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Just Do What You're Told - Part Four

Susan discovers a new life under her Master's firm control.

It had been almost a week since the day of Susan’s first (and second) enema. As instructed, she worked all day on her essay describing everything that happened that day. Bill expected not only comprehensive details of the actual events, but also insisted on clear expressions of how Susan felt during each story point. Susan had no idea why Bill was having her do this but she was sure that...Read On


Watching my boyfriend with another man (Part 2)

After being caught, Im exposed at the naughty girl I am.

This is a continuation of my last story. Unless you have read it, this wont make much sense. I walked into the house. Only to be met by Mark and the man holding my panties. I was petrified. They just looked at each other, smiled and said, "We've been waiting for you" Before I had a chance to respond Mark's mouth was on mine, kissing me passionately and deeply. His tongue was pushing...Read On


Maddie - Part 1

The night after a horrible date, Madelyn runs into a guy she saw from the night before.

Madelyn walked through her front door and immediately threw her keys as hard as she could against the couch that sat opposite of the doorway. Pissed off, a little tipsy and rather horny, she made her way to her bedroom before ridding herself of the dress that she selected for Him – the modest sun dress with a hint of sexy added in. She made her way to the bathroom to relieve her...Read On


19 year old Zack pounds both the wife and husband

19 year old bisexual Zack fucks both the wife and the husband

Trish and Mark were your everyday couple. Trish was a gorgeous brunet who had just turned 41 years old while Mark was a 45 year old fitness trainer who kept his body in immaculate shape. Over the last year they had talked about expanding their sex life outside their marriage. They checked out several different options including swinging, but ultimately decided on that they looked for a lover...Read On


I Still Love You Tomorrow

How could she be so forgiving? I didn't understand... Caught with the evidence of my secret on my face, my body, and in my hair, I was frozen by her stare as she stood in the bedroom doorway, eyes wide as teacups. “Oh,' she said, too shocked for anything more. I had lied to her! I wouldn't have blamed her if she had left me in that instant, but she stayed. Why? How? We sat together...Read On


Behind the bushes

Just keep reading. ;)

I always thought the teenage girls blowing guys behind the trees and bushes were whores...until I was one of those girls. It was a late summer day close to lunch time and I had spent all week waiting for my boyfriend at the times' cock. I had been suffering every hour of everyday. Then as soon as I had finished my lunch he told me innocently that he wanted to ride up to the park and...Read On


A Story Of Colleagues Ch. 03

Lana and Kaitlin's turn, the end of the night.

I looked at Lana… “How about you next?” She smiled, and began taking off the rest of her clothes. “You said you had taken it in the ass before, Lana… did you enjoy it? If so, did you want to do it again?” She looked up at me as she released her bra, freeing those gigantic orbs on her chest. I reached for them and took them in my hands as she thought. “I enjoyed it, but the guy was...Read On


My Affair His Roommate

My lover and his roommate have their way with me in the shower...

TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL The day after the little peepshow we gave your roommate, I felt kind of embarrassed to be around him in the apartment. Thinking back, when I first met you guys, I eyed him up before setting my sights on you. He was no slouch either. I'm quite tall at 5'11 and he fit the bill for me. Marco is tall, good looking, well muscled with a great tight ass. But a little...Read On


Goldy Locks and The Three Behrs

Goldy breaks into the Behr's cabin and makes herself comfortable.

Goldy Locks, vain and slightly stupid, loved to tease and torment men. Bouncing around her town, she relished the attention she got from the males. In her incredibly short shorts and skimpy, transparent tops, she offered only glimpses of her goods. It was a well known fact that she snared her prey, only to spend every dime he had and then drop him, like he was diseased. To say the women of...Read On


Was it a Dream? Ch 1

“Did you ever have a dream that was so real you could swear it actually happened?”

