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I Have Just Been Fucked Part 2

After telling my story to you all in Part 1, I have just been fucked again

I’m back, and I have cheated again. It was yesterday. I hope you are not getting fed up of this. I expect you will tell me shut up if I get on your nerves. I suppose I knew I would do it again. I haven’t told Tom yet though. I wanted to, and I still want to, but each time I promise myself I will tell him, I lose my nerve. I mean, how do you tell your husband something like that? “Tom...Read On


In The House of Forgotten Cameras

You’ve never met a cougar like Jillian. Pray you never do…

"Could you help me with my camera?" she asked. I was trying to pull the fog-shrouded pylons of the Golden Gate Bridge into focus on the ground glass of my old view-camera. As if by magic, Jillian's lithe silhouette emerged from the swirling fog. Even in the inverted image on the camera’s focusing screen, she was most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. "Umm… I guess. Sure." I stammered,...Read On


The Piano

Music awakens a deep passion

He watched her from behind, her small body gracefully moving in the dance of a trance, her hands alive with a life of their own, as they touched the ivory keys. Her fingers curved slightly as they glided from note to note; the soft murmur of sound enticing and inviting. As he listened, images flashed in his mind from subtle shades of memory to the more familiar sensual passion. Sublime...Read On


Masturbating for fiance and his best friend

Dean and James give me a massage and I return the favour...

If you haven't read our stories, we suggest you read "Fashion show leads to much more" as this is the next 100% real adventure we had with Dean. Two weeks ago James and I invited Dean over to James' house for some much needed exhibitionist fun. We hadn't done anything in a while and I was very eager to have both Dean and James give me a sensual body and butt massage. To our dismay...Read On


First trans experience

A new experience

A little bit about myself, my name is Dave, I'm about 6 foot 1. I go to the gym a lot so I'd say I've got a fairly decent body without trying to brag. I'm eighteen years old and I live in London, England. In high school, I had a girlfriend, Nikki, she was a petite 5 foot 3, but like me, she loved going to the gym, and towards the end of our relationship the squats were really paying off, and...Read On


My Life as a Wittol, Chapter Four

Stephanie convinces CJ to do a threesome

As Stephanie started to come down from the party high she felt embarrassed and worried that many of she and Rick had many friends at the party and they were undoubtedly aware of her carnal activities earlier with Roger. A few of her female friends at the party had pulled her aside and told her some of us had watched as she gave Roger a blow job in his car parked in the driveway and that most,...Read On


She Just Couldn’t Resist

Jan was furious that her daughter was enticed into lesbian sex, but she just couldn’t resist either.

The front door opened and Mike peered round the door frame. “Where’s Emily, where’s my daughter?” shouted Jan, as she shoved past Mike and headed for the lounge. Mike never had a chance to stop her as he was pushed to one side. Jan was through the door and immediately clasped eyes on Emily on all fours, raising her head from Maggie’s pussy as both women heard the commotion in the hall. ...Read On


The Only Choice

Leaning back against the bed, I know this isn't a good idea. My girl friends were sitting in a circle around me in the floor of our dorm. Megan laughed loudly, obviously drunk, and was talking to one of her other friends, Brittany. For a second, I am out of the spot light and for that I am glad since I know that it is my turn. Then I hear my name and I almost close my eyes. "Come on Liza....Read On


A Not So Guilty Pleasure

Walking to the fridge I bump into one of the cupboards, you'd think by now I'd be used to having a big rubber cock strapped to my body considering the amount of times I've been using it recently. I open the fridge and get out a canister of squirty cream. I look back to see Kev in the living room on his knees with his arms behind his back, his wrists handcuffed to his ankles. Kev is...Read On


Toni becomes a slut for old men

slut lets group of old men use her body in a public parking lot

I had met Toni at a construction site. Toni is a slut who likes being naked for strangers and getting groped. She actually gets off on being treated like a slut. I mention this because you might think I treat her badly, hearing how I talk to her. Yet she uses me as much as I use her, solely for sex. Actually, we know very little about each other which we both prefer. She told me her name...Read On


Day of Seduction

She felt her clit swell and begin to pulse with her heartbeat. Please don't tease me.

