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My Ex-Wife - Part Three

Jan's desires and wants come to the surface

Over the next few days both my time and Jan’s was taken up with other responsibilities and we had no time to catch up. As always the last fuck played out permanently in my mind and I couldn’t wait to coerce her into new situations. Towards the end of the week I texted Jan saying I wanted to fuck her tomorrow, Friday evening. She replied saying that unfortunately she was seeing her...Read On


My Wife Seeks Tantric Sex Guru

Seeking other pastures for play and satisfaction

My wife Nisha had just turned thirty-three. At this point in time, we had been married for almost eight years. Nisha’s sexual appetite had increased in recent times and we were enjoying each other in the bedroom most nights. This was an improvement over the last two-three years where at some stages intimacy had almost died. Nisha was peaking physiologically in a sexual sense and her...Read On


My Chick-fil-A Lay

Sandra was a gorgeous eighteen year-old and really needed a job.

I own three Chick-fil-A franchises in the Orlando area and try to hire high school students in the summer. They need the money, most of them work hard, and I love having the sweet young things around. Last week I had just hired my last employee for the summer when in walked the most gorgeous blonde I’d ever seen. Her hair was down to her elbows, parted on one side, and fell sensuously...Read On


Self-Sucking Sissy 2

A conflicted teen boy is blackmailed into putting on a sex show for his perverted step-mom,

My step-sister was back to her normal bitchy self. I thought things might be different after I had sucked my own cock in front of her while she finger fucked herself. Apparently not. When she wasn’t ignoring me, she treated me like something she found stuck to the bottom of her shoe after walking through the dog park. I was sore as I’d ever been and could barely move my neck, but no one in...Read On


lactating hot wife - Chapter 4 - Jill takes two

Chris and Glenn want to take me at the same time! Is that even possible?

Previously: As you may recall, Glenn, my husband's best friend and college roommate, was staying at our home during the summer of 2015. I had given birth to my first child, Amy, less than a month earlier .  The first two weeks of Glenn's stay went smoothly, however, my life changed completely one Friday evening in early June. My husband, Chris, convinced me to breast feed...Read On


Mrs. Adleson - Chapter One

Sebastian's childhood crush on an older neighbor suddenly becomes much more.

She was Mrs. Adleson to me then, hell, I guess she still is. I think she goes by Margery to her friends. It’s been since I was a kid and I still think she’s hot. She’s probably in her mid to late forties now, but still very attractive. I don’t know how many times I’ve fantasized about her over the years but I’ve never let on. I’ve always been polite and courteous to her and I’m sure she...Read On


For Her

I lead her into the room. I know she has been waiting for this, anticipation building over months. I hold her by the hand but I can feel her tremble. I start by undressing her slowly. Her skin goosebumps under my touch and that excites me. Her anticipation excites me. She shivers deliciously and closes her eyes, and I know she is already beginning to trust this. “It is going to be ok,”...Read On


Bexley Perplexity - Chap. 2

Bexley reveals her whole self to Wyatt

While I will not tell you how to go about your Lush reading, you may want to read the first chapter if you want to understand the background, and follow the story completely! The night after our first date, when I took Bexley to a concert on campus, we were unable to spend any time together after as she was attending a sorority rush event, and I had to return to the frat to help run our...Read On


Cop A Feel

Lately, Vicki and I have been completely perplexed with Tara’s combative behavior…

For about two weeks, Tara, a.k.a. my lovely ‘Sweet Cheeks’ has been in a funk. Her combative behavior with Vicki has left my wife and I perplexed, and it’s Tara who always starts it. With another nasty 'name-calling' spat occurring this morning, while I was working in my home office upstairs next to our bedroom, Vicki walked in. After she shut the door, she said, “Alex, the next time...Read On


Taboo High - Quarterback Rules

Jo finds herself tied to a table being fucked by a student.

