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Scarlet O'Hara and Dracula

They meet at a masquerade party

The party was already in full swing when Nancy and her friends arrived. The Victorian ball gown that she had found in the trunk in her grandmother's attic fit nicely after a few custom alterations by a seamstress friend. With the addition of having her hair set in long hanging banana curls she felt like the perfect Scarlet O'Hara. Nancy adjusted the mask that hid the upper half of her face...Read On


My first time with him Part 1

This was my first, I wanted it to be perfect

Tonight was like no other, yet it was all perfect, and the same as any other time at first. I walked into my room, you were lying on my bed with that silly grin on your face. You thought you were going to “get lucky” but I have other plans. We were 16 and in love, there was no other way to describe it, except for maybe “Puppy Love” but I hate that term. So I look at you and that cocky...Read On


Amanda's Investigative Report

A New Style Surrogate Discipline Service for Disobedient Teenage Girls

This story is a tribute to Bared Affair and to Angie who gave so many people so many great articles and so many happy times: The format of each story in Bared Affair was a newspaper article style in depth report on a news item of interest to the spanking world and this is my version of ‘Bared Affair meets Lush’: The Article: 17 th May 2011 A new service is being offered...Read On


The Ride Home

In the heat of the moment.....

The soft leather interior of the limousine brushed against Erin's thigh as Seth nudged her into the backseat. "Will you stop posing and get in the damn car," Seth growled playfully into her ear. She took one last look at the flashing cameras before sinking into the illuminated depths of the car. The car door shut behind him with a snap. "Well you ain't half camera shy," Seth laughed. ...Read On


Mrs Vandermeer's Rules: 3a

A day went by, thentwo. Two became three, which in turn became four, then five. Days filled with longing while my nights were filled with dreams, dreams from which I’d wake up to find my pussy drenched and my nipples as hard as rocks. I’d lay there, face buried in my pillow, hands clenching the edges, desperate to finish the job that my dreams had started as I replayed the memory of me,...Read On


Driving Mrs. Tandy Chapter 3

Her hand felt soft and warm in his. She had found some comfort, and was reluctant to let him go. John could sense her pain and tension, her misery. He was kneeling before her, as if in prayer, desperately wanting to make her feel better. But there was nothing he could do for her. “You were so kind to me,” she said and smoothly withdrew her hand. For a moment, he felt useless and...Read On


cure for a headache

Her head had been pounding for three days. There was some relief during the sex last night and then after while finishing the movie they'd started. That morning, he sat in his office waking up enjoying his coffee and a card game on the computer. She entered and poured another cup saying, "Three days and still this damn headache." "That's not good." he offered. "It happens but not...Read On


Watching my wife...

A threesome with a Greek guy

I love watching my wife fuck other men. It turns me on to no end. The more she cums on his cock, the hornier and harder I get. And when he squirts his hot load deep inside of her, I am crazy with desire. One of my ex wives, Janie — I have had a few — loved to indulge me in my fantasies, and she got to have other cock which was her turn on to no end. She loved watching me watch her get fucked...Read On



The thing he liked most about her feet was the faint passion fruit scent. He didn't know where she got her special lotion but it was amazing, it made her skin so soft and the smell was intoxicating. He loved to sit and watch her paint her toes- the way she carefully applied the deep red nail polish to her little toes, the way she lifted her feet and spread her toes as far as she could when...Read On


The Little Fella

He likes to make your acquaintance, he likes a hug and he loves to be kissed.

