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Love in Late Afternoon

As we walked in the partial shadow of the buildings, I strode, one foot in front of the other with my arms out, balancing on the wall while he walked on the flat ground beside me. “Hey, careful” he laughed, extending his fingertips to steady me by my hands. I jokingly retorted, turning my head toward him. “Oh, shut up! I’m perfectly capable of walking on a little wall like this.” I...Read On

The Trespasser Surrenders

An older American man and younger Scottish woman enjoy a special day.

Alice's POV I learn online that a 'hood ornament' is the bow seat person in a canoe. The term is sometimes pejorative, especially when the that's a woman and the stern seat person is a man, because some women don't "pull their weight" when they've got a big strong man behind them. I vow to not be a slacker. I learn that the person in back does the majority of the steering because the taper...Read On


Mirror, Mirror

(N is for Nancy) Nancy gets a spanking from her identical twin

Some identical twins struggle to retain a sense of individuality. They'll style their hair differently, dress differently... anything they can to differentiate themselves from their sibling. But Lisa and Nancy were different. They reveled in their similarity. Growing up, they vexed their parents because it was never possible to discipline them when they were naughty behind their parent's back...Read On


Night Time Romance | A Series of Unfortunate Events

Night time stranger turned lover

The night in question was spontaneous; I was at an old friend’s house who I hadn’t seen for about a year, with my best friend, Loz. We sat around, drinking and having a laugh whilst Loz played the guitar and sang with her cooling voice. We ended up there purely by coincidence but I loved it. I soaked up the contented atmosphere in which I felt comfortable, even though I’d only met half...Read On


A Time of Discovery

Getting older doesn't mean you can't have new experiences.

Adrian had not had sex in eleven years! Well, at least not in the traditional sense of two people mutually satisfying each other and wrestling in the throes of passion. When his wife passed away, he was at loose ends. He had been out of the dating scene for almost 30 years, and all of his female friends were either married, or so straight-laced you would have thought that they wore corsets to...Read On


My best friend

Her hands slid into my panties, her fingers brushing my clit... I wake up suddenly, sweat dripping down my face. My pussy wet and throbbing. Another dream about her...and how embarrassing, this time she's lying in my bed. My best friend of 13 years (have we really known each other that long? It's hard to believe we're both 18 already) is asleep next to me, with no idea that right now my head...Read On


Glory hole tax (The Mall Part 2)

My hands trembeled as I unbuckled his belt

My clothes are still in a pile on the floor of Jim's stall. I walk in to get them when Jim pushes me against the wall and kisses me. My mouth opens in surprise and his tongue slides inside my mouth. After a moment of shock I responded by sliding my tongue over his. He pulls back and looks down at my hard cock. He steps back, pulls down his shorts and pulls me to him tight. He kisses me...Read On


Cum on Inn - Chapter 1

Steve and Isabel open a new kind of bed breakfast

Steve owned a traditional Bed & Breakfast. His girlfriend, Isabel, lived there with him and helped him to run the inn. They had enjoyed several years of steady business and a good life, until the recession hit. Business slacked off and the discussion turned to how to increase business. There was the typical discussion of reducing rates, offering a free night's stay, special packages and...Read On


Summer Favor

She gave a nice young man some deserved confidence

I was having a banner day at the apartment complex pool. The day was clear and hot and Seraphine was there with some friends. Seraphine was a 34 year old with a nice round butt, full natural breasts and a perfect tan. I had gotten to know her from our mutual time spent at the pool. I liked being at the pool when she was there not just to watch her climb out of the pool but also because she...Read On


Blindfolded Lover

I grabbed a handful of your long hair, keeping you from squirming away from me.

