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Bored Housewife Learns Her Lesson

Barnkitty's show earns her a red bottom

Barnkitty had been home all day, bored, waiting for TomCat to arrive. She knew he would be extra-late tonight. Sometimes the office just got the better of his time, but he meant to earn for his family, take care of his wife, and excel in his career. The same cannot always be said of Barnkitty. She lacked focus, thought often of sex, fluffy clouds, and men with firm hands and deep...Read On

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The Closet Hideaway

Forced to watch hot sex while hiding in the closet.

Chuck had been working for his Uncle Gino in the family’s private investigation and security business for the past three years since dropping out of college. He had been sent by Uncle Gino to install some video and electronic surveillance equipment in an apartment. Hiding and setting up surveillance devices is what Chuck did best and he loved what he did. He had been slightly nervous as...Read On


Our First Threesome

We have a great sex life and want to spice things up a bit.

Swinging or partner swapping is a the lifestyle in which both partners in a committed relationship agree, as a couple, for both partners to engage in sexual activities with other couples as a recreational or social activity Swinging can take place in a number of contexts, ranging from a spontaneous sexual activity at an informal social gathering of friends at a swingers' club, an...Read On


The Numbers Game

As he accepted the chat request he certainly didn't know what he had agreed to...

The past weeks had been terrible. My wife Suzie – well I should say ex-wife at that point – and I had just passed through all that divorce crap. It had taken us several months to get it all settled. It felt as if we had wasted more time fixing all that rights-stuff than during our three years of marriage . Well, at last it was over yet but I didn't really know how to feel about it. I...Read On


Young Adult Group

This story is dedicated to my new friend NaughtybyNature after a NICE long NAUGHTY CHAT. I decided to write a story involving us :) Hope you enjoy. About a year an a half after high school I was looking for a job but nothing was available in the little town I lived in. One day my mom and her sister were talking on the phone and the subject came up. My aunt told her that my uncle was...Read On


Pictures - Just For You!

How do you take sexy pictures of yourself...I had fun doing mine!

Pictures - Just For You! I had never considered posting any pictures of myself on my profile page, just because I didn’t want to. I like the thought of being anonymous, mysterious if you like, hence the profile picture of a dark character. I have nothing to hide, I mean I’m not hideous or anything like that, just a normal bloke. You could say I never considered striking up a...Read On


My Final Fantasy: Part IV-Reality

Marella brings the game to it's conclusion.....

My Final Fantasy: Part IV— Reality Well tonight is the big party that John and Marella have been planning for his new business launch in Durham. Marella is the sexy young nineteen-year-old student John has hired part time to live in his house and help him take care of the large property. When we last left our two characters it was mid-day on a hot sunny day and John was poolside at...Read On


Just Do What You're Told - Part One

Susan discovers a new life under her Master's firm control.

I Bill had received a few emails from “slutineed69” through the web site. At first the notes were short and pretty banal. Her picture showed a smiling, early 50’s, school teacher type. Nothing unattractive by far, but nothing that demanded his immediate attention. Bill would send short replies, usually asking her some leading question to see where she went. Her answers were usually...Read On


This One Time At Band Camp... (Part 1)

A lucky band guy gets invited by a hot girl to have some naughty fun.

The first girl who ever blew me was the last girl who did it perfectly. Her name was Kaitlyn. She always wore tons of bracelets on both arms, and had red highlights in her blonde hair. Her breasts weren't the largest around, but they were a decent size, and her ass was incredible. It wasn't flat and it wasn't too big. It didn't have a ridiculous width. It was perfect. I'll admit now...Read On


My Kind of Southern Hospitality Pt 1

This is a story about a girl who receives a very warm welcome when I moves down south.

This is the first story I've published. Hope you enjoy! I was only seventeen years old when we moved into our new house on Elm Street, Tennessee. I was 5"5, about 110 lbs, and I had jet black hair with emerald gray/green eyes. I had 36C sized breasts, which looked very big on my small frame. In my old town I'd had lots of friends and I'd kissed a little over a dozen boys, but I'd never...Read On



It was around 3am that morning when I awoke hot with wanting and my pussy slippery and wet. My husband lay snoring next to me. I moved slowly off the bed and walked out the room, sleeping in the spare room was his 19 year old brother. I silently opened the door and stepped inside his room. He was gorgeous to look at and since we had started naughty chatting a month before I knew he would...Read On


Sharing my girlfriend with strangers

My girlfriend wants your cock!

