now I had the rest of the weekend off. After working five twelve-hour days in a row I was beat, but I was also horny as hell. Normally I date women, hot women in fact, but every now and then I get a craving for some meat, some thick man meat, and tonight was one of those nights. After the hectic week that I’ve had I wanted a big cock to suck, or a hot ass...Read On


Fucking the Help (the Robot Help)

Amy and Mike fuck their household Bobby

“You want to what?! ” I asked my wife Amy, not quite believing what I had heard. Blushing furiously, she repeated, “I want to… bring Bobby into bed with us.” She looked embarrassed, but determined. I realized that it had taken a lot of courage for her to make this admission, but as in so many things, once she was committed to a course of action, she would stay the course. “You want...Read On


Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 2

Jay returns to the club

The next day, I woke feeling refreshed, like it was the start of a new life...I cannot explain it but it felt like a great weight had been lifted' from my chest. Some would consider that to be the typical feeling you get after being laid for the first time in months. Ordinarily, I would agree, but in this instance I felt as though it were something completely different from that. I got out...Read On


Alaska Bound, Chapter 2

Her new adventure was exciting now but it was about to take a whole new turn!

Traci couldn't be happier. Here she was on her dream vacation in a place she had always wanted to visit. And now she was with a man who was showing her his dream world. A man who was showing her how to live in this exotic land of ice and snow. And a man who, she was finding out, was making her pulse quicken and her pussy leak! Mark rose from his place on the couch and stood in front of...Read On



An encounter one night in a train station

When I get on the subway train, I take a seat and look around briefly. My eyes land on the really handsome guy sitting next to me. I feel uncomfortable and I quickly look away and think about taking out my phone. My eyes shift away from my empty hands to the man's hands next to me. Nice, strong, and large hands. He moves slightly and I quickly compose myself. He is holding a book in one...Read On


An Ancient Egyptian Affair

An afternoon of lesbian love in Ancient Egypt.

In the time of the duration of the Lady Rennefer’s life, Kemet was ruled by a woman. The ancient Egyptians had no word which could be translated as Queen. A king’s wife was known as ‘The Great Royal Wife’. And yet Hatshepsut ruled as a King. Hatshepsut was Regent to the young Thuthmosis IIII. With the favour of the Priesthood of Amun, she declared herself as Amun’s chosen one. The kingship...Read On


Lunch time in the boss's office

Stella & Carly join Brad on his lunch break

‘ Coast is clear ‘ came the text message they had been waiting for. Stella winked at Carly and without a word they stood up and walked through the door declaring ‘ Management Only ‘. Down the hall they walked until they finally found the door that had been left open by Brad’s boss when he’d left for lunch minutes earlier. Crossing the threshold into the office Stella and Carly were greeted...Read On


My Wife on the Porch - Part Seven

The story continues

Robert spent the rest of the week at our house, moving his clothes and personal stuff over each day, and of course sleeping with and fucking my wife every night. He was still keeping his apartment but moving in with us, this still gave him and my wife a sanctuary to go to when they needed it. From my domain in the guest room I could hear the moans and groans of ecstasy coming from what...Read On


Blonde Witch Of The North

Slacker finds internet flirting has wonderful consequences

I was walking around the house in just my robe and red speedo briefs. I was eating a Magnum ice cream, enjoying my day off. That's when shit got hectic. There was rap on the door. "Ah fuck it, for real? Yeah, yeah, hang on - Jesus."  Bang bang, the door went again. I flung the door back. "Jesus, ALRIGHT! Lisa?" I stood aghast, it was my pal Lisa from facebook. How to explain Lisa?...Read On


A Favour For A Friend — Part 2 of 7

Anne contemplates seducing Oliver

Our passion spent, we both drifted in a timeless world of indescribable feeling aware only of the pleasure we had shared. Eventually we both began to return to full consciousness and Anne drowsily moved sideways a little so that I was no longer supporting her whole weight. We cuddled together, her left leg across my thigh and my hand resting lightly on her bottom. I could feel the lips of...Read On


Hello College Part 2

Returning the favor...

