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High School Reunion

High school sweethearts find each other again

They met in their sophomore year of high school, shortly after they turned sixteen. Two loners who somehow found each other, Jim and Amy became fast friends and did everything together. They attended high school sporting events, dances and other school activities. Occasionally they would kiss, and maybe pet a little, but basically theirs was a platonic friendship. The night of their...Read On


Best Friends, Part 2

Going from friends to lovers

Allana put her head in her hands. The good news, it was an acceptance letter from her favorite college. The bad news, it was an acceptance letter from her favorite college. In another state from Kai. How am I going to tell him? she asked herself. Lisa walked into the kitchen and said, “Hey, sweetie. What’s that?” She pointed to the letter while she went to the sink to wash dishes. She...Read On


Manmoirs: Christmas Party Hookup 2

Got To Know Her Very Well That Night

Company Christmas parties were becoming notorious for strange hookups. Our parties had the open bar plus we weren't allowed to bring guests. That would always make for the best stories afterward; seeing the married guy making out with the chick from Promo made the evening much better. Certainly there was never a dull moment. I happened to leave the office early and was rocking a serious golf...Read On


Sucking My First Cock on a Business Trip

I discover my hunger for cock, balls and cum on a business trip to California.

I have traveled extensively on business during my lengthy career working in the insurance industry. However, it was only a year ago when I had my first erotic experience with another man. Now I look back at all of the opportunities I squandered while out of town in hotels, and I’m trying to make up for lost time. My name is John, and my wife Sharon and I are both forty-eight years old and...Read On


Confessions From a Craigslist Slut: Volume Two

A woman's sexual adventure with a couple she met on Craigslist (Can be read as a stand alone story)

Hello. My name is Jane and I have a problem. I’m addicted to anonymous sex through Craigslist. Well, Jane isn’t my actual name. I don’t really ask for or give names as that defeats the purpose of wanting an anonymous fuck. Sometimes I wonder if there are many others like me out there. I wonder what would happen if I started a support group like they have for Alcoholics Anonymous. If we were...Read On


Henry's First Time Part One

Closeted college student Henry receives a surprise education from his TA

Hi, my name is Henry. I was a freshman at university when I first had sex with a man. I've known I was gay since the age of sixteen, but I didn't exactly attend a gay-friendly high school. Well, given that I went to high school in the late 1980s, I guess there weren't many gay-friendly high schools, but Catholic school in rural Ontario was particularly dire. I mean, when you have your...Read On


The Twins Next Door

Twin sisters become competitors to see which one can best satisfy their neighbor.

I’m a fifty-five year-old widow and live alone. My wife died eight years ago, so it’s been quite lonely at times. The only pleasure I have now is when I get to see the twins next door. They’re currently twenty-one years old and have a great modeling career going for them. But when they were teenagers, they got a bit wild and their mom had a hard time keeping them on the straight and narrow....Read On


Summer In the Ozarks: Chapter Four

It had rained for the entire day and well into the night. The electricity had returned after several hours, once the downpour had turned to a drizzle. However, the day was ruined by that time, at least for the activities he had planned. No hiking, no boating, no swimming in the lake. Still, they enjoyed each other’s company until sleep had overtaken them and it was time for bed. He awoke...Read On


Desire: Part II

This is day two of my introduction to the lifestyle. My exploration takes a wild turn.

Two questions prevail my inbox. “What happened next?” Seems to be the question on everyone’s mind. Yes, within the first day and within a matter of hours of arriving at Desire I had gone totally nude and succumbed to my desire. Peter a man in his mid-fifties, who I had just met, had not only seduced me but had taken me entirely. Next, “Where the hell was Mike?” is the other question...Read On


Victoria’s Punishment

Young schoolgirl has conflicted emotions over hot teacher's choice of punishment

After her last class of the day had finished, Victoria walked with heavy thoughts down the Assumption Catholic High School hallway to her history classroom. This was her third detention in two weeks, and she was dreading having to face Mr. O yet again. She really hated to disappoint him; mostly out of respect and a mild crush, but also out of fear. He was usually easy-going, but could become...Read On


Titty Heaven

A man enters titty fuck heaven

“Sit right there and if you can hold on. I promise you heaven.” I sat naked in the chair, my cock standing tall. I could not believe the sight before me. Serena was the one who guided me to the chair. She wore a light blue teddy and a matching thong. Her juicy ass bounced with each step as she slinked to the bed. Jaime waited for her at its edge. Jaime wore a black thong with black...Read On

Recommended Read

The Seduction Of A Student

There are things that we cannot control, feelings we can't hide. Expect a sequel.