"My name is, Kandikiss51, I’m a writer here on Lush. I do it for the joy of writing, plus the fact it makes people feel good and by feel good I mean masturbate. I had just posted a story about phone sex. Another lush writer named Michael; left me a comment. “Great phone call, I love jerking off when I don't have the real thing. I wish she’d call me.” I always read my comments and reply...Read On

Recommended Read

Charge Nurse

Nurse Bobbi takes charge of her patient care

Tom lay in bed looking at his leg; the cast on his foot still looked odd no matter how many times he looked at it. He was used to seeing his feet clad in an assortment of boots or shoes, but this cast was difficult to accept. An independent man, he was not used to having to be assisted with all of his daily activities. There was no privacy either in this facility. The staff, though pleasant...Read On



Kissing me gently, I turn towards you and mingle with your lips. I feel your tongue slide between mine and I fight it back with equal force. I pull you on top of me, my hands grazing every inch of your body, stopping on your firm ass. You push against me, kissing me harder and running your fingers through my hair. I grab your ass, gently at first, and then harder in response to your soft...Read On


The Photo Shoot

The Photo Shoot by Miss Anonna When I pulled up to the house I realized how huge it really was and honestly, it didn’t surprise me considering how much I was getting paid to be a photographer for the next few hours. After one week of emails I had finally agreed to this guy’s pleadings for some professional photos of a couple in his humongous house. It seems he had been planning this for...Read On


Young Gay Sex

A first time gay sex with a very hot boy.

My name is Leo, and I am 16. Before I was the age I am currently, I was completely straight. But, being in an all-boys boarding school, I haven't been used to girls. I haven't had my first boob, pussy, or even my first kiss. Since I was with all boys, I had gotten over my shyness. It didn't bother me to shower or change in front of them. During my second marking period, I had gotten a...Read On


The Joys of Penetration - Part 1

You're never too old to learn

The last year that I was living in Florida, I was dating a woman named Phyllis who had an interesting perspective on oral sex. While she had no problem providing it, she wasn’t real keen on having it performed on her. As she told me on numerous occasions, her sexual preference was penetration. Vaginal, oral or anal; it didn’t matter as long as she was being penetrated. Preferably culminating...Read On



Older woman helps young single mother in her time of need.

Rose (F/f) By Dudetodude Note: I have re written an older story of mine and re posted it under my current pen name. Hope you enjoy it! This story is about an older woman and a young mother whose casual relationship had developed into more than what the young mother had expected. My name is Lacy and since my divorce six months ago, I have been living on my own with both...Read On


I just popped out for some smokes

My wife surprised me upon my return from the store on the corner...

It was a beautiful, lazy day today. It had been raining for a few days and the stifling December heat was finally broken. I woke up early this morning. As I slid out of bed, my wife still lay asleep, not stirring. I quietly moved to the kitchen and made some coffee. While the kettle heated up, I fired up my PC and immediately logged on to the internet to find hot pics of sexy trannies...Read On


Masturbating in my boyfriends bed

How I had fun last night

I was lying in bed in the afternoon, getting ready to take a nap. My boyfriend wasn't home and so I tossed and turn in the large empty bed. I had the blankets wrapped around my warm body. I slept completely naked, and so occasionally while I rolled over in bed, the blankets would ride up between my legs. At first I payed no attention to the softness of the cool blankets, but eventually I...Read On


Flash back

My education by a super milf

FLASH BACK By Tender Cowboy I sat at the kitchen table reading the local paper, sipping my second cup of morning coffee. The price of crude oil was up and cattle prices were down, nothing very newsworthy, I thought as I quickly scanned the obituaries. Well, my name's not in here so I guess it’s a good day, I thought to myself with a chuckle, but one name sort of caught my eye: J.P....Read On


A Story Of Colleagues Ch. 02

Next up is Brianna, with some help.