She surprised him that morning with erotic photos of her big beautiful breasts and even better, a peek at her hot pink pussy through his favorite sheer thong. He knew almost immediately that concentrating on anything but his throbbing hard cock would be impossible that day. It had been weeks since they had been able to find enough time alone, and now even just the thought of being inside her...Read On


The Girl With The Pink Flowered Panties

A guy sees a lot when he looks under a hot girl's miniskirt.

I was in an apartment laundry room when I saw them for the first time. And my cock went as hard as a rock. I've seen a lot of hot girls. I've seen a lot of girls that wore some very sexy things and that showed off a lot of skin. However, the girl that I saw on that Friday evening was one that I would never forget. The girl with the pink flowered panties. I was putting my clothes in a...Read On


Displacement activity

A broken heart, a game of tennis and a new beginning

‘It is called “displacement activity,” I think, Charlie.’ Eva, my German friend was referring to tennis and she pronounced it ‘ectiffity’ with her beautiful accent. ‘Every time you hit the ball, it is Fran you are hitting, no?’ Fran was my former lover; very former. We, Eva and I were sitting on the verandah of the old, Victorian pavilion of our local tennis club, sipping a cooling beer. ...Read On


How Easy It Is.

Until you dress En-Femme, you will not discover how easy it is for a woman to get sex.

I have gone through a few phases of crossdressing. The first phase was my private phase in that I did it at home, alone; to satisfy my feminine urge. The next phase was could I go out in public and pass. When that phase was accomplished, I needed to know if I could not only pass as a woman, but more importantly could I make a man aroused. These phases were not just a need but also a evolution...Read On


The Party - Part 1

Jay goes to a swingers party with her girlfriend Jamie

This was the second party that Jamie and I were attending. Jamie had a friend from school whose big sister Amelia was into the swinging lifestyle with her boyfriend David. She and her boyfriend had invited us to a swinging party back in March after Jamie had mentioned to her, that we would be interested in going as a couple. We had had a great time; there were three other couples, plus...Read On



“What’s wrong?” I asked over and over as she sat with a strange look on her face. Carolyn cleared her throat before replying, "I have a wonderful surprise for you." I felt myself shiver slightly at the 'wonderful surprise' as it really did not sound like I was about to get tickets to the theatre. "What’s that Carolyn?" I asked, trying to sound calm. "Oh I know you'll enjoy this every bit...Read On


The teacher is Taught - Part 3

Amanda continues to accept Jodie's discipline in front of her friends.

It had now been three weeks since 33-year-old Amanda and 19-year-old Jodie had become a serious item. The age difference had not affected the relationship albeit that 19-year-old Jodie was in charge of 33-year-old Amanda; and 'in charge' meant full disciplinary control. It also made no difference that Amanda used to be Jodie's teacher at school; even when Jodie had Amanda across her lap and...Read On


Hello Stranger

What will happen when two strangers meet again?

“Sara, you have to wear this dress!” Ella, my friend, hurls a piece of fabric across the room at me. I pull the dress over my head and examine myself in the mirror. I like the way the dress looks, but there is a lot of cleavage spilling out the top of the dress. The dress flares at my waist, making it look small and it falls to just below my ass. I’m turning to look at my behind in the...Read On


From the Mists

A viking woman waits in anticipation for the return of her lover after the summer raids.

The morning air was heavy and thick with mist. Tendrils of the morning fog wrapped its fingers around the trunks and branches of trees, engulfing the leaves in its mouth, pressing the rest of its massive body against the rippling waters of the fjord. There was nothing to be seen but gray. The world felt infinitely suspended. As if the Gods were playing with time. The birds in the...Read On


The Elevator Girl Part 2

Part the stro of young girl over sexed work place.

Today was my first day on the job as the new elevator girl of Raven Towers. As I came through the doors Charlie waved and smiled at me. "You look like a million bucks," he said looking me over. "Do you think Mr. Raven will be pleased?" I asked blushing. "Oh he'll be more then pleased," Charlie said. We went to the break room and had cup of coffee to start the day. An hour later I...Read On


My Initiation-Part20

My last room turned out to be the best one yet.

