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Immune To My Beauty -- Chapter 6

A dazzling beauty confronts her ambiguity to men.

"If I'm going to suck a guy's cock, I'm not going to do it at the novice level." I'm trying to get around to asking Candy for the use of her strapon so I can get some practice before trying to complete my ordeal of self-abasement. "Well, I don't think I've ever seen Cocksucking 101 on the night school curriculum Of the Dupage JC. You'll just have to learn like all us mere mortals,...Read On


Wife's First Threesome

Living your fantasy

One night, my wife asked me what my wildest sexual fantasy was. I often fantasized about what it would be like to share my wife with another guy or watch, while a well hung stud and another woman pleasure my wife. I wasn’t sure how she would react but I told her anyway. Initially, she seemed surprised and shocked, but she asked me to describe the details of my fantasy. As I elaborated,...Read On


Mrs. Gudenov Gives Me a Good Grade

I was ahead of the class in many ways

So, anyway, I wasn't some kind of genius or anything. I was in the 12th grade but had just turned 16 years old. You see, when I was in second grade, my teacher thought I had some good potential in the academic stuff. So, they called in someone from the state board of education, tested me, and put in the next higher grade, third. I had always been the smallest in the class. Now it was...Read On


Hospital Hijinks – Finale

Dedicated to all of my Lush Friends who offered advice

Having just enjoyed the most volcanic ejaculations anyone could ever imagine, I was weak and at least temporarily sated and spent. I lay on my back on the landing at the turn of the stairway, breathing heavily. Edna sat next to me and began gently kissing me on my face, chest and stomach, as I slowly began to regain my stamina. After a few minutes, which seemed much longer, I was able to...Read On


Boat trip in Miami

True story and photo related - Refer to my avatar ;)

Collaboration with Beckie2309 I was laid quite contently on my bed, enjoying a mid-morning day dream with sun's rays beaming through the window and penetrating through the closed roman blinds. I stretched across my bed enjoying the feel of my relaxed muscles. All was well until rather abruptly I heard repetitive thuds ascending up the staircase of my shared accommodation and suddenly my...Read On


A Chance Encounter

Two men become gay lovers and soon one wife joins in and then the other in wife swapping.

Part Three. Saturday evening arrived and after my shit, shave, shower and shampoo, got dressed as Sally did and were ready to go out when the buzzer from the gate sounded. Giving K9 a pat and telling him to be a good boy and look after the house, we went out. ‘No need for two cars,’ John said at the gate, ‘we’ve brought ours. Bob, this is Carol. Carol, meet Bob.’ He was introducing me...Read On


Net Gains (1)

She beands over for him

When we discovered Horny Amateurs - Post Your Own we never dreamt itmight suddenly disappear. But it did. There one day, gone the next. No explanation. Never returned. Sad, because it really was one of the best, reserved for genuine amateurs to post their clips. No expertly lit twenty-something blondes with silicone tits and fake money shots. On HA the camera work was not always the best...Read On


The Proposed Affair ~ She's Been a Naughty Girl

Neither hubby nor her proposed bull know about the boss

Karen padded into the kitchen the next morning with her arms full. She was running behind and clearly in a hurry. She had her briefcase in one hand, high heeled shoes dangling from a finger. Papers were tucked under the same arm and in her other hand she was texting. "Coffee?" she asked her husband, her eyes glued to her phone in concentration. "On the counter," said David. He glanced at...Read On


The Network Boy (1)

How it all started! The nature of The Network and the people involved will unfold in future episodes

THE NETWORK BOY. 1. IT STARTED WITH A STREAK!. Do you believe in fate? That things happen to people because they are meant to be? Or maybe it is just sheer coincidence that seemingly random and mundane decisions can turn into life changing ones. My life as a Network Boy began with one of those decisions, and a streak! An unplanned and initially unwilling one, but a streak...Read On


Staying with our lady friends

How staying at Margarets and Florences excites me!

