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A day in Edinburgh

Eve gets more c....

  Day in Edinburgh   Tom, my hubby and soul mate, surprised me by offering to take me on a shopping spree to Edinburgh. Now if there is something I love more than shopping, it’s shopping in Edinburgh. The day had been lovely and warm and Tom was laden with my purchases. As we entered Princess Street from our fortieth shop, a sudden...Read On


Pleasing a stranger

Pleasing a stranger after a long day at work. Then pleasing yourself.

Leaving work you're heading for your car on the third floor of the parking garage. It's late, and the garage is dimly lit, with only a few remaining cars left. You've been flirting with a guy at work, and you're kinda feeling giggly as you rummage through your purse for your keys. Not paying any attention to the darkness, as if in your own little world. Nearing your car you notice that a...Read On


Toby and Hannah takes it to the next level

Hannah woke up the day after. The two other guests had already left Hannah noticed. It didn`t quite dawn on Hannah what exactly had happened only after 5 minutes of slumbering. At first she got scared, or shocked rather. She lie completely still, thinking about whatever had happened the night before. Upon some pondering of consequences she started thinking about what actually had happened,...Read On


Her boss and her husband

Toby and Hanna met each other at a industry convention some 3 years back and simultaneously felt a desire for each other. Looking back you might find it strange that they didn`t hook up at the very moment they met. Civility had the better of them; "smile and talk, dirty thoughts to yourself". One hint lead to the other, another invitation led to the bed. During these last three years sex...Read On


Safe as the bank

John worked as an advisor in a bank and enjoyed his time there. He got to see and talk to a lot of different people, while also playing with numbers which he liked so much. John was a rather open and friendly guy, though some may say he´s kind of nerdy sometimes. He didn´t care, as long as he got to do what he liked no one could put a cloud over his head. It was a Friday and all...Read On


Do it in Mexico

Make believe husband

I live by the border to Mexico. I am a very low key cross-dresser . I moved out of my parents house at the age of 20 . Since I was financially O.k.. , like had a great job and was very independent. I was able to buy myself everything I wanted for cross dressing. When  I turned 23 years old ,I decided that I wanted to go to Mexico and rent a house or apartment out there as a retreat or...Read On


Hesitated Heartbeats

Two first time lovers and their experiences together.

    I was only 16 at the time, curious and confused, about boys and hormones and a little thing called sex. It was a whole new world to me. My boyfriend, a year older than me was almost as clueless as I was and just as curious. We'd been dating for a while and decided to take our relationship to the next level...     We told out parents we were going to dinner and a movie explained that we'd...Read On


Giving head was all new to me but I was wanting to

I layed there as his big black cock hung just above my waiting lips

Reality is I love sucking cock, any time or any place as it is always on the to do list. Problem was that I didn't know anything about sex, much less the art of giving head before my husband came into my life. Coming from a small prudish family, sex just wasn't on the discussion menu. I left the small innocent family when I met my husband, who was far more versed in sex than I was. On...Read On


Kiss me

Truth or Dare

Hi my name is Opal Hydrangea Ho.  Are you done smirking?  My friends call me H2O.  Come on get it over with.  My friends say that I have a personality like a Chameleon, fitting to my namesake opals which display different colors when viewed from different directions. Anyway my Dad is a Gemologist, and my Mom is a Horticulturist they are Americanized Chinese.  My grandparents came to America...Read On


Hoping this becomes true

We been chatting on the internet and I'm hoping this happens for real

Hello all.   I usually write stories that are true.   I decided to write a story that is partially true.   The beginning is true however we have not met in person yet and that part is fantasy.   Hopefully you will enjoy this story.  Names and cities have been changed to protect the innocent.  I’ve been a member of Lush since the beginning of Oct. 2008.   I enjoyed reading...Read On


Assisting Miss Taylor

A guy has to an entrance exam to join a group.

When I was in high school, I tried to a join group called The Betas. They were not really affiliated with the school in anyway. They were just some 12th graders who got together on a weekly basis and did all kinds of weird things to upset teacher's and see how much they could get by with. They usually had their meetings off campus, and you could even be suspended if it was discovered that...Read On


Remember Me?

An unexpected call from Cora - and some unfinished business.

I got the call late one Sunday evening, and the last thing I ever expected was her bouncing voice to come flying over the line at my ears. “Remember me?” She didn’t wait for my answer. “It’s Cora. I used to live three houses down the street from you.” Remember her? It wasn’t like I could forget. How could I ever forget one of those pivotal people in my childhood? And, as far as...Read On


Big City Adventure

A birthday weekend in the city turns to a more illicit adventure

We had arrived at the hotel at two pm, ready to check in for our weekend of fun in the big City. It was my husband’s birthday and we had treated ourselves to a weekend away to celebrate it. While Benny was handling the paperwork, I admired the scenery, and she was hot! The receptionist was 5'7 with glossy black hair that fell to her shoulders and sparkling blue eyes. Her lips were red and...Read On



This young guy is having difficulties in burying his cock into an old lady’s cunt.

This young guy is having difficulties in burying his cock into an old lady’s cunt. It’s already been ten years since last time her husband made love to her.  A true story.   My vagina was no longer wishing to get a stranger guest inside her, least to fit huge cocks into it: no use to try, but slowly, the rod began to slide in, bringing me to a fantastic sex ever, even greater than the ones...Read On


Jessica and Owen Chapter 3

Jessica has fantasies about three sums and Owen visits her at work.

  It was early monday morning and I had just stepped out of the shower. I dried myself with a towel, then walked over to my full length mirror to look at myself. I had never been happy with my looks but have recently become more confident. Owen loved my body and made me feel attractive. I was slim every where except my hips, but I wasn't overweight, I just had some fat there. I had long...Read On


The Watcher

A guy watches his high school crush get laid.

