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Maddie - Part 2

Maddie finally fucks Shane, but then something unexpected happens later...

Slight trepidation began to set in as the clarity of the words hit her. What did Shane have in mind? And would she be up for anything too drastic? The thoughts swam through her head as another orgasm snuck up on her. She forgot his hand was still busy in her cunt as she was thinking about the possibilities that lie before her. She began rocking her hips with his hand, increasing...Read On


My Social Worker and Me Pt 1

She had been my social worker and now I wanted her to be my lover ..

It had been a year since I had last seen Josie Fox. She was walking with a basket in the supermarket and I was hiding behind the bread section watching with intense interest. Josie had been my social worker for a year or so after my brush with the legal system and had done much to help me. I used to think of her often at that time and for some months after my period of probation came to an...Read On


Garter Ardor

Kneeling in front of Megan, I took her foot in my hand while the crowd around the dance floor began to cheer and chant. I looked up and met her uneasy smile with my own. The mob that encircled us was obviously anxious for her to uncross her legs and for me to begin the ritual. I stalled for time, allowing the bridesmaid the opportunity to gracefully part her legs – if she chose to do so –...Read On


Debbie's Turn

It had been a few months since my epic hairbrush spanking from Debbie. At the end of which I had said, “This punishment routine cuts both ways…expect me to return the favor when you next step out of line.” We learned that corporal punishment was an effective way to get the point across that certain behavior was not acceptable and would not be condoned. Behavior actually improved for a...Read On


The Cabin

Now here I was up at my cabin to get away from people and I was coming on to a total stranger.

My name is Amanda. When I am all stressed out I love to go to my cabin hideaway. The cabin itself was a suitable rustic one bedroom model. It is the perfect place for me to unwind and commune with nature. Early Friday morning I packed a small bag so after work all I had to do was drive to the cabin. I almost fainted when I got off work promptly at five pm, because usually the boss kept my...Read On


wife shows herself to workmen

60 yr old wife shows herself to workmen and wanks until cumming

We used to go out on "flashing sessions" as we called them over a period of many years, but haven't done it lately, as we seem to have cooled off to how we used to be. A sign of age we presumed. Until this week! We had the use of a friends caravan at a lovely but quiet beauty spot not too far away from our home. As has happened before when this has occurred it seems to make the both of...Read On


Imagining you imagining me

How I spend my time on Lush

I'm alone. I will have the house to myself for ages. It is hard not to begin as soon as I find myself alone. It's been like this since my teens. Maybe it is just what we do when we are on our own, it's always my first thought even in my 30's and in a long term relationship. The internet is always my first port of call. Surfing through various naughty sites, some known to me already, some...Read On


An account of cheating with Rach

These are accounts of some of the times Rach and I have met to play

Friends for years, we'd flirted for ages on the internet. Typing out what we'd do with each other if we ever had the opportunity. We both had partners, but both weren't sexually satisfied. So we tried to figure out ways to meet up, but everything was deemed too risky. And then out of the blue, when we were at her place, our respective partners were downstairs together... Quickly, she...Read On


Sex in the countryside

Taking Teddy on a tour!!

Continuation to Sex in the Supercenter!! As I said in my first story Helping Hand , all my stories are true events that happened to me. I hope you enjoy reading as mush as I enjoy sharing my life with you!! He called me on the phone, and as always I pretended like I didn't know who it was. So he said he wanted to meet me again. So I decided to go to the movies with him that coming Thursday....Read On


Nina, The Downfall

Nina is spanked by her Deputy in front of her work colleagues, then demoted

38 year old Nina was at her desk when Hannah came in. It was early so not many people had yet arrived at the office. Hannah was rubbing her bottom so Nina knew what had happened. 18 year old Hannah had been spanked before coming to work so had to ask Nina to look after her knickers for the day, and to check during the day Hannah hadn’t slipped on another pair. Nina shuffled on her chair...Read On


