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Every Sign I Read is Wrong, Baby

This is the story I need to tell you. I hope it explains everything

I may only have two minutes before you knock on my door. Or I may have a lifetime. Inside I’m pacing around in my leggings, unsure what's going to happen. It’s too fast. My mind is racing through what I want to say to you in a jumbled series of recollections. But I must tell you, even if it ruins things. But where would I start? Maybe by asking if you remember the day we met, when I sat...Read On


Wife Wants To Be A Cheap Whore

Trophy wife's fantasy is to be sold by her husband as a whore

Jo-Ann is my forty-two year old trophy wife. She is a beautiful blue eyed blond. Jo is thin and tall at five-foot, eight inches weighing a hundred and ten pounds. She has incredibly long, sexy legs and neatly trimmed blond pussy hair. Her tits are small and firm, B-cups, but her pink nipples are pointy sticking our over half an inch. We are very well off financially so there is no need for...Read On


A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 03

Two cheerleaders & best friends fulfill a hot sexual fantasy.

It was Saturday. My favorite day of the week. I was thankful that I didn't have to go to class or work on Saturdays. That meant a lot more free time and a lot more time for fun. And no other day of the week allowed me to spend more time with my amazing girlfriend, Becca. Becca used to be a cheerleader for Rasington University, but her horniness and refusal to abide by school policies got...Read On


Taking Shelter

Two strangers find comfort in an air raid shelter during the Blitz of London.

“Evening, Captain,” said the Marine sentry saluting as I stepped out of the U.S. Embassy in London. He wore a British style tin helmet reminiscent of the last war. He stood outside a bunker of sandbags. “Good evening, Corporal,” I replied, returning his salute. “They say there’s a good pub around the corner. Is that true?” “The ale’s okay there, sir, but the food is better a few...Read On

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I Am Pet

She betrayed her Master. Now, she is a bad girl, and bad things happen to bad girls...

There is only darkness. I am immersed in it, surrounded by a deep and enveloping blackness that is unbroken by even the slightest sliver of light. I can hear no sounds, not that I expect to. Our basement Sanctum is completely soundproofed. Master has ensured that no one on the outside would ever be able to hear my screams. ‘Silent! I need to be silent.’ I remind myself as thoughts...Read On


A Hard Nights Work Part 2

The night continues

It’s fifteen minutes past midnight when I finally knock on the front door of a smart dockside apartment; a part of a warehouse conversion. I’ve hurried here as quickly as I can but we were late closing the bar after the cash register was out by £50. After what seems like an eternity the door opens and there she is, my mysterious red head. “You’re late.” Her voice flat and cold sent...Read On


She Surprised Me (Part 2)

I Really Didn't Expect This To Happen

My wife and I, much to my shock, had just finished having a pretty amazing round of sex prior to hear leaving for work on the overnight shift. It was a rarity, as our relationship hadn't really been the best over the past few months. She took a shower, came in and kissed me goodbye, telling me she'd said goodnight to my step-daughter and her friend Jessica. Then, she left for work. About a...Read On

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Afternoon Delight Part 3

Thank You JWren for taking the time to edit my story and art work.

Joy and Michael had been having a wonderful affair for several months. Meeting for a few hours here and there, they also kept in touch by sending frequent texts. But they wanted more. The more they saw of each other, the harder it was to part. They wanted some real time together, They wanted to go to bed, make love, sleep through the night and wake up together. But how could they do this...Read On


Halloween Night Encounter

April had only one Halloween desire.

I would like to relate the story of one of the best Halloween nights I had ever experienced. It occurred the year that I had auditioned and won the role of Count Dracula for a local amateur theater. I met her after the opening night performance, she introduced herself as April. Now with the exception of her long honey blond hair she bore a remarkable resemblance to famed Hammer movie...Read On

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Love Letters From Kitten #2

You wanted to know what I liked about our, fucking.

Last night was amazing... let me tell...Read On


Mother, May I?

A Stepmother is persuaded into a taboo performance.

