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House Husband

At home with clothes and cleaner.

Chapter 1 Monday Hooray! My wife Sally is away on another sales trip. She’s a lovely lady who does her job well and earns much more money than I could, so I stay at home and do the housework. We are lucky enough to have a cleaning lady who comes in three times a week to “Do” for us. Sally doesn’t mind this, as she says that if she were at home and I was working she would employ a...Read On


Summer Nowhere Part Five - First Time, Twice

written by Nellieneska, edited by atrain_alex89 Colby had been thinking about this day since they made the plan last night to have a picnic. He was never really known for being the guy to take a girl on a date, so he was nervous that he was going to fail at this completely, but he knew he had to try. Something about Isobel made him want to try. Colby was not a chef, so their picnic...Read On


Andrea's New Transformation

Fat Camp Today is the day I thought to myself as I finished putting on my shorts. Why am I so happy you ask? Well today my annoying step-sister is leaving for fat camp. Mean? Yes but it's true. Let me tell you about my younger sister and then you'll know what I'm talking about. My father married her mother when she was five and I was nine. We were always close together,...Read On


Stolen Pleasure

Nora is punished for pleasuring herself without permission

"Nora! What are you doing?" She froze. She was lying on their bed with her panties off, her legs spread wide apart, and vibrator plunged in her pussy. She had been surfing the Internet while Master worked on his computer in his study. Without thinking, she surfed to her favorite naughty story site and got into one of the stories there. Whenever Nora became aroused, her decision...Read On


Screams of Joy: Part II

Can he make Joy scream for real?

“Joy, are you still in there?” shouts Chris, before softly adding “Nah, it’s alright mate I heard her bedroom door go a minute ago.” “Wait! Give me a minute.” I say... even as the door opens and there is Chris, with some random bloke staring at my naked lotion covered body. “FUCK!” Fuck is the only thing I think. “ No, wait, and that I’m going to beat Chris… Wait, I need a...Read On


First time with Ice

This is a first person account of what happened that night ;)

Even though I'm 19, I still live at home. When I took my new girlfriend home her parents were acting like dicks, and we weren't able to have much sex at my house, so on Friday night we headed out for dinner in town and checked into a cheap hotel room. ********************************* First you put on a really sexy kinky outfit, and then I use the fluffy handcuffs to tie your arms and...Read On


Eddie and The Hot Tub

A young housewife finds erotic pleasures in her neighbour's hot tub

“Good holiday?” Eddie asked as he handed Kerry a bunch of keys. “It was lovely, thanks. We really had a great time.” She told him. “All over tan?” He asked with a twinkle in his eye. Kerry laughed. She liked Eddie, her next door neighbour. He was a sixty year old retired widower and he had a great sense of humour. He was also trustworthy and whenever they went away they would leave...Read On


Pasts and Presents

He's fresh out of rehab and she wants to add him to her list of many men.

CHAPTER 1 So, ZA is out of rehab and looking pretty damn good. I know I should stay away, but my slut senses are tingling. I’ve heard from a few women that he’s pretty damn good. The thing is, I’ve known him since I was 20 and knowing someone for 10 years, on a friend’s only basis, can alter your perception. He’s a friend and has always only been a friend. This is crazy. And it should...Read On


Pool Party

The boss's pool party turned into a major promotion for Sheri.....

Sheri was getting ready for a pool party that out of the blue her boss Jerry invited her to at his house on Saturday. She was a bit surprised but accepted. He was married and in his late 50’s but was still in very good shape and his wife Sue was just as attractive. When Sheri arrived she was surprised to find that she didn’t know a soul there. She thought for sure she would know some...Read On


Confessions Of A Naughty Bad Girl: Ties That Bind

Danielle's Story

Confessions Of A Naughty Bad Girl: Ties that Bind I'm a Lawyer. I'm very busy on most days, so when my roommate Nicole suggests I go on a blind date with her friend, I use work as an excuse. "You're always working; I'm sure whatever it is can wait. Its just one night, Danielle," Nicole says in my ear as I'm sitting at my desk on the phone. "I don't have time for a blind date, Nicole,"...Read On


