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My First Spanking

Spanking an older woman...

I met a woman online. A very big woman. Turns out we had the same birthday but that's another story. I showed up, after work in slacks and my dress shirt sleeves rolled up. She had gotten a hotel because she didn't want to fight traffic and drive further inland to her home. So I came. Parked in the hotel parking and as if I was counting every step, slowly walked into the...Read On


Teacher Teacher Can You Teach Me

A teacher helps her student with his homework

As a 16 year old in high school I was a small but very althletic kid and loved to participate in every type of sport available to me. The problem however was in the fact that my small frame was a target for the larger so called jocks to pick on, in an effort to show each other how tough and manly they were. Playing sports was the best outlet for my frustrations, that and the fact that I...Read On


start of a memorable weekend part 2

carrying on the orgasmic fun x

Your heavy breathing slowly subsides as you quickly tuck yourself back into your jeans, finally accepting the reality of possibly being caught in the train station car park. Starting the car you slowly reverse out of the space and make your way into the traffic, you comment on how much you have imagined this weekend and soon your fingers start to stroke my exposed thigh with eagerness to...Read On


Friends With Benefits

It was late in the day before he got out of bed. He was around 5'10", a little on the skinny side, not real muscular, but a great sweet talker and a monster in bed. At first he didn't remember what happened the night before till he looked at his bed. Then he remembered. He saw his old friend laying in bed still naked from the night before. She was still under the covers but he could...Read On


Carla's Interview - Part 1

Carla tried to look elegant as she walked from the train station carrying her design portfolio. She struggled to keep her footing in her new shoes. Her mother had insisted that she look smart for her first job interview in the city. She can’t remember the last time she’d worn high-heels. Three months ago, she graduated from university. Since then, she’d spend most of her time relaxing on...Read On


A Perfect Love

A journey into taboo love.

A Perfect Love. Chapter 1. Background Before I begin the story of how mom and I eventually got to the wonderful and mutually satisfying state we now enjoy we decided it best to enlighten the readers on our background. Obviously at sixteen I have not much to tell but moms is quite interesting as will be revealed in time.. It was only during the course of our initial tentative...Read On


Fresh Dorm Angel: Lickity Slits

Vee shuddered as my finger swiped through her tender notch. What I felt there surprised me.

I awoke to Vee's soft hand stroking my hair gently. Her fingers felt so good gliding through my soft brown mane. Her body was still wrapped in my arms and pulled close to me. I slowly opened my eyes and her blue ones were staring back at me. Vee smiled and said, "Good Morning," with a light pitch that was all her own. Was it morning already? There could not have been any way that we could...Read On


Puss and the Cops

To Protect And Service?

A storm had blown up and waves were rocketing against the Seal Beach Pier. It was about ten at night and the surfers were out in force. I caught a big one and lost my bikini top in the process. It would probably turn up in the morning on the beach with all the other debris. It didn’t take long for the Huntington Beach police to fly overhead in their copters. “ Out of the water . Now!...Read On


Morning of Longing

How I feel and what I think of as I long for my wife while she is away.

Every morning I wake up and I wish you were next to me in bed. The soft light coming in through the window blinds and drapes is always so relaxing in the early morning, whether it be after I drop the kids off at swimming or an early, lazy Sunday morning . I think how I love the scent of your hair as I spoon with you on such a morning. How I love to feel your body relax under my finger tips when...Read On


A Steamy Morning Shower

Max’s eyes opened with the bright sun streaking through the thin curtains. He blinked repeatedly to adjust his eyes. Emily looked up from her book and set it down on the table, placing a bookmark between the pages. Max smiled and, with a kiss on her cheek groggily said “Why didn’t you wake me?” Emily giggled and said “don’t be silly it’s Sunday why would I wake you? and you know that...Read On


