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Butterfly Swarm

It's an innocent encounter with a stranger. But it changes everything.

“It’s a lovely place, fully furnished. You could move in tomorrow.” The lady at the letting agent’s office was almost purring as she slid the leaflet over the counter towards Jenny.  “Is it twelve hundred a month?” Jenny adjusted her glasses to examine the collection of glossy, wide-angle pictures of a sumptuous bedroom, a kitchen described as ‘well appointed’ and a luxurious-looking...Read On

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The Assistant

It sucks working late...

The last of the office lights faded signalling end of the day. The dedicated employees had finally given up and headed home for the evening. Stress was his middle name. He had worked hard for the success of his business and faced some mighty competitors within his market. He needed a break. Staying late had become a regular thing, for not always the right reasons. The abrupt piercing sound...Read On


Irene's story - Chapter 10 - Lunch with Alfredo

after exposing myself to my co-worker, I agree to meet him for lunch.

I rose early Saturday, anxious and nervous about what the day might bring.  I was still in my robe, sipping my latte on the veranda with Oscar when my cell phone 'binged', alerting me to an incoming text message. Smiling at Oscar, I said, "Oh, a text from my lunch date today." The text ready simply, 'are we still on for lunch? Alfredo'. I smiled as I realized that Alfredo was as...Read On


Letting the devil loose

Amy lets her hidden lust break free

Amy didn't know why she had stuck with Lance so long. Yes, he was handsome and loaded with a high powered job that meant she had a life of luxury, but he was arrogant and cocky. At one time this had been one of the attractions but now she started to resent it. Even now sat here in this club she felt as if she was just a necessary burden in his life. She was sat with the other trophy wives,...Read On


The Butt Slut Chronicles Chapter III

Alexa gets her pussy and ass pounded in front of an appreciative audience

And finally we get to the sex. Hopefully the wait was worth it. This story more or less reads on its own if you're just interested in the butt fucking and the orgy.  However, discerning readers will likely enjoy this better in context if they read the preceding two chapters first. *** 'Uuuuunnnnngggggh!' Alexa let out a guttural moan as Stefan entered her. She was on all fours on...Read On


Threesome Fun - Martin’s Story.

With Kerry sated it’s now Martin’s fantasy that takes control.

This is the second installment and follows on from "Threesome Fun - Kelly's story." Kelly took me to the bedroom and opened her wardrobe for me to look inside. There were numerous outfits. I pulled them from the rack one at a time and held them up against her. I imagined how she would look in them. “Come on hurry up, I’m dying for this,” said Kelly. She picked out the outfit that...Read On


Sex Lessons in Chastity Hall

Learning the forbidden joys of female sexuality

Senior year at Pine Creek Academy. An unfamiliar local number flashes on my cell-phone screen. ”Hi, Mary. It’s Wendy!” Someone has the wrong number. But the voice is pleasantly feminine with a familiar intonation. "Yes. This is Mary,” I tease. "My, what a deep voice you have," Wendy says, quoting Little Red Riding Hood. "All the better to please you with, My Dear,” I...Read On


Lucifer's Bow 6

 I knew I was starting to fall deeper in love with my stepsister. I wasn’t too sure she felt the same about me. I knew Kat had her main lover Rhonda and she also had sex with me too. I was hoping maybe Kat would allow me to fuck Rhonda and give them both pleasure together. My new fantasy was having a threesome with Kat and her lover. I wondered if she'd allow me to please them both. ...Read On



Malcolm has to tell Robert's wife her husband is cheating

Malcolm Potter was feeling awful – there was a sinking feeling in his tummy. He just had no idea how the next ten minutes would play out. He just knew he had to speak to Jane and he was dreading it. It was all too complicated, but there was no way he could pretend everything was alright and that it would sort itself out. He got to the front door and hesitated. He would have liked to have...Read On


Carla - Acquaintance Turns Serious

I was looking. I just wanted to be a friend. But she wanted a friend with benefits.

