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The Pool

The wet slap of the water hitting concrete echoes through the space. Anna's been sitting here for God knows how long in the bleachers around the 50 metre pool, semi-hidden behind a cement column. Her oil pastels are scattered, any pretense of working on her art folio abandoned. She can't stop watching him. Watching Rhys. She started coming here in winter, when the school swimming season...Read On


She Comes

All day yesterday I had an incredible desire for sex. I wanted hard and dirty sex, and an explosive orgasm. I NEEDED it. So I came straight home after work. I parked the car in the garage, walked in the back door and made sure to lock the garage and door behind me. I intended to be upstairs and didn't want to be distracted wondering if the door was left unlocked. So I made mental notes....Read On


Sex on a Britanny beach

I am masturbated by my friend`s wife then we fuck

For many years my wife and I were were friends with a married couple, Stan and May. I became a widower but continued my friendship with them. One day we decided to go to a guest house in Brittany and, when there, went to a nearby beach to swim. Stan could not swim and only paddled, fully dressed except for socks and shoes. May and I changed into bathers, she in a two-piece costume and me...Read On


One good hand

My Fiance's friend gives me a hand

My fiancé and I had been engaged for a few weeks when she started working part time. On her first day she made friends with one of her co-workers, Robin. Robin was the type of girl you wanted but thought was out of your reach so would never talk. She was five-eleven with blonde hair to the middle of her back and deep blue eyes. That first night when I went to pick her up she offered...Read On


The Commuter: Days 17-18

I have never done anal, please be gentle.

That was a close call I said to myself. That could have turned out so much worse I laughed. My emotions seemed trapped between revenge and relief. I rubbed the red marks on my wrists as I thought about my next move. The train jerking to a stop reminded me this was my stop. As I stood to exit the train, the slow moving parade of chattering Sisters moved ahead of me through the door. The...Read On


First Time - A Virgin With A Virgin

After math classes, a summer of gay sex

My dad had found a new job and the whole family, of course, had to move to a new location, a new house, a new State and, in my case, a new school. Next school year I would be a junior; I had fair grades coming out of my old school and, according to my father, could be accepted to good colleges. I had started running cross country in my old school and had done well in competitions. At...Read On


Love in Tragedy Part II

Daddy sat me down on the counter in the bathroom, as he turned the shower on. I leaned back and jumped slightly at the feeling the cold glass of the mirror against my burning skin. My breath had still not caught up with me and everything seemed as if it was going in slow motion. I imagined this is what it felt like to be a firework. “Hot, warm or cold,” my daddy turned and asked me. ...Read On


This One Time at Diabetic Camp Part 2

horny teens realize the love for each other is too powerful to be stopped

You have to read Part 1 in order to understand Part 2. This story is 100 percent true, only the names have been changed. I wake up from my bunk bed still smelling like sex. I really do not care because I already lost my virginity and camp has not even really begun yet. I mean, we are only on the second day with 28 days to go. After I hop in the shower, put on some clothes and check my...Read On


Working late

Long office hours lead to more for Robert and Juliana

This is the fifth in the series of stories written in collaboration with Alphamagus about Robert and Juliana and their love. Juliana had been at the office since 7 AM, working on a deadline. The day was not going well, as a number of clients’ issues had interfered with her making any progress. It was going to be another late night at the office. She often brought work home, but it...Read On


Naughty Bad Girl's First Time

My First Time

Reading all the first time stories, really go me to thinking about mine.. It was with my then at the time boyfriend, Who I had met through my cousin, Sheena. I was seventeen and he was eighteen. His name was Patrick. He was not the usual type of guy I went for at the time. He was tall, built and a bad boy. He had blue eyes and brown hair. It was a cool day in september and I was visiting...Read On


Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser part 13: Missy's Turn

here is part 13 part 13.5 will be up ASAP Plz enjoy and comment and rate at the bottom :)

