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Love can be in plain sight 2

Some brothers will do anything for their sisters

I wasstunned beyond belief honestly. He let me blow him for the first time, now he was gonna make love to me as well. Was I awake, were we really about to make love? I'd soon find out. “Are you sure you really wanna do this with me?” I asked at the doorway. “Yes sis, are you having second thoughts?” Ray asked. “No, but I want you to want this too,” I replied. He leaned over and kissed...Read On


CD Domina training two slaves

CD Mistress commands two slaves for a hot 3-way.

Just five days had passed since my last session with my slave Candy and already I was yearning for his sexy body again. I was in need of another meeting and had something special planned for it. I called Candy's phone and just like previously he answered before it could ring twice and greeted me anxiously. "Hello Mistress Cheyenne," Candy said as he answered his phone. "Hello slave Candy,"...Read On


My First Lover

The day I lost my virginity.

I was on my way to my locker to get my books for my last class of the day. I was in high school and my age was seventeen and I was naive and in love. I quickly put in the combination to my locker and pulled it open. I was surprised to find a note on top of all my books. It said: To Katachi, I was thinking about what you said. We'll talk about it after school. I'll walk you home. Wait up...Read On


Two turned on teenagers

its all seemed so innocent...

I met Richard just over a year ago, we met at college and instantly clicked, not in a romantic way but in the way that he became my closest guy friend. I would be lying if I said I didn't find him attractive, he's undeniably handsome with a chiseled face, perfect jawline, dirty blond hair and eyes so startlingly blue it's like diving into the clearest of oceans looking into them. Though in...Read On


This one time at diabetic camp

This is what happens when a group of horny, Type one diabetic teenagers get together

Too start off with, I am a type one diabetic and have been for 19 years. I don't mind being a diabetic for the most part. Do not get me wrong, having type one diabetes is a daily struggle but I would usually use it to my advantage. For example, I had a girl give me a blow job in my local high school because she wanted to 'make the pain go away', I would always get A's in class because,...Read On


Learning On A Lazy Saturday

Nina learns a new trick poolside with her young neighbor.

My eyes focused on the clock 9:02 stared back at me. I love sleeping in on a Saturday. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and sat up raising my arms above my head and arched my back then relaxed. I stretched right, exhale, left, exhale; then relaxed my arms down and stood up. Such a stress free way to start the day. ‘What to do today… no projects due, no errands to run, no...Read On


One Night Of Fun At The Park

Fun at the Park

I was visiting my cousin for a few weeks. We were having fun in town, and ended up at the park. We played around on the swings for awhile. My cousin and the guy she was hanging out with that night disappeared in the darkness. I was dressed in jeans and a t shirt. The guy I was hanging out with that night was named David. He was tall and really built. He had some rock hard abs. He was wearing a...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 45

Someone has to make the move.

Ryan covered a yawn as she walked into the hotel lobby. The show had gone well and she was beat. Tired enough, she had decided, to head back to her room while the others hung out somewhere. Her fatigue must have shown, since none of them had made more than a token effort to convince her to go with them. She pondered that in the elevator. It was unlike Lara to leave her alone these days....Read On

A Good Old Mexican MMF - Surprise

Breelyn expects a mmf with an attractive friend but gets an old Mexican at a charity event

Breelyn and Ethan were your typical mid 20's upper class couple. Both came from high profile upper class families and didn't really have to work for much in life. It seemed as though they had it all and were going to get more. Like most people with everything, the couple had to step outside their conventional boundaries and expand their sexual horizons. It wasn't hard for such a couple in...Read On


Mia - Chapter 10: Spring Break (Part I)

Mia felt the cold breeze of the air-conditioning make the hairs on her arm stand on end. The warmth from the setting sun was still beating down outside the car. Looking over to the driver seat through drowsy eyes, she smiled inwardly at herself as she admired the view of her boyfriend Jesse. They had already crossed quite a few state lines as they got closer and closer to their spring...Read On


The Rock Star

Rock star finds he has very horny fan and they meet, she masturbates and they cum.

