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Me and the Hockey Team Chapter 3

Continued From Chapters One and Two

I saw him and i made a mad dash for his bedroom. I knew he was chasing me by the sound of his footsteps... that and his cock was hard again and made a slight slapping noise as he ran. Up the stairs, down the hall, third door on the left. His room. Damn, he was spoiled, but all I cared about was his bed. King size bed, imported, softer than soft sheets, five pillows. And now me, lying on...Read On


Soaked Capture

2am in the morning and the moon appears ominous......

The GRAB 2am in the morning and the moon appears ominous as Melissa walked home, she was a little lit from the party but feeling very relaxed. She passed by this club where a few other young woman in various dress were outside milling about smoking. One of the young women was gazing at her hips and her ass swinging as she passed, thinking of what it was like. A few moments later, as Melissa...Read On


The Only Woman for Me

      I am watching TV when the phone rings. The name and number that pops up on the screen catches me completely off guard. I haven’t heard from Elaine in a couple of years. Not since we had ended our affair because she felt she had to give her marriage another shot. A few months later her husband got a job offer in another state and they moved away. I stare  at the name thinking it...Read On


Prisioner of my desires

A girl is held captive and fucked like never before by her kidnapper

Nervously, she looks around the small, locked room …. cinderblock walls painted a horrible green and furnished with only a scarred wooden table and two heavy wooden chairs. Behind her, the heavy metal door opens with a mighty creak and in strides a man, huge by anyone’s standards, her Interrogator. She keeps her dark eyes lowered, knowing he’ll see the fear in them if she looks at him. He...Read On


one on one is good but one and two is even better

about a girl getting her taste of a threesome, enjoy

Max enjoyed his work as a professor at a small college. He especially enjoyed watching the girls in his class show off themselves either accidentally or on purpose. Right now as he looked out over the class he could see up the dresses of at least a half dozen girls. White cotton panties, sheer pink panties and lacy panties with holes were among this mornings selection. One girl,...Read On



I fell in love with my skinny boss, but I got her by being persistent, continual, pushy!

A REALLY HORNY WOMAN! A TRUE STORY ABOUT INFIDELITY   I held on her hips, then took her waist, her legs wide spread to its limit. My head cock was set exactly at the vagina opening and I began to push in, little by little.  There was a moment here as I felt my penis burning just as the vagina muscles had gripped my manhood.   %%%%%   This is a story about an incredible situation I went...Read On

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First Full Swap

A pool party leads to a couple’s first full swap experience.

Hi, my name is Kelly, and I want to tell you about our first full swap experience.   We had been dabbling in the swinging lifestyle for about a year, with only girl-girl or soft swap experiences.   It seemed like we just hadn’t met a couple with whom we were prepared to take that big step.   Just few weeks earlier, we joined a new swinger dating website and met many local couples.   ...Read On


Shoplifting Punishment

I was punished for shoplifting tweny years later

Here I was tied, gagged and blindfolded and I wondered how I had let myself end up like this. Jim and I had worked for the same company for several years and then he left to take a position with another company. I had not seen him for almost a year when we ran into each other at a local club. I had always thought he was an attractive man but he really never seemed to take an interest in...Read On


Spicy Spring

new found love

THE CABIN Donna took her by the hand and guided her out of the cold wet snow into the warmth of the cabin. The young blonde woman, a little nervous and shaken from the crash that occurred just days ago, just left her the sole survivor out in the cold and emptiness of the wilderness. Donna, removed her parka took the young woman by the hand and brought her closer to the warmth of the fire ...Read On


Secret Passion

She didn't expect....

Even in the large suite there was no peace, the captain and Marissa were arguing again. Tyaja whispered to Ayanna “what is going between those two?” Tyaja replied “Maybe the tension of being on the lam is getting to them. Suddenly the door blasted open and that bounty hunter that was pursuing them stepped through the remainder of the door. The captain charged and caught the bounty hunter...Read On


There is a lot to be said for research

The best days at college

There I was in the second year at the local college, researching for my paper on Larry Flyer's ideas about pornography.  Unfortunately, not much has been written about that. I guess if you read Hustler then you pretty much know what his idea was.  I had been to the library several times reading up on the subject and noticed the librarian had checked me out pretty good each time.  I had not...Read On



A mistake I made 9 years earlier got me in to the caught between 'a rock and a hard place' position

My name is John Marples,  I am single and 31st old.  It all really began 9 years earlier when I was a high flier at quite a big company, I had a secretary then called Janice. She was only 18 and during that time I must admit treated quite badly. However, I didn't care because I was doing very well in my role as a Sales Account Manager, and, I new I would be promoted to our head office...Read On


Short and to the point

Mike was coming over

As Carol got dressed, I noticed she was wearing no panties. I questioned her and she said "I thought you liked my hairy pussy." "Of course I do, and I bet Mike will too." I replied.  She smiled and kissed me on my cheek. Carol put on a red blouse and a short yellow skirt. She asked me how she looked.  I said you look fantastic and I'm sure Mike will like the outfit. She began to brush...Read On


Love Thy Neighbour

Life's a funny old game,  it really is.   One day you're happy just hanging out with friends or playing sports, the next,  along comes puberty and you don't know what's hit you.   Take me and my my best friend James for example.   Known each other for years ... best of buddies and as said so often,  even by our parents we looked like brothers.   Same height, same build,  both of us aged...Read On


Me and the Hockey Team Chapter 2

Chapter Two Monday morning I arrived at school with my just been fucked face on, only to find stares following me all day. What was going on? I thought back to what might have been the cause of the looks. The girls looked at me with envy, while the guys looked like they wanted to fuck me. Everywhere I went, I always had SOMEONE staring at me; whether it was my ass, my tits, my face,...Read On


Me and The Hockey Team

Chapter One This is my last year of high school. For the past three years I have been on the school ice hockey team. This year, however, is the first year where I was not just a fixture sitting on the bench in the locker room quietly minding my own business. No. This year, I had to go and open my big mouth and on the biggest game of the season against our number one rival, I made...Read On


My first foursome

My first ever story.

