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Asking for a spanking

Mike asks his Aunt for a spanking, but it leads to a lot more

My Aunt Liz was not really my Aunt, but an old family friend, who had taken me in when I was 10. My parents had gone off travelling, and she had decided that I should stay with her, much to my annoyance at the time. But now, 11 years later, she was actually more of a maternal figure than my real Mum. Aunt Liz sat cross-legged on the kitchen chair, showing off her long legs, balancing one of...Read On


Holidaying with a school friend: Part 1

Alex punishes Anna for breaking his ipod then fucks her.

It was the last day of the summer term and I was full of the holiday spirit. In less than a weeks time my parents and I were off to the Caribbean for a two-week break. For the last few days I have been talking about nothing else. Friends in my form must have been getting fed up with me; I am sure Cora was and told me as much. “Anna you might think the holiday sounds great, but you could have...Read On


Sue's Training

Sue’s Training Pt 1 I have been driving and still do not know what I am doing going there. My hands are sweating and I must admit I am a little aroused as my cunt is damp. But, why oh why, am I going there I have never done anything like this before? It all started when I was on the internet just surfing for nothing in particular when I came up on Lush. I was intrigued and started to have...Read On


Playing House

The Friday, like most days now, was particularly busy. I returned from work, opened the apartment door, and collapsed on the big cushioned and well worn couch with a grunt. I looked up at the coat rack hanging beside the door. Her coat was missing, which meant I had some time. It was amazing really; all the time we had spent joking through smiles and recovering heartbeats about living...Read On


Part 3 Shy Young Liz Cumming Of Age

True story of my partner Liz before we met.

Liz was confused. She was 18 years old and had so far, enjoyed a great relationship with her boyfriend, which had now lasted for two years. She loved him and she was loyal to him, apart from the two mishaps, which genuinely were not her fault. These mishaps confused Liz. She tried to put the thoughts of them at the back of her mind, but they kept on coming back. She often thought about them,...Read On


Being a University Student - Part 2

Being a University Student – Part 2 As we sat down in the cab, Sophia seemed different. She seemed edgy, cold and wasn’t making any sort of eye contact. I placed my hand on top of hers to comfort her and find out what was wrong, but she pulled away. Completely confused, I thought about what we had done that night. Starting from the first moment we met to the kiss we shared outside the...Read On


The Little Oxford Bookshop

Lust between the bookshelves when our two 'naughties' meet - again !

The bookshop was just as Lance had described when he’d e mailed her directions, and the Oxford side-street offered the perfect setting for it. The sign above the door ‘ Books At Leisure’ was professionally hand-painted in bottle-green onto a white background above the window, and the two trimmed box-dwarf conifers at either side of the front door gave the shop a quaint, but chic feel to...Read On



I was seeing a different side of Tina. I had always thought of her as a tease who wouldn't put out.

I’m good looking enough but nothing special. I’d give myself a seven on a scale of one to ten, though I’ve been told I deserve better. I have short brown hair, I’m not comfortable dressing sexy or wearing a lot of makeup, and I’m not outgoing, which isn’t surprising, since I’m a software engineer. I’m kind of nerdy, but at least my figure is attractive. It gets me attention, but it’s not...Read On


My favorite Babysitter

My first story ever submitted and my first affairs please read and rate it. FEED BACK WELCOME!

The babysitter used to cover what we called our split, the time my wife would go to work until the time I got home from work. It usually was no more than a couple of hours. I never really got a chance to spend time with the babysitter because as soon as I showed up she needed to head out the door to go to her college class. She was 18 years old and the neighbor’s daughter; it was a...Read On


Ben's Day

A chance meeting in a local pub leads to satisfying sex.