I was up there, on stage, and as usual I’d been pounding away at the guitar. This was another concert. Now first off I want to mention that I’ve been married for just under three years. As for my past…it too is history. I no longer go out searching for women as in the past but I’m still the regular attraction at the concerts. There’s only one girl for me now, a woman by the name of...Read On


A stranger in the night

One night Candi was laying in her sleeping with nothing but her bra and undies on with a light sheet covering her as it was a hot night. Candi suddenly woke up to see her boyfriend Jamie standing there next to her bed. She then sat up to kiss her boyfriend as he realised she was only wearing a bra and no shirt. He then told her to lay back down, he then hoped on top of her and started...Read On


The Commuter: Day 16 The Rest of the Story

As if saying goodbye to her old lifestyle, she traced the length of my cock one more time before

During my struggle to free myself, or maintain some shred of dignity, the hanky had slipped off my leg and fallen between my legs towards the floor. As I watched it slide off in slow motion, I caught my first glimpse of the handcuff key you had tucked away inside the hanky. Since I didn't hear it clang against the floor, I could only imagine that it had landed in the crotch of my underwear...Read On


Losing virginity to to a strange foreigner - a beautiful, strange foreigner

On a school trip to France, I met a beautiful girl and my shyness shied away.

Just to note - this is the actual account of me losing my virginity. (it's not made up) Also this is the first story I've written so apologies if you don't enjoy it. When I was 16 I went on a school exchange trip to France where you stay at another family's house. My exchange partner had a 20 year old sister, Margaux, who was super hot - worthy, no doubt, of being a model. She...Read On


Sung Hee's New Job - Part 2

Sung Hee's new job brings even more surprises

(Author’s Note: This story, although fiction, is based upon a very real woman, a Korean American who also resides in southern California. The parallels, and there are many, between fictional Sung Hee and our real life heroine are deliberate and intentional. As you read this, know that much of Sung Hee lives in real life.) I did not sleep very well that night. When my alarm went off, I...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 8

She felt his fingers playing with her inner labia that poked out in her normal fashion.

Justin stood there in the middle of his bedroom watching his mother disrobe. This would not be the first time he has seen his mother’s breasts, but when she got to her panties and removed them, it would be the first time he ever saw her pussy. As she removed her bra, he recalled how he first saw his mother’s breasts. When he was just eighteen, he had walked in on her by accident. She had...Read On


The Newtons

An almost estranged man and wife get back together through husband becoming bisexual.

Part Two CHRISTIANA I’m glad that Paul has come out into the open and been frank and honest in not only our relationship but of others he’s had. Now that we’ve come to accept the facts I can also be as honest as he has been. I must admit that the failure of our marriage was as much my fault as his. I will not cover the ground that he has already trodden, but only to say that our...Read On


Tracy (A Lamont Story)

When Tracy hears about Lamont, her curiosity will get the best of her...and she will not regret it.

Tracy (A Lamont Story) Dwight Murphy Around ten o’clock on Sunday night, Lamont lay naked in his king size bed after a long day of work lifting boxes. At twenty years-old and six foot even in height, two hundred pounds of muscles, Lamont was worn out and ready to get some sleep before he went to the gym in the morning. He’d gotten off work at nine, came home, and showered. Now he lay...Read On


Fresh Dorm Angel: Scissored Splits

She had the largest set of labia that I had ever seen.

As Vee and I walked into the showers, the girls that occupied it all stopped what they were doing and stared. Vee and I just looked at each other. We both blushed at the same time. I thought it was because it was the first time they had seen me naked. That's why I blushed. But Vee knew the real reason. I found out as the flat-chested girl, I almost ran into entering the showers for the...Read On


My Cuckold Life

My wife changes our living arrangements to bring her lover into our home.

