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My Battlefield Angel

She saves me from the reaper

As I wake, or at least my eyes and brain began to focus on the same things, I can see from the blurry image that I am inside. It is a small hut or shack, I can only see the room I'm in and from the floor at that. I can not move my body, shifting my eyes is all I can manage. Having no idea where I am, my mind starts to try to put together the events that I can still remember. The last that...Read On


The Massage

A massage helps sooth away the aches and pains

It had been a long, hard 3 weeks on the road and I had been looking forward to a good long sleep in my own bed for the first time since the tour had started. I woke the next morning still feeling knackered and now my back had gone on strike to boot. As I waited for the kettle to boil so I could get that crucial first cup of coffee I decided what I needed was a good long massage. I reached...Read On


Summer Nowhere Part Three - Never Been Kissed

written by Nellieneska, edited by atrain_alex89 ” Colby pulled away from Isobel and quickly brought himself to his feet. The last thing that he needed was to piss her off more by over stepping whatever line he felt he had just crossed. She had been like a sister to him all of his life and he was sure that she felt the same way towards him. “I am so sorry.” he blurted out quickly, trying...Read On


Bus Stop, Pt. 4

She finally has him....

The next night Bret took Sheri out for dinner and drinks. It was 1 O'clock in the morning when they got back to her apartment. It was like any other night except tonight she had a great buzz and was really horny …but Sheri was always horny due to an over active sex drive. Sitting there on the couch and watching Red Shoe Diaries, Sheri finally couldn’t take it anymore….she pulled Bret on top...Read On


Timing Is Everything

Nora entertains her Master with precision

The TV clicked off as the closing credits started to roll. Nora looked back at Master, who held the remote, as he always did when they were watching together. Nora was nude, lounging lazily on the plush rug in front of Master's easy chair, her head supported by two enormous pillows. They had a couch, but Master preferred Nora to be on display for him when they were alone together, and the rug...Read On


Silent Orgasm

My mother never knew what was happening

Last month, my father was elected president of his local lodge. One would think he was elected President of the United States the way he was talking about it. He seriously needed a reality check with his boasting and bragging. Mom was of no help as she constantly reminded me how difficult it was to be accepted in the lodge, let alone be elected president. Who cares? Apparently, I do as I’m...Read On


I Help My Aunt Move to Her New House {Part II}

My aunt and I take a bath before starting our day.

    I awoke Saturday morning forgetting for a moment what had transpired between my aunt and I the night before. However, as if on cue, a warm slurping sound came up from between my legs. I was still half asleep when I looked down to see my beautiful aunt devouring my morning woody. Out of ritual, I raised my arms over my head and began to do a full body stretch. It felt completely natural...Read On


My New Coffee Maker: Part 3

I loved how you gasped and cooed in the same breath.

"Refresh your memory? I'll refresh your memory alright." you said as you slowly lowered yourself on my cock. "Is it all starting to cum back to you baby? Hmmmm?" you moaned as you started your sexual assault on me. "Nobody fucks you, like Lexi fucks you baby! Just remember that Fucker!" As always, our eyes locked as our hands crawled all over each other. Too much of you never seemed to...Read On


Its going, going, GONE! Homerun!

When my brothers baseball team wins, some of the players gets rewarded.

It was a hot day, and the opening day for my brother's baseball league. Just what I enjoy more, on hot sunny days is watching baseball. All the players are in there tight pants, with tall athletic tan bodies. Not a single one of the players are ugly on my brothers team but one player stood out to me. Like any other normal hot day I wore tiny tight shorts and a tank top, hoping to get a...Read On


18th I Visit London

I Meet Other Lesbians!

I was apprehensive about going home with Darleen, I mean she had told me her family knew about her orientation and accepted it, but I was still too introverted to face others who would know about me. At times I regretted agreeing to go home with her for the weekend, but now felt committed as she was the type of woman who wouldn't take no for an answer. We drove up on the Thursday...Read On


My Playboy Sister (Part 1)

Like a Playboy bunny......only hotter.