Sometimes Fantasies Do Come True

Terri has worked in our firm about two years now. We’ve become pretty good friends since then as we have worked on several projects together. We would go to lunch together a good bit and discuss work, our families and spouses. Terri is a very good-looking woman in her mid-40’s, nice trim body that she keeps fit with a mighty fine ass and great legs. Over the past few months our conversations...Read On


No One Saw Me Enter the Water

A personal account of what happened to me on that fateful night …

I hate that man. I hate him, I mumbled to myself. There I sat--a childhood icon, a teen sex symbol, a genuine movie star--and he had just asked me to get him a beer. The audacity. “Get your own beer, Bob,” I playfully snapped. I turned away from him. Slowly, seductively, I lifted a glass of sparkling champagne to my lips, pulling just a trace of the thick, sweet liquid into my mouth...Read On


The Perfect MILF Tutor For the Perfect STUDent

Teacher suggests tutor, which turns out to be a MILF!

It has been apparent through all my schooling life that English was not my strongest subject. Growing up, teachers were very hesitant to give me high marks and I always tried my best without getting high results. I sought help from friends which was useless. I went to the teacher like a teacher’s pet to try and demonstrate that I was really trying to get a higher score but still nothing. ...Read On


Voyeurs Stimulation-Becomes His Completion

She didn't know that she was being watched

She didn’t know that I had followed her, that I watched her, that I longed for her, or that I wanted to give her the release she desired. I wanted to make her aware of my presence. I wanted to place my thick rigid cock in her mouth. I wanted to replace her hand with mine. I wanted to run my hand along her breast, slowly rubbing my fingers over her hard nipples squeezing. While guiding...Read On


Three Days of Hedonism

Hedonism is the pursuit of pleasure and self gratification in any way possible.

Deep in the Caribbean Sea, where the waters are a clear, crystalline blue and the sands are a pristine white, lays an island where the pursuit of pleasure is the ultimate goal. Only the most hedonistic reside there, and admission onto the island is by invitation only. Rich, high society people mingle with the middle and lower classes. No one is better than anyone else. The journey to...Read On


Minuet In G, Chapter VIII

Gerald does some sleuthing, and all is revealed

After she stopped reading, Alice had a sudden idea. She decided to put the things back in the room, and surprise Gerald with it, after she had cleaned everything up. She decided that if things were not in good working order, she could always admit trying to prepare a surprise for him. But if they were in good shape, and she could clean them, THAT surprise would be really stunning. Several...Read On


An afternoon playing

Girlfriend spendings an afternoon playing for boyfriend....

When my husband I were dating, he lived about two hours away. We only saw each other on the weekends. One weekend my roommate and her boyfriend were going to visit her parents. Her boyfriend was picking her up from work and they were leaving straight from work.I was only working half a day and then driving to see my boyfriend. At work that morning my boyfriend called and told me something came...Read On


Rogues Story – Part Three-Reflection

Rebecca cheated on her husband for the first time, but what will she do next?

She stands at the kitchen sink, the bubbles from the washing up liquid covering her hands. She stares out of the window into the back garden but her eyes are glazed, locked into a different time and space, her hands working as if on autopilot but her mind unaware that she has been cleaning the same plate for the past ten minutes. She closes her eyes as the feeling of the lead weight in the...Read On


Annie's First Swinger's Party

Our first swingers party was wonderful! Annie loves to be watched.

Rob and I went to our first swinger’s party about five years ago and we wanted to share it with you. Since then we have gone to many more but the first one is always special. My wonderful wife Annie (my name is Rob) is a beautiful Japanese woman with long dark brown hair, dark seductive eyes, and a smile that will melt your heart. We had been happily married for nearly 13 years at the...Read On

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Recommended Read

The Little Black Choker

It was Girls' Fantasy Night...

