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Stranger In The Night

My eyes flashed open. I looked around the darkened room to find the source of what had woken me but it was too dark for me to make out anything but shadows. I tried to sit up but was unable to move my arms. I tugged them experimentally and found they were bound, somewhat loosely, above me head. I felt my heart speed up as I once more scanned the room, my eyes pausing on a particular...Read On


Our Last Night

On our last night I give you a dildo of wonder, and together we journey to the stars.

It was to be our last night together, and I wanted with all my heart and soul to make it special for you. The next morning I was flying to India to take up my new post and it was unlikely that I would be back again in the UK for four years or possibly longer. Telling you that we must say goodbye was something which I had dreaded when I arrived home late that evening a few weeks earlier. You...Read On


H.U.G.E plays H.O.R.S.E.

When Rich plays H.O.R.S.E. with Mia the stakes are high, and the loser will have to do "anything.

“What’s the matter, Rich? Afraid of a little healthy competition? The guy who’s hung like a horse is scared of a game of H.O.R.S.E. with a girl?” Mia looked smug as she needled me. The last week or so had gone back to being fairly normal, after our one afternoon together, or as I thought of it, “The day of the blowjob.” We hadn’t talked about it, and our relationship had gone back to...Read On

Recommended Read

Sealing The Deal

Sealing The Deal

"Karen, it's on the fucking letterhead, Sandford and Klein (Literary Agents) , and if I don't want to go to LA then I don't go," said Stephen Sandford.  "You have to go. Herbie says he won't sign the deal if you don't show up. And we've been needing this for Tarquin Clark. Steve, he's living in a fucking trailer park, this $650,000 changes the kid's life," insisted Karen Klein.  "Less...Read On


Memoirs, Chapter Five

Spencer tells in his memoirs of sex during and after marriage with many different partners

The first year, Mr. and Mrs. Dogmeyer couldn't keep their hands off each other. It was sex morning, noon and night. On a late December morning, I was out shoveling the driveway. It had snowed heavily the night before. I had to get to work before noon to interview a college girl who was looking for work. We had a lot of turnover at the restaurants because most of our wait staff was college...Read On


Stacey Ch. 3

popping his cherry

When we arrived back at the house, Stacey led me right up the stairs and into her bedroom. I was pretty sure Mike was probably still awake, as I had noticed the TV in the living room was on, but didn’t really care much if he was or not. Hopefully, he would realize we were busy and leave us alone, although part of me did not really want him to know exactly what we were doing. I pushed that...Read On


Dominance pt 2 – Sharing

Domination rises to a new level as her man shares her with his friends

The chime of her phone caused everyone in the meeting to turn and look. She blushed and mouthed “sorry” to her frowning boss. Only one person texted her during the day, and she knew he was busy with friends this week. Although she was anxious to check, she had to wait until the meeting dragged itself to a close before looking. Rear entrance 5:45. A car will be waiting. Her heart raced....Read On


Wife Discovers Erotic Photography – Chapter 3

Wife poses for more explicit erotic photographs.

Background: The story takes place before digital photography, the Internet, cell phones, etc. ************************ After her husband encouraged her to pose again with another model, Stephanie called up Jeff to set up another shoot. "My husband and I really liked the erotic shots. I want to schedule another session." "He liked you with the other model? Those were pretty explicit...Read On


Succumbing To Lust

Sometimes we just have to give into lust

A couple of years ago, my life took an interesting turn. Before I get into the details, here’s an introduction. My wife Samantha and I have been married for eighteen years.We are both forty five years of age and consider ourselves avid sports fans. We regularly go the the gym as we have always been keen on fitness. I am an accountant and Samantha is a secretary at our sister firm. We are...Read On


Angels Night

Angel is found doing something she knows is wrong

It was just after 7pm when I finally got home from work. It had been a long day and I was aching. Even the small fight of stairs leading to my front door seemed like a task, so trudging up the actual flight leading to my apartment seemed like an impossible feat. I managed the to get through my front door with relative ease, but found my hands fumbling with keys as I tried getting into...Read On


Changing The Water Meter

As I had a full head of shampoo and a hard-on, the water shut off…

It was 8:45 in the morning as I was reading a hot story on here by one of my favorite authors. I had already brought myself to the brink a couple of times already. I had to wipe the pre-cum from the tip of my hard cock twice already. The phone rang as I was stroking myself, so close to coming. I answered the phone still stroking my hard cock. "Hello?" "Hi, this is Debbie. Is this Tom?" ...Read On


My Wife Loves to Watch

When my wife was in nursing school, she would bring home gorgeous students for me to fuck!