The anticipation and excitement was building. I had never had a real life encounter with a woman from a website before. You were so beautiful that I was willing to take a chance. I felt nervous and extremely aroused all at the same time. Over the course of sharing fantasies with each other, you had shared a particular fantasy that aroused you more than the others. Now, I was going to do my...Read On


His parents condo: day 1

A girl finaly meets her dream guy, things get heated pretty quickly

I arrived at the station a little lost and confused. I wasn’t sure where to go or what to do. I stood there looking around till I heard “Conny! Conny, hey!” I turned around and there he was. The guy I have been waiting to meet for a long time. John waved his hand in the air as he practically ran towards me. I smiled the second he said my name. He stopped in front of me smiling. He had the...Read On


Weekend Away

The start of a couple's weekend away

This is my first story so be nice. I stand admiring a golden statue as I wait, wearing a floor length blue dress, which cuts low down my back, framing my ass perfectly. My long, dark brown hair is flowing down, lightly caressing my bare back. You smile as you take in my beauty, watching me standing there in the middle of the hotel lobby. The posh hotel in the heart of central London was...Read On


Teaching Mom About Orgasm, Ch 4

Mom and I touch each other.

These are the last 2 paragraphs of chapter 3: "Well, how about a plain dildo?" I suggested and pulled up a page of penis-shaped dongs. That got her interest. We went through several pages of dildos in all shapes and sizes. She was getting visibly turned on. Frankly, so was I. My cock was hard inside my shorts. I felt her hand slowly creep up my thigh. She looked at me and said,...Read On


His Love

She asks him to show her how much he loves her.

Sometimes I think it's only my love for her that brought me through. Every time we went down range, when every step could be your last, all I could think about is how I have to get back to her. And I made it. Only a couple of scars to show. On the outside that is. But it makes you appreciate what you have. I got dealt a plate full of serious. I don't fuck with life the way I used to. ...Read On


The Cuckold Journal of Jane and Mark - Part VII

Jane increases her hold as a cuckoldress over Mark

Mark: There is a case to make that far from cuckolding being a threat to marriage, cuckolding actually enhances a marriage. Yes, giving your wife sexual freedom can be quite risky. There is always the chance that she will fall in love with her lover and want to leave the marital home and be with him. It does happen and will continue to happen but the majority of marital relationships last....Read On


Courtney - Who Needs Pictures with a Memory Like Mine?

I never knew post breakup sex could be this great!

You may want to read about my first date with Courtney but it certainly isn't required reading. Courtney and I dated for only 3 or 4 months. It turned out that since we didn’t really have that much in common and came from completely different backgrounds that we weren’t as compatible as I had hoped. Don’t get me wrong, when we were between the sheets, life couldn’t get any better. Once we had...Read On


Linda's Awakening Phoenix Style

Wife's First time interracial encounter arranged by hubby

Linda’sAwakening Phoenix Style Linda awoke to the buzzing of an alarm. What the hell? Dan must have left it on accidentally. He had told her he was going to get an early start, maybe sneak out of a session early, and she might have an exciting day, or something to that effect. She reached over, had to rise up and scoot across the bed to hit the alarm. At the same moment, she heard a quiet...Read On


Family Fuck 2

The family affair goes on, this time with mommy and daddy!

*for readers who aren't familiar with this story series, I reccomend you reading Family Fuck 1. It'll make much more sense that way.*   My brothers and I both stared at our parents in shock, our mouths open at the scene of our naked parents, announcing they wanted to fuck us all together.  "Now, Lauren, you get off your sex bed and get on the carpet with your ass in the air," dad...Read On


Duffle Lust

How a duffle bag became a source for sexual gratification...

The Greyhound waiting room was already full when Lucy arrived to catch her coach. She was 23 years old, somewhat taller than average, with shoulder-length blonde hair tied into a ponytail, blue eyes and a fair complexion. She was wearing a white tanktop, a pink pleated mini skirt, white anklet socks and runners. On her shoulder she carried a large bulky dark green duffle bag made of a shiny...Read On


The Preacher, His Wife, and Me - Part 2

Purely fictional but based on some fact

Darla and I, being at least momentarily spent and drained of energy after masturbating one another to orgasms at the level of volcanic eruptions, drifted around the swimming pool on our floats for several minutes while regaining our senses and our stamina. Paul, Darla’s preacher husband continued sitting on his stool at the edge of the pool grinning foolishly from ear to ear. After...Read On


The School's Most Popular Girls

Three beautiful girls cross paths. A model, an athlete and a girlie girl.

