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Frozen in a kiss - part one

A lovingly filthy multi-dimensional time travel tale.

It was a rather busy day at work and I was having a hard time shaking it off so I stopped at a bar nearby to have a quick drink, not to actually get drunk, I just needed something to put that shiny hue back into the world. I decided to go to this little place I have never been. There was really nothing particularly interesting about it but the sign said “Longest bar in town!” Hmm …Is...Read On


My Step-Brother; My Love - Chapter 2

He knew it was wrong, but he didn't care.

Fuck. That’s the only word I could conjure up in my brain after what I had just seen. My god, I just saw Ann, my fucking step-sister, masturbate! I quickly ran both of my hands over my face, sighing out loud. As I open my eyes, I can see the evidence of my thoughts through my pants. Jesus, my cock was hard as iron. Slowly, I unzip my jeans and free my rock hard dick from my boxers. As...Read On


Schooling The Teacher

Her professor went too far, and now she's getting even

A week of reconnaissance on her part was worth the time invested. The history professor who had recently passed her in his course was still at work that night, staring intently at his laptop screen. It was late enough for the hallways to be deserted and their lights lowered. Even the classroom was dark except for the immediate area around the professor's desk. She watched him through the...Read On


Amy's Little Black Dress

Amy's little black dress gets the desired result

Amy’s craving for sex had exploded over the past five years. She had never known the heights of sexual gratification that her lover had shown her time and time again during that period. Each new experience only fueled her desire to push more boundaries, and she wanted him to teach her everything. The fact that she could ask anything of him, and he of her, in their mutual quest to fulfill...Read On


Library Colonel

She was married to a colonel, but she wore the birds

I had been out of the service for a year, and married to Peppi for six months. Peppi was one of the most sexual women I had ever met and our marriage had been an impulse. She introduced me to the lifestyle. With her, daily sex was a given. She even drove to the small, local college I attended so we could fuck in the parking lot at lunch. The VA helped me finance college with the GI Bill and...Read On


Spying on the Cheerleaders

Troy spies on a group of cheerleaders.

Summer had just wrapped up and school was now in session. All the high school aged children were returning back to Beverly Hills high school. The kids that attend this high school are all a bunch of rich snobby kids. They drive to school in BMW’s, Porches, and Mercedes Benz’s. Their cars are not used; they are brand spanking new. Most of these kids are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. ...Read On



I never knew she was into me.

When my wife and two daughters and I moved into our house a couple of years ago, the only thing we really knew about the neighborhood was the fact that it was outside of the bigger city, it was remotely quiet, and not a lot of traffic. It was a nice subdivision off a main road, with easy access to town, grocery stores, and about fifteen minutes across town to the local mall. It also was right...Read On


Initiation to Black Cock in the Steam Room

I meet a black man in a steam room and end up becoming a cock sucker and cuckold for black cock.

My wife Diana and I recently made a big move, from Boise, Idaho to Jackson, Mississippi, to be closer to our two children. We were forty-eight at the time, and our two children were in their twenties and married with children of their own. Our son lives in Memphis which is only about two hundred miles and a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Jackson, and our daughter lives in New Orleans, which...Read On


Erica's Second Time

After being taken by a man the first time, Erica is ready for a woman.

It was early July and I had fucked Mike a few times since he took my virginity. It would have been more if it wasn’t for him. He didn’t want to get involved in any kind of relationship, not even as fuck buddies. He did teach me a few things, though, which I am glad he did. Mostly about sucking cock. In the beginning, I used to get my teeth in the way, but under his tutelage, I became...Read On


Being Christy - Part 1

Part truth, part fantasy. My story begins

The summer before I went to university was hot. Really hot. It barely rained for weeks and when it did, it came down in torrential downpours. The air would get heavy during the course of the hot humid mornings and by lunchtime the clouds would darken and you could feel that it was going to be getting very wet, very soon. The day I first met Jenny and James I’d been into town in the morning,...Read On


Unexpected Experience

I’ve been frequenting adult bookstores for a quick blowjob through glory holes in private viewing booths ever since I found out about them. I'm not gay, but a free blowjob is a free blowjob. When I’m cumming, one mouth is as good as another. I usually stop in for a nice quick blowjob every Monday through Friday right after I get off work to get some extra stress relief. Nothing’s better...Read On


My First Cock

After fantasizing and writing about sucking cock, I finally try.