Sorry not much sex in this one but its a lead up to 13.5 and I hope you enjoy both of them. :) Once mom and I had gotten our car back, we took it out for a spin and I have to say it worked and looked like new. It had everything from a new paint job to new parts in the engine. Now in all honesty, I did have to go back a few times and give Ray a few blowjobs to help pay for them but it...Read On



He's coming away from this summer vacation with a lot more than a lousy t-shirt

Kevin reached for the keycard when his mother handed it to him, and fought the urge to grin. Her guilt trip had been working. After a month of insisting that he had to go on one last family vacation, because he would be going off to college and they were never going to see him, he was ready to cave. If she’d waited until he got home that evening instead of calling his cell with the offer...Read On


Asian Amber Picks Ch. 02

25 cent whore for boyfriend's Great Grandfather

Amber and I got off at the gas station but I was clearly in the dog house. This had to be the strangest situation I have ever been in. Amber stayed outside and sat on a nearby bench while I called CAA. I must have been on the phone for at least thirty minutes, trying to explain the location where my car was. Luckily the time I was inside gave Amber time to cool off and rethink the situation. ...Read On


Body Language, Part 2

Allan and Karla struggle with their secret affair...

Part 1 was originally written by Taverner, but he graciously allowed me to write a sequel with his characters. Enjoy. Krystal stood up on the altar in her wedding gown, in all her glory, standing beside her future husband, Mark, a good man whom I approved of, and who I knew would make her happy. As I admired my 23-year old stepdaughter, whom I raised, I looked over at my...Read On


Angelique and the Priest

God wanted her to be a nun.

My name is Angelique Tornetta and my mother is French and my father is Italian and both are hot-blooded. I have inherited my mother’s small bones and slim body and my father’s full mouth and tan skin and my dark hair and eyes from both of them. What I have not inherited—and I’m glad of it—is any hot bloodedness whatsoever. I think I know what that refers to and I’d like to state that at...Read On


Welcome to the neightborhood! - Part One, - Introductions.

If enough people like my writing style and ability, then I'll continue the story! >>Test Story<<

Ellen watched in disbelief as her daughter, Samantha, 'Sam' to her friends, dashed down the stairs. She had ten minutes to get to work and she'd only woken up five minutes ago. Apparently her alarm hadn't rang, but Ellen knew her daughter - more likely she'd forgotten to set it, or completely ignored it. Samantha ducked into the kitchen, offering a quick, "Thanks for waking me! Gotta'...Read On


Behind the Purple Door

What really happens in a full service salon?

Author’s note: This story is written by Cocokisses. If you are reading it anywhere other than Lush Stories, it has been posted without the author's permission. LeAndra drove up to her place of business and parked her plush, black BMW 740i in its assigned space. She glanced at the building as she considered her good fortune. Her husband; her sexy, tall, Adonis of a husband, had assisted in...Read On


Rookie of the Year Part 1

A virgin reporter breaks her first story-amongst other things.

Rookie of The Year Seventeen year old Ashley Martin and eighteen year old Hideki Ito sat on the bed before the reporters. The both of them stark naked, their bodies on full display. Ashley had her hand wrapped around Hideki’s pudgy cock while he rubbed her clit with his finger. None of the reporters were in a hurry to leave the room. They had just witnessed a live teenage sex show with...Read On


Getting Nekkid With a Cheerleader!

There is nothing like getting 'nekkid' with a sexy cheerleader to cheer you up!

(episode 26) This follows "Two Girl Fuck Competition" I should have been happy and excited because I was officially dating Mary Beth. She was definitely a super hot, sexy girl and nearly every guy I knew would’ve been ecstatic to be with Mary Beth. But I wasn’t feeling happy. I was actually feeling quite depressed. Down deep I still ached for Jennifer, even though I was mad as hell at...Read On


Her First Time With a Woman

Megan meets a young girl who has never experienced lesbian sex before and teaches her all about it.