A trip to remember

The best way to end a vacation

We pushed the door to the washroom open and practically threw ourselves inside shutting the door quickly behind us. Our hands were all over each other as we struggled with our clothes, trying to remove them without making too much noise. I pulled her skirt up past her waist and was happy to see no panties to get in my way. Pushing her back against the vanity I dropped to my knees and buried...Read On


Summer Nowhere Part Four I love you, I Hate You

written by Nellieneska, edited by atrain_alex89 Hannah waited patiently outside of the bathroom as Brian finished up his shower. She had been thinking all morning about how she was going to say this to him and she was still unsure how it was going to come out. She knew it needed to be done though, whether she had the right words or not. A few minutes later Brian swung open the door...Read On


My Teacher 3

I introduce my wonderful teacher to the thrill of light bondage.

This story takes place about a month after my high school band director and I began having sex with each other. We had a bit of time to play with each other one evening, because her husband had left for the night to go visit one of his old friends, and he left her home alone with me and a very comfortable king sized bed. We were just laying together on her couch in the living room neither of...Read On


Lucy-Anne Part One

Lucy-Anne Gives Daddy his wish for his Birthday

Hi my names Lucy-Anne and this is a story about Daddy and me, I’m 18 years old 5ft 5inches tall with long blond hair & I’m 34-25-34 and weigh about 115lbs. Daddy’s 38 years old 5ft 9inches tall dark hair and about 154lbs. Mummy died a year ago so it’s just us now, we live in a nice town a wonderful house with a swimming pool at the back. Daddy works from home doing computer work not sure...Read On


Heaven on satin sheets

Little did he know, heaven would be found upon satin sheets.

You enter, everything is lit purely by candle light, you see a four poster bed, and sense from the shimmering of the sheets that they’re satin. You hear nothing much, only the sound of your breathing, as you pant with anticipation. You stand alone, trying to adjust to the light, and make sense of any noises, but they're drowned out by the beating of your heart and heavy breathing. You feel...Read On


Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser Part 14: Back to the spa and a familiar face.

Part 14, yes I feel it is long but please read the whole thing you will not be disappointed.

Part 14: Back to the spa I'm sorry this story is a fair bit longer then my usual ones however I didnt want to separate thes and have another story with almost no sex in the first one so soon. Having said that I hope you enjoy my story and please read the whole thing. I promise you will not be dissappointed. I woke up the next morning lying next to mom in her bed. I was wearing a pair...Read On


Shower Lovemaking

I get home from a run and my lover makes my shower extra relaxing.

The first sign of the rising sun’s light was showing on the horizon as I pulled my key from my pocket and unlocked the door. I had just finished my morning run and was covered with sweat. I let out a soft sigh as I slipped inside the air conditioned house I shared with my lover, Grant. I began to strip off my running shorts and sweat-soaked shirt as I climbed the stairs and headed for...Read On


Nellie and Nolan p4

Some people say that you become a new person when you take that step over the line. The line that takes you far beyond being naive and closed off. You grow into this new human, so full of life and ready to take on the world. A friend told me that someone told her that it made you someone you never know you could be. Sometimes that person is better then when you began, sometimes not so much....Read On


Pre - Coffee Date

Shale could not believe that it happened before the actual date....

She was there, drinking her coffee. She turned her head towards him and looked at his direction. He smiled at her. Shale was smitten. She could not stop looking at him. She looked at his features and drank him in - his muscles portruded in all the right places, his jaw chiseled, his lips a bit wet, his nose towering on his face , and his eyes doing the same examination of her. She...Read On


Two Teen Lesbian Virgins and a Vibrator

The title says it all, really. What more do you need to know?

