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The Cuckold Journal of Jane and Mark - Part I

The journal of one couple's venture in the world of cuckolding

Jane: I suppose my starting point was when I googled the word ‘Cuckold’ that fateful morning. I don’t know why I did it and I wasn’t sure what it really meant; all I knew was that it was a term used for husbands whose wives were unfaithful to them. I had never been unfaithful to Mark and had never really considered it seriously. Sure, like most women my age who are married and have...Read On

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Birthday Sex

I stroke the soft mound before dipping my fingers between the folds

It’s my birthday and I find myself alone again tonight. I don’t mind so much. I celebrated earlier this evening with my father and sister. Dinner and cake. A quiet family gathering. Now it’s just me. Home alone. I draw a bubble bath. Lavender and vanilla scented steam fills the room as I light candles. I lower myself into the foaming tub, balancing a glass of sweet wine in one hand. I...Read On


Watching too...

continuation of Watching

Watching Too... irishmik60 The smooth glass of the bottleneck slid effortlessly in and out of my heated tunnel. Lubricated by the juices I was churning up from my inner depths. I could feel the walls of my cunt squeezing, sucking that glass replacement, as though it could pull cum from an inanimate object. What I'd give to feel a hot splash of sperm flooding my insides. Lying back against...Read On


Reverse Cowboy On A Six Foot Nine Black Guy's 11 Incher

I Wish I Was A Petite Twink So I Could Do This For Real

I just turned 20 - a cute white twink with a baby face, a slim twinkish body, and an 8 inch dick. He's around 30. Gorgeous black man, a beautiful behemoth standing six foot nine, totally proportioned everywhere. Including between his legs where he's got an 11 inch black monster dick. I'm a total black cock slut and I'm also a hopeless size queen. So when we get to his place and I get on...Read On


Satisfying the naughty, Amelia

He groaned at the feeling of how tight she felt around his penis..

“ Have you ever had that feeling? That amazing feeling when a big cock is pounding in and out of your pussy and your clit is being tickled at the same time and your whole body goes to a state of pure pleasure; your whole body starts to feel like its light, everything goes black, you can’t hold back your whimpers and moans, your whole genital area is experiencing a heavenly tingly sensation,...Read On


Finishing Off The Wife

Catching the wife pleasuring herself and how I helped finish her off!

This is my first story so please be gentle :) It was a gorgeous sunny day at work, in fact too sunny to be stuck in work. So being my own boss I thought I deserved to knock off a few hours early and surprise the wife. When I entered our house I could hear the air-con unit buzzing upstairs, it was one of those portable ones so it was quite noisy. I assumed at first that my wife may have...Read On


Slut Wife in the Auto Parts Store

I help my husband in our auto parts store and end up fucking Mexican mechanics.

My name is Marci, and my husband Ed and I moved to New Orleans from Dallas after we purchased a national auto parts store franchise. We met while working at a company in Dallas, and were both 29 years old at the time of this story. Ed was a marketing director and I was a property accountant in the franchise department. We purchased that business as a way for me to get back to my hometown of...Read On


Losing Pounds, Gaining a Cuckold - Chapter Four

Hot wife seeks out and finds hot, young stud for her stable

Chapter Four I want to start by saying I love my husband Doug. What has transpired over the past few months was something that I wasn't looking for it just simply happened. Here I was happily married for over fourteen years, housewife, mother of two who never cheated much less flirted with other men now a slut wife. To be blunt I now have a cuckold hubby who loves watching me fuck other men...Read On


The Training of Lucy, epilogue

We skip forward, while Lucy looks back

The alarm on Lucy's phone started to chime. She opened her eyes a little and looked over to it. 6 AM, Thursday morning. She was a fairly light sleeper. Sean, who lay next to her, could sleep through the end of the world. Still, she turned her alarm off and got up quietly so as not to disturb him and walked into the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was nude, as she was most...Read On


Chapter 2 - What A Pleasant Surprise

The unexpected and pleasant finish to a birthday evening with my girlfriend.