Twenty years ago when my wife and I had just married and she was still in nursing school, she displayed her kinky side. She loved to watch me fuck other girls, and then would want me to fuck her the same way, even calling her by the name of the other girls! It was a total shock to me when she first proposed it, but the thought also was a tremendous turn-on! To think that my new wife was...Read On


Sophie's Awakening - Part 3

Sophie's boundaries continue to be pushed

Alex woke up on Sunday morning with a minor headache and a dry mouth. Applying a hand to his forehead seemed to help as he slowly sat up and looked at the clock nearby. It read 6:30am. ‘Urgh,’ he cursed under his breath. Lying peacefully beside him was his gorgeous French wife, who was still fast asleep and recovering from another night of debauchery. The white linen sheets had...Read On


Exposed to Hotel House Cleaning

Returned from a run needing to shower but hotel maid was cleaning room - what to do?

I recently returned from a business trip to Las Vegas during which I rather innocently had an experience with a hotel room staff member who was cleaning my room. On the third morning of the four-day trip, I had gone for a short seven-mile run from the end of the strip out of town - past the airport and heliport, and then back. I picked up some coffee and a smoothie in the hotel and then headed...Read On

Comp Entry

My Education - A Total Fantasy Continues

This starts as reality and then ventures into fantasy based up my lovemaking with Madeline.

The next Friday, Madeline said, “By the way, let’s have a real sexual night tonight. What do you say?” “Are you kidding,” I said, my excitement building. “I’m always in for that.” “OK, so be home at 7 and have a sandwich on the way, “ she said.”I will have things ready when you get home. We are going to try something very different tonight. It will fulfill one of my greatest fantasies.” ...Read On


Hotel Window

View through a hotel window

Hotel chains work very hard to build brand loyalty with their customers. After reading about my hotel adventure you will understand why I am a very loyal and devoted customer for one particular hotel brand. I seek them out whenever I travel. This experience happened about two years ago. I was traveling alone and I was staying at a large suburban hotel. Most of these hotels are multi story...Read On


I’m No Princess! Beauty Queen Isn’t So Squeaky Clean

A carnival queen gets all dressed up and puts a different kind of make-up on her face.

Jamie was a popular office colleague. At 22, he was punching above his weight, work-wise, was always well-groomed, wearing the slim fit suits and shirts which are all the rage right now. His appearance – a little light stubble – made him a hit with the girls and there were plenty of fellow youngsters around for him to tally with. It made the coffee machine interesting. Lizzie and he had...Read On


I Love Older Women, Chapter Seven

Older women are attracted to a young business man.

May and Sue were very excited about the response from their texts. May said, "To cut a long story short we will have tomorrow the complete mailing list with all email addresses and spending data. We will also have all their preferences. We have ten's of thousands of email addresses. All the nuns were released without charge as all could show they were being blackmailed. The school will...Read On


Padlocked...and More Part 4

The most intense and full-"filling" evening of my life.

Things were different all of a sudden. Consider it instinct or just a feeling or even the attitude I sensed all around me. Cindy ordered me to just be ready when she returned but she didn't return alone. Adam was no longer with her but about a dozen very sexy and giggling young ladies were. It was only about nine o'clock that evening and Cindy asked me if I was ready for a party. She also told...Read On


Irresistible Co-Worker, Part Three

Co-workers relationship taken to the next level.

I couldn't wait for this day to come that Kelly and I would be going to happy hour for a few drinks, and it was going to be a small group. I was couldn't wait to see what she was wearing and how sexy she would look. I was at my desk when Kelly walked to my desk, and damn did she look good, she was wearing one of the dresses she sent me. It was black and white flowery dress that showed off...Read On


Swinging in the Military

What you've heard about swinging in the military is true!

