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A Summer Night

I had just returnedfrom a long and hard day at work. I stood at the bedroom window wondering how to shake off the tiredness. The reflection of setting sun in the blue waters of the backyard swimming pool seemed so soothing to eyes. I find the feeling of the cold water rushing over my skin is so soothing! I wasted no time baring myself naked by getting rid of my work clothes. I looked in...Read On


Forever Dreaming

It was a beautiful fall day outside and we just got back from riding the atvs. As we hit the front door I say "I'm going to take a shower."   You say "I’ll join you." I remarked that for now, I’d like to shower alone. I see your disappointment before you go in the other room, leaving me alone.    I get done shower get dressed and come out of the bedroom and ask you what is wrong....Read On


Small Town Swinging Part 3

Unleashing the tiger is us all.

As soon as I could, I called Renee and told her about the weekend away with Candy and Steve; and could hear over the phone how much she was being turned on as described in detail what happened. I picked her up at the airport a day or so later and while driving home, after briefly telling me about her time away asked me again to describe what happened. I could see that she that she was...Read On


Accidental Anal

She got more than she bargained for and loved it.

Malika lowered her slim bronze frame into the bathtub filled with warm water and scented oils. She had position herself with her back to the main door as she knew William would want to enter unnoticed. He’d slip into the adjoining shower and rinse himself clean before joining her. The soft candle light and tender love songs playing on her iPod lolled her into a dreamy reverie. Her right...Read On


My Daughter's Sleepover 4 (Sunday-The Last Day)

The phrase Everything happens for a reason constantly shot through John mind as he tossed and turned in his king sized bed. He was under the impression that something bad was going to happen. Everything finally started to make sense. He was so stupid. He assumed the girls were trying to blackmail him. That seemed like the only logical explanation for two hot 18-year-olds lusting after him...Read On


A Fucking good time Chapter 1

A woman's addiction and where it takes her

She didn't know how it started, or how it would end, but one thing she did know was that she was fucking loving it. She couldn't count how many men were simply around her, how many hands gripped her soft, pink skin. Though, if she really focused, maybe she could count how many men were inside of her. She was glad her friends managed to convince her to come to this party, it was certainly...Read On


Jill - Chapter 3 – Charming Clumsiness

Pratt took his time smoothing the fiberglass around Jill’s waist. I wondered if he wanted to make a perfect mould or just was enjoying the lovely curves of her hips. Jill was lying motionless, her eyes partially closed. Her fingers were locked together as if she was trying to suppress her nervousness. I was glad to see that her face had more colour than before. The doctor finished the upper...Read On


Losing My Virginity

this is the true story of how i lost my virginity.

I wanted him so badly. It was amazing to think how much I wanted him despite the fact he was taken. I was seventeen but I had wanted him for so long. I felt he was attracted to me as well- he would joke with me and look at me in a way that left no doubt in my mind that there was something between us. When I heard he had broken up with his girlfriend I knew that that this was my chance and I...Read On


Tutor Time

Bethenny struggled to open the heavy door while balancing her book bag, coffee, cell phone, and laptop. She was already running late for her 8:00am class on deviant behavior and Professor Englehardt was notorious for reducing grades based on punctuality. Pulling the door open, she saw her coffee cup falling from her hands in slow motion toward the marble floor of Breckenridge Hall. Before...Read On


Krystenah is a Naughty Teacher Part IV

It's Graduation Night and Krystenah learns how to please her teenaged bf...and his uncle

As Matt Simeon moved his tassel from the right side to the left, he not only became a high school graduate, but he also became my boyfriend. I had been his English teacher all year and had agreed to date him only after he was no longer a student at Ben Franklin High. I had recently discovered how dominant he was and that had melted any resistance I had to dating someone so much younger. As...Read On


TSINF 8.2 - The Deal 2

Steph sees what she is in store for....