Ahem. Are you listening? I could write all day about orgasms. Most women are fortunate enough to have experienced most sorts, and we’re as females lucky that we have so many to choose from. But let’s pay tribute to the “little fella” as someone so endearingly put it, recently. The Little Fella I smile and make that “Mm” noise as I look at you, and I mean really look at you as if...Read On


Shower love

The story begins as I find you in the shower, you hadn't noticed me standing in the door as you washed your self. After a while of watching you, I quietly walk up and opened the shower and quickly push my hand between your legs. I stroke your pussy a few times then quickly slide 2 fingers deep inside you making you gasp and moan. You look over your shoulder to make sure it's me before...Read On


Christine's Valuable Lesson

Will looked at the raven-haired beauty laying next to him in the bed. Christine. She was curvy as hell. Gorgeous legs that went on forever. Her pouty lips rivaled those of Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson. Just the epitome of perfection. Christine had just one flaw … she was a bitch. Time and time again, he forgave her, because she was a damn good fuck. And right now, her legs were...Read On


The Store Party - Monday cums

Denny is taught a few lessons.

Monday Two days since the party, and I couldn't even recognize my world. I'd already had a semi-date with Connie. I'd had more sex in the last 2 days than the nearly 20 years leading up to it. Here I lay, 6am, wide awake thinking about the last 2 days, not to mention what today would have in store. What was my appointment a Nelly's house going to lead to. I promised myself to make...Read On


Ebony and Ivory

A slave gets sent for training

Ebony and Ivory By: Ropetease © 2011 She was sent to me by her Master for training. All I knew about her was that she was feisty and a brat, a hard one to tame as he put it. As I waited for her arrival, I went about cleaning the playroom and rearranging the items I had laid out for my use. The sound of the door bell rang as I finished in the room. She was instructed to be on time and...Read On


Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (9)

Shirley watches on bound, hot and horny as Miss Loraine claim's her pound of Jamal's cock Flesh

CHAPTER NINE : A Private Party (A Taste of Black Steak) Next she picked up a realistic looking chocolate vibrator which very closely resembled Jamal’s own erect phallus and then walked very seductively towards bound black stud. Jamal’s face wore a frown as he wondered, ‘what the fuck is she fixing to do with that ugly mofo?’ Jamal certainly wasn’t looking forward to the crazy...Read On


My Darkness Gets Darker V

In love and accomodating

After a week or so of non stop afternoon sex, I was falling deeply in love with this dark skinned beauty. She satisfied my every need. I would go home in the evening, lay in bed thinking of Latisha and that glowing soft skin, the taste of her womanly juices, the beauty and size of those gorgeous breasts, and her willingly giving herself to me. I would get a hard-on and say to myself. "You...Read On


Driving Mrs. Tandy Chapter 2

John Stefanovitch was helping Norma with the shopping, which, for the most part consisted in carrying the bags. There were some things that were bugging him, but he wasn’t sure if he should ask. Finally, he gave in to the urge. “Norma, Mrs. Tandy has been in some kind of accident, hasn’t she?” A wide smile split Norma’s face, and her head tilted to one side. “Does she look like...Read On


Under Arrest Part 2 of Part 5

Tied to the bed in the lair of my dominant deputy

He reached down and opened his nightstand drawer. I strained against the ties and sneaked a peak inside. There were lotions, lubes, a vibrator or two, some handcuffs and other sordid sex implements. I hoped he would use anything and everything on me and in me. A long peacock feather appeared in my line of vision. Dave touched my mouth with it first. It's softness traced the curve of my lips...Read On


Cat and Mouse Part 2

Josie abandons her caution to become the cat that got the cream.

Josie opened her eyes whilst their lips met, it was a strange sensation, hesitant and sensual. His eyes were closed, his long dark lashes fluttering as he concentrated on his task. Me, I’m that task . Josie felt her chest expand in a rush. He likes me. She closed her eyes, content to experiment. His kisses didn’t stay soft and gentle for long. Harry licked her crevices, feeling the...Read On


It Happened One Morning

What happened during my solo playtime.

This is my second true story and it was unplanned. I’ve been through some drama recently that was a total surprise and pretty hurtful.  I’m sharing this for my lush friends who have been so encouraging and sweet to me. Four guys in particular - you know you who are (Mr. J for inspiring this - Mr. N for the daily shoulder - Mr. GW for being pissed off in my honor and Mr. A for letting me get...Read On


Georgia Wolf

If there was anything Emma expected to find out about J.T., it was not this...