Having only just joined this site I decided to ‘test the water’ with the very first story I ever wrote. It was published on another website and was very well received. I hope to get feedback from fellow authors. It was only a small pub with two bars, the 'Private' and the 'Public' and Ben, who hadn't been there before decided on the private bar that he thought might be quieter and...Read On


The baybsitter

A long long time ago, When I was still young and my sisters were even younger, the time I wanted to go out, drink beers and chase women. The time to chase women could have been better spent at home. My kid sisters are some years younger then me. So when my parents and I would be gone there would be a babysitter. She was a lovely girl, a few years younger then me and best of all; she only...Read On


my 21st birthday

The day started out as another regular day except it was my 21st birthday. I told my roommate that today was the day that we could have sex. Alarm clock went off at 5:30 am. I get out of bed and slip on my bunny slippers and put on my robe and walk to the bathroom to brush my hair and pull it back… little did I know that today would not be so regular after all. I start the coffee pot and...Read On


Erika the Sex Slave, Chapter 6

18 year old college student Erika becomes a sex slave

Unlike Erika, who was eighteen and a freshman in college, Zareen was seventeen and a senior in High School. That would've bothered me had the age for sexual consent in my state wasn't sixteen. Since Zareen was still in High School meant that she lived at home, something else that would've bothered me until I learned Zareen's home life wasn't a typical Pakistani household. Zareen lived here...Read On


My First Lesbian Part 2

My first time

Part 2 of: My First Lesbian. Once she had calmed down from her orgasm we packed up our stuff and got dressed and headed to the train station to go back to my place. We walked hand in hand to the station and of course this gave us a lot of stares and whispered conversations behind our backs by those who don't understand. We didn't care, we just kept walking and giggling about what we had...Read On


A Night At The Lesbian Bar

I hooked up with a sexy girl one night at a lesbian bar.

This is a follow up story to “My First Time With Another Woman.” After Wynona, the married woman with whom I had a lesbian affair with moved away it was several months before I hooked up with another female. Several of us girls at work got together for lunch once or twice a week and often on Thursday nights we’d go directly from work and have a few drinks before going home. One of the...Read On


The Hitachi Magic Wand

My wife gets a birthday present she will never forget! The Hitachi Magic Wand.

With my wife's birthday coming up I was struggling for ideas. After several days of musing over what I should get for her, I struck upon a very naughty object that would suit her very well. The only problem was that I was not entirely sure what this item was called. All I knew was what it looked like and the effect it could have, which I had witnessed many times in online porn clips. The...Read On


All he ever wanted was....

Jack and Sally reacquaint themselves with each other

Jack and Sally knew each other well, however time get's the better of most people and there was definitely a tad of uncertainty in the air that night. Five years had flown by but the touch of Jack's hands felt familiar as he brushed the hair out of her face. Sally knew something amazing was about to happen as Jack pulled her into his body. With his lips pressed tightly against hers she let...Read On


The Summer I'll Never Forget 4.4 - The Auction 2

Steph watches the rest of the auction and sees all the girls enjoy themselves

Steph didn’t have to go too far before someone stopped her, “I take it you have already danced?” She looked Step up and down, “And from the looks of it we had some fun out there?” Steph just nodded with a sly smirk to the lady asking the questions. The lady just shook her head with a smile, “Here let me take you to where you can drop these off,” pointing her chin to the contents in...Read On


Roxy's Caravan Part 1

This is my first post, so constructive criticism is welcome. This is based on the true story of one of my first sexual experiences. When I was 17 in my summer holidays, a big group of us decided to go camping. There were five guys and four girls, but I was the youngest of the bunch, with the rest being around 20. The nine of us piled into two cars with a load of camping gear, and set off...Read On


The Secret Sex Life Of Bobbi Lim, Chapter 1

The sexual exploits of young Asian American executive assistant

The Secret Sex Life of Bobbi Lim: The Petite Asian Lover Dedicated to one of the sweetest and sexiest women I have ever met: The tiny and beautiful Asian-American who launched a thousand obsessions. She is sometimes a slut but she is always, always a saint. Introduction Here begins the erotic exploits of a sexy, hard working executive assistant. Thorough and highly efficient, Bobbi...Read On


Jen's lesson part II

Jen's lesson continues, ending with a show of love

Grayson watched as his pet walked painfully to the table. He called it the kitchen table, but it was in fact her punishment table. He cleaned up the area where he had spanked her and took out a few instruments for her pussy spanking. He opened the cabinet and got out a small black leather paddle, about the size of his hand, and a smaller thinner cane that was making his dick squirm as he...Read On


Party Girl Journals #5 -Fullfilment

A long held fantasy is about to be Fullfilled....