My name is Jerry Smith and will admit that I am a voyuer. That is I love watching people have sex. You say I am a pervert. That might be true, but if you look close, you will fine a little bit of the voyeur in yourself and all of us. After all what is morality? Morality is merely a moral code designed to restrain the sexual impulses and  desires of the homo sapiens. You take these away and he...Read On


Lilly and Katie's Night Out 2

As they drove to a new club that had just open in town Lilly and Katie couldn't‘t help playing with each other while Katie drove down the street. Lilly would casually rub Katie’s thigh, moving it closer and closer to her pussy that was already wet again, but just as Lilly’s hand made contact with Katie’s clit she would pull it away, only to go back to stroking Katie’s thigh. Katie was on...Read On


The Wedding Part Two

Someone suggested I add names let me know if future stories shoudl have names or not.

  On the table there was an assortment of their favorite finger foods chocolate covered strawberries.   bread and dips, oysters things that they had eaten in the past with their fingers that they had found very erotic, plus there was the regular supper.   She slowly took a Strawberry in her fingers and sucked the chocolate off it before biting into the strawberry.   She...Read On


The Wedding Part one

The groom watched, with a slight bulge in his pants as his bride walked towards him, secretly cursing the deal they had made.   They had taken the last 3 months off from their love making, because she had asked if they could.   She thought it would make their wedding night more special.   They had cuddled, hugged, kissed everything else but never all the way.   He felt like a teenage...Read On


Jessica and Owen Chapter 2

Owen gets a little rough.

  I shuffled through my wardrobe while on the phone to Owen looking for something to wear. “I can't find anything. What should I wear?” I asked him. I didn't have many clothes and even though we hadn't been dating for long, he had already seen every combination of my clothing. “Doesn't matter Jessica, your not going to be keeping them on for long. I have something planned for...Read On


Jessica and Owen Chapter 1

Jessica loves it when Owen pulls her hair

  I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his trousers. I slid them down his legs so they were piled around his ankles. I looked at his beautiful cock and took it into my hand. I kissed his thighs and the his tip. Once it was hard I stood up and began to kiss his lips. He nibbled on my in return. I kissed his down his cheek to his neck where I continues to kiss and every once in a while would run...Read On


A Naked Ride Home

Sometimes leaving the party is when the fun begins...

Steve had been listening to the song earlier in the evening. There was no doubt that was where he got the idea from, but the fact that he actually asked her to do it... well, that probably shocked him more than it did Lynn. It was definitely out of character for him to ask someone he’d just met to strip off their clothes. They were at a friend’s party and she had been flirting...Read On


My Wife, The Adventures Of A Slut

A man loves to watch his wife with other men

My wife is a pure and unadulterated slut. This however, does not bother me in the least. In fact it is good for me, as am a voyeur, that is I love watching people have sex, and I especially love watching my gorgeous wife, get her pussy rammed by some stud. I will now relate how this fantasy of mine came true. We had been married only a few months when things begin to take place, that made...Read On


A Pleasant Surprise

Husband comes home to a hot surprise

After a long hard day at work, the only thought on Brenden's mind is to get home and have a long hot shower. He had worked late that evening, having to work overtime to keep his boss happy. It was well past time for the kids to be in bed but at least it was Friday night and he didn’t have work in the morning. He pulled up to the driveway, not surprised to see all the lights were off except...Read On


My Graduation Day

The final chapter of the Tia and Mia Saga

This is the final chapter of the Tia and Mia saga.   This particular part of the story took place during my graduation from college and the summer months the followed. Read the first two chapters before reading this one.   A reminder Tia was my girlfriend and she had an identical twin sister name Mia.   I ended up cheating with Mia on my birthday, thinking she was Tia.   The...Read On


The Island Of Pleasures

Sexual adventures on a tropical island.

My wife and I live in Miami Florida. We both have very demanding and high pressure jobs, that keep us very busy and away from each other alot, so that we really enjoy our time together. My wife and I have arranged our vacations so the we both get two off in the 2nd week of August. This gives us a chance to be together, and to relax and unwind from our busy work schedule. During this time,...Read On


A Bad Day At The Office

M/f spanking

Emma really couldn’t understand how she ended up in this embarrassing position. Here she was a full grown women standing in her bosses office with her nose pressed against the wall, her hands on her head and her well spanked bottom on full view for anyone who entered the office to witness. Standing at just shy over 5’ 2’’ she was perfectly proportioned. She had a nice firm backside,...Read On


The New Neighbor 2

We got to know Jeff

Carol and I awoke early and she asked what I thought of Jeff. "He seems like a nice guy and I noticed you staring at his cock as he was leaving" I replied. Her response was quick, "Well, honey, it's been almost a week since we had sex and if you remember I didn't cum. A girl does get horny. You guys can look a women's breasts and pussies, why can't I admire a harden cock?"  I had to...Read On


Valerie Lewis--Part 2

New client

I enjoyed my time with Leo that afternoon. After we had slept he had woken me up tied to the bed. He had brought me to near orgasm three times before finally letting me cum. It had been torturous and exhilarating. But our time had come to an end. Monday morning came and he had to be getting back into town. We said our goodbyes, he patted my round ass, kissed me on the forehead and left. ...Read On


The New Neighbor 1

Jeff was new in town

I had to go out of town from San Diego to Atlanta for a week on business. Carol and I had hot steamy sex on Sunday night before my trip. She told me she wanted to give me a pleasurable send off. We sat on the sofa watching TV and Carol said  "I want to see your cock."I looked at her beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes and said, "Certainly, my dear." I stood up, unzipped my pants and pulled...Read On