He had written me about my most recent story Party For The Ex , which was about hooking up with my ex-wife and taking her to a party where everyone started in a room and undressed before entering a party where anything was possible. In the fictional story I said that I had sex with another man in front of the ex-wife. My new follower said he had been a fan for some time and in my bio I...Read On


My Wife On The Porch - Part sixteen

The story continues

Two weeks have passed since she split with Robert and she has been spending three nights a week next door sleeping with Marcus, our neighbor. The other four nights I get to sleep with her, albeit clothed but at least I share her bed with her. I came home from work on Friday and was looking forward to the weekend, it had been a hard week and I was in need of a little rest and relaxation....Read On


Finding Time for Us (Part 9)

Candace, back at school, recalls the fun at Palm Grotto unaware she has an audience

Candace put her key in the lock and opened the door to her dorm room. Dropping her overnight bag just inside the door and kicked off her sandals. She looked around the apartment-style dorm room for a moment in the gathering gloom of the approaching sunset. She decided that her roommate either hadn’t been home for the weekend or had tidied up very recently and was currently gone. That...Read On


Emma's Triple Delight

Emma fucks three guys in one day.

My name is Emma and I'm a slut. I'm here to confess about having sex with three different blokes in one day. Think of me what you will, and you may question if this is true, or not. Who knows, it might just be true? So let me explain about myself, I'm thirty but was twenty six years old when this happened. I have curvy brown hair, blue eyes and I'm a real lady; really, I am. I'm married to...Read On


The Librarian, Part 5

Sloane and Carter have some exciting news to share...

Hello there. My name is Sloane. Four months ago, my life changed completely. I fell in love with a boy who was twenty plus years my junior. I had just turned forty-five and thought any chance of finding true love had long pass me by. Life had other plans I guess. Me and this boy fell for each other pretty fast, and pretty hard. The second time we hung out we ended up having sex. Really,...Read On


In The Army Now, Part 2

The Army continues to provide!

The next morning, the first thought through my head was what the hell did I do? I wasn’t quite sure if it was a dream or real. As soon as I tried to move and the soreness in my ass and jaw screamed at me, I knew it was real! I started to get out of bed when I felt cum dripping out of my ass, it was definitely real! It was Saturday morning, which meant we had a half day today, but definitely...Read On


My Step-Brother; My Love - Chapter 1

It was so wrong, but it felt so right.

You know how you never know what you’ve missed until you actually know what you’ve missed? I was like that. I think I was sixteen and a sophomore in high school when I saw my first penis. It just happened to be my step-brother Aaron's. He was just standing in his room naked when I walked in on him. I don’t even remember the real reason why I walked in there without knocking. You see,...Read On


Jason's Secrets Exposed, Part 4

Jason's family begin to learn about his secrets.

The following morning, shortly after breakfast, I got a text from Marilyn. "You were 100 percent right-last night was awesome," she said. I smiled to myself and replied, "You can fill me in on the details later. It can get even better if you want it to, my dear sister-in-law." I went out to the patio to smoke my morning cigar. Jason, kneeling, presented me with the humidor and I chose...Read On


Pleasing Chloe, part 2

wife gives cuckold training to husband's friend

At the end of part one Chloe had finished sharing herself with Dan and company, and she headed home to Dave. After I, Peter, had finished relaying the story to Dave, he asked me if I wanted to know what happened when she got home. “Of course,” I replied, thinking he might have some excuse for why Chloe behaved like that, that maybe she was getting revenge for something he had done. I...Read On


A Helping Hand - The Date

Trish has other plans for dessert.

