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The Geek and the Mature BBW Photo-Fun

Fun while photographing realestate

My wife’s friend called again a week ago and asked if I could show her how to use her new digital camera and help her create a Real Estate brochure for a home she had just listed. The thought of maybe getting to see Dale naked again crossed my mind as I remembered our last encounter when I taught her how to use the computer and the MLS web sites. The meeting ended with some of the best sex...Read On


His lucky break

Beautiful. The only word that comes to mind viewing Becky Daemon laying face-down on his bed. Her t-shirt laid beside her, her sports bra covered her nicely, her tan was even all over her body. She wore tight shorts that made the button barely hold, her nice round butt stood tall over her but not freakish. Her head turned to the right, in the dim light she looked like the perfect goddess....Read On


Miss Tiffany Fulfilling Her Dream

Tiffany Fulfilling Her Dream With Hot Neighbor

Miss Tiffany Fulfilling Her Dream Finally, I had everything I needed to dress up for a little fantasy today.  Ever since I was a little boy, I had always thought my neighbor Steven was extremely handsome and sexy.  At 6 feet 3 inches, Steven is exactly what described as tall, dark, hard tone and muscular.  Tonight, I would finally have my chance to fulfill a fantasy to show him just...Read On


Birthday Present Part 2

Daughter has sex with family friend again

It had been three weeks since Tom and Natasha had sex together. Saturday arrived and he came over to see if Natasha was home.   Tom stood near the door to the patio where Natasha lay in a lounge chair getting a suntan.   She was wearing a yellow bikini.   As he made his way over to Natasha she lifted her head and saw Tom approaching. For a long moment, Natasha rested her eyes on...Read On


Paddle Shopping

Paddle Shopping (FF/M) By (OTK-F/M-E) My name is Clyde and my wife spanks me when I have shown disrespect to her or if I have been naughty. She also allows her friends to spank me when they come over. Anyway, my wife recently wanted to buy some more paddles and spanking implements so that when she had her friends over, everyone could have one. Also, this way I...Read On


Threesome Action

first experience meeting a couple for a 3some

  I was a teacher in my mid 20's and was single and loving life.  I was chatting on the net in a swingers chat room for my area and met this really sexy woman named Lisa.  She lived in the same city and I was so hot to meet her.  In her picture she sent me I could tell already that she would be amazing.  Hot blonde, blue eyes, mid 30's and totally hot body.  She had one kid and a boyfriend...Read On


my best friend, my lover

it was another cold night, id gone over to my best friend edonas house we were sitting and chatting.we talked about everything from recipes, movies and even sex. i always thought she was amazing looking, large breasts, fine ass and amazing eyes. i always wished i was like her. i was insanely attracted to her and i wished we were more than this. she left the room briefly and just the thought...Read On


A Visit

Husband dresses up for his wife so that they can have a little fun during the weekend

My wife knew of my enjoyment to wear women’s lingerie when we married and over the months that followed our honeymoon she had often wanted to see more of me dressed up.   I always enjoyed these times although they were not as frequent as I would have liked them to be. One Friday, after a rather long and difficult week at work, I returned home and was greeted by a tender hug and a loving...Read On



The Latino Landscapers take all they need

THE LANDSCAPERS   CHAPTER ONE By DBARCLAY   It had been a good day, the kids had been left with some friends for a few days we had done some shopping and seen a show. Time to get home and relax.   As we pulled into the driveway our nosey neighbor was watering his lawn; He irritates me the way he stares sometimes, so being in a frisky mood I pulled my skirt further up my...Read On


Unintended Consequences

He enjoys watching her flirt with other men in a night club when things get out of hand.