Imagine my surprise when the dorm mother turned around and she was holding a pair of handcuffs. A few days ago, I watched her as she took control of the assistant dean and put him through his paces so to speak. I have never been at the mercy of a woman, but I admit I was turned on when she had him over her knee and was spanking him. I wanted to stay and watch, but time was short. I asked...Read On

Recommended Read

Josie in Tombstone

This is a work of speculative fiction and is not purported to be an accurate historical rendering.

After all the noise and smoke and killings of 1881, Tombstone, Arizona began attracting scribes the way a buffalo corpse attracts vultures and flies. It seemed as if every newspaper back East had to have an eyewitness account of the big shootout between the Earps and the Clantons. These overly romantic seekers of Truth and Beauty inevitably ended up sitting across from Big Minnie, buying...Read On


My Son's Babysitter

She was gorgeous and I didn’t know if I could resist her sleeping with me or not.

I’ve been afflicted with ALS for the last seven of my forty years. It has affected my ability to walk, but nothing else as yet. Then two years ago I lost my wife during child birth and lost the baby as well. Without her to take care of me, I had no choice but to move in with my son from a previous marriage and his wife and their one year-old daughter. Having such a young child, they rarely...Read On

Recommended Read

03mins 43secs

Another Friday night out with the girls. They meet once a month at the same restaurant. And have been, for close to seven years. As much as Layla loved her friends and enjoyed their company, something was different that night. More accurately, something was different in her that night. She couldn't pin point exactly what had been stirred in her. But, she liked it. She felt bold, in control of...Read On

Editor's Pick


A Roman general's raid on a local village gives a surprising prize.

43 AD. Britannia. While gazing at the flickering lantern beside him, Legate Vespasian shuddered, though not from the cold. He glanced down to watch the slender, pale fingers of another’s hand trail down his scarred, olive skin and slither beneath the silk sheets that draped across him. The tender fingers encircled his now-limp shaft and gently stroked another shudder from his weary body. ...Read On


Ultra Sound

A partly true account of my appointment for an ultra sound scan.

I'm writing this in the early hours of Saturday 5th, September 2015. I want to make sure I capture every detail before the memory fades. I attend our local hospital for an appointment to have an ultrasound scan carried out. I've been having problems with my kidneys and bladder, which requires further investigation. I am shown into a dimly lit room by a nurse in her thirties. In the room is...Read On


Two is Company, Three is Fun: College Confessions Cont.

Sorry for the lapse of time since my last story. I have been busy. Hope you enjoy.

After my fling with Mark and my see saw relationship with Kate, I pretty much went emotionally numb. I would go to class, practice and work then go home. I had no life. I was lonely and depressed because all my other friends were in relationships and out partying, yet I was alone. I hated my life. I hated my body and I despised how the men around the school looked at me. Guys hit on me all...Read On


Eden's Apple

A young girl is led into temptation...

Amy nervously twirled her hair in the back of lecture hall. Though she was typically an attentive student, her mind was consumed by the head full of auburn hair in front of her. She had had her eyes on Blake for the last few weeks, though they were little more than casual acquaintances at this point. But she had finally made up her mind that she was going to put herself out there and ask him...Read On


Meeting Mistress Sarah

This story, although fiction, is dedicated to Mistress Sarah, a real person who I lost.

My heart pounded fiercely as I stood at the door to Mistress's house. I did not expect to be so nervous at meeting her again. After all I had known her for quite a while now. Mistress Sarah had been gracious enough to allow me back into her world. I was fortunate to fall under the control of such a dominant woman. She had moulded me into an obedient and submissive slave through the use...Read On


Pharmacology - Chapter One

Sophie's first day at work. Her boss is not what she expected.

My alarm blared, jolting me out of a blissful dream. I slammed my hand down on the off button, silencing the music. I checked the time, and did a double take. Eight in the morning? I was supposed to be at the pharmacy at eight! I must have hit snooze too many times, not realizing it. 'Fuck!' I shouted, jumping out of bed. This is my first day on the job and I'm already late. I haven't even...Read On