We arrived at the airport at around 10:10. My sister was supposed to be flying in from Lass Vegas at 11:00, so, reluctantly i drove to the airport with my dad to greet her. My sister was only one year older than me, but i was much bigger. As we waited patiently at the terminal i began to think back about my sister. My sister, Bailey, and i have had a good relationship almost all my life....Read On


Madeline's Introduction (II)

Madeline has her second lesson with Alex

After Madeline's first lesson with me the week passed quickly, and I found myself thinking about her more and more. The whole event seemed odd in so many ways, like her rapid change from shy to extrovert and back again. Either way I was back again the following Monday and like last time her mum greeted me at the door. "Welcome back Alex, how was your weekend?" she greeted me. "Good...Read On

Immune to My Beauty -- Chapter 1

A dazzling young woman encounters a strangely attractive but physically flawed nice guy.

I'm certain I will help some guy get lucky tonight. I'm in the mood for some cock and I have plans within plans. I've shaved my pussy and now I'm fingering it. I'm feeling that tingle as my slick fingertip circles my clit. I stop. I know I look my best when I'm cockhungry. I can walk into a room full of men and hear the gasps. I can see the stunned looks on their faces and as each one makes...Read On


On My Knees And Looking Up Into His Eyes

What A Black Cock Whore Sees When He's On His Knees

I get really turned on by the visual images of sex. There are lots of them that are erotic and very very hot. This is about one of my favorite sexual visual images. I'm a total whore for a black monster dick. My record so far is 11.5 inches, and WOW was that a big blck dick! The first black guy I was with was tall and very cute, and his dick was 9.5 inches. I was a nervous wreck when he...Read On


greyhound suprize

what can happen on a greyhound bus

I had been on the bus for about four hours already with another four or so to go. I was on an overnight Grey Hound heading to San Diego out of Seattle. Everyone on the bus seemed to be asleep accept for just a few of us. What could you say? It was three something in the morning. I was one of the lucky one and had a seat all to myself. There was one other person riding that way and it just...Read On


Closing time


It was my birthday and I was all ready to leave. I have worked a double waitressing today and was tired. I turned to leave and was suprised to see Jake, our cook, standing there. I had liked Jake since I met him a few years ago. He is now24 years old with muscular arms that I have dreamt would one day hold me. "Sorry sammy, I forgot my keys" he said moving closer to me. He almost touched...Read On


Her Name Was Betsy - Part One

Something I thought up in my head about a girl I know....

Let me start by saying this is my first time writing anything like this.This is something I thought up about a really beautiful girl I went to high school with. Well let me tell you a little bit about her. Her name is Betsy, she is about 5'5, with long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes and a smile that could stop you in your tracks. Her body is amazing. She has what I guess to about...Read On


Part Time Job

Working on the side can be pleasurable.

Art sat at the bar slowly rocking to the sad country music playing while he nursed his beer. It would have to be his last one because he'd spent his last dollar. He didn't want to go home to his fat, lazy wife and two whining kids and sure wasn't in the mood to argue. He'd been talking to an older man, well dressed and quite handsome, for some time while counting change hoping the guy might...Read On


Summer Nowhere Part Two Keep My Secret

written by Nellieneska, edited by atrain_alex89 Hannah was not interested in being cooped up inside of the house on this nice summer day. She had asked Isobel if she wanted to go for a walk and she said that she would catch up with her. Hannah was not sure if she would be able to find her, so she drew Isobel a map of where she was specifically headed. Isobel set it on her bed and then head...Read On


Memories of Greece

Serendipitous Sex in Greece Provides Good Memories

I had recently gotten out of the Army, where I was stationed in Munich. The German girls were great, but the most memorable sexual experience of all my life was while I was on temporary duty on the Greek island of Crete. For several days I lived in a seaside hotel overlooking the ancient harbor of Khania. I was drinking some tequila at the bar when a luscious little blond came in and sat on...Read On