    Amy glanced across the room and gave a little shy smile before averting her eyes from the four men who were watching her. She knew that they had taken an interest in her, and the excitement of it all caused her to take in a deep breath that pushed her large breasts tightly against the thin silky material of her blouse. Wearing no bra, Amy was well aware that her nipples were clearly...Read On

Editor's Pick

Paula Needs More

Paula just cannot get enough of young Men and Women

PAULA NEEDS MORE By DBarclay © I woke up early that Saturday morning around 6am. Our move to Australia was virtually all organized! I had a job arranged, the house sold. I just have some odd and end to sort this weekend before we moved to a hotel before flying out. Alan and Kate were going to visit the family for a couple of days while I finished off some work in the house and a...Read On


Lesbian Experience

My experience with an older woman

 I used to work in a Hotel and we had regular guests stay and you tend to get to know them over time but one I got to know a little more than perhaps I should have....... She was a Pharmacetuecal (?) rep that would stay once a week, much older than me, I was 23 at the time and she was 41, baring in mind my mum was only 45 at the time! She would always be the last to leave the bar and we...Read On



The Housewife meets the young Landscapers again

THE LANDSCAPERS CHAPTER 02 By DBARCLAY It had been close to three months since my dream like encounter with the Latino landscapers. Nevertheless, every morning since, the memories kept coming back into my head. Most morning I would wake up and find myself touching myself in a caressing manner reliving the experience of the wildest sexcapade of my life. I had seen the boys on occasions from...Read On


The Friday Night Event

House wife taken by force by two young men

The Friday Night Event By DBarclay© 2007 had been a bad year for me. I had divorced my bastard of a husband moved away from his area to another part of Aus, rented a nice home, found a good job and life was now settling down and at 45 I even managed to get myself in shape, and on the odd occasion managed to get myself laid. One Friday evening I arrived home from work, relaxed for a...Read On


The mom next door

Sarah is eager to have sex after enduring 12 years of a sexless marriage

The story I am going to tell you is a true one. It happened to me a few days ago and since I was out of fictional ideas I decided to write this one although it has been edited slightly. The woman involved is a neighbour of mine; in fact she was the mother of one of my friends. The friend (Jake) was not my best friend, but since we lived close to each other I did know him best and saw...Read On


Holidaying with Miss Greenslade

Craig goes to the beach for a weekend with his sexy neighbour Kate after shagging her last night

I woke up the next morning and wondered how soon it should be before I called Kate. After last night I was certainly keen to meet her again, but didnt want to seem desperate or needy. Contemplating on my stupid dilemma I rolled over to look at the clock. Shit, it was 11 already. I got up and pulled a T-shirt on as I left my room. My sister Jill came out of the bathroom, brushing her...Read On


Naughty Kid gets dealt with by a Naughty teacher

Not your normal detention

     "C'mon Miss, can't you just put my best mark on the report card" My teacher laughed. "You would have to do something for me." Then I swear she licked her lips but nobody else realised anything so I thought nothing of it. Our Teacher, Miss Jones, was about thirty probably a few years younger. She was the gymnastics coach so had a gorgeous trim body, some say she would have been good enough...Read On


I didn't know she was watching

It was the usual Saturday afternoon, sat round my best friend Mel's house, catching up on the weeks events, having a giggle, watching TV. Her boyfriend was out, so it was just the two of us chatting away. We'd been best friends for years, since school, we could talk about anything. I'd even once told Mel I'd had a sexual dream about her, God I woke up so wet that morning & dieing to rub...Read On


Ah, The Anticipation of Passion

Ah, passion and heat of a first fuck...

Ah, the passion and heat of a new lover, mmmmm what is sweeeter? I really can't think of nothing else. We all know that unbridled passion and first kisses of a new relationship. So let me explain in depth... Ah, I met this most perfect man online, I know seems so strange that you can find love online but it happens, it also happens to be the place to find lust if your looking. So I'm...Read On


Peeping Girl VI

When Peeping Girl Found Him

This was a sickness. A sickness that I had to find help for or get under wraps. Sooner or later this kind of behavior is going to get me into trouble. There was no denying that I had to watch whatever seemed to be the least bit arousing to me. More than that though, I needed to understand the fascination. Where there more out there just like me?   I turned to the only thing rational where...Read On


The house around the tree

The house around the tree can be a palace for a fuck fest . . . . .

