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Homelands Pt 2 Ch 07

Finally, some alone time with his mothers.

Todd took his time with Mom. Not because he was enjoying her for her own sake, as I would have in his shoes. No, to judge by the taunts he tossed out to the rest of the room, what he was really enjoying was rubbing our faces in the fact that he was the king. If it bothered Mom that he was using her to make a point, or that he was being quite rough with her, she didn't let it show. In fact,...Read On


Screams of Joy: Part III

What happens when they join Joy's party

“Do you like watching them baby?” he whispers in my ear, making me blush but still I nod my head. “Then enjoy it.” as his fingers move back to my ass pressing inside as I stroke his cock faster making it harder in my hands with every stroke. …. “And man had I enjoyed it” I think as our black cab whips its way around central London’s busy street while Craig’s hand cups my inner...Read On


The Terrible Virgin - Part I

What does a terrible virgin have to offer?

This story only available on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. He shivered, his teeth biting into the pillow, as he felt her hot tongue trace lingering strokes up his spine. With every languorous lick, she would return to the point of origin, pucker her pink shining lips, and blow coldly along the wet streaks. He lay spread-eagled and face down, with...Read On


MBF 23 - A Surprise Gift Pt. 1

Jeanette has a surprise for her friends..

Author’s Notes: Last time we saw Jay he was having sex with Amanda and Jeanette in a room full of people seeing who had the best equipment and who could use their equipment the best. Some time has passed since that night. Things has changed between Jay and Amanda because of that night. The only question has it been a good change or a bad change. The only way to find out is read and find out...Read On


A Hole in the Darkness Chapter Two

I didn't expect her girlfriend to come back and I sure as hell didn't think she would take my place

For the next several months I see, hear, and feel… sense nothing that has anything to do with the girl I saw at the bar that night. I carried her garments with me for about a week. I couldn't resist smelling them, which caused me to masturbate to an enormous orgasm every time, until the smell started wearing off of them. I then put them in a plastic bag, hidden in my apartment in case I...Read On


Fuck My Arabian Slut Wife, Chapter II: Slut Wife Nescafe Worships Big Black Cocks

Great stories about the active sex life of the most beautiful lady with the biggest booty in Morocco

Chapter II Slut Wife Nescafe Worships Big Black Cocks (INTERR, MMF, BBC, BJ, ANAL, WIFE, CUCKOLD) My name is Aziz; I am a 45 years old businessman from Casablanca. My wife Nescafe (that’s her nickname), is 15 years younger than me. She is a very tall (almost 6’) and very sexy babe with the most perfect body you could ever imagine! She‘s got the most perfect boobs, a...Read On


Night Moves

When Passion, Lust and Love Collide at Night.

I awaken, it is still night, and shadows dance across the room as the breeze rustles the branches. Her warm face lies upon my chest, her soft breath tickles my chest hairs. My fingers are still wrapped in her hair, her hand cradles my manhood. Still asleep, she moans, then her fingers close around my shaft as her dream reveals itself. Her touch awakens a hunger within me as my...Read On


Crappy day at work

He had a bad day at work, but she made him forget all about it

It’d been a long day at work. Richard had showed up three minutes late and sure enough he’d gotten in trouble for it. His boss was new to the job and somewhat of an ass who felt he had to make a name for himself. As such, he enforced every small rule no matter how silly it was. After Richard had a private chat with his boss he returned to his office only to find a stack of paperwork the...Read On


Caught in my girlfriend's lingerie by her friends

My girlfriend lives alone, so whenever I am at her house by myself, while she's out clubbing or working, I always take the opportunity to go through all of her sexy clothes and lingerie and dress up like the slut that I crave to be. I undressed and put on a pair of white fishnet stockings, a black thong, mini skirt, black and white see through top and a sexy pair of silver high heels. I set...Read On


A Mother's Treat part 1

Sex is ageless

It was about 2.30 on that warm Thursday afternoon when I walked into my bedroom after having a shower and, since I was a 72 year old grandmother living quite alone since the death of my husband some 12 years earlier, I didn’t need to be modest when it came to walking around the house naked. Walking passed the dressing table I caught sight of the reflection of my body, in the mirror, and...Read On


The Network Boy (3)

After joining The Network, I get my first job, but first I need an outfit from NaughtyNess!