Birthday Surprise Part 2 Lindsey and I arrived at the restaurant about thirty minutes late for our reservation due to the quickie in the bathroom, but I wasn’t even going to think about being upset about it. It was her night and I wanted her to be happy. When we walked in, it seemed like the entire restaurant came to a complete halt and everyone was looking at her. She was looking really...Read On


Damsels In Distress Inc. : A Good Day for a Hike

A not so innocent hike turns into something more...

Damsels In Distress Inc. : A Good Day for a Hike Alex took a deep breath and pushed the car door shut, locking everything but her keys inside as per her instructions. Not that she needed all that much. She was used to travelling light when hiking; car keys and a water bottle. And a cell phone for emergencies. She was nervous about not having it with her but that was the point. She...Read On

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I unclasped my dress and let it fall to the floor as I stood naked in front of my neighbors.

After another busy hectic day, I settled down in front of the television to relax for a few minutes before bed. Watching the local news, I was intrigued by the promotion for the upcoming news program Nightline. Tonight’s program would have a report on “Hooking Up With Strangers.” I decided to stay up a little later than usual to watch the broadcast. Apparently, according to this report, it is...Read On


An Evening I Now Regret

Encounter With a Friend's Son

In March my divorce was final and my best friend suggested a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate. We made plans and in early April we took our trip. It was my friend, her 24 year old son and myself. Once in Vegas we spent the first couple of days visiting the different casinos and just relaxing. The middle of the week we made plans to attend a show in the evening. Around an hour before we were...Read On


The Ordinary Model - part 1

She was a model wife.

She had never done anything like this before, though she had imagined it many times. She had no choice but to admit to herself that she found the idea erotic, though she could never admit that to her husband. It might seem strange to say that she had no choice, but the inevitable arousal of her body to ideas could not be denied. She was so aroused when her husband had suggested that she...Read On


The Swinger Confessions: Corrupting Shirley Temple (The Epilogue)

The corruption continues...

“Oh, my God! Angie, you are not as innocent as you seem.”     My Shirley girl smiled as me and Rob’s cum juices shone lusciously on her face. I wanted to lick it; my desire to taste that pleasurable nectar on her skin was deeply rooted. I motioned for her to join me on the car, pulled her face to mine and proceeded to lick her smooth caramel skin.   “Oh fuck, Coco! You have to know what...Read On


Pt 1 - The Handover

As he follows his Mistress in to the house, the slave is anxious about what she may have in mind, he hasn't been told anything about what they will be doing this weekend. As she leads him down the stairs to the basement below, the slave first glimpses the naked body suspended from the ceiling then the leather clad Master grasping the bound boy's cock. The slave stops dead and feels his...Read On


Waking To You

I awake from my slumber, my eyes gently flicker open, It is the middle of the night. The room is dark. I can hear the rain hitting the window. I stretch out and feel you behind me, the warmth of your body so close to mine, so enticing. I shuffle back into you. Your arm reaches across me and rests on my breast, and you stroke across my nipple, sending a thrill through me. You lean in and sweep...Read On


A visit to the vineyard, Pt. 3

The wine and Amy taste so sweet.....

Amy grins and bounces on her toes like a giddy schoolgirl. “Finish your tasting and I will meet you out back soon. We should bring a couple of bottles with us. I will take care of that!” And she turns like a ballerina and makes her way to serve another patron. Meanwhile, we return to our wine and exchange furtive glances. I am still in a daze reliving the past few moments in my mind. I...Read On


Pleasure On The 5.19

Public transport isn't so bad after all.

The low October sun beats down and illuminates the pages of the forgettable magazine that I am half heartedly reading. Honestly, every week I tell myself not to buy it and every week it reaches out and pulls me into its transparent charms. I guess like most girls of 21, I love a bit of celebrity trivia. The train I am sat on is making good time and barring a signal failure, or the wrong...Read On


Andy's Office Initiation (Part2)

Andy's 'ordeal' continues

When Andy took the job at DC Lingerie, he hadn’t expected to be in the position he was in now. It was his first day and he knew something was up when Ashlie, the office junior had slipped off her panties before entering the boss’s office. His boss Danielle, was, in his estimation, the best looking woman he had ever set eyes on. It wasn’t just her luxuriant blonde hair or even her amazing...Read On