Claire Pt2 Deja Vu

We pick up where we left off 18 years ago

 “Clarissa, this is Michael O’Dell, your father.” I don’t know who was more astounded, she or I. “But, mother, he can’t be over 40,” Clarissa declared. “By my count, 36. Am I correct?” Claire said. Still dumbstruck, I just nodded, the awkwardness of the moment leaving me mute. I finally ended the awkward silence, by asking Claire, “Why didn’t you tell me?” “It was the times,...Read On


Wife Watches

I wrote this story because while there are plenty of stories where the husband watches the wife having sex with another man, there are not very many here on Lush that have the wife watching the husband have sex with another woman, which is something that I like. Please enjoy my story; it is based partly on this really vivid dream I had, based on real people. It went something like this... ...Read On


The Best Convention Ever

I skip a session at my convention and end up learning more than I'd planned.

The National Education Convention is crowded, as usual, but I’m especially excited to be here this year. I love this town, and I’m looking forward to spending some time with a friend while I’m at the conference. I can hardly wait for that, but first I have to take care of real business. I hoist the heavy canvas tote bag higher up on my shoulder and scan the packed ballroom for a place to...Read On


Doctor's Visit

I ll be your doctor from now on

I had an appointment for the doctor today, and I wanted to arrive early. When I arrived, the secretary had asked me to fill out these forms thoroughly. She asked me what kind of insurance I had. I gave her my Empire card out of my wallet. I had a seat, and started to fill the forms out to the best of my knowledge. About five minutes later I was done. I got up and gave the secretary the...Read On


A rendevous with my EX

My ex-wife has improved with age and I am glad to discover it

Generally speaking, Meg always went with me when I returned to my home town. However, since I was traveling down for a friend’s birthday, she decided to stay behind to visit Justin and his family. Since Kevin and Randy and their wives had recently had babies, I opted to stay in a hotel for the weekend. I went down on Friday and after checking in, I took a ride to Randy’s house. Upon arriving,...Read On


Change of view

It takes persistance to change the course of a river...

I could feel him about 2 inches deep; he moved slowly in and out trying for my sake to put some tenderness in this thing we were doing. He curled my legs a bit more as he went in again and finally felt some spark of sensation. “Come on, baby.” he moaned so softly I only guessed the words. Then again it wouldn’t have been hard to. He always said that. He always begged me, ironically, to...Read On


A Strangers Smile

My first attempt, all comments welcome but kind ones appreciated!

Callie looked in the mirror, twirling this way and that to get a look at the dress from all angles. Her red, chin length hair caressed her cheek as she moved. She approved of what she saw. The gold dress was above her knees by a long way but the tops of her thigh high hose were hidden. Her 4 inch heals made her look taller then her 5 foot 2 inches. She slipped a silver and gold bracelet on...Read On


Fucking Franziska Facella

“Well, are you going to help me out or not?” Franziska smiled and asked.

**THE NAMES USED IN THIS STORY ARE FOR PURE FANTASY AND EROTIC TITILLATION ONLY.** "Fucking Franziska Facella" Never did I think I would make a living as a stagehand on porn sets, but somehow, I ended up doing so. For five years, I have gone from studio to studio to areas rather unknown in Hollywood, placing items needed to produce and film such a lucrative division...Read On


Having an Affair With My Sister's Friend The End

I was going to do ten but I did 4

Karen answered the phone. She told Lee to be quiet, but he just couldn't be that quiet. So Scott heard something in the back ground. Scott asked her about it and she just told him about Lee. So she busted him on the fact that he was cheating as well with his sectary. So they decided to talk about this when he came home. So Karen and Lee hugged and kissed each other. Then he left and came over...Read On


Claire: Part 1. My First Time

I revisit the teacher who took my virginity

Claire: Part 1. My First Time By A.GreyFoxxx I walked up to the door of this pleasant looking ranch house, in a nice neighborhood. I pushed the button, and , as I heard the chime from inside, my mind drifted back nineteen years, to when I was in high school. After a lackluster, uneventful (and sexless) career as a public school student, my parents, in their infinite wisdom, packed me...Read On


Intriguing Marshall PT4

Marshall Gabriel finally runs into Maxine and has sex with her at her parents farm

He had finally met her husband who actually is the father of Maxine but he never knew it, and he wouldn’t know that until that week. He discovered Mary was going out of town with him. The woman who he had fornicated with a few times and loved doing it with him too was on her way out of town for about a month. He didn’t know why but he decided to stop in anyway. Mary and her husband had...Read On


Rough Trade

Rob finds out how good it is to know the right people......