It was my first year at Columbia after two years at a local community collage. I was so happy to have left home and now begin my life as a sexy and independent young woman. I had had a few boyfriends in the past, and although I loved cock I also had found myself becoming more and more curious about women. In my search to figure out what exactly my feelings for women were I had had a...Read On


The Newtons

An almost estranged couple get back together by her husband becoming bisexual

Part Three CHRISTIANA Thank Christ the x-rays showed that my pelvic bone and my leg were now mended for I could now have this damned plaster cut off and I can scratch myself. That was the worst part of being in plaster to get an itch that you couldn’t scratch. I’m sure I was to claw my skin to ribbons when it finally comes off. I didn’t, but came close to it when they got the...Read On


Love can be in plain sight 2

Some brothers will do anything for their sisters

I wasstunned beyond belief honestly. He let me blow him for the first time, now he was gonna make love to me as well. Was I awake, were we really about to make love? I'd soon find out. “Are you sure you really wanna do this with me?” I asked at the doorway. “Yes sis, are you having second thoughts?” Ray asked. “No, but I want you to want this too,” I replied. He leaned over and kissed...Read On


CD Domina training two slaves

CD Mistress commands two slaves for a hot 3-way.

Just five days had passed since my last session with my slave Candy and already I was yearning for his sexy body again. I was in need of another meeting and had something special planned for it. I called Candy's phone and just like previously he answered before it could ring twice and greeted me anxiously. "Hello Mistress Cheyenne," Candy said as he answered his phone. "Hello slave Candy,"...Read On


My First Lover

The day I lost my virginity.

I was on my way to my locker to get my books for my last class of the day. I was in high school and my age was seventeen and I was naive and in love. I quickly put in the combination to my locker and pulled it open. I was surprised to find a note on top of all my books. It said: To Katachi, I was thinking about what you said. We'll talk about it after school. I'll walk you home. Wait up...Read On


Two turned on teenagers

its all seemed so innocent...

I met Richard just over a year ago, we met at college and instantly clicked, not in a romantic way but in the way that he became my closest guy friend. I would be lying if I said I didn't find him attractive, he's undeniably handsome with a chiseled face, perfect jawline, dirty blond hair and eyes so startlingly blue it's like diving into the clearest of oceans looking into them. Though in...Read On


This one time at diabetic camp

This is what happens when a group of horny, Type one diabetic teenagers get together

Too start off with, I am a type one diabetic and have been for 19 years. I don't mind being a diabetic for the most part. Do not get me wrong, having type one diabetes is a daily struggle but I would usually use it to my advantage. For example, I had a girl give me a blow job in my local high school because she wanted to 'make the pain go away', I would always get A's in class because,...Read On


Learning On A Lazy Saturday

Nina learns a new trick poolside with her young neighbor.

My eyes focused on the clock 9:02 stared back at me. I love sleeping in on a Saturday. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and sat up raising my arms above my head and arched my back then relaxed. I stretched right, exhale, left, exhale; then relaxed my arms down and stood up. Such a stress free way to start the day. ‘What to do today… no projects due, no errands to run, no...Read On


One Night Of Fun At The Park

Fun at the Park

I was visiting my cousin for a few weeks. We were having fun in town, and ended up at the park. We played around on the swings for awhile. My cousin and the guy she was hanging out with that night disappeared in the darkness. I was dressed in jeans and a t shirt. The guy I was hanging out with that night was named David. He was tall and really built. He had some rock hard abs. He was wearing a...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 45

Someone has to make the move.

Ryan covered a yawn as she walked into the hotel lobby. The show had gone well and she was beat. Tired enough, she had decided, to head back to her room while the others hung out somewhere. Her fatigue must have shown, since none of them had made more than a token effort to convince her to go with them. She pondered that in the elevator. It was unlike Lara to leave her alone these days....Read On

A Good Old Mexican MMF - Surprise

Breelyn expects a mmf with an attractive friend but gets an old Mexican at a charity event

Breelyn and Ethan were your typical mid 20's upper class couple. Both came from high profile upper class families and didn't really have to work for much in life. It seemed as though they had it all and were going to get more. Like most people with everything, the couple had to step outside their conventional boundaries and expand their sexual horizons. It wasn't hard for such a couple in...Read On