I don’t suppose I’m the only girl whose first sexual experience (other than solo masturbation) was with a member of the same sex. It’s obvious that when you’re having your first stirrings of sexual feelings, even if they are only directed at your favourite pop singer, it’s much easier to talk about them with a friend who is going through the same emotional turmoil. And is it any wonder...Read On


A Good Hard Lesson

A Catholic schoolgirl gets an extra special lesson from her teacher

THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. Mr Collins hated Mondays. It's well known that most people hate Mondays but Antony Collins loathed them; it meant the start of another week teaching rebellious, ignorant, hormonal teenage girls. Everyone had told him that teaching at a Catholic school would be a dream, but clearly they'd never taught at St Anita's. He was sure they were worst than any public...Read On


Daddy and Addison

Addison's going to be late and wants her Daddy to hurry up.

Thanks for taking the time to read my little story. All characters in this story are over consensual age and are fictitious. “ Daddddyyyy!” Addison whined. “ Hurry up we’re going to be late.” “It’s not so funny when the shoe’s on the other foot huh?” Her father said nearly laughing. "But Daddy!" She whined again. "We need to go and you're taking too long. I'm going to get another...Read On


Sung Hee's New Job - Part Three

Sung Hee's new job includes a lunch appointment with her boss's friends.

(Author’s note: Please read parts 1 and 2 before embarking on part 3) When I finished my blog about that morning at work, I checked my email. Sung Hee, Remove your nipple clamps. In the bathroom you will find your attire for the lunch meeting you'll be attending. Get dressed and meet me in my office. Rick I unbuttoned my blouse and took the clamps off of my nipples. The pain with...Read On


First time with Teen Crush

The story is true but the names have been changed. This is my first attempt at writing about my memories. Angie and I dated for almost 4 years before she went back to my ex-best friend to marry him. That didn’t last. We were both 17 at the time. Angie was my best friend’s girlfriend and off limits, or so I thought. Angie and Pat had dated for the past year and I had heard stories from...Read On


Aftermath Confessions Chapter 4 of 7 - One Step Closer

Husband tells wife of a threesome of a different sort

Author's Note: These stories are hard to categorize... voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, quasie-threesome with bi overtones and a hot wife. lol.  Send me an email at if you would like to see the illustrated versions of the stories. ----------------- "For God's sake, tell me you got to fuck that girl." Words I never dreamed I'd hear coming out from my wife. Now it was my turn to...Read On


Finally I'm not alone

Hot sex and love? what more could you want...

I woke up, just a thin blanket on us. The warm sun on our bodies, now 8:30am. I turned my head to the side and kissed him on the forehead, I looked back up... Just to remember yesterday. "Fits perfect, thank you!" I said I was admiring my new tuxedo for my final school dance, it was black and had a black bow tie. This was the last dance of my school life, we were all eighteen and about...Read On

Immune To My Beauty -- Chapter 2

A dazzling beauty becomes sexually dysfunctional after discovering she's not universally adored.

"Wow! That was the hardest I've ever been spanked." My ass was really burning and I wasn't looking forward to tucking it back into my dress, but I knew I had to at least try to get back to the party before my big sister left with her new hubby. "Sorry about that, but it seemed like what you wanted. My hands are a little sore, too." "You did great, Brett. Best fuck I've had in two weeks....Read On


Massage for a friend

massage and masturbation

Massage for a friend Davina and the family have been friends of mine for many years, now she is divorced and had been overworking, Davina was in need of a little TLC but no heavy stuff. The open plan lounge has low lighting, with the curtains drawn in mid afternoon, candles burning and a bed laid out in the middle. A light warm oil has been prepared and I wait for Davina to come in she...Read On


Girlfriend tricks and catches me

Sets me up to get caught

My girlfriend of 8 years found out that I had another email address that clearly referenced "bi" in the address, so she made up her own and emailed it pretending to be another bi guy. Needless to say I started talking to her thinking I was talking to another bi guy looking for some fun and some of it was very graphic and explained my experiance as a bi guy and even went into detail of what...Read On


My seven day plan

Samantha’s plan was to excite him every night for a week, each night with a different way of pleasur

And her plan, although “short-term”, would be very beneficial to both of them in the “long-term”. Samantha was in her mid-forties, still a very strikingly attractive woman, of slim build, shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. She always took great care of herself and enjoyed dressing for every occasion and even looked incredible in old jeans and a tee-shirt! Robert, although two...Read On