3. THE FIRST OUTFIT SESSION AT NAUGHTYNESS!. The night after my confirmation call to Eddie I had meeting with him and Jim at the pub and was officially enrolled as one of The Network Boys. True to their recruiting spiel, things had started to happen for me within a few days. I was enrolled for a course of driving lessons which meant that I would be tested and passed within two...Read On


The Olympic Spirit

Will Kate's anxiety keep her from medalling?

Kate was bothered and starting to question her life choices. She was 21, going to college part time and on-line, had no boyfriend or romantic involvement with anyone, and knew that it would be at least another five years – if everything worked out – before she could possibly graduate from law school, her academic goal. And she didn’t even know any guys she wanted to bong, let alone have any...Read On


We All Have Our Stories

Several vignettes on the theme of Crossdressing.

I want to present a few short vignettes concerning crossdressing. A most interesting and individual form of sexual gratification and fulfillment. The first story concerns a strong man, happily married and happy with the sex he is getting from his wife, but something seems missing in his life. He often walks the streets and window shops, but seems to be drawn to the windows displaying...Read On


Anna's Confessions (Part-Time Lover)

Our relationship is complicated enough, and those words might end my fantasy, my world.

Quietly I opened the door, found you on your study desk, seated in front of your laptop. I planned to seduce you tonight, I just hope I know how. Between the two of us, you're the great seducer. I decided to wear your favorite football shirt, with just panties underneath. Your shirt looked more like a dress on me, with its sleeves covering almost quarter of my arms, and its hem covered me up...Read On


The Night-Shift

Jenna had a long day at work doing the night-shift and needs to relax.

The clock hit 10-o'clock and the eighteen-year-old university student, Jenna Sykes, started packing her bag to end her shift at the studio. She was a young, aspiring artist who longed to see her work in the magazines. She wanted nothing more than to see people offering hundreads, or thousands––maybe even millions––of dollars just to have a piece of her art to themselves. She was a small...Read On


From Friends to lovers

Jenny proves that love, or lust, can be born from friendship.

First chapter of my first story. Constructive criticism welcomed, but please be gentle. The run was brief but I worked up a pretty good sweat. It was the end of a long eight-hour shift and it felt good to release a bit of stress. I inhaled long, deep breaths of the cool evening air that was spiced with the scent of mist and pine, strode to the front door and inserted my key into the knob....Read On


A Chance Encounter

Two men become gay lovers and soon one wife joins in and then the other in wife swapping.

Part Six. We went off, John, Carol, Sally and myself, to what was fast becoming our favourite restaurant for dinner that evening. It was in a small village, one main street, on the old road between Mazarron and the city of Murcia. Here, you could, if you wished, see your steak, or chicken, being cooked over a real charcoal fire before being served up just as you ordered. Again, it was...Read On

Immune To My Beauty -- Chapter 8 -- Finale

A dazzling beauty achieves immunity

I'm startled awake by the sound of something tapping against my car window. I'm shivering and I open my eyes to a bright fog. I sense movement outside my window and I wipe the condensate off to find a New York State Trooper staring at me. "Ma'am, are you okay." His voice sounds remote, so I turn the car key and roll the window down so I can see and hear him better. "I'm fine officer. I...Read On


Bi Bi Miss American Pi

A teacher takes her Chevy to the levee where she finds 1 + 1 = 3 some

Samantha Bigby was arguably the most popular teacher in the high school. She was cute, young, full-breasted, and funny; but what made her especially attractive was her accent. She was a Brit. Originally, anyway, and very recently landed from the UK. She had just married an American serviceman who had brought her back to what her dad jokingly referred to as the colonies--Virginia, no...Read On


Fun With My Wife's Two Sisters

My wife's two sisters were visiting, the oldest and the youngest, and we did have a great time.

