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Little Black Dress

The allure of a little black dress

I, like every woman, have a little black dress. A dress designed specifically to accentuate my look and to draw in the unsuspecting man. My little black dress is silk with a sweetheart neckline that curves over my breasts and allows the onlooker a teasing glance at the tops of my breasts. It’s floor length with spaghetti straps and fitted snugly but not so tight as to reveal all the details...Read On


Between Friends

A dissatisfied wife makes an extraordinary request

“Shonda, I have a huge favor to ask you.” My ears perked up with interest. Simone was my girl . You know, the one you planned mischief with since you were seven. The one who you giggled with as a teen and had so much dirt on you she could bury you in a heartbeat but you knew she would go to the grave with your deepest secrets. I couldn’t understand why she was being so formal. ...Read On


Mr R teaches me a lesson

I wanted his attention, so he taught me a lesson...

This is my first story so feel free to leave constructive criticism. I have always enjoyed older men, they seem to satisfy my urges better than any other could and, as of late, I found myself increasingly attracted to my lecturer. My lecturer was middle aged at late thirties and yet still held his youth in his well-proportioned body and broad shoulders. He had a dark tan which was...Read On


Stacy Couldn't Sleep

Stacy laid in her bed staring at the blinking numbers on her alarm clock. According to the clock it was 1:42 in the morning, but Stacy knew that it was wrong. The power must have gone out for a bit while she was asleep because it was actually closer to 4 a.m. according to her wrist watch. Stacy sighed as she closed her eyes to try to force herself to sleep. It wasn"t working. The ceiling fan...Read On


harvey part 2

continuation of our entry into swinging

HARVEY Part 2 After my wife and I reconciled and we resumed our marriage, we began to communicate our true likes and feelings as regards sex. A lot of things were confessed to her, but because I was on active duty, I resisted any temptation towards another male not wanting to risk my career. Not that the desire ever went away. She even confessed a little passive interest in other women, but...Read On


Andy's Office Initiation (The orgasmic conclusion)

It was the second week of Andy’s time at DC Lingerie. He had been overjoyed when he had landed the job, which came with good hours and a salary, which paid well over what he could have got anywhere else in that sector. When he signed the lock in contract, little did he know what was waiting for him. For seven hours a day it was like any other small business. He would be busy making phone...Read On


Getting to know the neighbors: Part 2

Will help to read part 1 first. I am finally invited to watch my wife fuck our neighbor.

After the rough treatment my wife received that morning we both had to get to work. We were only able to discuss the situation that evening. A few texts during that confirmed that she was okay, but I was still distracted from my work. Back at home again, Debbie reassured me that she could handle anything Jeremy gave. She expected me to find it exciting. I had to admit there was nothing...Read On


unexpected conquests

A girl seduces the lover she never thought she would have

So tonight was the night. I had finally, after much searching, stumbled across the tickets I had fawned over for so long. The show was hanging in my perceptible future, I was so close to him. It felt ridiculous to be as excited as I was. I was going to see him, sure, but from a safe distance, untouchable as always. Almost as if there was no difference between our proximity now than if I...Read On


Thursday Evening Ritual

(A is for Amanda) Every Thursday night at 7:00, Amanda gets a maintenance spanking

"Alright, Amanda, it's 7:00, let's get you spanked so that we can enjoy the rest of the evening." Amanda and Greg had just finished dinner, and they both stood up and carried their dishes to the kitchen counter. That done, Greg led the way out to the living room while Amanda followed. It was Thursday evening. That was the evening that was set aside for Amanda's maintenance spanking....Read On


My Modeling Mom

I live with my mom for several reasons. I'm 18 and mom lets me have my freedom. I can do just about anything, except drugs and bringing girls home for sex. Otherwise, I have the run of the house. My last reason is; my mom is hot. My mom works in real estate and does some modeling for the local TV shopping channel. She models clothes and jewelry, sometimes makeup. My mom is 37 and petite,...Read On


Pt 4 - Opening Up

Master says, Oh no you don't, I'm not finished with you yet,

As he gets onto his hands and knees, the slave opens his legs and pushes his arse up for his Master to see. "Good boi, now don't move as I get that tight arse of yours ready" . Preparing himself, the slave can feel his master's hands probing his hole and the cool lube being applied. The Master picks up the tapered probe and begins to slip it in slowly, all the while cupping his...Read On


Ghost Sister Part 5 - Back to School

Ted and Caroline play out some fantasies in the classroom.