This is the first in a series of stories I am writing under the name Taboo High. Jo pulled out of the parking lot of her apartment building looking forward to a great day. It was Saturday and not only that, it was the first Saturday in six weeks she could just enjoy. Six weeks ago today she arrived in Denver to start her first job out of college. The following Monday she started her...Read On


Sally's Lesson

A life lessoned learned from sex with a younger guy

Sally looked up at the door for what felt like the twentieth time; this time she wasn't disappointed. She smiled. Looking round the door was the man she'd been waiting for. Well, really he was a boy, twenty-four to her thirty-nine - no, forty - years. Yet in the time Sally had been working with Jason, he'd shown a considerable maturity, with a ready smile and a quick wit. His role of...Read On


Maîtresse en titre

Now in England, Isabel receives some news that makes her question her position as official mistress

November 1390, Herefordshire Isabel la Badeau sat in the window embrasure of the de Grey estate in Herefordshire. She was watching the winter wind pelting the windows angrily. It was the sort of rain that came in on a diagonal and stung when it hit you. Isabel was glad that she was inside, out of the cold and in front of the fire. It was at times like these that she missed the arid...Read On


Afternoon Aftermath

After a weekend of marathon sex, she now faced even more, only this time with her fiance.

For Cindy Davis, it had been a weekend of unbelievable firsts. She had just spent two nights in a mid-town hotel room making almost constant love with Ray, a man she barely knew. Of course, it had been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, no doubt about that. He’d been alone, a long way from home and had needed her. Still, it marked the first time she’d ever cheated on her fiance', which...Read On


Fast Food Checkout Girl 2: Keeping the Promise

Keeping the promise.

I watched as my lover, her boyfriend and her brother drove off. Our encounter had been hot and spontaneous, but I had already convinced myself that it was a one time thing. She was young and about to start a new life by going to college. She would never settle for an old, boring guy like me. I ordered and ate my food and then went home. Once home, I prepared to take a shower and then it hit...Read On


My Wife At A Work Conference

Wife away for 2 nights at a conference

My wife has just returned home after two nights away at a works conference. She has permission from me to play around as long as she tells me about it. She set off, two dresses hung in the back of the car, two very sexy dresses. One was blue, shortish and very tight, the other black, not as tight but shows off her lovely tits. I waited home for two nights, masturbating every night in...Read On


The Summer of 78. Part 2

On shaky legs I headed to the bathroom to clean myself up before I returned to the garage. The memory of what I had just seen through Robin's open window was still fresh in my mind. The sight of these two stunning teenagers stripped down to their sexy lingerie while kissing and touching each other was beyond belief. Then their standing at the open window and blowing me a kiss filled my...Read On


Junk Drunk Doll

Sexual Salvage Lowers the Price

My brother and I own a salvage yard. We deal in a little bit of everything from architectural, auto, household items and just plain junk. Our clients are "flippers", rehab specialists, and the beautiful "artsy" people. Our company has a Mission Statement. "Everything Is For Sale". The merchandise comes from flea markets, auctions, clean outs, garage, yard and estate sales. We are always...Read On


Sexy New Babysitter, Part 03

Can I resist my submissive babysitter? What happens when my wife finds out?

“I need you to pick up Kat on your way tonight. I don’t have time.” Confusing emotions flooded through me when I read the text from my wife asking me to pick up the babysitter on my way home from work. Due to the fevers and colds spreading from one kid to another it had been weeks since our last date night, meaning it had been weeks since I last saw Kat. I had dropped her off that night, my...Read On


Encounter In The Park

Terence cannot live without his ex-lovers passion...

As the old saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt. If there was a person on the planet who knew the true meaning of this adage, it was Terence. Six months before he made the biggest mistake of his life. In an Isaac Hayes version of a Bill Withers song, ‘Ain’t No Sunshine,’ there is an improvised line, ‘I lost the best thing I ever had.’ Terence had done that… and Byron was his name. Byron...Read On


Improper Motivation

Minor programming changes yield improper successes…

“… and this is why I think my proposed modifications to the organization’s program will both benefit its members and its bottom line.” The Program Coordinator’s (PC) experienced blue eyes scanned the front side of my one page synopsis and then looked at me with crazy-eyed excitement. I knew then I had definitely gotten her attention. She then lead me back onto the armless, white leather...Read On