I took a sip of my water and watched my wife sacrifice her body to dive for a dig in the sand volleyball game. She loved playing volleyball in general and now she was the only girl on the court. Our friend Rich offered her a hand to get up. Sandy really dug Rich, and I had to admit I understood. He stood right at six feet, with curly dirty blond hair, broad shoulders, and washboard abs....Read On


My Roommate Is The Blair Witch

A woman sees the Blair Witch and then she must have her.

I stood by her door, opened it, strolled in and turned on the light. "Shit, its cold in here, I might freeze my tits off," I muttered, covering my breasts and shivering. "There has got to be a dirty pair around here somewhere. Damn, she has jeans, shirts, pop cans and other shit all over the floor, but no panties?" I whispered, scanning the perimeter. "I can't see any in plain sight,...Read On


Camping With Friends - Part 2 of 2

A camping trip turns a devoted wife into a cheating one right in front of her husband.

It popped out! We were doing so well. We had great rhythm. Nate and I were close. We were ready to cum. And he fucking popped out. Nate slipped out, thrust between my legs, then in one full motion, re-entered me with full force, all the way to his balls. And I let out a loud gasp. I stopped moving and laid there mortified at what just happened. It took Nate a few strokes until...Read On


A new student part 2

Things start getting serious

As we walked back to my apartment, which was only a couple minutes away, I couldn't help but stare at her. She'd just called me out about my interest in her and she seemed to be totally in charge of this situation, which is better than most girls I get the pleasure of fucking these days. It's always, "Um, well we can do this if you want." But Alice took charge. I liked it. We entered...Read On


Discovery Part 4

I sat there as still as a statue. “Jesus Christ Tony! Come on! I ain’t got all goddamn day!” I breathed in, ensuring to not exhale, forcing my beating heart to slow down with the lack of oxygen. When my borderline hyperventilation had been dutifully crushed before it had a chance to develop, I exhaled once again. “I am an adult woman. You are an adult man. What is the fucking big deal?” ...Read On

Recommended Read

Whatever It Takes

Corrupting the new recruit is the name of the game

Easing back into the cool leather of the chair at his desk made Ryan appreciate how hot her body was in comparison. He drank in the sight of her breasts bouncing rhythmically, not much more than a foot away, as evening sun cast fiery stripes through the slats of the blinds, streaking her bucking nakedness like a chiaroscuro flicker book. Their bodies made a crude X, her hands gripping the...Read On


Giving To Charity

Sometimes sex takes a phone call...

Charity flipped on the windshield wipers and turned the heater up while she negotiated the Chicago traffic. It had been freezing all week and the rain was coming down in sheets, looking more like a solid stream rather than individual drops. She’d worn her favorite skirt today, and the knit pull over sweater she had on clung to her body showing off her best assets. Her beige canvas rain coat...Read On


Memoirs, Chapter Four

Spencer finds success in business and in bed.

Emma was pregnant. I thought it was mine. Emma's pregnancy was the third shoe to drop after losing Molly, my girlfriend, and losing my job. Molly never found out about me and Emma. If she had, we would have parted much earlier. Emma was one of the college girls I had photographed before Molly and I split. Molly dumped me because Deede couldn't keep her mouth shut about our...Read On


Stacey Ch. 2

Their first real date

When I woke the next morning, I lifted my head from the soft pillow to find that Stacey was no longer in bed with me. Groaning, and a little disappointed that she was not there, I sat up in the bed and rubbed my tired eyes. “I wonder where she went,” I mumbled. Just then, there was a loud bang on the bedroom door, causing me to jump and waking me completely. The door flung open, and...Read On


Life Gets Better

When Brian's life starts going down hill, he finds something better.

Life: It only gets better The rhythmic bumping on the wall between his room and his roommate's had forced him out into the living room. It was no better out here, he turned the volume on the game console up. But it did nothing to mask the loud screaming and moaning of his best friend. He sighed and turned the game off, surrendering back to his room where all he could hear was the bumping of...Read On