As Aidan kissed his way back up my body he made sure to stop and pay special attention to my neck. Slight breaths escaped from me as I continually felt pleasure from him. All I wanted to do was return the favor. I pulled his face to mine and as our tongues met, I began to spread my hands over his body. I could feel his tense muscles, not only on my fingertips but also on top of my body. I...Read On


The Cute Little Waitress – Part 2

My travel companion turned out to be a hot little sex kitten that couldn’t get enough of me!

We hit the road again around nine after Michelle gave me a nice blowjob in the shower. She said, “I still want you to fuck me with the drapes open so people will see us.” “Okay. We’ll do that tonight.” “And I want another trucker to watch me give you a blowjob.” “Mmm. You’ll get no argument from me on that.” * * * * * It was around two in the afternoon when Michelle reached over...Read On


Paralysis Dream

An old dream. I'm on a bed, unable to move. Suddenly a beautiful woman appears.

I'm lying awake on a comfortable bed. I can't move a thing except my head, so I look around. I'm in a really strange room. The bed is huge, round, and is dark red. It's like something you see in the movies. Unrealistically sized. Probably a radius of five feet alone. The bed is surrounded by a white curtain, that only shows a part of the outside room. What I can see is grey stone walls, but...Read On


I Couldn't Believe That Happened (Part 4)

Was This The End???

Just the realization of what I'd done not once, not twice, but three different times with one of my step-daughter's friends should have made me realize I'd been lucky and fortunate. Fortunate enough to get away with things that most guys my age would only fantasize about. I guess in reality, I was either stupid, my hormones had gotten the best of me, or I simply couldn't get enough of...Read On


Anal dazed and surprised

"A rear view mirror of sex"

After June had passed her orals, the anal lessons were next. June was apprehensive about anal sex. She did trust me and knew I would do everything possible to give her a different sexual experience. We agreed that a four day break would be a good idea. So, I confirmed that tonight, we would try to introduce her to anal sex. As usual, a seven o'clock starting time and June left me...Read On


My First MILF: The Conclusion

Labor day arrived, signaling the end of the summer vacation and the start of the fall semester. Tara was saddened at not being able to spend her days with me, but I assured her that I would see her after school and on Sundays. Cletus left very early on the day after the holiday and I was assured by Crystal that he would not be home until Thanksgiving. I managed to give my schedule to her...Read On



Two strangers connecting over great conversation and mutual attraction.

Not far from my home is my favorite hideaway. It's situated in the most perfect little bookstore run by an eccentric old lady, who’s always telling tales of her wild, crazy days. She always puts a smile on my face and she makes the most delicious earthy black coffee, which almost curls the tongue. I'm sitting in an old high-backed armchair in a little nook in the rear of the store. I’ve...Read On


Special Report

A special fucking report

It was the chance of a lifetime, and one she simply could not afford to pass up. All she had to do was read a news report on live TV, something she had done a million times already, while a few men jerked off on her. If she could make it through the entire report without quitting, while making a passable job of the information, she would get a huge cash prize. Since she was currently single,...Read On


Vacation Part 7 (Sue 2)

Janet and I wake the next morning. Her legs are sticky from my cum. I filled her pussy and ass so much during the night it leaked out and down her legs. I feel her stir and wince. She tries to stand and says, “My legs are so sore. I think you bruised my inner thighs and my ass still feels as if your cock is still in it." Bending down and looking between her legs, I say, “Well it looks as...Read On


The Experiment

A frustrated coed conducts a sexual experiment.

I woke up with a slight hangover and a hard cock pressed between my butt cheeks. My latest hook-up, some frat boy from Upsilon house, was spooning with me. As I stirred awake I felt his hard cock pulsate in the crack of my ass. Giggling, I pulled it from my crack before he shoved it all the way up my butt. I pushed the frat boy over onto his back and snuggled up to him. I teased, "Dude, you're...Read On


My Birthday

Mike gives me Chad for my birthday!