Crystal woke up gasping, covered in sweat and her sheets soaking wet. She lay down in pleasure, unable to even move. Yesterday she had witnessed the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. Crystal was 22 years old and about 5’5 feet tall. Athletics had given her a nicely shaped body. Her hair was beautiful, a natural brown with soft red in it. She had a beautiful shape from running track,...Read On


Vampire Nights 3

Edward teaches Darla how to embrace the night!

Darla spent most of the day distracted as she thought about Edward and the message he had left for her on the bathroom mirror. Her thoughts drifted to the memory of his lips against her bare skin and the feeling of him throbbing inside her as they had fucked passionately under her flowing shower the night before. She caught herself smiling at nothing near a dozen times throughout the day,...Read On


Lovers Part 2

Exploring with his friend

Continued: Joe and I had the most amazing weekend. He and I confessed our love to one another and shared our fantasies about life, love and sex. I shared with him that I had always wanted to try a threesome with two men and he was bound and determined to make that a reality at some point for me. During the weekend we also played with my toy. It's one that stimulates my pussy and clit at...Read On


Back Seat Driving Lesson

(M is for Maureen) Maureen pays for her back seat driving habit

To say that Tom was upset was an understatement. Maureen knew he was angry because he had no look on his face at all. He just stared straight forward while he drove. After 5 years of marriage, she knew that when he was visibly angry that was one thing, but when the anger didn't show... She sat in the passenger seat of the car, turned slightly away from him. Their lovely romantic evening was...Read On


That Unforgettable Night

Things are not always what they seem.

That Unforgettable Night I wake up suddenly in the dark, realizing while I was sleeping, my wife began giving me a blowjob. I don’t mean just your average sympathy BJ that many wives give when they are trying to just get it out of the way. It’s actually the most amazing BJ I have ever experienced and/or could imagine. I so badly want to ask her to turn on the lights, so I can see what my...Read On


If I Had You To Myself

We broke up, but he still wanted me. And I wanted him. This is what we did. True story.

It's 9 am. Mom's still at the barn. Dad's at work.. No one's home but me. And soon, you. We've been planning this day for a while now, we know what's going to happen, and we don't care. No one matters except the two of us. No one else exists outside this bed. It's dark, but not pitch black. I'm still asleep. You open the front door and listen, smiling to yourself that we're alone. You...Read On


My Very First Threesome

Meeting new neighbors can be an enlightening experience.

I had just finished moving into my new condo and was very hot and sweaty. The air conditioner had not yet been able to overcome the door standing open for two hours as I moved boxes and things. Even a quick, cool shower failed to compensate for the oppressive heat of the summer. “Well,” I thought to myself, “Good time to check out the pool.” I slipped on my trunks and grabbed a towel. I...Read On


A visit to the vineyard, conclusion

My legs weak from the experience, I sit down on the bench. You break your kiss from Amy and pull her up to her feet. You both come together in a sensual embrace as your hands pull the straps of Amy’s dress off of her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Amy is now completely naked as your hands glide down her sides and grab her ass. My eyes are glued to your hands as they gently massage...Read On


Hot First Time Threesome

My actual first time. Yeah. It was awesome

My first story, so don't be rude. My name is James and this is how I lost my virginity. See admittedly at 17, I was expected to have had A LOT of sex. I am fairly tall, muscular, from (what my friends classed as obsessive) weight lifting, sandy blonde hair, decent smile and star of the rugby team. I also was in a very consistent relationship, with a girl called Emma, which we were...Read On


Afternoon Delight

As I rounded the corner of the building, there she sat, on the stairs, legs wide open and...

I had taken a brief break to step outside and enjoy some sunlight. A warm summer breeze warmed the air and the fragrances of springtime filled my nostrils. It was another day in paradise I thought as I zoned out on my little stroll towards the back of the office building. As I came around the corner of the building I noticed you, a total stranger, sunning yourself on the stairs a...Read On