The Ex Factor

Ashlei finds herself trapped in her ex-boyfriend's charms. (First story, be gentle)

It was one of the lowest days when Ashlei found herself rummaging through old files in her computer. She saw the folder that held well-remembered pictures of her and Nathan, her ex. She suddenly felt a pang of sadness as she scanned their happy pictures, as well as a hunger inside of her. "He used to be the insatiable one..." she thought to herself as she started to fondle her breasts,...Read On



I party with a local in Jamaica

All I could think of was that my parents should be on that international house hunting show! But why bring me along? This whole looking for the dream house thing was BORING! I’m sitting in the back seat of this mini-bus while George ferries Mom and Dad from house to house on the island of Jamaica. So as my parents look, I sit in the back playing games with my i-phone, or sending suggestive...Read On


Picnic in the Woods

The day I threw a picnic in the woods I got more than I expected

A chapter from an unpublished memoir Dave and George met me at the park Sunday morning as promised. We left the cars at the end of the parking lot where the equestrian trail enters the woods and runs along the river. They had agreed to help me fulfill a fantasy, and I was leading them to a secluded spot in the woods where we could do it. It’s an old picnic area that I discovered a...Read On


I am picking you up in 10 minutes

The continuing true story of my three-month affair

This is another true story from my three-month affair. I am at work and I get a text.... "I am picking you up at your office in 10 minutes to suck on your beautiful cock." I respond back, "I am in a meeting. Can't." Her response, "9 minutes. Make it work." I fake a phone call to get out of the meeting and send a text to my boss, telling him that my alarm went off at home and the...Read On


Me Bird Luvs Watchin' Cock Action Wiv Me And Me Gay Mate

A boy's girlfriend watches him having sex with his gay friend.

All characters and terms including boy and lad refer to people age 18 and over. Me, my bird Karina, and my gay mate Gavin, we have a fantastic time when we get together. We get together and once we’ve had a few beers we chill out. I’ve known Gavin for years. Knew him long before I met my bird. When my mate found out I met Karina he was really upset inside. I could tell. He didn’t show...Read On


Aftermath Confessions: Chapter 3 of 7 - Opening Allie

Husband telling his wife about watching and be

Author's Note: These stories are hard to categorize... voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, quasi-threesome with bi overtones and a hot wife. If you're interested in an illustrated version of the stories, send me an email at ---------------------------------- Smiling up from between my legs, she ran her tongue sensuously along my shaft, licking her own juices from my cock. "Now,...Read On


Slut week - Day 2 - Student Slut - Part 2

Slut, slut and more slut....

This story continues where Student Slut Part 1 left off...You don't have to read the previous parts, but it will help. Check out my other stories too! I appreciate all of your comments too. As he let me breath again, I knew that was it. I took him deep into my throat as Buzz pinched a nipple hard, rubbed my clit and had his cock push hard against my G spot. I felt the orgasm rush through...Read On


Dream Girl


It was nearing sunset and the workday was drawing to a close. He was just in the process of closing the bar up when he looked out towards the beach. A single girl was walking slowly along the shore, slowly, even languidly. From this distance, it was hard to see with any detail what she looked like. She was walking in the sand barefooted, sandals in her hand. A white bikini with a...Read On


The Commuter: Day 18 Continued

I fucked at your velvety mouth as I watched your reflection in the mirror

Even though tethered at the wrists, we said little to each other as we made our short walk between the cars back to the station. I hailed a cab and we took a short ride to one of my favorite restaurants for breakfast. After ordering, my attempt to introduce myself was met with you shaking your head, blurting out NO and your free hand covering my mouth quickly. "I don't want to know your...Read On


One For Her - Kinky Surprise

A suprise on our date at the hotel!

We had booked the hotel and there was no going back now. We were to meet in the afternoon in the hotel bar for a few drinks and then go up to the room to live out all those fantasies that we had been talking about online. The day came and I finished work early, showered, changed and excitedly made my way to the hotel. I made sure I was early as I didn't want you waiting for me, so I went to...Read On