It’s Friday and it’s my birthday. Can’t wait until 5:00 to get here so I can go home and see what my husband has planned for me. I’m 50 today and so excited about that. I can barely believe I have made it 50 years on God's green earth and dealt with everything people can throw at me. Mike said he has a big night planned for me. When I get home I have to sit in living-room until he gets...Read On


There's Only One Rule...

What would you do to have sex with your friend's wife?

“Here’s the rule, and there’s only one. The first one that can make the other cum, get’s to join us.” The guys glared at us. They were standing at the foot of our bed, hard, and ready to fuck. “Do you understand?” “Ah, come on! What the hell, Jen? This is not what we discussed.” My husband protested as he walked over to me with his erection swinging from thigh to thigh. “Take it...Read On


Illicit Desires Ch. 09

Frankie gets an email from Dana

As I walked up the Jetway into the main terminal of San Francisco International Airport, I glanced at my watch. It was 2:35. That was Central time. I was now in the Pacific time zone, so it was actually 12:35. It took me forty-five minutes to retrieve my luggage at the baggage claim and pick up my rental car. After that I had to negotiate the freeway traffic into the city. By the time I...Read On


Judy Writes Her First And Only Story. #5

Judy has a great fortieth birthday.

"Hi, my name is Judy, I am the one my husband has been writing about." After reading what John has written about us, I decided I would write my one and only story. I was going through our computer, when I came across a site that John had forgotten to close. It was a porn site, John had been writing stories about our sex life. This really did tick me off, getting even, was my first thought....Read On


A Chance Encounter

A stranded traveler runs into a familiar webcam model in the airport

I couldn't believe how bad my luck was. I'd been dismayed enough that my trip to our company's Orlando location was only two days long, but they'd been two dark, rainy days as the city was brushed by the edge of a passing tropical storm. I'd woken early to find the windows of my hotel room pelted by heavy rain; a quick check of the news had confirmed my worst fears, that the storm had...Read On


True Love's Kiss (Part Three: Spark)

He loved the feel of her silky wet skin under his hands.

She didn't even remember passing out, but she woke to his hand gently caressing her face. His gentle eyes looking into hers and a soft smile that only she could know what it meant. He kissed her softly. " I'll go get the bags, and then we can get ready for dinner." "Okay lover, but kiss me first." She laughed as he fell over her and covered her face with kisses. He laughed climbing...Read On


Welcome home!

Carly and Stella have a very naughty welcome home gift for Brad

Brad sighed with relief as he let himself in the front door. Work had been hectic and he was looking forward to being able to put his feet up and spend the evening relaxing with Carly and Stella. Smiling expectantly, Brad walked into the kitchen but his smile disappeared when he saw the kitchen was empty. Usually the two girls would be in the kitchen cooking dinner by that stage and he...Read On


Pen Pals And More (Part Three)

Daryl comments on their recent hot sessions and Cherie's need to up the ante.

Dear Cherie, Don’t ever apologize for being who you are again. You are a beautiful, vibrant, physical woman who has strong sexual needs that are not being met. I am just so glad that I am the chosen knight in shining armour who is there for you. Each of the sessions that we have had in the last several weeks has been hotter than the last. I can’t wait for our next lustful encounter. I am...Read On


Claire’s Nude Hotel Exhibition

Claire’s Nude flashing and sexual encounter at Hotel

The lobby on the last floor is empty. I know how risky it is, but I need it so much. No bra. I never wear one on these occasions, I love to feel my breast swaying free when walking. No panties either. I love to feel the air between my thighs, on my shaven pussy. I love to know how vulnerable I am. I stand in front of the lobby’s huge mirror. No noise, nobody but me: I feel safe to...Read On