Shy And Sensual Sister

Recently my 27 year old sister Samantha stayed the weekend at my parents house, where I still lived, because her boyfriend of two years had recently broken up with her and she needed a place to stay. She was depressed and frustrated about the breakup and a bit of a mess overall. I felt bad for her. Why anyone would break up with her is beyond me, she’s a lovely girl if I’m being honest;...Read On


A Night With a Stranger

She wanted to get laid that night and she met a man who told her a strange tale

A Night With a Stranger. I wanted to get laid that night. My boyfriend for the past two years just walked out on me. He met a slut one day and they decided to go to Europe together. I thought my life was devastated when he told me he was leaving me. I locked my self up in my apartment and cried for days. “I am a nice looking woman. I have a good slender body and a nice personality, so...Read On


The Soumis Resort - Arrival

A mysterious woman takes Lucy under her wing in the Soumis Resort.

Lucy’s car breaks down and she is in the middle of nowhere at midnight. She looks around for any sound of life and finds that she is at a cross road. She could go left where you can see the city or right there is a ragged motel a few blocks away. She decides to go to the motel and begins to walk. After a long trek she finally gets to the motel and sees no one at the counter. She looks around...Read On


Makalea’s Cakes Part 2

Takes place after Makaela's Cakes. Amber finishes what she started but not in the way she thought

It was the middle of spring break, Makaela laid in her bed naked. She loved the feel of the cool silky bed covering on her naked body. She couldn’t help but think about all the times she had been spanked during the first half of summer break. She had been given a hard spanking by her mother the day she had come back from college for wearing revealing clothing, her best friend Sylvia had given...Read On


Irregular Checkup (Part 2)

Confused but curious by an earlier visit to the doctor, a man goes for another appointment.

[Note: This story is a sequel to "Irregular Checkup". ] "How was your appointment?" I look at my wife uncomprehendingly. I'm still in a fog from the earlier visit that day. "Huh?" "Your visit. To the doctor. How was it?" Thankfully, she's leafing through a magazine and not really paying attention to my face. I'm sure it will somehow give me away, guilt written in bold font across...Read On


Walking in on Daddy 2

A 17 year old girl walks in on her daddy.

It's barely past 8 in the morning, but I can't manage to fall back asleep. I woke up with the taste of my father's cum still lingering in my mouth. I feel dirty thinking about what I did to my father last night. I don't know what came over me. Every time I close my eyes I see myself between his legs feverously sucking his dick. I get up hoping a hot shower will clear my head. I strip off...Read On


Five minutes in Hell?

Hannah hasn't paid her rent and begs Angus not to throw her out. He decides to punish her instead.

(This is my first story here.) "Your rent is over-due." My flat mate Angus stared at me reproachfully. "I'm sorry. I'm just not used to being this busy. I'll get it to you as soon as I can." "It's not good enough, Hannah. This is the second time." "I know, I..." He held his hand up to cut me off. "You're still learning. You're only 21. But you have to know there...Read On


Let's Go To The Bahamas Pt. 4

Not your ordinary business trip.

When we get back to our room, we’re surprised to see a bucket with chilled champagne in it and four glasses waiting. You pour us each a glass, then sit back in a chair, loosening your tie. “Why don’t you two enjoy yourselves for a bit?” I move to you and sit on your knee, leaning down to kiss you deeply. You slide your hand up my thigh and return my kiss. I hear music begin to play and I...Read On


Losing Pounds, Gaining a Cuckold - Chapter Three

Wife 'falls' for her Prince Charming

Chapter Three I gingerly walked back into the living room sipping on a Mimosa my husband had made for me. Sunday mornings are usually my favorite time of the week, sleeping in and just cuddling with my hubby. Well this Sunday I didn't cuddle with Doug but with Russ. I was with my second lover in just seven days. My new cuckold life was getting interesting and I was getting drawn in like...Read On


The Training of Lucy, part 5

Lucy's weekend with her new dom continues

Lucy woke up to a loud beeping noise coming from the opposite side of the bed. Sean woke up and reached over and tapped the alarm clock, silencing the alarm. Lucy thought it was obnoxiously loud, but she knew that Sean was a very deep sleeper. It made sense that he'd need something raucous to wake him up. But wasn't today Sunday? She looked over at her phone, which was in a charging stand on...Read On