My wife and I had embarked on a cuckold life style several years ago and have recently taken it a step further. She had worked as a loan officer at a bank for some time, but prior to that she had worked as a legal secretary for a large law firm that is active in civil litigation. After our son and daughter married and moved out she left the bank and went back to work at the law firm. She had...Read On


Incest Fantasy I

My daughter was as good as her word.

My daughter was as good as her word. The next time I went to her place for “lunch” she gave me a blow job. We did all the usual preliminaries. We showered each other and gave each other massages. Then I gave her an orgasm orally and then it was my turn. She have me one of the most delicious blow jobs of my life. She licked me up and down several times, including my scrotum. She took my...Read On


Unexpected Threesome

All alone and the movers cum to help...

The stresses of moving... Uggggh! Especially when your wife is not there to help out. She is away on a prolonged contract overseas and the time of our move could not have been any worse. Thankfully I'm employed with a company that ensures the move is taken care of for our family. I wake up the morning that the packing is scheduled to start and its a beautiful sunny day. It's going to be...Read On


Kacey and James

Kacey goes after what she wants

Kacey has always had the biggest crush on her brothers best friend James, so one she decides to do something about it, she knew she wanted him. So she sneaks into her brothers room and sneaks James number of of his phones,she runs back into hers and text James and says "I've always had a crush on you and if u wanna know who I am, u will meet me" James texts back and says "When and where?",...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 44

Getting back on track, from a distance.

Brody was bored. He stared up at the ceiling, wondering just how bored he could get. It was the middle of July and no one was around. Mark was gone for the summer, Bax and his family had returned to Boston and Ryan was on tour. Last he'd talked to his parents, they'd suggested he come to Michigan for a while, but he'd said no. There was no reason, he told himself. He was not going to...Read On


The Andrioid Lover (part four)

She dresses her android for the first time

She awoke the next morning, well rested but a little sore between her legs. The android was in the room, standing at the window looking out into the bright sunshine, she lay there watching him, looking at the curves of his broad back and the roundness of his tight buttocks - then she remembered the curtains were open and he was naked. She jumped out of bed and pulled the curtains closed just...Read On


The page

The wolf within revealed

You wake, roll over and sit, eyes still adjusting to your surroundings. As you rub your eyes and clear your mind there is something familiar about this place. Instinct brings about recognition of where you are and you peer at the shapes before you in the darkness. No longer sleeping in your bed the realisation dawns. You lay on cushions, comfortably reclined, a rug on the floor beneath you,...Read On


Getting to know the neighbors: Part 3

Messing with Jeremy's other bitch changed how he used my wife and got me involved.

Our weekly plans had no consistency. That alone could be considered normal. This was not normal. Roughly twice a week, I take my wife to entertain our neighbor at his house. I say entertain because I have to rely mainly on my imagination to know what happens. What I do know is that my wife will be there for at least two hours and maybe as long as six before she comes home again. If she has...Read On


Asian Amber Picks Ch. 01

She's taken by 2 ruff old guys and handicapped man.

As we traveled down the long stretch of highway in my convertible, heading to my parents cottage I looked over to my sexy 21 year old bomb shell girlfriend sitting in the passenger side. Amber was very sexy, probably one of the sexiest and smartest women I have ever knew. She was Chinese-Canadian, born here in Canada but her parents moved here about 30 years ago. Amber was 5'4", 105lbs,...Read On


Long Hot Summer

Beth was bored out of her mind today. It was a hot summer day and the air conditioner was acting up again. Her husband of fifteen years, Roger, was out of town and had the car so Beth had nowhere to go. She was glad he was gone because he'd become a bore and had become intolerably fat for her, and yet she loved him, but they had stopped having sex several years ago. She fanned herself, but...Read On


Incest Games Chapter 9

Chapter 9 "Give me a shower first," Jenny said. "I want to be naked with you in a shower." "Anything you say, girl." He put down the suitcase they'd bought first thing. "The clerk didn't even blink when I registered as Mr. J. J. Oliver and daughter." "That's because you asked for twin beds," she giggled. "Well have to mess...Read On