Emily and Sofia had been best friends since college. After graduating with honors, they moved into an apartment together. The two women worked as paralegals at a downtown law firm. Their relationship became even stronger due to the fact that they spent all day at work together. Playing as hard as they worked, Emily and Sofia received plenty of attention and took full advantage of it....Read On


...With Anyone But Me

Thank you BethanyFrasier for editing

Those who have read me, will know that I am not prone to exaggeration. So with that, I will begin. Every word printed below is the truth, as I see it. If one lives long enough, there are two things that are certain. One: you will get cataracts, and two: your expiration date will expire. Recently, I have started stroking the weasel by looking at abs and inflated bosoms in magazines....Read On


Second Honeymoon - Chapter 2

Wife goes back for more

At the tick of 11am, I drove Karl's British Racing Green MG convertible right up to the Welcome Center at the hotel. A porter was waiting alongside Rex. They approached: Rex beaming and the porter lugging two small wicker baskets and blankets. Rex directed that the picnic hampers be fitted behind the seats. He knew one large basket would not fit. So thoughtful! Rex asked if I would...Read On


Streak of Grey - Part 1

How my wife was lead to a garden path of seduction by her friend with my implicit consent.

Ali had a tough day. He was quite tired and looked forward to getting a refreshing chilled beer after handing over the bus at the depot and reaching home. Ali was a Muslim. However, like many Muslims, he indulged in the lure of the liquor, occasionally, when none of his fellows were around. She was the last person in the bus to get down. He had noticed her when she had entered the bus...Read On


Friends Coming Together

A story of an intimate night of sharing between Brad and I and our friends Mark and Joan.

Brad and I were spending a night on the town with our friends Mark and Joan. We all had a great time drinking and dancing, and as the night deepened, Brad and I followed Mark and Joan to their house for a nightcap. We were two married couples who enjoyed partying together. The nature of our relationship was very close. We were married couples with a physical attracted for one another. We...Read On


Chinese Massage Triangle

Losing control, our first unforgettable threesome goes on all night

Oh my God! What was I doing? My hips were out of control, arching to meet his hand, daring him to delve between my naked legs. Worse still, Jack, my husband, lay on the massage table alongside with no idea what was going on. Masseurs had ‘accidentally’ brushed between my legs before, gauging my reaction, but my traditional Chinese background had left me believing good girls don’t and I...Read On


Rainy Day Delight

Not just another rescue.

The guys were sitting around the table, playing poker when the bell rang. “Truck 30, Med 1, vehicle accident, possible entrapment.” The cards went flying and the legs of the chairs scrubbed the tiled floors, as the guys rushed to their trucks. They stepped into their boots and pulled up their bunker pants, while throwing coats and helmets into the seats. In a matter of seconds, the red...Read On


What His Wife Couldn't Give Him

A true story about my experience with a married man.

"Everyone thinks I'm so innocent, but they don't know how kinky I really am." That's where it all started. I had posted that on an anonymous confession site and was quick to get replies. One of them went something like this: "Kinky, huh? You sound like a fun girl. I'll get straight to the point; I'm married and here because my wife is boring and my sex life is lacking. I'm looking for...Read On


Turning On The Sirens

Hayley cheats on her boyfriend with a cop. Worth it? Oh yeah.

Sometimes, it's the small things that shape one's destiny. In Hayley's case, that thing was a little alarm that went off one rainy college evening just as she was about to get off while making love to her boyfriend Nathan. She's now compelled to tell what happened that night to her best friend Sarah.  *** Hayley walked through town with her best friend Sarah. They were on route to...Read On


Pharmacology Chapter Two

Sophie gets a surprise from her boss

I leaped out of my 2015 Ram 3500 Laramie, and made my way up the sidewalk. I walked through the automatic doors, and into the pharmacy I've just so recently called my job. I've been working here for about two weeks now. I loved it. My coworkers were great, especially my boss. He is tall, and sexy, has black hair, blue eyes, and the brightest smile I've ever seen. Most importantly, the way...Read On


Mistress Sarah makes Evie a Sissy 2

The continuing story of Evie and Mistress Sarah

"Look at you Evie. You're so slutty in your teddy and stockings,” said Mistress Sarah. Then she looked down at my hard cock and said, "....and your clitty is so big. Excited are, you?" Mistress Sarah reached out and firmly squeezed my cock a few times. It was a welcome sensation that reverberated though my entire body. Before I could respond, she ordered, "Turn around slut. Let me see...Read On


Deadlines and Dares

He knew how to relieve my stress, and I was ready for the distraction.