Next Monday morning I called up to the resort, as I told Ellen I would do, and talked with one of the twins. Jim, I think it was. “I wanted to know if you guys were going to be at the resort on (Can not remember the exact date)” he said that yes, they were going to be there. I told Jim that I would be bringing another girl with me so we needed a double bed cabin. By the lake if possible. I...Read On


After the first time (Chapter 5)

I have no idea how long she was out. I think I dozed off for a while...

I have no idea how long she was out. I think I dozed off for a while but I heard the door and was praying for it to be her. I know I needed the pee bag emptied. I had a need to pee and everything went well. No mess and I relieved my bladder. She came into our room and she said - I brought you another gift. But I see that I have to empty the bag. And I will also take off the condom with the...Read On


Got more at the grocery than I planned on

It was friday and a hot summer day.  My husband had called and said he would be a little later then usual. The kids were both at friends for the night.  I had been working in the yard all day in cut off shorts and a tank top.  It was around two and I decided to quit working for the day and go to the store and get steaks, beer and wine for a nice dinner for me and my husband.  While in the...Read On


Daily Routine

Ok This is my first masturbating story I have ever wrote so please be kind....I have found that my pussy is one of my best friends so every day I like to give her plenty of attention!!! I sit down in the morning and read some hot masturbating stories and look at cock pictures until I am so hot and juicy that I have to quit and go get an ice cube or 2 and rub it on my pussy until it is so...Read On


A Happy Coincidence part two

...he put his hand on my clit making my hips push up against his touch and as he did he pushed the head of his cock inside of me until he met the resistance of my hymen his fingers on my clit again rubbing fervently,  my wet pussy making me want him  deep inside of me, tears where in my eyes I'd never had anything bigger than a tampon inserted into me and now this full thick cock was about...Read On


A Happy Coincidence

It wasn't planned....

This the story of my first time (although the names have been changed) He was an arrogant egotistical male but she loved him, she would argue probably more than life itself and although she fully believed he just saw their relationship as a close friendship every part of her yearned for more. When she closed her eyes she could imagine the feeling of his lips upon hers, his hands exploring...Read On


Will and Alessia, Chapter 1

A birthday present turns into fun for not just the birthday boy, but the giver as well.

Alessia was a beautiful young woman.  Tall, blond, long legs, nice ass, and incredible pair of breasts that were all natural.  Nope, no implants for her, she didn't need them with her lovely set of 38C's.  Her skin was porcelain, so fair she was.  She knew she was beautiful and she used her beauty to her full advantage, when ever she had to, to get what she wanted.    She had been with...Read On


First BDSM, (Chapter 4)

We need to go to the mall to do some purchases . . . . . .

-          Wake up, you lazy bum – came the voice of my wife. I retorted, whaaaat, it is Saturday, let me be . . . . -          No, we need to go places, we have things to do and you are coming with me. -          Can’t we do it later???? Was my poor pleading for mercy . . . . -          No, wake, wake, and with that she slapped my ass . . . .   We had a bit of a breakfast...Read On


Claire's Awakening 5: Mr Williams

Mr Williams enjoys watching Claire's journy of self-exploration..

Dave Williams lived alone. He was 46 and looked good for his age. 6”2, dark brown eyes with long curly lashes and almost black hair – short and tousled. His wife Helen had left him a year ago for his best friend John. The split had left him devastated and he hadn’t left the house much since. His days were now spent surfing the internet for porn. Sweet virgin teenage pussy. It was a...Read On


Long Distance Love

A chance meeting in a chat room leads to romance

Never having been a techie I was leary on meeting people on the Internet, but I was lonely and needing some companionship and joined a chat room to do just that--chat.  Well, one evening I was in the room and in pops a man with a marvelous sense of humor.  I sat alone in my living room and laughed at his comments.  I sent him a private message and asked him where he'd been all my life. ...Read On