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Night at the Casino

Strangers meet at a Casino and hook up for some fun.

“Hit me.” The suspense is killing me. A lot is riding on what happens now. I hold my breath as the anticipation builds. I start to doubt myself. It was an impulsive decision, one I may seriously regret. I start to have doubts as I look at the 7 and 3 on the table in front of me. “Ace – that makes 21 and black jack. Congratulations” I start at the chips the dealer is placing in...Read On


House Husband 2

The further adventures of Sally and me.

PART 2 Chapter 1 I crept in between the sheets. Sally had taken over most of the bed but I managed to squeeze in beside her. She gave a little whimper and moved over a little. I snuggled up to her, feeling very much in love with this beautiful lady. I turned away from her, if she wanted to sleep then sleep she would and if I relaxed, my erection would pass and I too would soon fall asleep. ...Read On


Shopping for Sex

My girlfriend and I have hot, sexy fun at the shopping mall.

My girlfriend V. and I were in Victoria's Secret. We went there a lot. I always ended up being aroused the entire time, looking at all the panties and thigh highs and high heels. This time my girlfriend was wearing tight jeans and a t shirt, no bra, so her perky tits were on display, and just a hint of her nipples. We were both very turned on, more than usual. We stopped in front of a...Read On


One Hell of a Ride

One Hell of a Ride I love my boss. I lovemy boss. I love my boss. That was the mantra that Luke Roberts had repeated for the past hour. Really, the lengths he would go to for his boss. Missy Pike was his best friend first, before she became his boss. They went through a lot together: her divorce, her kids leaving for college, his coming out, his first break up, and now her...Read On


Ex-girlfriends slut daughter.

My phone rang at 1AM.

In 2008, I retired after a 20 year stretch in the Navy. During alot of that time, I had a girlfriend named Kathy. I've known her since high school. After I enlisted, she got married and had 2 daughters, Kim and Jenny. She was divorced in 2000 and when I came home on leave, we started dating, then fucking. I would spend lots of time at her house when I was home. When I was overseas, we'd...Read On


Wake Up Call

Hey guys! This is my first story; let me know what you think. I'm opento anyone’s opinion. I wake up in the morning and slowly open my eyes. I see you sitting there watching me sleeping, it’s really sweet. I look over to the bed side table and see its only 6am on a Saturday morning and wonder to myself why we are awake. I want to give you a cuddle and kiss so I start to sit up and find...Read On


Christie and Michael(Confessions from the House of Pleasure) Pt., 1 *Intro*

This is just the beginning...

Christie was feeling the alcohol. She had two drinks and was slowly sipping a third. The one reason she was allowing herself to get so drunk was because her hotel room was upstairs. The faint beat of the trip hop music that played through hidden speakers seemed more twisted and looped. “Sometimes I think they try to hard to be cool.” Christie turned her head. Next to her sat a man in...Read On


Rogues Story – Part Four (b) – Absorption

Part B - Rebecca is being carried up stairs after not swallowing for Travis...

In the distance she hears the telephone ring, but is too overwhelmed with the shock of Travis carrying her upside down up the stairs in his strong arms, that she dismisses it immediately. He kicks open the first door; it’s the bathroom. Before he destroys every door in the house, she breathlessly she cries “Down the hall on the right.” The blood continues to rush to her head. He...Read On


Hospital Hijinks

Another true story.

Back around 1969 I had medical problems and was sent to a military hospital (which I won't name) for treatment. While there I engaged in some hijinks with the wife of a member of the military who had been sent on assignment for several months at a remote duty station. After all these years since then I cannot recall her name because at my age my memory is even shorter than my pecker. I...Read On


The Commuter: Day 19

Before I could open my mouth to protest, you smacked my ass again with the crop

I was so fucking pissed off, I could have spit fire and brimstone. Here I was...again. I had let my guard down, and again, you had me lock, stock and barrel. If my fist could have reached my face, I would have punched my own lights out. DAMMIT! How could I have been so fucking stupid...TWICE! As Symbian pumped into mid air, you took a large dollop of KY jelly onto your fingertips....Read On


Pretend Prostitute

Pimped by a friend in an unexpected role play twist, sucking and fucking to please all.