As we drove back to camp from our weekend in London, I was excited to realize there were others queers like us who were happy with their lifestyle choices. It was all I could think about for the longest time, and how they could socialize with others like themselves, relax and enjoy without worry or feeling ashamed. Of course I admitted to Darlene how excited I was, and thanked her over and...Read On


A Natural

A guy brings out the submissive side of his prude girlfriend

He told her he had a special surprise for her…She didn’t know what. Maybe he was going to propose?! They already lived together so he couldn’t be asking that. Or maybe it was just a puppy or a necklace. Maybe he got a promotion and wanted to celebrate it?! He told her to wear something sexy. I don’t own sexy, she thought with a grimace. She put on her shortest dress, which was still just...Read On


The Mirror lover

Matthew is borderline crazy in love with the man inside his mirror.

Matthew was sitting in front of his mirror, staring at what happened to not be his reflection but a boy who looked exactly like him, but with some differences. Matthew was only seventeen, still barely a junior. He had somewhat of a light wavy blonde hair that draped down to his chin. His eyes were a bit large, and doe like, and the colour was a shade of violet, with large circular frames...Read On


The Ride Home

A blow job for the trip home

Julie and Randy worked at the same restaurant, her as a hostess, and him as a waiter. It was one of those sports bar type restaurants, where they had the women wearing some sexy blackoutfit, while the men had just black pants and a black button up shirt. The ladies were told to wear a black button up blouse, and a short mini-skirt with knee high socks - this way, they could earn more tips...Read On


A chance opportunity

She doesn't believe in second chances.

She stood next to me, a short girl of 5' 2". Her dark brown hair, almost verging on black was covering the majority of her face. She was hiding her beauty away from the world tonight. This was a gathering for a friend's father who had recently passed. All of his friends had come in support of his family. His father was a famous man- but it was still a shock at the number of people who were...Read On


Sania's Second Chance

Divorced and remarried, Asian wife finds sexual freedom.

When we first met, she was the uber bitch friend of a friend. I found out that she was going through a divorce and can’t say I was surprised. I began to see her more often as the days and weeks went on. She would show up to our happy hour sessions and at the occasional BBQ. She was forceful and mouthy, and increasingly sexy. As 42 she was a delicious cinnamon complexion Asian American with...Read On


Wet Encounter

It started becuse I hadn't had it for weeks and was feeling horny as hell. I had never really seen the big deal about meeting people on the internet, especially not for just one-off encounters; but I just felt like what I was in the mood for was ridiculously meaningless sex with whatever cheap and easy girl was up for it. It took a surprisingly little amount of time to find someone. I thought...Read On


Another boring day

What happens when a salesman comes to call.

Another boring day ahead was the thought going through her head as she loaded the dishwasher again, that was until the salesman arrived at her door. She stood at the door listening to him for at least ten minutes, when suddenly the sky grew black and the heavens opened. She quickly ushered him inside and helped him remove his soaking wet jacket, both of them laughing at his predicament....Read On


House Husband 4

The continueing story of a House Husband.

House Husband 4 CHAPTER 1 Sally had asked me quite out of the blue if I’d, “Ever had a Butt Plug stuck up my arse?” We were sitting in the garden at the time enjoying the weather and relaxing. It wasn’t the sort of question I was expecting, not that it would be the sort of question I would be expecting at any time I suppose. “Why on earth did you ask me that?” I asked. “Just to...Read On


Sylvia, my girlfriend's mother, teaches me

Her mother instructs me on how to treat women

Sylvia, My First Pussy Part 2 Sylvia was Linda’s mom, and she said she thought highly of me as a kid who had promise. She was heavily involved in the youth movement at the State level, so I guess when I was elected President of the State organization; her positive opinion of me was pretty much solidified. She chauffeured me to numerous state conferences, so we got to know each other...Read On


A new way to play Cupid -Part One-

This is my first story, please leave feedback so I can improve.

"Just you wait, the birthday present I got you is amazing!" Zoe, my best friend said excitedly. I couldn't help but smile at her words as I recalled her previous presents. For my sixteenth birthday, she gave me my first orgasm. Last year I unwrapped a vibrator, which has become a common toy in our play times. With such great gifts in the past two years, I had no idea what she could...Read On


Our First Anniversary

My wife had a surprise on our first anniversary, her best friend.