I had no idea what Carla looked like. We had chatted on Facebook and I had a vague recollection of her as a young child when we grew up together in a close-knit and conservative part of Dallas. Our Facebook chats were light-hearted but deeply engaging. The one phone call we had was similar. “Maybe we could meet up some time,” Carla suggested. I was quite happy in my marriage and...Read On


A Friend's Visit Turns Into Much More

She said she was coming to check on me but apparently had more in mind

I was exhausted from my normal non-stop pace that I seem to go at and, finally, my body told me that enough was enough. I decided to take a couple days off of work to just relax and recover. I spent most of the day on my oversized sofa watching TV and playing on my phone. As I did with most opportunities with free time, I started texting my friend Eliza. We have known each other for more...Read On


Up Late

Time to smell that cock.

I was up late, driving around the countryside. I would need to get home before daybreak. It'd been an interesting night, and it might get more interesting before it was over. We'd arrived home at around midnight. Our babysitter, Aubry, was waiting for us. She was a sixteen year-old teen. This was the first time she'd sat for us. With just our five year-old it couldn't have been too much of...Read On


Carl And His Stepsister Maria's Affair With Their Uncle – Part 2

Sexual exploration with niece and nephew

I had been spying for several weeks on Carl and Maria in my home. Their sexual intensity increased, then it stopped. I checked my hidden video cameras again and they were working properly. I assumed the kids had stopped for good or gone elsewhere for fun. It was just as well since I needed to focus on work stuff. Besides, Carl had removed his hidden cam from the storage room, so no further...Read On


The Art Show - Part 1

"I always wanted to know what it would be like to be a life model"

There’s a man about our age, in his early 50s, sitting on his own at a table. He’s having a drink and reading a London tourist guide. Looking around for a place to sit in the crowded hotel bar, we approach him and I ask if we can share his table. “Please, be my guest,” he says and I go to order drinks while my wife sits and waits. At the bar, I turn to see them exchanging words but he’s...Read On


With Interest (Part 2)

The terms of the deal are renegotiated, and the boyfriend spends the night.

Since the night Seung had made the amateur sex video with Mackenzie, things between the two girls had gone from annoying to awkward. Mackenzie, who had previously been cheerful, if more than a little passive-aggressive towards her Korean-American roommate, was now cold and openly hostile. A couple of times the tension had even erupted in a full-blown shouting match between the girls. ...Read On


The Apprentice, Chapter 1

Tired of being just a receptionist, Ashley tries out for a new position...

Ashley Roberts was the youngest and newest secretary in the realty firm, having recently been hired from a training program the firm ran. A young, eager, twenty-one year old, she was just getting started on a promising new career with the Denver real estate firm. She had been a wonderful student and had done everything asked of her and then some. She never refused an assignment, and no task...Read On


I Am A Slut!

A slut is born

I am a slut! But I am a very selective slut. If you think I am going to spread my legs for you just because you have come on to me, you will likely be disappointed. I guess I came to 'sluttiness' early and naturally. In my early teens, when I felt the first stirrings of sexuality, I found my mother’s store of sex toys hidden in a bedroom drawer, which was usually locked. She was out and I...Read On


Welcome To Canada - Part 3

Mike shows Beth the joys of anal sex

Mike walks over to the bathtub and holds out his hands to me. I put down the vibrator and place my hand in his and step out of the tub. I'm placing my complete trust in him. I know he loves me and this is what I want right now. He places a finger under my chin and tilts my head up so I am looking him directly in the eye. "You know how much I love you, silly, funny girl? I'd never hurt you...Read On


Denise is a very naughty bride

Denise is not faithful the day of her wedding

Denise and her fiancé are getting married at five o’clock today. She had many appointments scheduled throughout the day. Her and her bridal party went to the spa in the morning and enjoyed hot stone massages. Afterwards, each girl received a manicure and a pedicure. They all had a wonderful time. After the spa, they went back to Denise’s house to have brunch. Pat, the neighbor, had set-up...Read On


Panty Exchange

An adventure shopping for panties.