Yesterday, around seven, Brad rang me to ask whether I'd be able to meet. He wanted role play and gave me instructions on where to meet him to start. Brad and I have been fuck buddies for a long time and I trust him, but he is full of surprises. At 10:45, I left my apartment, wearing a sweater coat wrapped tightly around me, along with black patent stilettos. I walked a few blocks to...Read On


A foreign affair… Trois is best!

Opportunity knocked!

Whilst reminiscing recently about my sexual exploits at Uni, I realised that I wanted to relive some of them. Can’t really do that, so I thought I’d get it down on paper and share it with you. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoyed doing it! During my first year at Uni, I lived in a huge run-down house. Each room had high ceilings and windows, and some, including mine had...Read On


Welcome Home

After months apart, a couple re-unites.

Jen soaked in her bath in eager anticipation of seeing her husband that night. He had been gone for several months over-seas. She carefully shaved her long legs, making sure they were entirely hairless. Next she shaved her pubic region. Touching herself as she did so sent chills up her spine and got her juices flowing. Once she had shaved all but a small red strip, Jen decided to lotion her...Read On


Sex Makes Everything Better

A rough day gets a whole lot better when a redhead bartender gets to know one of her regulars.

I planned on getting to work before my shift, early enough that I would have some private time with my boss, Neil. Just thinking about him and I wanted to slide my hand into my black stretch pants, underneath my tiny black g-string to feel my soaking wet pussy. I craved his cock, in my mouth, deep inside inside of my pussy, filling me with his cum. Unfortunately, the rush hour traffic,...Read On


The Interview Ch. 2

Nina's lessons continue.

After finding that his spankings were enticing, me he effortlessly lifted me to where I was straddling his lap. I could feel the rough fabric of his pants on my now bare, sore, red cheeks. I tried to hide the slight pain, but was not able to as I squirmed a little. "Your ass is sore and I guarantee it will be worse," he said, as he kissed my forehead. "Stand up and get on your knees,"...Read On



If you love someone, let them go, and see if they come back.

I take a deep drag of my 'cigarette', have a large gulp of tea. Then exhale. The sound of the vibrations of my phone on the wooden bench are familiar. A sound I subconsciously wait for. I pick up my phone and a message reads: 'I'm coming over in 5. Hope thats OK' It's from her. But she never comes over. I take one last drag and put the stub out. Pick up my still steaming mug and bring...Read On


The Hottest Haircut!

Help the hairdresser get herself off while cutting my hair...

This is a true* story about a visit to the barbers. I nipped into the barbers on my late lunch, managing to squeeze in just before they closed the door and dropped the blinds for their own lunches. After reading a magazine for a while I finally got my turn in the chair. I sat there, covered in the black cape, just about the tell the barber how I wanted it cutting, when he asked me to wait for...Read On


My Trip Continued

Lillian's charm and wealth influence me.

Once we got dressed we went down to the restaurant to have breakfast. It was still early, just 8 o'clock so we had lots of time before she had to leave for her meeting. As I said she had asked me if we could stay a bit later in the evening before we left to return home. I told her I was sure that wouldn't be a problem, but that I should phone Catherine to let her know, as she would be...Read On


The drive

I'm driving... you are at my side, in the passenger's seat. You are laying back listening to the music, and the sun is setting in the west. It is warm so you only wear a nice summer dress, and your flip flops are on the floor with your feet up on the dashboard. We are very close to our destination. We have to go to a dinner with friends, and it is gonna be a long dinner with drinks and...Read On


Aftermath Confessions Chapter 5 of 7 - Trick or Treat

Husband tells wife about threesome experience and being tricked into giving a blow job

Author's Note: As I said before, these stories are hard to categorize... voyeurism, exhibitionism, a threesome, with some light bi-play and a hot wife. If male bisexuality offends you, please don't read the story. If you'd like to see an illustrated version, send me an email at ************** Chapter 5 - Trick and Treat Carol looked wonderful walking ahead of me into our bedroom,...Read On

Immune To My Beauty -- Chapter 3

A dazzling beauty is humbled and learns that's just the beginning of learning humility.