She watched her professor speak during the period. Things that were better left unsaid were beginning to crowd her mind. It was as if she couldn’t help herself. Every time she sat in her chair for class, her eyes focused straight on him, and didn’t leave him until the hour ended. He was a man of strength and intelligence. His shrewd blue eyes didn’t miss anything, and she was almost...Read On


Jess, Ch 2b: Melanie's Break

Melanie gets revenge over break

Melanie woke in Jess' bed, as she had every day of fall break. She was naked, of course, and hugging Jess' pillow. Stretching her arms out, she bumped into a toy. It was her roommate's, a nice rabbit vibrator. She smelled her pussy juices on it, dried since last night. It reminded her of Jess, which made her nipples hard. Mel put the toy in her already wet cunt and turned it on. The...Read On


Training Cassiopeia - Chapter 5

Preparations and Detachment

We spent the rest of the morning redoing the questionnaire and when it was typed and printed out, we’d compressed seven pages of questions into a single page of open-ended questions that the subject would read over and respond to. It was up to the interviewer to record the answers and ask follow-up questions. Cassiopeia would collate the responses and reduce them down to something she...Read On


Jessie And Sue's Date Continues

Sue takes Jessie shoe shopping, and more...

Sue and I had a great time in the lingerie section of the department store. Getting caught by the sales clerk was definitely not something we planned on happening, but in some strange way it added a whole new dimension to what we had done. Both of us got out of the store as quickly as possible and headed into the mall. Sue suddenly turned to the right and stopped at a shoe store. This...Read On


The Rebirth Of Andrew Bishop - Chapter 26

It's time Drew told his parents about his relationship and his bisexuality.

The telephone rang, and it made Dave jump as he lay in bed listening to Tess and Drew's breathing as they slumbered. He looked at the clock; seven thirty. "Good morning, Drew Bishop's phone," he said, as he picked up the handset. "You guys had better not still be in bed," Geoff's voice said. "No, we're up and about," Dave lied, "Drew is out in the yard, he said he was going to ring you in...Read On


First Time With A Crossdresser: Part 1 of 2

Scott looks for something different after his divorce and finds Jenny

I’m Scott, 36 years old and recently divorced from my wife of 12 years. It was an amicable split with no kids to complicate matters. We sold up, divided everything two ways and went on our merry way. Our sex life was good and regular but a little boring. We stuck to the same three positions – missionary, her on top and spooning. I’d give her oral but she wasn’t that keen on going down on...Read On


Just A Cuckold Fantasy?

His wife creates a cuckold fantasy, but does she want more?

The Husband - Antony “Your cock is so small compared to every other man I have had inside me,” Jules, my wife, said as she jerked my cock slowly in her hands as we lay on the bed. “Look at it while I wank you, how small it looks, doesn’t it? You try to satisfy me with it but it does not compare to having a nice big dick stretching my pussy. Take your friend Stephen for instance, I bet he...Read On


I'm Waiting

The anticipation building...

I’m waiting.... I can hear you walking, your footsteps softly thudding as my nipples harden in anticipation. My hands, cuffed above my head, are itching to feel you, feel your skin tense above me, helping me reach where I need to go. “You’re getting desperate, aren’t you?” you softly whisper in my eager ear, shocking me with your proximity. I nod, knowing I can’t speak until you allow...Read On


Alex and Vicki: Teacher's Pet

Tara, why you little slut you teasing your teacher like that.