My wife, Becky, has four sisters. The oldest, Janna, is forty-four and lives several states away so we don't get to see her very often. She's been divorced now for some years and teaches fifth grade. The next sister is Millie, she's forty, she lives in England with her husband who is British and we only see them every four or five years. Then, there's Melissa, she's thirty-seven and she...Read On


Uncle Tom's Desire

Uncle Tom loves his niece...Every part of her.

Uncle Tom barely has a chance to get out of his car before his niece Lilly wraps her arms around his neck and hugs him tightly. "I have missed you, Uncle Tom!" He had been gone for a year on business and during that year his niece had on into a fine young woman...very fine. He puts his arms around her has he feels her large DDD breasts press into his chest, he tries hard to keep from...Read On


Bring Her to the Greek

Jenny has been married for 13 years. Her loving husband always had a bit of a devious side. He loved her dearly and tried his best to get her to be sexually exploratory. Over the years he brought home many different toys and would have her dress in revealing clothing for other s to gawk at. Jenny never felt particularly sexy. Her husband has told her on many occasions that she is the...Read On


London 2012

Two strangers pay a visit

I am a single guy with a fabulous girlfriend. She is beautiful and smart. The sex is pretty good save one thing. She will not give me oral sex. She will not take my cock into her mouth. I give her good oral sex and she seems to enjoy having my mouth and tongue on her pussy and clit. The most I ever got from her is a little peck on the tip, nothing more. I am telling you this because you need...Read On


The Straight Girl from the Gay Bar

He never thought he'd pick up a girl from the gay bar.

It had been quite the summer for Richard. An emotional roller coaster had accompanied the warm breeze as his long term fiancée called off the engagement to figure out what she wanted in life. Richard had been offered free passes before but had never taken them, not believing he really needed one. This night was a different story, though. He’d been thinking about hooking up with a random for...Read On


There's More than One Way to Skin an Angel

Forget the furry handcuffs... This secret admirer has great taste!

TRUST ME It's written in big, black letters on a piece of card stock. It's the second one I've received this week. The first one had three little words on it: I WANT YOU I called a friend of mine and told her what was going on. I asked her if any of our friends were pulling a practical joke, cause I wasn't finding it funny. I was a single, young, professional that lived alone...Read On


A walk in the park

We are walking though a park on a warm sunny day. You are wearing a tight top, which is showing off your tits, a very short skirt that only just covers your firm arse. I am wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. We are walking though the long grass when suddenly it starts to rain hard. We quickly run to a near by tree to get some shelter from leave. But it’s too late as we are both...Read On


A written proposal

A letter had arrived, containing an unusual proposition: "We would like you to appear in an adult slapstick film, nudity will be required, as will a degree of intimate play with your co-star. You would be paid £300, for one day's work." Enclosed was a telephone number, an outline of what the shoot would involve with a consent to sign and a picture of the co-star to be, a delightful blonde...Read On


The Wait

entry 1. start to a full novel

She leaned in close to the computer screen, as if the words would absorb into her. She wiggled her ass in the chair, unable to sit still. The sensations going through her body, making certain parts tingle and shiver, goose bumps rose on her arms, she felt her nipples tighten in the light silky bra, the softness moving with the tightening. Her fingers ran from her neck down the slope of...Read On


Humiliated by my best friends

I had recently met a kinky lady online who agreed to be my mistress on a frequent basis. Tasks she set me included wearing panties to sleep in, leaving a butt plug in me, while we chatted and other kinky things. Last night, while we were chatting, I told her I was going to a friend's house with a few of the guys, to play cards and have a few drinks. Her dominant side took over and she told me...Read On


What Hayley did

Solo sex on a train

Last week I went to see a friend in Peterborough and ended up coming back to London on a late train. It was pretty quiet in the carriage and I was reading my book - nothing rude - when I started to feel a bit horny. I looked at some stories on Lush, on my phone and the itch got worse. That feeling in my tummy of sexual excitement, that dampness in my knickers. The motion of the train...Read On