Chapter 1 I suppose the title of my story could be, "I Married a Bisexual," but while that's true, there's more to the story than just that. Yes, my wife, Robin, is a bisexual. She's had sex with males and females, well, female, singular, and that would be her oldest friend, Renee. And, she's done so consensually and with complete enjoyment. I knew all about it and really didn't...Read On


Cloud 23

This is my first every story, hope you enjoy it.

She took a long sip of champagne, savouring the bubbles on her tongue and scanned the sumptuous décor of Cloud 23 with her deep blue eyes. The day was finally here. After months of texting, emailing and chatting, today was the day they would finally meet for the first time. She felt a shiver of anticipation run through her body as she thought about what was to come. She cast her gaze...Read On


Confessions Of A Naughty Bad Girl: If You Dare

Brianna's Story

I walk into the living room of the apartment I share with four other girls. Danielle is sitting on the couch watching TV, with her current man, Blake. "Hey Brianna. Where you going all dressed up?" Danielle asks. "To a party, for a friend of mine." "Oh well have fun." "Where's everybody else?" I ask Danielle. "Nicole is with Jack, or that's where I'm assuming she is. Addison is at...Read On


Cash room Loving

one employees mistake lead to an adventure of a lifetime.

This is my first story. I would like some feedback on it, good or bad is appreciated This is purely fictional and names are coincidental. About the Characters: Steve is an 18 year-old male with an above average cock and is a CSM at a grocery store and a lot of the cashiers that I work with are 18 year-old female cashiers with lovely ass's and tits. Kelsey is an 18 year old cashier...Read On


First Date

Cathy and Jason's first date

First Date Cathy sat at the bar in the new trendy restaurant which had just opened in town. She was both excited and a little nervous at the prospect of meeting her online date for the first time. She sat sipping her wine white spritzer, whilst taking in the atmosphere of the inn. It was around three months ago she had placed her ad on site stating “lively, attractive Irish lady, new to...Read On


The Interview Ch. 3

Nina learns the truth about her 'trainer' and herself.

I heard the sound before I felt the vibrator touch my clit, I thrashed against my bindings from sheer shock. He pushed the vibrator harder forcing me to take the full pressure. I moaned as my breathing came in short pants and my brow creased into a scowl. As he rested the vibrator on my clit there was a cold, metal object slid up my belly and my nipple was inflamed in the pain of a clamp....Read On


We Have Fun Several Ways

During my career in the Air Force I encounter many kinds of sex.

You know, I really joined the Air Force in 1972 because I thought that I was going to be drafted and that meant the Army or the Marines. I was only a little fucker. Sure didn't want to be out in some jungle fighting other little fuckers. I wasn't so much a physical coward as a realist. Fighting wars just wasn't something I could be good at. I had lost my virginity in a fumbling kind of way...Read On


Gemma's First Time

Gemma loses her virginity.

I tremble with nerves as I wrap my arms around his neck and lean into him. Jack leans down and kisses me, a soft, tender kiss which calms me a little, before entwining his fingers through my hair and pulling me in for a deeper kiss. He bites my lip and arousal sparks through me, dispelling the last of my nerves. I pull him down onto the bed and sit as he straddles me, hands roving over my...Read On



Wife becomes sexually charged with hubby and another man in Miami

Finally! With our crazy schedules, my wife Lori and I found a weekend where we could get away from the stresses and strains of our jobs and enjoy! She’s a nurse in a large hospital so if she's not scheduled for work on a weekend, I'm off on a business trip "Where should we go Honey?" she asks excitedly as we sit by the dinner table eating a late night meal she whipped together. I reply as...Read On


Pianist Fingers

None of the following are true events! Pure fantasy! :) It was a typical autumn day. The temperature was still warm but the smell of leaves wafted through the air. It was my favorite smell. I was 17, a senior in high school. I walked into my choir room, yes I considered it mine, as I was there for class twice a day. Not only that, but I was there before school, after school and whenever I...Read On