At this point, the other three girls slowly and quietly backed out of the room, closing the door behind them. Fortunately, Rochelle was still too lost in pulling the rest of the cum out of my cock that she didn’t notice the click of the latch. I pulled her back up to me and kissed her, and then sat up with her. “You may want to go clean up, the other girls are back.” “Oh? How do you know?”...Read On


Having an Affair With My Sister's Friend Part 1

I'm Amber and 30. I'm 5'1 and have a nice brother named Lee. One Saturday I went to the Colchester zoo with my brother, my 5 year old daughter named Jessica. My friend named Karen and her 6 year old son named John also tagged along. Our two husbands both had to work. We were all looking at the bears. “John don't knock on the glass,” Karen said. “OK mommy,” John replied. Then we...Read On


My Affair

A true story and adventures of my weekend affairs

My first submitted story... advice and feedback appreciated... Thanks! I've gotten used to wearing no underwear when you're around. I could be cleaning up the kitchen and you'll slide your hand up the inside of my leg, slide a couple of fingers deep in my slit and give me a feel. Other times I could be bending over and you'll slide right in, balls deep in a second. Of course it helps...Read On



The train took one back in time to the old west, through the Black Hills of South Dakota.

I was visiting my sick aunt in Rapid City, SD. I was there a week, when one night at the supper table she suggested I drive down to Keystone, after all she wasn’t ill enough for me to be twenty-four-seven. She handed me a brochure and said, “It’s a trip back in time, on an authentic 1880 train, check it out, I know you’ll enjoy it. The train took one back in time to the old west, through...Read On


The Guy Next Door - Part 2

Lola woke in the middle of the night to the sound of deep throaty moans from a husky voiced woman. "Oh God! Faster!" she heard. Lola was suddenly wide awake and incredibly curious. She slowly rose from her bed, anticipation making her body tingle all over. She could see light pouring in from her open window and moved closer, the sounds of moaning increasing with every step. Lola gasped as...Read On


Watching my boyfriend with another man

Walking in to see my boyfriend with another guy gets me wetter than ever before.

Coming home from work I only had one thing on my mind. Sex. Hard, rough, kinky sex. I hadn't been able to focus all day. Lucky for me there wasn't much work to be done. On the way home I planned it out in my mind. I would surprise my boyfriend Mark when I got home. Chances are he would be taking a nap in our room. As I pulled into the driveway I noticed another car. It wasn't his and I was...Read On


Beach Patrol

Strict enforcement has its rewards

I first met Nancy when I was working the overnight shift as a part-time police officer for a small ocean-side town on the Atlantic. She was sixteen, and her parents had just bought a small complex of duplexes in town. She was working at the only fast-food joint in town, and the only place in town open to get something to eat or drink after 10PM on a Saturday night, my usual shift. However,...Read On


Sex in the Supercenter

Walmart, worth the trip!!

Woke up today hornier then I have been in awhile now. Got into the shower rubbing the soap over my body I could feel the warm water running down my hot silky skin. Feeling very naughty, I took a step back letting the water hit my hard throbbing clit. It felt amazing as I started to thrust my hips towards the stream of water. I could feel an orgasm building up just as my dad knocked at the...Read On


Just Do What You're Told - Part Three

Susan discovers a new life under her Master's firm control.

Susan woke up as the morning light came shining through her window. Bill’s now limp cock was still in her mouth. As directed, she immediately started licking and stroking his dick back to life. She loved the idea of sucking him off for breakfast, but a part of her would not have minded being fucked. She couldn’t believe herself; one quickie with her husband, and she’s set for a week. This...Read On


A Story Of Colleagues Ch. 01

After ending a relationship, a guy finds solace in his co-workers.

A STORY OF COLLEAGUES – So, I used to work at a low-volume restaurant in a small town. For whatever, reason, though, we had some extremely good looking girls who worked there. This is a story about my encounter with four of them. For privacy’s sake, names and identifying information have been changed, although physical descriptions are accurate. First, you have to understand what these...Read On


Caught and Spanked by Two Women

I was nearly 17 and two attractive women made me undress to be spanked

I’d been in the scouts for years and usually enjoyed everything about it. At nearly 17 maybe I was getting too old for scouts but that wasn’t all, it hadn’t been the same recently and everything that Miss Swift and Miss Philips said and did made me cross. Our Scoutmaster, who was brilliant, had been ill for a while and so the two Arkelas were in charge - they were in their late twenties and...Read On