This is a true story, and happened over the past weeks. I have no doubt there will be many more stories to share with you. I have this kink with my beautiful partner of 2 years being with other men. I get so hard and horny to think of other tongue, fingers or cock making her cum. She is multi-orgasmic and curvaceously sexy with a short brunette bob, incredible green eyes and a gorgeous...Read On


Another Side of Simon

Young love releases the animal in Simon.

Simon and Melissa had been seeing each other for a couple of weeks. A couple of coffee dates, a movie or two; nothing too serious, just a bit of fun. Simon could hardly believe his luck - he was a bit geeky-looking, never had much luck with girls, but Melissa was absolutely stunning. They met in a physics class they were both taking, and Melissa had sat next to him, even though there were lots...Read On


Revenge Sex Gangbang

My girlfriend, being totally convinced that I had cheated on her, carried out a revenge sex scheme.

(episode 14) After spring break things between Jennifer and I were much better than the weeks preceding. Neither one of us questioned what the other had done on spring break. We had broke up before spring break, therefore, free to do whatever with whoever during that time. No doubt, we both had hooked up with someone during that time and to bring it up would only be hurtful to both of us. ...Read On


Best Friends to Lovers (part 2)

Kelly’s eyes widen at the thought of what Grace was going to do but she was up for anything. Kelly felt she had waited long enough to be Grace who was her best friend. Grace moved down as she unbuttoned Kelly’s jean shorts slowly pulling them off her long legs. Kelly was fit from volleyball in high school as well as bicycling few miles everyday, running, and swimming. Grace smiled because...Read On


How He Dominated My Wife With His Big Cock

How my 49 year old wife got fucked by a large cock and loved it.

For two years, I'd pestered my 49 year old wife about making love to another man while I watched. I was rejected every time as she wanted no part in doing something that she thought wasn’t right. She also thought at her age no man would even want her. I had been my wife’s only partner and after more than 20 years of marriage I wanted to see her so badly with another man. Our love life was...Read On


Mourning Routine

She delivers pleasure while he continues to cyber with another girl

Mourning Routine She ran her tongue along the smooth skin as she stroked him. Her mouth pulled as she sucked her way up and then back down his length. Her mouth drew him deep and then deeper still into her. On her knees before him, she performed the task designed to please. Little drips of spit ran along him as she sucked on his member. Plopping noises as she drew back the large head coming...Read On


An Unexpected Bonus: A Mile High

I hop on a plane for my summer escape, and join the Mile High Club with a smokin' hot stranger

Usually I love summer. An enthusiastic sun-worshipper, I am also addicted to being the object of admiration under any circumstances, and my body in a bikini is certain to attract attention from any red-blooded male within view. As a result, I like to spend my summers in tropical locales where I can live in a permanent state of near-nudity. The logical choice would have been to spend my...Read On


Dave and Sugar Ch 2

Now shove it in harder and rub your clit, I want you hotter than a firecracker on the fourth of July

I’ve only known Dave for about a month. Every day he calls me to talk about everything from cooking to sex. His Cajun accent fuels many of my masturbation fantasies. On this particular night, I was already turned on, and excited and was about to reach for my toy when the phone rang around midnight. “Hello.” “Hi what are you doing right now?” Oh my God he has such a deep, wonderful voice. I...Read On


A Paladin Corrupted

A noble paladin is corrupted when he sees a woman bathing

One day, in the great mountains that extend for leagues and leagues to the east of the Kingdom, a noble Paladin was riding through the trackless woods. The Paladins were the noblest and strongest of all the knights of the realm, halfway between monks and warriors. This Paladins name was Matthias, and even as far as Paladins go, he was tall, and strong, and handsome, and upright. While...Read On


Something New

A man introduces a whole new world of sex to his wife.