Author's Note : I recommend that you read the previous parts to this story, as otherwise it will be confusing. Ted looks across the table at Lacey and Stacey. He still honestly can't tell the difference between the two redhead twins. As he scans over their freckled faces, and looks into their bright green eyes, he concedes that while he can see minor differences--in their freckle patterns...Read On

The Trespasser

An older American man and younger Scottish woman tell the story of how they met and became friends.

His POV It was a beautiful Summer day and I had decided to spend it working at my hunting land, cutting some trees that bent across the trails during an ice storm in the Winter. I was hiking down a trail through lush green Wisconsin woodland, listening to the songbirds and mentally apologizing to them for the ruckus I would soon be making. I had a chainsaw in hand and a hardhat on my head....Read On


A Whole New Me - Part 1

Borrowed panties and a day with my friend reveal a whole new side to me!

“Honey! Are you around?” I shouted from my room, rummaging through my drawers and naked from the shower. “What’s up, sweetie?” My girlfriend, Lisa, popped her head around the bedroom door. Her eyes taking in my body and a cheeky smile forming on her pretty face “Oh, looking good.” I wasn’t the most muscular guy but I wasn’t fat at all and Lisa always claimed she liked my body not being...Read On



our beginning into group sex

HARVEY I submitted this story several years ago on another website and is a true story.  This took place back in 1970. I was still on active duty in the USN, married and fucking a lot of women. My wife at the time was pretty straight laced and to my knowledge, did not fuck around when I was away on cruises at sea. Not that I didn’t encourage her to do that. She loved to fuck, but insisted...Read On


Airport Deja Vu

After a miserable vacation home it's back to work, but not before a little public fun

It was a bumpy four-hour ride and I was getting restless. Long flights were never my thing but I really enjoyed going places. After a long weekend back home, it was time to go back to work. We landed and I dragged through the airport to get to my bag at baggage claim. The airport was empty which was good because my bag would come out quick. I finally reached my bag and headed out to the...Read On


College life

This describes a pretty much average Friday night for me now.

Hello, my name is Ashley and at the time I'm writing this I am 19 years old and in college. I am a brunette with about breast-length hair. My boobs are about C cup, by the way. I live with my roommate Amy. She's a blondie and I'm a bit jealous of her DD cup breasts. Anyway, one day as I was coming home from my classes, I heard some soft groans coming from Amy's room. I knocked on her door,...Read On


The Change Up

Sexy outfit gets Deedra some lucky action

Finally a break comes my way. The children are off to college, the wife has to go out of the country for two months on business. I can’t remember the last time we had sex. She used to dress in all types of lingerie for me. It helped me suppress some of my crossdressing desires. That stopped and my crossdressing started to grow again. What an opportunity for me, I can change up and dress...Read On


I watched my mom part 2

I had to do her for real now

Mom called me last week and told me that she needed my help closing out some legal matter of Dad’s. I told her I would come out. My wife couldn’t come because of work and my kids were in school. It would be Mom and me alone. My cock was twitching at the possibilities. The flight was impossible. I tried to sleep, but my thoughts kept playing that bath over and over again. I swear I had...Read On


Good Morning Surprise

It still feels early as I begin to wake up, grabbing my phone I check the time; 7am. Why in the hell did I wake up this early? It doesn’t sound like anyone is awake so I roll over to go back to sleep. Instead I feel a smile spread across my face. I know you made it to your room to sleep last night. Standing up I grab my robe as it’s easier then getting dressed and move quietly across the...Read On


The Training of Lucy, part 6

Lucy's weekend with her new dom comes to a close

Lucy was alone. Tears ran down her cheeks and her nose was running. She stood with her legs spread and her hands held straight up and sniffled quietly. She wasn't nervous or fearful anymore. She wasn't pondering what Sean might do to her with the rest of the gear laid out on the bed. She simply waited. Sean returned. He looked at her sternly for a moment, but as he looked at her, she could...Read On


Hard @ Work (Episode One)

First Story, First Job, First Time Jerking At Work... Enjoy!