P arty Girl Journal’s # 5 *All of the events in the Party Girl Journals are real..just the names have been changed to protect the Naughty.* At my place of pleasure I helped fulfill a long held fantasy for a new friend. It had been his desire,(and half the men in America’s desire) to be blindfolded, and ravaged by several women at once. But…he had another burning desire as well that no...Read On

Recommended Read

A Perilous Lust (2 Of 2)

what is the price of a sexual awakening?

The lingering scents of warm shower water and body lotion lingered in the air when I slowly awoke, still nestled comfortably in the cottony cocoon of our sheets and comforters. As my senses powered up, one by one, the events of the day before dawned on me anew, ending the peaceful morning amnesia even before my eyes opened. I’d spent the afternoon and evening in a mental battle with...Read On


British Angel

She was an Angel that changed my life.

Please be patient in that part I has little sex but I promise it will get better in subsequent parts. I am a business man that travels in my job and therefore have met some very interesting people, in a lot of different places. This story is of one meeting that changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined. I was on a business trip to England with a large group of businessmen...Read On


Doctor and a very naughty patient

Who knew a routine test would be so fun.....

I couldn't put it off any longer. Having to go the doctor for a swab of my downstairs was something I didn't relish but it was only every 2 years, I had had a reminder letter and I knew it was time to make the appointment. I rang the doctor's requesting a female if possible but that meant waiting another couple of weeks and I wanted to get this out the way so I booked in with a new doctor,...Read On


First Time with the School Slut: Part 3

Finally Eric and me get to his bed

He carried me naked to his bedroom door and stopped. He seems to have a thought in his head. He starts to kiss me some more and we get into a really dirty make out session. I guess he felt that it's not everyday that he has the school slut's full attention, so he might as well take advantage of me. "You're so fucking hot and gorgeous Stacy!"  He then opens the door to his room, then...Read On


A Camping Trip

A bunch of horny college students go camping in the southern Appalachians

(episode 8) After the weekend on the lake my friends and I organized a camping and fishing trip in the north Georgia mountains. Chip and Brittany along with Vic and Kelli from our excursion on the lake came on the trip. My friends Katie with her so called “serious” boyfriend from back home, my life long friend and fraternity big brother, Nick, brought a hot girl named Tiffany, frat brother...Read On


My Best Friend 6 - The Sleep Over...The Conclusion

She asked me a serious question, how am I going to respond.....

Disclaimer: She asked me a serious question. How was I going to respond? If you haven't been reading the previous stories of 'My Best Friend' then you might want to go back to find out what has been going on. And now I bring you the conclusion to The Sleepover.... I pulled her out of her crevice and laid her completely on top of me so her whole body would be pressed against mine. I smiled...Read On


Erika the Sex Slave, Chapter 5

18 year old college student Erika becomes a sex slave

Gary Weil rang the doorbell the next day, promptly at 2pm. I opened the door and let him and two other people in. The first one was Mark Radler, a teen I had seen around the neighborhood and recognized painting my fence early this summer. Mark was a tall kid with good looking features. His wavy black hair was always unkempt but his goatee was always nicely trimmed. He wasn't built but he...Read On


Our First Meeting

when I meet my beautiful girl this is how I see it going

I was wondering when I would feel your body on mine as I quiver and shake with your skin against me. The feel of your lips kissing my neck as I moan slightly in your ear. My hand sliding through your hair to pull it slightly as I seek your lips for a taste of heaven. Our tongues dancing an erotic dance of passion and delight. I feel my breath faltering as you bring me close to the edge with...Read On