I walked out through the front door of my work building, and looked up for a moment to admire the tall skyscraper directly across the road. It was one of many buildings commonly associated with my city. I hailed a cab and, as I told the driver the location of my apartment, scanned the streets to gather in all the people. They were all different, each with different stories, different...Read On


When Lust Becomes Ecstasy

Part 2 of Disgust to Lust! After Dana becomes too much to resist, it's Derek's turn...

It had been two days since Dana had blown him away...literally. Two whole days since she even gave him so much as a lustful glance or even any sexual sign that she wanted him. Could people do that? Be insanely sexy one encounter then completely untouchable the next? Must be female thing, Derek concluded as he patted his forehead with a towel. If Dana was suffering the least bit, then he...Read On



First time writing in this category... comments and opinions would be helpful :-)

I sit here at my desk, my chin in my palms and bored so badly, I think I might die. I yawn loudly, not just to show how un-entertaining this lesson is, but also because I am tired as hell. I get the evil eye from Mrs Milan but she doesn't say anything about how 'rude' I'm being, because she likes me. This is mainly because she is a teacher straight out of uni and all the other lads in my...Read On


Being Naughty Alone

Driving home, I start to feel naughty...

As I am driving home I start thinking about you, and begin to get excited. I am stuck in traffic so I get antsy, wanting to come home and pleasure myself. Too excited to wait, and fortunately wearing a skirt, I spread my feet slightly so my thighs part, and licking my index finger, reach up my skirt. Once my fingers reach my crotch, I pull my underwear to the side, revealing my pussy. I reach...Read On



A loving wife ties up her husband for an unforgettable evening of pleasure.

We had played around with bondage before. What horny couple didn't? Nothing too rough, just using my old ties to keep her from being able to use her arms. Our bed has the perfect headboard for it, with nice bedposts to tie Jennifer's hands to. We've been married for ten years, since we were 22. I'd estimate that I've tied Jennifer up maybe 7 or 8 times, and she had tied me up twice. As I...Read On


Let's Go For a Drive Ch 2

When I venture outdoors I could wear little or nothing at all, because I'm an exhibitionist.

My friends call me Amanda. I’m fifty-five, and a red-haired sexy BBW. I live in a small apartment on the outskirts of a major metropolis. On the back side of my place is a deck which is secluded away from the main road. During the day, my neighbors are usually gone to work, so I can do just about anything I want. This means when I venture outdoors I chose too, could wear little or nothing at...Read On


The Bonus Surprise

A young attorney's bonus turns out to be a much bigger surprise than he would've ever imagined.

John Grabo stood motionless watching as the bailiff passed the sheet of paper with the verdict to the judge. The federal judge took the paper and read it stone faced before looking up and seriously addressing the court. As the the words, “Not guilty of racketeering,” came out of his mouth John Grabo felt an incredible sense of elation. John’s client, the notorious Miami crime lord, Carlo...Read On



Slow, complete seduction of a beautiful wife in the prime of her cycle.

Ashley should have mentally drained after a long week of employer-sponsored training, the endless monotony of high-tech lectures, and computerized e-learning quizzes. Instead, as she made her way back up to the hotel's elevator, awake and maybe even sexy. She was going home the next day, but tonight she looked forward to her last night away from home. I, of course, knew none of this, but as...Read On


The Panty Princess

Dominant girlfriend discovers her love for submissive boyfriend

Jane and I had only been living together for three weeks when I was caught red-handed. I was mortified when I saw her in the mirror, standing behind me with her mouth wide open. She had managed to come through the front door, up the stairs and into the bedroom without making any noise. I tried to explain that it was the first time I’d ever done such a thing, but she was having none of it. ...Read On


My summer holidays in the US

Lola's side of the story written by dfjohn

dfjohn wrote a story about my summer holidays in the US (Neighbors' niece). Here is my side of what happened. I first met the Johnsons when I was ten years old, or so. They had just moved in as the new neighbors of my uncle in San Diego. I never saw Mrs. Johnson and later I found out that Mr. Johnson was a single father with a single son, Dave. Their house was much bigger than uncle’s...Read On