My boyfriend and I were cuddled together in my bed enjoying the post coital bliss that followed a nice, but not spectacular fuck. I was gently fondling his rapidly deflating penis as he softly massaged my labia - both slippery with various sexual fluids. Devin broke the moment asking, “On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate this?” “Sssh,” I sighed, “Let's just enjoy this.” ...Read On


He's My Plaything

True story, and my first. I had always fantasized about giving my first blowjob. There was something, I thought, so inexplicably sexy about pleasuring a lover with your mouth. And of course, after a month of exchanging teasing texts I wanted you. But first things first; descriptions. I am a slender young woman of average height, with red hair and dark blue eyes, like the skin of a...Read On


Unexpected Threesome - Part 4 of 4

Sharing David brings out the horny hotwife slut in her and her husband loves it

Warning this series is fundamentally a bisexual (MMF) threesome story. If male bisexuality makes you feel uncomfortable, you should probably stop reading now. Also, I have illustrated versions of these stories in PDF format for anyone who would like a visual to go along with the words. Just drop me a line at I hope you enjoy. M ********************************************** The Dessert...Read On


The Awakening

The morning after

The morning sunlight broke through the windows, casting a brilliant golden hue in the small bedroom. Jerry awakened slowly and looked over to see that Sarah was still asleep. She was lying on her side with her arms caressing the pillow. Her dark curls partly covered her face leading Jerry to focus on her full puckish lips. He couldn't help but recall the night before and the heights they...Read On


Fresh Dorm Angel: Silent Orgasm

...a slow oozing trickle evaded her tender trough.

Vee's naked body lying beside mine was the most wondrous scene I had ever experienced. The delicate contours of her whole being flanking my bed gave me the nervous jitters. I was scared to touch her tender pale skin. I was so scared she would break. Vee's pert small breasts looked so peaceful, if breasts could be peaceful, as they jutted out in joyous fashion into the air of the room. The...Read On


The Break-In

Leah Comes Home to Find That She Isn't Alone

She switched off the ignition and sat in her Jeep for a few moments, too tired to even open the door and get out. She laid her head on the headrest just for a few moments... when she opened her eyes it was an hour later. Leah finally mustered up the strength to walk to the house. Her feet kicked the gravel as she trudged towards the front door and groggily put her key in the lock and opened...Read On


My Rookie Evening

A horny 32 year old doll signs on with an escort service!

Not too long ago, I met an old college buddy of mine. I hadn't seen her in at least eight or ten years and she certainly had changed. She looked like a million bucks with fashionable clothes and beautiful matching jewelry. The mystery was that back in college she never had very much money for the nice things in life. She came from a fairly poor family. I asked her if she had collared a...Read On


First time at a gay bathouse

I like sex with strangers and going to a gay bath house, is as strange as it gets.

My first visit to a Gay Bathhouse CindyUSA My home was in one of the Deep South larger cities. It was difficult to find a glory hole at an adult bookstore with viewing booths or other such hangouts for homosexuals. The Baptist Church considered themselves the moral compass of the community controlling the city. The gay community had to be discrete. The County Sheriff regularly raided gay...Read On


Louise and Alan

This was inspired by a fantasy that became a reality.

Louise’s Story It’s the beginning of the weekend, the chores are done, the house empty, everyone has departed to their regular weekday activities, of college and work. Now I can sit down and think. It’s all I ever do in my spare time these days. My daydreams are so real. I sit relaxed and absorbed in my own thoughts. I can be on a sundrenched beach, being kissed and caressed, while the...Read On


When She Was Good

Nora gets a reward for being a very good girl

Nora didn't know what to expect, but that was not unusual. She had received a text message from Master telling her he would be home in half an hour. She knew he would expect her to be prepared for him. He didn't always text in advance, but she knew that when he did, it was because he wanted to use her, and that was always exciting. She looked around. The house was spotless. She had spent...Read On


An affair waiting to happen

It only took forever.........

An affair waiting to happen.             It only took forever     Liz had been waiting for this day for a couple of months.   When Michael called and told her he was coming in on business, she had started to make some plans on how she was going to entertain this young man in his spare time.   The day he arrived, they...Read On