It was Saturday, and the bright sun bursting through my bedroom windows woke me before my alarm did. Since I didn’t get home until 3:45 a.m., I was still pretty groggy. I guess the amount of straight tequila I drank with Ms. Picard early this morning wasn’t helping matters either. Once I slithered out of bed I decided to take a nice long shower. As I showered I thought about Ms....Read On


Her First Arrest-Part 11

She tried to find out all he knew, but, found out she knew a lot.

She agreed he had the right to some retaliation when she finally discovered that he had nothing to do with the theft she was investigating. She found herself on her hands and knees with her wrists tied to her ankles, her head down on the bed, and her ass high in the air. His knees were between her legs holding them apart and she knew she was open to his eyes. With one hand, he played with...Read On


Confessions of A Small Town Girl - College 3: Getting the Grade

Getting the grade was the most important thing.

By the end of my first semester, I had regained the popularity status that I had been accustomed to in high school. The softball team was coming along good for it being our first season. We had not yet won a game, but we were beginning to gel as a team, which was considered progress. We mainly had games with small colleges around Georgia due to the low budget. Personally, I was having a...Read On

Comp Entry

Easy Money: Kayla's Audition

Freshman college student Kayla needs money, but will she fuck a stranger on camera to pay her bills?

I spotted the ad late one night while browsing job ads online. I scrolled past the ad initially, but my curiosity about the headline got the better of me. Easy Money - First Time Models Wanted - No Professionals For the record, I don’t think that I’m some sort of model. I know that I’m too curvy for anything like that, but it sounded better than the waitressing and retail jobs that I...Read On


An Interesting Bet and Other Fun Things

Two women meet in a bar.

I had a really crap day at the office today. I flew in last night and had to attend business meetings most of the day. I don’t mind traveling, however, it was my boyfriend’s birthday and I was annoyed that I had to miss it. We celebrated before I left and will continue to celebrate when I get back. I was just so annoyed that I had to leave him. We were always together for each other's birthdays....Read On


New Life

My wife and I explore each other and other people, alone and together

The picture I was looking at was extremely graphic, yet extremely hot. There was my wife, on her knees and naked, with a huge load of cum dripping down her tits. She had amazing tits; the work she'd had done to them didn’t make them too big for her frame, just pushed them up and held them in place. The cum covering them was a pretty big load, as it covered the entirety of her left tit and...Read On

Audio version available

Confessions of a Call Girl #2

Well hello, again...

I wondered if you'd be paying for my time again, what will it...Read On


Re: Maybe It's Time

E-mail to a certain lady

Well now, I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled I am that you have expressed an interest in meeting. I mean, how long have we corresponded now? It must be three months or so, and I do hope that you aren’t just teasing again, as you do. Because I definitely believe it’s time. If you really want to meet, then let us meet. Of course you know of my proclivities, as I know of yours. There is,...Read On


How I Lost My Virginity - An Unexpected Threesome

The start of my sexual awakening. In explosive style...

I was aged twenty, a virgin, and what happened this night will stay with me for as long as I live. It was not planned, and I certainly didn't see it coming. Having moved out of home some months prior to this night, I was sharing a house with a cousin of mine, Sam, and his friend, Chris. We were all the same age. The house was sixteen miles away from my home town in a very rural,...Read On


My Girlfriend's Daughters

The temptation was too much to resist

I had been dating Vanessa for a few weeks now. She is a gorgeous 40 year-old African- American beauty. Everything was going splendidly. I was a few years older than Vanessa. Being from different races was never a problem. Things were moving along so well that she wanted me to meet her two daughters. The three of them are very close, and Vanessa thought it was the right time for me to meet...Read On


Lara's Trickery

A father is seduced by his daughter's best friend

I looked at my watch. Lara must have been sleeping for about two hours. I decided to go and check, to make sure everything was okay. She had been feeling sick earlier and was resting for a while in my daughter’s bedroom before going home. Beth, my daughter, John, her boyfriend, and Lara were all eighteen and in their last year of high school. They were supposed to be going for a meal and a...Read On