My first foursome   There was no doubt about it! I was nervous; me actually nervous about a night away with my own husband! I knew why.   It was because I was anticipating something exciting and new happening. We were on our way to London, the car was hot, probably from the heat I was feeling between my legs. I'd worn a skirt, because he told me to and I nearly always did as I...Read On


Fliss (The Deli Girl)

Doing your favorite customer a favor can be fun.

He noticed her every day.   Okay, so it was every working day, and what he noticed most was her ass, but Fliss wasn’t hard to notice.   She had a sweet and inviting smile that held a promise he never expected to find himself next to. Matt was sure he was only a “ham, turkey and Swiss on French” to Fliss.   Every day he wandered into the deli, ordered his sandwich and watched as...Read On


Annandale Park

The feeling of being held down made her soo wet...

“What a beautiful day”, she said out loud to the trees. For June, the air was rather warm but the breeze made Erin forget about the heat. With her favorite book in hand she wandered through the Annandale Park looking for a nice place to sit. It was strange how few people were out today; she couldn’t be the only one off on a Tuesday. The park was lined with benches and small nooks for groups...Read On


Afternoon Surprise

The first time was amazing and more than she expected...

I had been pacing through the living room for what seemed hours trying to imagine the most romantic “first” time for us. I knew you were coming over around four thirty and I didn’t have much time left. I had spent so much time doing my hair and make-up and putting on my cutest outfit, funny how it wouldn’t make any difference. I caught myself laughing out loud, thinking what a mess I...Read On



i am not this old and i tried to stay historically correct

The Army-Air corps. was gearing up for what has become known as the battle of Pork Chop Hill.  They came to our high school and I wanted out of our miserable little town so I signed up.  The school board thought it best that I finish the year so I graduated with my class.  I turned 18 in boot camp and our regiment hit Korea July 10, 1953.  If you’ve read anything about this battle it ended...Read On


Part 2. White teen boy taken by a black man

    All of that week after my encounter I was really unsettled about what I had let that gay black man do to me yet I have to admit that I ejaculated once in the bathroom at home as I recalled that weird episode.   It was on a Friday after I went to the local park to play some B-ball.   After the game I sat on the park bench near the street.    ...Read On


Soaked panties

I love the taste of soaked panties

I love it when I can taste you once you've soaked through your panties. The white darkened by the moisture showing through. Slipping in behind you and kneeling down. You can feel my breath on the backs of your legs all the way down. The inside of my thighs rubbing against the outside of your smooth legs. Letting my hands run up and down each one with an occasional pat on that sweet...Read On



Two daughter’s demand the right to take action against their disobedient fathers

I didn’t mind so much being spanked by my wife when it started all those years ago.   Susie was annoyed, claimed I was acting childishly, one thing led to another and I ended up across her lap and had my bare butt turned bright red, not to mention sore and that I was unable to sit for a while.   After that being spanked became the norm. When she decided I deserved to be that is, which I have...Read On


When the Moon and the Sun Collide, Part IV

She learns today that she has met her match...

  I can't believe you've left me here, tied up on the shower floor with freezing water pouring down on me!  I could have got pneumonia or drowned!  I was able to get to my knees - slipping on the wet floor occasionally -and turn around and shuffle with my knees back to the taps and turn the water off.  I was then able to get to my feet - falling once or twice but finally leaning my...Read On



I was a new child case social worker.  I had just graduated from college and was eager to start.  I had a wonderful childhood with loving parents; however, I had a few friends that did not.  They were shuffled from foster home to foster home and it grieved me to see it.  I vowed to care for lost kids when I was in junior high school and now I can do something about the system that looses so...Read On


When the Moon and the Sun Collide, Part III

He learns the hard way that she is not submissive at all...

I sit on the shower floor fuming, breathing heavily and trying to digest what you just did to me, I cannot help but be turned on, and that infuriates me more.    I finally calmed down enough to respond to your question.    “Yes baby, I want to suck your cock.” I suddenly spot the thigh high you forced on my wrists out of the corner of my eye on the shower floor next to me.   As...Read On


Red Cherries

They ran upstairs laughing, both of them tumbling onto the bed, out of breath, kissing Ben deeply and thanking him for a wonderful Birthday and all her lovely presents, Ben smiling into her eyes whispered there was more to come, Annie felt her pulse quicken and Ben noticed her eyes darken with desire, smiling down at her he began to undress her peeling away her summer dress her large...Read On


At the office

Just another sweet day at the office

You come in every morning as you always do. Bringing me my coffee, and saying hi. Always looking outstanding. Sitting close to me as if tempting me to do as I please. Laying back just a little so I can admire the slit in the bottom of your skirt. Touching your leg, and running my hand up under your skirt. Letting my thumb caress the top of your opening while I never look up from my...Read On

Audio version available

Foreign Standards

Several years ago I was working on a large project with members of three other companies. Our team was one of many that were working on different aspects of a massive system design for worldwide communications. I can’t really say more about the effort and it’s not related to the story anyway. Tom and I had recently celebrated our one-year anniversary when I had to go to Bonn Germany for...Read On