Becoming Chloe - Part 32

Chloe has her audition for Bruce

A few weeks later, I found myself in London at the office of the company that Colin worked for. Bruce had telephoned me to offer me the audition for his film, and I'd said yes. Now I sat with two other girls in the waiting room, making idle chit-chat. It was bad enough giving blood for my STD test, but now I was so nervous that I could hardly speak, and was seriously considering calling the...Read On


Lactating Hot Wife - Chapter 3 - My men give me a massage

Chris, Glenn and I establis the rules before they seduce me again

Previously: As you read previously, my husband's best friend and college roommate, Glenn, stayed with us at our home in Aurora, Colorado during the summer of 2015. I had given birth to my first child, Amy, less than a month earlier, and was breast feeding her. Soon after Glenn's arrival, I became aware that he had discovered some naked pictures of me that my husband, Chris, had...Read On


My Love: The Final Chapter

“I do,” I said nervously as the entire room watched me. Time seemed to freeze for a few moments as we both stood there at the altar. I gazed into Kyle’s eyes, as always, they were big and beautiful. I had always had a thing for baby blues and even now they had me mesmerised. His short, spiky brown hair went well with his suit and slim physique. He was my perfect man and I felt like...Read On


Scenes from a Marriage

Beginning at the end

Prelude She lay beneath two quilts listening to the gentle lapping of the lake against its shore. Soon the chirping of the birds anticipating the rising sun would infiltrate and then obliterate the peaceful sounds of the depths of night by the shore of the lake. The morning dew, or the fog rising from the lake would penetrate the solarium where she slept (or lay resting, alert, unable to...Read On


Karly’s Getaway Final - Perfect Holiday in Amsterdam

Having Michael in Amsterdam completed my weird but super fun holiday in Europe.

Michael’s plane landed this morning, and we checked into the Grand Hotel Amrath in Amsterdam this afternoon. I’d like to say we’ve toured Amsterdam already, or at least eaten dinner. We’ve been naked since we got into the hotel room. Michael didn’t even wait for the bellhop to leave. His hand was under my skirt and in my panties while he handed the man his tip. He was good looking. If...Read On


Hotel Massage

He never expected her to be masseuse

There have been rough days at work before, but this had to be the worst of the worst. After leaving at seven, an hour later than usual, I stopped at a local watering hole across from my hotel. The food was passable, the waitress was pretty and the beer was cold. Good enough for me. I entered the hotel and noticed that April was the receptionist on duty. It seems that she only works one or...Read On


Anna and Sam Chapter 15

“Oh Anna, has it really come to this?” he whispered.

Although my eyes closed sleep did not find me. My head was pounding from a combination of hitting the door frame and the stress of what I had done. The room was dark and silent. I knew Philip was also not sleeping as I could not hear him breathe. I could sense more than feel his chest rising and falling but not like when he was asleep and it was occasionally interrupted by little jerks...Read On


Finding Time For Us (Part 4)

Brian, Chrissy, and Candy enjoy a late night

The night out had been rather enjoyable, all things considered. Lori and Jake were friends of pretty long standing for us, the restaurant had been a good choice, and the show was better than expected, and the drinks and conversation after were entertaining. The only downside, if you can really call it that, is that these friends are rather conservative, so we have to be careful to keep...Read On


Sex In The Office - Part 3

Larita gives Andy a very special surprise.

On Monday at work Larita informs me that there will be no sex between us until Friday night. She tells me that there is a conference downtown and that she will be attending it for the rest of the week while staying at the top hotel in town. I am to meet her in the hotel restaurant at six pm sharp Friday. “Andy, you will not contact me in any way and you will not masturbate at any time....Read On



When you just can't get enough of one another

The door had barely shut before our hands were all over one another. The sexual tension that simmered through the night was finally reaching a crescendo, igniting flames of insatiable lust. Eager hands pull you tight against me, bodies writhing against one another as hungry lips meet. We kiss passionately. Deep and hard, willingly giving into our desires. Lips melt in an instant, mouths...Read On