Leaving Trish in her pool, the walk across the street to my house seems as though I am floating on air. My two brothers and Marty are not going to be back from their round of golf at the Tilted Rock Country Club for another hour at least. Entering the house, the phone is ringing… ring, ring, ring. “Hello, Luke?” “Hi Mom, what’s up?” “I have been trying to get a hold of you,...Read On


Lemons And Coffee

I was butt naked in front of Harry's daughter.

The gate opened slowly with the weight of my shoulder as I tried to balance the heavy box of lemons, my hot cup of coffee, and the neighbor’s newspapers. My neighbor, Harry was due back from his regular Fly-In Fly-Out shift roster and would arrive home sometime after 1800 hours that night. His partner Jackie had been away visiting family for the past week and had planned to arrive back...Read On


The Towel-Part 10

I planned on time alone, but the persistant doorbell changed that.

As Mary held my hands over my head and trapped my mouth with hers, John raised my legs to his shoulders as he put his cock deep into my cunt. The feeling of helplessness was new to me but was overwhelming my senses as something I truly wanted. Even though Mary was smothering me with the deepest kiss I have every had, I still moaned as I felt John erupt inside me which was soon followed by...Read On


Fulfilling a Couple’s Sexual Fantasy

Holly and Nick's anniversary fantasy, opening the door for another couple.

Happy hour on a Friday night at our local neighborhood bar outside of Pittsburg was always crowded and fun. I would normally meet Jerry and Jennifer there after work on Friday evenings. I was closer to the bar with my drive home from the office while Jennifer and Jerry would arrive separately since they worked in different locations. This Friday night, I walked in knowing I was there...Read On


Video Booth blowjob.

I was nineteen when I started cruising the adult bookstore video booths. It was quicker and easier than the adult porn theater, the only other place I knew I could cruise, back then. Each hall in the arcade area offered a different selection of ten or twelve videos. The first few times I went I would check out the video covers mounted on the wall in the hall by the booths and wait to see...Read On


UNLV Sorority Girl Becomes Amateur Las Vegas Entertainer

From a small town in Kansas to masturbating for men in their hotel rooms

The first pic is of my sorority Big, Katie, and me in Las Vegas where we attend school at UNLV. We are pictured at one of our hotel room engagements (more on that later). She and I have become good friends but not in any way that I would have predicted. No we are not lesbians. On the contrary we love men and started our own business in Las Vegas performing together for mostly...Read On


The Joy Of Becoming A Girl Without Kknowing It

Can it be that i have an effect on ... it

Thankfully a decent spring day arrived. With its coming brought out my need to be dressed, become and behave girlie and fem. I studied the weather patterns and made my plans to dress En-Femme with it. So that day finally was here. A joyfulness overcame me as I looked out my bedroom window and saw the sun glowing brightly. The sounds of chirping, singing birds was loud, crisp and happy. The...Read On


Sausages and Spatulas

Nobody said they couldn't play with their food.

This story only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. She watched him across the kitchen. He was naked and bent over the table, filling in the crossword in his newpaper. Keeping one eye on the pan, she sneaked over and smacked him with the hot, oily spatula. SLAP! "Ow! What was that for?" He rubbed his ass with one hand, whilst scratching...Read On


I Wouldn’t Have Guessed

Man discovers his step son getting a blow job

I married raven haired Linda about eleven years ago. She had a son, Zachary from her first marriage. At thirty-six, she still turns heads like a twenty something year old, with her firm 36 C breasts with sensitive pencil eraser nipples, a tight little apple butt and long shapely dancer’s legs that she loves to show off. Our sex life was fantastic but I think due to her...Read On


Costume Party

Being introduced to a group was the next surprise after an unexpected night with friends.

I left Jennifer and Jerry’s house after a great breakfast and several cups of coffee. I had a lot to do that day before even getting ready for the evening’s events. The day had turned out just as the weatherman had predicted the night before, a balmy warm day in the low seventies and the evening wouldn’t dip too far into the high fifties and the same weather pattern would last about three...Read On