Her ass lifted off the bed as she felt his tongue slip between her pouty, red lips. Her hands gripped the sheets as he lapped a glob of cream from her. He sucked and licked her repeatedly to make sure he had cleaned every drop of cum. She could not help but give into the orgasm that was building. Her thighs tightened around his head. Her palms pushed his face harder against her sex. ...Read On



As the shadows moved beyond my shrouded eyes I knew he was watching...

In his hands I felt safe. I always had. In a world of people desperately seeking and holding out hope for that one true connection, I had found mine. He had stolen my heart in an instant, becoming my oxygen and with him I felt more alive than ever before. Never had I felt so treasured and adored, his affection spellbinding. Willingly I bestowed both my mind and body to him. And in doing so...Read On


Sandy and Sherry Went Down - Part II

Two girls stranded on a deserted Island, hunted by bad men.

When she came running back the beach, Sandy was waving her arms and gasping for air. She had, after all, run a fairly long distance. Sherry waved back. "No fish?" she asked, disappointed. "Sherry, listen, don't light that fire. There's something going on, don't light it yet!" "Slow down, honey, take a breath you're scaring me." She was truly concerned. "What the heck's going on?" Catching...Read On


Life Changing Sex

Sexually, things had become sort of monotonous, until...

Jake and I have been dating for a year. Lately, to be honest, our sex life has been kind of boring and I've been hinting about it. But he doesn't seem to be taking the hint. I resolve to say something this weekend, which is our 'anniversary' and he is taking me somewhere. I am unsure where; he says it's a surprise. Which is kind of exciting in itself. He tells me to wear that little hot...Read On

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I Couldn't Help Myself

I'm at my parents, I have to be quiet, but I can't help playing over you...

I'm staying in my old room at my parents house, and I miss you, and I can't help but let my hand stray......Read On



I was a gift

I was at work on Tuesday and my phone made a cricket noise. It's a ringtone I don't hear very often. Before I met my man, I had a few friends with benefits that I used nicknames for and the cricket ringtone on my phone. This text came as a surprise since it had been some time since I'd heard from this gentleman. My nickname for him is Trinidad, named after the country where he was born. He...Read On


Sheri Baby Won't You Cum Out Tonight - Part 1

Sheri, Sheri baby

She wasn't typical of the women who I'm usually attracted to. Sheri was middle aged, taller than average, a bit over weight and conservatively dressed. Her firm voluptuous breasts on the other hand are attributes which I find appealing. Sheri was sitting on a stool, sipping a glass of red wine, at the casino bar. I approached, positioned myself next to her then overtly gave Sheri the...Read On


Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part One

My virtual virginity needed taking.

A year or so after I got dumped by my ex, I joined an online website just for fun and added my details and a picture of my bottom wearing bright red underwear to show off my slightly hairy rounded bottom. The strong ass cheeks in the picture were obviously male. My new profile was hardly a few hours old, when comments and messages began to fill my inbox with various demands and sexual offers....Read On


Confessions Of A Hussy Housewife - Chapter 2

Sammy's confessions continue

This is my second confession. After reading my first experience in writing, I cannot believe how quickly I met and had sex with a complete stranger. At least my second time cheating was with someone I knew, although briefly, before it led to sex. ********** I had been at my job for three years and I was asked in the fall to run a booth during an orientation of new hires. That's when I...Read On


Baby-Sitter Gets Deflowered

Sometimes, that once in a lifetime event just happens when you least expect it.

My wife and I hired the neighbor’s seventeen year old daughter to baby sit our son. Cathy was a cute girl and although I secretly admired her high school cheerleader-like body, I knew better than to even look in her direction. It was around eleven when we got home and the lights were off in the living room. The glow of the television was the only thing lighting the room. Betty, my wife, was...Read On


Tent Titty Fuck

A hot titfuck in the great outdoors

The red and black checkered flannel hung just below the curve of her shapely ass. We were inside the tent, the cool night air gently breezing inside. The stars shone brightly and the moon cast a lovely glow as she sat on the mattress. “Come here, Sam,” she purred. My cock was twitching inside the my boxers. Her heavy breasts had my cock stirring all night long. When I saw her in just...Read On