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Please, do me a favor

I took care of her baggage, but curiosity made me sniff her panties.

My friend Isabel  -a Spanish-  called me on that day, saying she had a problem and needed my assistance. She then gave me an account or her story,  with details of her problem, on the phone: she had gone on a trip for a few days and,  on having returned home,  she dug in her purse for the apartment keys, even  pockets, everywhere; the apartment keys were gone. She possibly had lost them....Read On


A night out turns premediated

Refusing to give Steve head, He embarks on getting even legally

It was a typical hot tropical summer Friday afternoon, and I was busy working around the pool. In my usual fashion, I was wearing nothing but a skimpy thong. The heat of the sun, felt great on my bare skin as I lost tract of time and pondered over what to do tonight. Reclining in my chaise as I sipped a glass of wine, thoughts of my recent birthday adventures past through my mind....Read On

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Making a good girl of me

Mr Dickinson reckoned he was going to make me a good girl, and he made me bad.

This morning I was called into the Headmasters office, at my son’s school. I didn’t know the reason, and started to get those nervous feelings that reminded me so much of the times I waited outside the heads office for a punishment years ago.   Anyway it inspired the following story. I hope you enjoy.   I was 16 years old. I thought I knew everything, I was no doubt a very...Read On


The unknown.....

A first time meeting that makes you want to come back for more

I open the door and you step forward, looking into my eyes. Our gazes lock. You feel the electricity of passion and lust pass between us. Your gaze moves lower, taking in my moist lips, the gentle swell of my breasts with their hard points poking through the thin material...down further to the graceful curve of my hips. I smile and blush a little, being examined with a look of such...Read On


Talking To Strangers

Away from home, Paul can't resist talking to this stranger...

Paul smiled at the irony of it all.   For so many years his parents had warned him away from talking to strangers, and now he wanted nothing more than to talk to a stranger.   More than that, he ached to talk to her. He had seen her every night, sitting in the same chair by the fireplace at the hotel.   Every night he came down for dinner, she was there, reading a book.   Every...Read On


Element's Surprise

Element wakes during the night to an intruder

This is a story written by myself and Element late one night... The wind blew hard that night, rain pelted down rough on the windows and walls. Thunder can be heard echoing through the valley as in a bedroom a blossoming young woman laid under her sheets deep in sleep. Underneath the sheets she wore a black teddy that fit snuggly to her body. The fireplace nearby kept her warm enough to...Read On



If my situation keeps getting worse, why do I get so aroused.

At the end of the day I left the office to head back home. My mind still in turmoil from what had happened earlier in the day, I had been spanked by my female boss and her assistant and had to orally pleasure them both. Had what had happened actually happened! I decided to call at a bar on the way back to my landlady's house and have a stiff drink. I sat on my own and drank down a large...Read On


A New Years Threesome

Rich Has a Vegas Surprise for His Wife....

And so the party began.   New years eve is always a huge party in Las Vegas. what happens in vegas, stays in vegas.... right? Wrong.    Rich and I were planning our anniversary in Las Vegas. the excitement of what was to come filling our heads with pleasurable ideas.   As we arrive at the hotel, we check in, put our bags down, and I flop onto one of the beds, to test it's...Read On


A Strippers Revenge

A Stripper gives the Audience a show to remember.

As a stripper, you get used to certain duties of the job. A: your nipples are always erect due to the cold of the AC. B: men are always, always watching you. This particular night, my longtime boyfriend of 5 years has decided that he no longer wants to be with a stripper, and has dumped me. So I’m already in a foul ass mood. And as every girl, after a dumping, hates men, I am...Read On


The Meeting

A sexy attorney doesn't realize that his appointment will turn out to be more than he expected.

  It was winter in Boston.   Ice cold wind, and blowing snow.   My day has so far been going horribly.   this morning, my car wouldn't start, so i was forced to ride the train into work.    wearing a heavy lined knee length suede coat.   scarf and gloves, i was soaked with snow as I entered the building. i rushed up to my desk, and quickly clocked in. taking off my outer wear, i layed...Read On


The Masquerade

Alessa gets approached by a mysterious man in a swinger's club.

       I took a sip of my Appletini, dancing in my seat at the bar to blaring dance music, watching men and women, masked and half-naked, grinding erotically on the strobe-lit dance floor. My girlfriend Velia, the naughty little thing that'd talked me into attending this swinger's club with her  and her husband, was in the already in the Red Room, probably getting the brains fucked out of her....Read On


fantasy fulfilled


New experience   Where to begin?   I’m sixty nine years old male, feel about forty, am still working and keeping fit. I’ve had a varied life, done the wife swopping and been to a number of swinging parties. I have watched my wife having sex with up to four guys at a time and also with two women. The most I have had, was two women...Read On


Lust on the Beach -- Part 1

What makes a woman crave another woman’s touch?

Lorianna and Alexandria had been friends forever it seemed. They met on the beach back when lying out in the sun and flirting with guys had been their only concern. As teenagers, they would dream about boys and cars, discuss the latest fashions, and complain about how out of touch with reality their parents were. Separated by time and distance, their yearly reunions became cherished events....Read On


The Party

It happened one halloween

I am a closet cd. It was Halloween. My wife called from work and said she wanted to go to a party at a friends house. It was a costume party. She said she had a costume and I was to wear one as well. What, I don’t have one. Yes you do, your going as a girl. But I’ve never done this. Well you’re going to tonight. No one will care because it’s a costume party so get dressed...Read On


easy street

  CHAPTER 1 easy street Couple begins their experiment in chastity.   The first similarity is that I was the one who ordered a chastity device for myself, not knowing whether or not my beautiful wife would be interested in it or not. Also that I sprang it on her not knowing within my own heart just how far I wanted to go with it. The differences...Read On


The Only Woman for Me- Part Three

    “Hey Susan, how are you?” God just hearing her voice makes me wet. There is no way I can tell her we can’t see each other. I want her. I have to have her again. Oh fuck what are you doing?? I think to myself. “Good uh… listen there is some I have to tell you.” I respond. “Ok, what I am listening.” She tells me. “Uh… see… now don’t get me wrong I can’t wait to...Read On


The Matinee

Have you ever been to the movies, but missed the show?