Of all the restaurants in all of Boston, the man of my fantasies is in the same restaurant that my coworker has brought me to on the night when Carlo has a 'longstanding commitment' that kept him from accepting my dinner invitation. He's currently under the table and licking the pussy of a cougar in a booth just across the room from me. I wonder if he knows that the puma that almost killed him...Read On


My Brother's Birthday Surprise.

Happiest birthday ever for my brother, Dan.

It was my brothers, 21 st birthday. I was 19 and just about to start college. I had been trying to think of what to do for him for his birthday. I loved my brother and I thought he needed something special. I mean anyone can get you drunk on your birthday. I was still coming up with nothing, when his girlfriend, Anna, approached me. “I am planning a surprise for Dan’s birthday, and I...Read On


Purely pleasure

He never appreciated before how amazing he could feel.

You walk into the bar, glancing nervously around the room. You spot me sitting in a secluded corner. Straight away you notice my dark hair, tied into pigtails, slowly moving your eyes over my body you notice the black lipstick, my cleavage, almost bursting out of the black leather corset. Panic runs through your veins, have you made a mistake? Your head is reeling with so many thoughts, but...Read On


The Orderly

A hot young extern spices things up for a bored overnight orderly

“Rob, Mr. Littleton’s diaper needs changing. Could you please take care of that and clean him up?” Rob cringed at the sound of Nurse Baker’s awful voice, for there was seldom anything positive uttered from her lips. Rob had been an overnight orderly at The Peaceful Valley Hospital for almost two years now, and the head nurse had been more like a jailer than a supervisor. She loved to...Read On


Rogues Story – Part Four (a) – Absorption

So after some feedback I have decided to split part four into two parts - Enjoy x

Rebecca thinks back to the first night with Travis. The relief she felt when she gave in, admitting out loud that she wanted him. The pleasure she felt when his fingers pushed deep inside her pussy. She had in the past heard woman talking about orgasms. She always thought that they had been exaggerating the feelings, to get one up on each other. She had never realised that her body could...Read On


His Birthday Present

This story is a work of fiction. I'm lying there in the sexiest thing I own. I'm waiting for him to come in and see what's waiting for him. I refrain from touching myself even though I can feel my juices dripping from my virgin cunt. As I'm imagining what he will do to me when he finds me I hear the front door open. Knowing he is home makes me even wetter. I can't wait to have his hard...Read On


Pasts and Presents Chapter 2

Can a self-proclaimed slut fall for a fresh out of rehab friend?

CHAPTER 2 We go in, both of us knowing exactly what’s about to go down. I forgot all about the conversation we were just having a minute ago. Something about seeing his 6’3 athletic frame looking down at me…instant moisture. A part of me wants to say no, a very small part. But I quickly shut that part up. He’s too good to give up. “Chrissy, I don’t know what’s going to happen with us....Read On


I'll See If He Will, Sis

My wife asks me to do something for her sister, something rather personal.

Just when life can seem regular and uninteresting, a sharp turn can take place. That recent sharp turn in my life was brought about by my wife of two and a half years, Elaine. Now, wives often cause life to be rather exciting and mine is no exception. Elaine is a pretty twenty-three year old blond, medium length with blue eyes, exactly five feet tall, right on the money. Yes, she's...Read On


catching up

catching up and getting caught up

She was nervous. She hadn't seen him for years. She could still feel the weight of his body on hers. A kiss that was deep, passionate and left her wanting more. She shook her head, ridding herself of the memories. Mr. Wise has always been sweet and listened to her, but his own life was in shambles. Things were different now. She checked her hair one last time and finished her make up...Read On


House Husband

At home with clothes and cleaner.

Chapter 1 Monday Hooray! My wife Sally is away on another sales trip. She’s a lovely lady who does her job well and earns much more money than I could, so I stay at home and do the housework. We are lucky enough to have a cleaning lady who comes in three times a week to “Do” for us. Sally doesn’t mind this, as she says that if she were at home and I was working she would employ a...Read On