Deadlines. That will be the death of me , I think as my fingers fly over my laptop. Words pour from spiral notebooks, post-its, and envelopes, forming long prose of fantasy and adventure on the screen. And the deadline is next week…so close and so distressing. Am I even ready? I have no clue. I dig through the papers on my desk looking for amendment fifteen of Part Three, Chapter...Read On


I Have Just Been Fucked Part 2

After telling my story to you all in Part 1, I have just been fucked again

I’m back, and I have cheated again. It was yesterday. I hope you are not getting fed up of this. I expect you will tell me shut up if I get on your nerves. I suppose I knew I would do it again. I haven’t told Tom yet though. I wanted to, and I still want to, but each time I promise myself I will tell him, I lose my nerve. I mean, how do you tell your husband something like that? “Tom...Read On


In The House of Forgotten Cameras

You’ve never met a cougar like Jillian. Pray you never do…

"Could you help me with my camera?" she asked. I was trying to pull the fog-shrouded pylons of the Golden Gate Bridge into focus on the ground glass of my old view-camera. As if by magic, Jillian's lithe silhouette emerged from the swirling fog. Even in the inverted image on the camera’s focusing screen, she was most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. "Umm… I guess. Sure." I stammered,...Read On


The Piano

Music awakens a deep passion

He watched her from behind, her small body gracefully moving in the dance of a trance, her hands alive with a life of their own, as they touched the ivory keys. Her fingers curved slightly as they glided from note to note; the soft murmur of sound enticing and inviting. As he listened, images flashed in his mind from subtle shades of memory to the more familiar sensual passion. Sublime...Read On


Masturbating for fiance and his best friend

Dean and James give me a massage and I return the favour...

If you haven't read our stories, we suggest you read "Fashion show leads to much more" as this is the next 100% real adventure we had with Dean. Two weeks ago James and I invited Dean over to James' house for some much needed exhibitionist fun. We hadn't done anything in a while and I was very eager to have both Dean and James give me a sensual body and butt massage. To our dismay...Read On


First trans experience

A new experience

A little bit about myself, my name is Dave, I'm about 6 foot 1. I go to the gym a lot so I'd say I've got a fairly decent body without trying to brag. I'm eighteen years old and I live in London, England. In high school, I had a girlfriend, Nikki, she was a petite 5 foot 3, but like me, she loved going to the gym, and towards the end of our relationship the squats were really paying off, and...Read On


My Life as a Wittol, Chapter Four

Stephanie convinces CJ to do a threesome

As Stephanie started to come down from the party high she felt embarrassed and worried that many of she and Rick had many friends at the party and they were undoubtedly aware of her carnal activities earlier with Roger. A few of her female friends at the party had pulled her aside and told her some of us had watched as she gave Roger a blow job in his car parked in the driveway and that most,...Read On


She Just Couldn’t Resist

Jan was furious that her daughter was enticed into lesbian sex, but she just couldn’t resist either.

The front door opened and Mike peered round the door frame. “Where’s Emily, where’s my daughter?” shouted Jan, as she shoved past Mike and headed for the lounge. Mike never had a chance to stop her as he was pushed to one side. Jan was through the door and immediately clasped eyes on Emily on all fours, raising her head from Maggie’s pussy as both women heard the commotion in the hall. ...Read On


The Only Choice

Leaning back against the bed, I know this isn't a good idea. My girl friends were sitting in a circle around me in the floor of our dorm. Megan laughed loudly, obviously drunk, and was talking to one of her other friends, Brittany. For a second, I am out of the spot light and for that I am glad since I know that it is my turn. Then I hear my name and I almost close my eyes. "Come on Liza....Read On