I'm 18, I've just graduated high school and I have no plans of attending college. I mean, I could have went for basketball or boring ole academics [Laughs]. You know what? Forget about all that, maybe I'll go into further detail about why I didn't go to college some other time. I'm here to tell you about what happened at the first job I've ever had. I know what you're thinking... I'm 18...Read On


No Rings She Donned

A true story that happened in a coffeehouse, climax within hours

It was a rainy dreary day in the Pacific Northwest and I was in my favorite coffeehouse working on one of my poetical prose, a lost art of the 15th and 16th century. When this young woman came in that I guessed to be a university student, yet she dressed with class. A tight white sweater, short skirt that showed off her long tanned shapely legs (my weakness.) I looked her over as she stood...Read On



There stood Rob with lust in his eyes.

"Rob, you don't mind putting some sun screen on my back, do you?" I asked my brother's friend. I always found him attractive, though I will nott ever dare admit it. The way his brown hair fell perfectly against his face, or is it those full pink lips and that tan, toned skin. I did hint it a few times, but he never caught on. If he did, he certainly did not make the first move. "Yea,...Read On


Pt 3 - Masters new boi

As the Master tugs on the leash in his hand bringing the kneeling slave's head close to his face, he reaches down to tease the slaves swollen cock, pulling a whimper out of the bound plaything. "I think you've found your place haven't you boi?" he asks as he rubs a rough thumb over the sensitive purple head to elicit a trembling "Yes, sir" . "That's what I thought. You've...Read On


Desi-Indian Wife's debauchery in America

Sid fucks a married woman at a desi party

I went to the desi party in the block around 7 PM on March 2012 in South Brunswick Manor Community, in New Jersey. It was a holi party hosted by the good Indian folks residing there. All residents and guests were invited. The crowd turnout was quite a large, considering it was a week night. Since it's been a while the last time I played holi; it was in Bombay, when I was 17 years old, I...Read On


The Cuckold Journal of Jane and Mark - Part I

The journal of one couple's venture in the world of cuckolding

Jane: I suppose my starting point was when I googled the word ‘Cuckold’ that fateful morning. I don’t know why I did it and I wasn’t sure what it really meant; all I knew was that it was a term used for husbands whose wives were unfaithful to them. I had never been unfaithful to Mark and had never really considered it seriously. Sure, like most women my age who are married and have...Read On

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Birthday Sex

I stroke the soft mound before dipping my fingers between the folds

It’s my birthday and I find myself alone again tonight. I don’t mind so much. I celebrated earlier this evening with my father and sister. Dinner and cake. A quiet family gathering. Now it’s just me. Home alone. I draw a bubble bath. Lavender and vanilla scented steam fills the room as I light candles. I lower myself into the foaming tub, balancing a glass of sweet wine in one hand. I...Read On


Watching too...

continuation of Watching

Watching Too... irishmik60 The smooth glass of the bottleneck slid effortlessly in and out of my heated tunnel. Lubricated by the juices I was churning up from my inner depths. I could feel the walls of my cunt squeezing, sucking that glass replacement, as though it could pull cum from an inanimate object. What I'd give to feel a hot splash of sperm flooding my insides. Lying back against...Read On


Reverse Cowboy On A Six Foot Nine Black Guy's 11 Incher

I Wish I Was A Petite Twink So I Could Do This For Real

I just turned 20 - a cute white twink with a baby face, a slim twinkish body, and an 8 inch dick. He's around 30. Gorgeous black man, a beautiful behemoth standing six foot nine, totally proportioned everywhere. Including between his legs where he's got an 11 inch black monster dick. I'm a total black cock slut and I'm also a hopeless size queen. So when we get to his place and I get on...Read On