Author’s Notes: Last we saw Steph she was meeting up with Matt to find out what deal she made with him. And now without further wait… ********** Matt boomed a laugh, “See that’s why I’m beginning to like you. Straight to the point. No lolly gagging. No tip toeing around. Going right for the heart of the situation. Alright. They will be here in a few hours. What they would like for you to...Read On


A Delightful Opening

When Paige makes her husband take her to an art opening, he pays her back in the best way.

Jack Brewster was not in a good mood. He came home from work in a good mood. He was in a good mood through most of his dinner. That all changed when his wife reminded him of their after-dinner engagement. "Don't forget, honey," Paige Brewster's voice rang out. "We have that gallery opening to go to tonight." A sodden lump grew in Jack's stomach as he finished his dinner mechanically. He...Read On


53 Year Old Ann Is Seduced By A 21 Year Old Hunk

Ann’s husband had wanted to see Ann with another man for the last few years. He yearned for the day he could see his beautiful wife of more than 30 years being fucked by another man. Ann’s husband knew Ann wasn’t getting any younger and the time left for his ultimate fantasy to come true was slowly coming to an end. He was desperate at this point and would do whatever it took to see Ann...Read On


Poetic Stimulation

A heart broken woman falls for a poetic man

This story is dedicated to the curvy, voluptuous women who will always be loved, while I was inspired by a woman in particular, I was also inspired by a song from Isaac Hayes, “The Look of Love”, respectively ©1973. However, I dedicate this to the curvaceous, the confident, and the lovely voluptuous women in the world. Cindy was a caring, warm-hearted woman who just got out of a...Read On


Birthday at the Nudist Resort: Part 5

My slit was slick with desire as I watched my best friend rock on such a large organ.

Brit looked at me and said, “You still find yesterday quite entertaining, don’t you Sam?” I looked at her and laughed again. It was quite funny, but I had experienced it with my first boyfriend, although he never got it inside me. That’s how I knew my hunch would pay off, but I was not about to interrupt that moment with Brit. She had to experience it firsthand. As she sat there, again...Read On


Hot Snowy Weekend

The snow starts to fall as I sit here waiting for you to get home. I keep the car running so I don't get cold. You thought I had to work late and you are taking your time getting home. We have been texting all day and I told you that I was. You finally come down the road and turn into the driveway. I know you didn't see me because I parked in a place I could watch you and you not see me.  ...Read On


Office Space

Work is its own reward.

He unbuttoned her jacket, slid it down her shoulders and off, and draped it over the back of a chair. Next he unbuttoned her blouse. Her bra latched in the front and he unhooked it and ran his hands over his round breasts. She shuddered, chilled. Her nipples stood out hard and resilient as rubber toys. “What do you think about when you’re jerking off,” he said. “Being on my knees,” she...Read On


Small Town Swinging Part 2

Inhibitions being lost and horizons being broadened.

I mentioned previously that my wife, Renee, had a wild, exhibitionist side, which she hadn’t displayed in our six years of marriage until recently. She was even reluctant to pose for a photo (fully clothed), it was therefore quite a revelation when while we were away at a family gathering on a remote farm near Cape Town, she asked me to take photos of her in the nude to send to Candy and Steve....Read On


Getting Liz's Knickers Down

I finally get to fuck Liz.

It would be good to read one of my other stories about Liz first. It will give more depth about her personality, and her behaviour. Reading the stories about her being gangbanged or spit roasted on holiday will give you an insight. An insight that I never had when I met her unfortunately. I was in a bar one Friday night with friends, took a step back to let somebody walk by, and I felt a...Read On


Nursing the Warrior

Deep in the forest a resourceful huntress and a battle-wounded warrior cross paths.