The Matinee God how Steve hated the snow! It made it difficult to go anywhere and now he was probably going to be late for work. Again. He almost wished his boss would fire him for being late so often, but he couldn’t afford to lose his job this close to Christmas. It’s just that the job was so damn boring. Day after day of running the movie projector at the local movie theatre, seeing...Read On


Close Teacher

A caring teacher takes good care of a student in need.

I try to keep a close relationship with my students, portraying myself more that just an adult role model, but as an adult friend.   In being a young teacher, students sometimes find it easier when someone of authority is close to their age and will listens to them, especially with all their relationship problems.   Take Tiffany for example, she’s blonde, beautiful, and the goal of many...Read On


My First Cock

My cousin's Suprise for me

I am now Staying with my cousin after my previous story so I can dress up as much as I like.  my Birthday was coming up soon and my cousin said she would have a celebration all weekend for me as it was during the week she said this would be my entrance into womanhood.  It finally arrived this weekend I thought would be the best I just showered shaved what body hair I had off then left...Read On


Jesse and Dylan

             Please leave me a comment, this is my first story here and I want to know what you all think of it, please let me know about any modifications or improvements you think I should make.  Thank you! Enjoy!           It was late when he finally came home that night. The cold had driven him home earlier than normal; it was almost time for the first snow to come again in...Read On


A Trip to the Family Cabin

first time sex ends up being a threesome with cousin and girlfriend

It was a bright summer day in early august and me and my girlfriend Jessica were looking forward to the week ahead but dreading the week after. We were going to my uncle's cabin for the week with my family and my cousins. We got up there and we get a warm welcome from my cousins who are always there before my family and then we set up the camper trailer that we would be sleeping in because...Read On


My Rebel Part 2

“Possibly, did it make your day?”   He asked.  I said, “That was nice of you but I should pay you back for it.”    “Why, if I wasn’t here in front of you wouldn’t have known who did it, it would have been just a random act of kindness”, he said.  I was at a loss not just for words, he was right if he hadn’t told me I wouldn’t have known it was him, and how do I get out of...Read On


Blow jobs in the beer garden

One lady and her husbands new friends!!!!

Thursday night and it was disco night, some call it grab a granny night but I call it grab a fella or two night. Me and my hubby went out all dressed in our dancing gear. I had a short dress on with no knickers, my husband Tony liked it that way. Walking around and dancing was risky but gave me a thrill, Tony was on a power trip too. We go to the main club in the town which is an old...Read On


Bound to the Cross II

Bound to the Cross – Part II   I lost track of time as Master John continued whipping me.    My body no longer reacted to the lashes of his whip.   My body was limp and I hung by my arms from the cross to which I was cuffed.   My head hung forward with my hair falling down over my face.    I felt like I was in a dream.     I opened my eyes as I felt...Read On


The Panty Boy

That gorgeous scent coming from panties drives me mad.

It was a rainy summer, a long time ago, and it was my birthday on that day, so we decided to party in my place, and entertain my buddies, and have a good time.  As I was there in my apartment, guests began to arrive, unhurried, though. Perhaps this would be a good gathering, until last guest arrived. She was my girl friend named Blanca Guerrero, a Spanish, dressed elegantly in black...Read On


Enchanting Urmila

    Friends, My name is Amitabh Sinha. I am from Mumbai, India,43 yrs and working as a professor in the well known college. I am going to recite you the incident took place between me and my student.     Her name is Urmila Krishnan.I guess,she is 21 years, dusky and a seductive temptress from head to toe.She is around 5.7" in height and might be around 60 kgs.She was neither too fat nor...Read On


My Rebel

I have always wanted to date a man that rode a motorcycle   Don't ask me why maybe it is because I was always told I would be in major trouble from my family, if I ever was caught on a motorcycle. Don't get me wrong I have ridden on motorbikes, just never been caught on one, and never dated the driver. The freedom I felt on the back of those bikes I just couldn't believe it. Or maybe it...Read On


Retribution Part 4

Zoe gains spanking rights over her friend Hannah

I looked at Zoe and said “I’ve had seven already Zoe, isn’t that enough?”   Zoe came over to me, grabbed my penis and balls, turned me around, and felt my bottom.   “It is striped and marked, but Mum said twelve strokes didn’t she?”   “Well she does normally give me twelve but after a warm up. You didn’t warm me up did you?” I know it sounded like a moan, but...Read On


Retribution Part 3

Zoe has spanking rights over her father,

  The phone rang. Zoe answered it and I could tell it was Susie. I stayed facing the wall, my trousers and underpants already off, about 5 minutes away from going across my daughters lap for another exceptionally hard spanking.   Susie has been away on her holiday for three weeks with Madge from next door. Zoe was given full spanking and discipline rights over me, even though she is...Read On


My mother in law!!!

What the mother in law saw and had!!!!!

Mother-in-laws! I was off from work one day due to a bad toe. My wife was at work and was not due home for hours. Anyhow about lunch time I was feeling peckish but most of all I had I had an urge. That urge was in my pants so I shut the curtains in the lounge and put the DVD on. I looked for my favourite dirty film and pressed start. With that I put on my head phones and stripped to my socks...Read On