This story is purely based on a dream I had not too long ago about a friend of mine that I have transformed into a sexy story by request! (The original dream was rather un-sexy)... Again, names have been changed to protect all ‘innocent’ parties... It was a relatively warm summer evening and I was studying on my bed with the window open nearby and the breeze was billowing the curtains...Read On


Georgia - Part one

One of the perks of playing wedding gigs is playing with the bridesmaids

Georgia Whenever I play “Georgia” I can’t help but think of Ray Charles. But this time was different. The bridesmaid was just so hot that I couldn’t take my eyes off her, and I stared straight into her eyes as the song poured out of my saxophone. For some reason today, the reed was just right. It blew free and easy, with a sound as big as your back yard. For a fleeting instant, the...Read On


Put it on!

A not-so-reluctant housemate dresses for his live-in landlord

I was living and working in London, my first job after college. No chance of having a place of my own with these crazy house prices and this being my first job at the age of 23, so I rented a room from a guy older than me, in his mid-30s. His name was Steve and he was a masculine type, split up from his wife but seeing a feisty Spanish woman called Manuela. There were big arguments now and...Read On


What he doesn't know

he threw her bra over her shoulder with the rest of her clothing

Working late again, on a Friday even? You have to start to wonder if it’s on purpose or just piss poor time management. Oh well, you’re getting used to it, truth be known, it doesn’t even bother you that he’s not home, again. You used to pay attention to what was going on with his work. Then the interest started fading away, until one day, who knows when, either he stopped telling you what...Read On


A not so regular night at the club

Tonight was not going to be any old Friday night at the club. Me and my best friend Amber were going make sure we got the best fucking of our life tonight. Amber came over my house wearing the most sexiest outfit ever. She was wearing an ultra mini skirt with a white thong on. Amber has a big ass so you could see her thong as she bent over. She had on a pink halter top that stopped right...Read On


A Young Woman's Perspective

Jill is researching her term paper in the library....

A Young Woman’s Perspective! By Wolf Spirit Jill entered the library through the main entrance of the university library dressed in a black mini, tight white t-shirt and six- inch red spiked heels. Her outfit had the desired effect on the young men. She saw heads turn and mouths drop as she glided across the floor to her workstation. Jill bent over at the waist exposing her rounded ass for...Read On


Chance meeting with my ex, part 3

The weekend is here and we have all the time in the world.

This time it’s slow. Those first few seconds when you wake up and you don’t know where you are and which way is up. That all ends when I move my hands a little and I feel Nancy’s breasts. We fell asleep the same way as we did the night before only apparently, during the night my hands cupped her breasts. For a few minutes I do nothing but enjoy the position I’m in. Nice hotel, gorgeous woman...Read On


Under Arrest Part 1 of Part 5

I find myself once again in the clutches of my hot deputy lover

How could I possibly want more cock? More of my randy and ready deputy's cock to be precise. Deputy Williams had fucked me quite thoroughly and fucked me very well on four separate occasions, shouldn't that be enough for me? I tried to pretend I was fine. I went through the motions of the day, the next one, and every day for a week after. I did not try to hide. I did not try to avoid him....Read On


Driving Mrs. Tandy Chapter 1

John Stefanovitch was appointed as Mrs. Tandy’s driver on his 25 th birthday. He took that as a good sign. He didn’t have any reason to think otherwise. The payment was more than generous and the work wasn’t hard. Most of the time he was doing small repairs on Mrs. Tandy’s old Bentley, and washing it. Two times a day, he had to take Mrs. Tandy’s nurse downtown for shopping. And that was all. ...Read On


Cat and Mouse Part 1

Josie's a cautious new comer to the game of seduction, with more energy than your average pussy.

Josie leaned back, distancing herself from her computer screen. Surely, that was enough editing for one day. Her eyes felt squint, the back of her head throbbed in the way only an impending headache could. Josie sighed and closed the browser window. She took her coffee out onto the small, metal balcony and watched Melbourne go by, beneath her. Out in the wind she felt the beginnings of...Read On