Eolfica hid behind the dense tangled brush and watched the small gray hare leap away. “It is your lucky day, little one,” she called after it. “I am not so hungry today that I would kill—” She stopped herself in mid-sentence when she saw the blood on the leaves of the thicket. Looking down, the lone huntress saw the impression of a large boot on the mossy forest floor. She discovered...Read On


Pool Side

A hot afternoon's swim becomes much more

So it's a hot, sunny, summer afternoon. I've finished work, and am hot and sticky, just the type of day for a swim at a friends pool.  I drove out into the country and turned up into the driveway, my friends live pretty far out of town on a secluded country lot, so it was a surprise when I saw her car in the driveway. Walking back to the pool, I found her reading on one of the chaise...Read On


Heading Home for Spring Break Part 1

New things for Katie

Katie walked back to her shared apartment after the last class before spring break. The days were getting hot in San Diego. Her long tanned legs showed beyond the hem of her mini skirt. The heat always made Katie feel horny and she looked forward to a week alone at her childhood home, where she could masturbate herself into a frenzy. Arriving in her room, Katie grabbed her pre-packed bags...Read On


Jill - Chapter 2 – La Donna e Mobile

“We have to place her on the table over there!” Pratt said to the nurse. There was a low examining table in the corner. Jill looked around her, obviously wondering what was about to happen. I tried to meet her eyes, but she avoided my gaze. Connie wheeled the stretcher near the table, and smiled forcefully at Jill. “Could you please ask Moira to help us?” the doctor said. The...Read On


He's the One

She always gets her man.

She walked in through the door of the bar, thinking to herself that she would definitely find the right one tonight. Standing there in her tight black jeans and white tank top, Clare felt super confident. She knew she looked sexy; her body was hard in all the right places and soft only where it should be. She worked hard at keeping her body this way. Her silky, long black hair was almost to...Read On


Store party - Monday night

Denny gets the dream, or does he?

I pulled into the drive at home and realized both my parents were home. I did a quick check to see if anything was obviously out of place. I knew my body was sticky, but a quick check of the mirror didn't look too bad. I came in, hung my coat and headed for my room. I grabbed some fresh clothes and hit the shower. As I got out of the shower, I noticed all the scratches and marks over my...Read On


Prelude to Lesbos

My same-sex feelings aroused by my long-time best friend's invitation

Note: This is a real-life true story that is happening to me personally at this moment: Several months ago, my dearest friend in the world revealed to me that she has come to appreciate the sensual, sexual intimacies of another woman in bed, and that her feelings are very strong for me that way. From then down until now, she's been patiently, gently, lovingly inviting me into her arms and...Read On


The Guy Next Door - Chapter 6

Jane and Matt are off on a business trip for a week...A week of debachery and exploration!

Quickie sex, masturbation, teasing, anal, vibrator, sex, oral, phone teasing The Guy Next Door - Chapter 6 Jane was a week into her new job. Matt’s company had eventually taken her on as a secretary, though she had to confess to her husband that she had lost her previous job. His reply was not at all nice, in fact he gave her only a few weeks to find another job saying that they were...Read On


Jamaica Surprise

A brief cheating relationship with two work colleagues

Work takes me to the Caribbean occasionally and one time I had a small team with me in Jamaica implementing a new computer system. There were four guys and Sally - blonde; mid-thirties, always showing her ample cleavage, full luscious lips and blue eyes. I’d often fantasised about her whilst stroking my cock in my lonely bed. There was one other girl, Sherry (real name Sherezada) who was...Read On


Obscene showers

Lovers taking a long shower

I would press my skin against yours just to feel the moisture and the beating of your heart. I would kiss you in your neck and go through your soaked hair with my right hand and hold my left hand between your breasts to feel you breathe. I can see your breath as clouds climbing from your mouth. Then I would press my lips against yours and close my eyes. I would make our tongues meet while...Read On


First time at a swingers club

Our first time at a swingers club did not go to plan

Kate and I had talked about going to a swingers club. We researched it a lot, trying to make sure we picked a good one. We wanted to make sure our first experience was a good one. We managed to find one that had excellent reviews, specifically only catered for couples. We talked about it some more, finally deciding to go and find out what it is like. We promised each other that we would...Read On