Before you start...this is quite a long story, but please have patience. Thanks. Cindy’s ice blue eyes stare deep into mine, a rock solid, unflinching gaze. I get the impression she is not going to deliver good news. “Rob, I won’t hold back, you’re a dear friend and I care about you. I think your accounts are a wreck, and your projected figures for the next year do not inspire...Read On


Bread Love

I got more than I bargained for on a bread making course

I was complaining to my friends that I just wasn't able to find the right sort of woman and they told me that I just wasn't looking in the right places. If you want a classy lady to have to be a bit more classy yourself they told me. One of the things they said would look good would be if I could cook and bake. To this end they clubbed together and booked me on a bread making course. I have...Read On


The Throw-Away Line

Sometimes age doesn't really matter...

I met Amanda when I went back home to settle my father’s estate; “home” being a small city on the Intracoastal Waterway north of Vero Beach. Since the last time I had been back, a new pizza place had opened in a town that had more pizza places than it really needed. Their hook was “Authentic New York Style” pies, and my sister swore that they were. So after spending the better part of the...Read On


Never say never!

You cannot be closed minded and expect to enjoy life to its fullest.

Ladies you owe it to yourself to never say never! Trust me, I’ve been there and now I feel I have wasted years of enjoyment by being stubborn and closed mined. I grew up believing that anal sex was painful, dirty, and disgusting and I based it all on couple of horror stories told to me by two of my best friends during high school. Since then I have lost few boyfriends because of it,...Read On


The Botanical Beauty: Part III-Smelling the Roses

Our beguiling Isabella Bloom and John head off on a romantic date.....

The Botanical Beauty: Part III—Smelling the Roses  There is one certainty in life and that is the essential uncertainty of our frail existence. No amount of “planning” can truly prepare one for the curve balls life tends to throw or what might be around the next corner. Sometimes our curve balls cross the plate bearing a name like “cancer” and sometimes they clip the corner with...Read On

En Vacances 1: Poolside

A wallflower lost in lust. A holiday romance ... of sorts.

En Vacances 1: Poolside   Mid-morning Mediterranean sunshine flashes across the cyan pool waters as I tiptoe between the half empty lines of sun loungers towards my own. Quickly, I drape my towel across its padded bed, grab an ashtray from a nearby table, unlace the 4” sandals from my feet and plop myself down for another day hiding behind my sunglasses. This is how I holiday; my...Read On


The Biggest Cock I ever had

The best feeling I ever had - while my husband watched!

My husband has a small penis and I know from previous experience that size matters to some extent. He noticed that he could not make me cum through penetration so after work one day he came home excited with a spring in his step and said he has a surprise that I will like but might find awkward at first. I was intrigued so I said, "Darling please tell me!" He told me that he’d spoken to...Read On


An Evening For Two

A hot, steamy night between two lovers.

They laid in each others arms so effortlessly. He moved his hands from atop her stomach and started to unbutton her shirt. She sighed in comfort and laid her head back, giving him access to her neck. He took advantage of her move and kissed and nibbled it with pleasure. He pulled her shirt apart and she helped to take it off. She turned to face him. She looked into his eyes and smiled....Read On


Phone sex

Just keep reading ;)

I'm the type of person that likes to talk on the phone, given the time I could talk for hours without stopping... There are some conversations that can get very hot and heavy with my man, such as the one I had the other day...god, it had been weeks since the last time I had cum, and I was well over due. It started out like a normal conversation, with talk about how we couldn't wait to...Read On