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The camping trip

Luke is about to lose his virginity but not to his girlfriend like he thought

I was at school talking with my girlfriend, Ashley in AP anatomy class. We were talking of how far we've made it together and when we first started going out. We were both in 11th grade and have been dating since 8th grade and we were both faithful.. Well until the summer started. I always dreamt that I would lose my virginity to Ashley. We made a promise in ninth grade that we were going...Read On


It was another hot Texas day! Anne, (my wife) I and Tom decided to go for a swim.

(AUTHORS NOTE: I wrote this story about my first wife. I've posted it on a couple of other erotic story sites, and have corrected a few grammar and spelling mistakes and posting it here now.) Anne It was another hot Texas summer day! Anne, I and Tom decided to head out to the quarry for a swim. Anne was beautiful! I can still see her standing there with us, 5' 6", and short brown hair in...Read On


Coach scores more than a victory

Fun after the meet.

Author’s note: This is work of fiction. Since she moved in next door, I’ve always been on good terms with my neighbor Claudia. If I went away for the weekend, she would take care of my dog. If she went away I would take of her cat. She was younger than me, about 35, but in great shape. I gave hints from time to time that I wanted to be more than neighbors, but she hinted back that she was...Read On


Punishing Her Ass

A Surprising Tale of Employee Discipline

What a major screw-up. I had just learned that my young and very attractive PA, Therese, had been leaving data off the monthly report spreadsheets for the last six months. The damage wasn’t severe: but it made the office look like it was under-performing when it wasn’t. Still, my boss’ bonus was going to be affected if the reports weren’t re-submitted correctly by Monday morning, as I had...Read On


I Call Her Jessie

The domed tip of the massager fit perfectly into the open lips of Jessie’s entry way.

I call her Jessie. Of course, that really is not her real name. It’s just a name I like to call her. She is my slave after all. I can call her whatever I want. It makes me happy. It pleases me. It also pleases me to tease her. Even torture her. Hell, I even do both at the same time. Like tonight. Jessie asked for it tonight though. Oh, she didn’t tell me herself. She couldn’t. Her mouth...Read On


George, Isolde, etc. Chap XIII XIV

The three of them revel in their new found relationship, and George makes love with Isolde

Chapter XIII It was just 5:00 when Isolde pulled into the driveway and parked behind George’s VW. George and Terry came out of the house to greet her and she said, “Here – each of you grab a bag of groceries. Watch that one, Terry – it’s heavy.” She had bought several cans of soup, and some tomatoes and the rest of the ingredients for marinara sauce, and the store bagger had put all of...Read On


The Hot Summer Day With My Friend's Mom

My friend's mom shows me how summer can be enjoyable.

It was a hot summer day and I knew my friend had gotten a pool a few weeks before. I helped him set it up. It was only one of those 4 foot deep, 12 feet around blow up pools, so we had no trouble except that his hot mom kept coming out to make sure we were OK. My name is Rob. My friend's name is Jack. His mom's name is Joan. I am about 6' 3" tall and Jack is about the same (give or take a...Read On


Unintentionally Voyeured On Our Honeymoon

We were having a super great fuck and had no idea we were being watched!!!

While honeymooning in the Virgin Islands, Jennifer and I decided to rent a small one sail ‘day sailer’ for the day. My only sailing experience was on north Georgia lakes and knew that this was a boat that I could handle. As I went out to rent the boat for the day, Jennifer had the hotel kitchen make us some sandwiches for a picnic basket and packed a small ice chest with ice, beer and a...Read On

Editor's Pick

Damn You

In my derelict heart that is cool with emptiness and loud with echo’s that go hand in hand. There’s a story waiting to be told. It’s a story of summer. It's warm and full of the sort of smiles that save themselves for fiction and if we’re lucky, we get our happy ending too. Damn You “Behave!” you say with a smile, and it’s one of those smiles that make you feel that it...Read On


Teenage CD Awakening Part I

A tale of a teenage boy’s first overwhelming urge to try on a pair of panties

As a child I lived in a town in the North of England. It was a fairly conservative place, where boys were expected to grow up to be men, and girls to become women. Despite this my mother was a fairly liberal person, and by the time I’d reached the age of 17 the topic of sex had already been raised in our house. Sex between men and women of course, with the aim or perhaps the danger of...Read On


Sharing a Hotel Room

things heat up with my coworker when I call my husband

Start: As I become more experienced with life, the more I learn that every now and then one simple event can trigger a series of life changes. (I'll explain that in a second.) My husband Rick and I have enjoyed a beautiful life together. We've been married for just over ten years. Life has been great, a little stressful at times, but Rick knows how to release me from the worries of day to...Read On


Seminar - Day #2 (Meeting James)

The object of her fantasy becomes reality...

I was running behind this morning, I had overslept which never happened. I blamed it on being totally relaxed when I went to sleep last night from my time in the tub. Had not even heard the alarm. I stopped in the door to the room where the training seminar was being held, I was about ten minutes late, so I was hoping that I would not have to sit up front. There was nothing worse than being...Read On


My First Cock!

This relates a true story of a swinging foursome on one New Year's Eve.

My First Cock! Not a strange subject you would have thought...but for a guy it was an experience I would never forget in a hurry. At the time I had a steady relationship with a girl (Lezza was her nickname for obvious reasons) that started out normal and rapidly delved into the world of sexual abandon. She was bi-sexual, very bi-sexual and loved being in the middle of a sexual...Read On


The Georgia Rain

I was going back to my childhood vacation home. I never expected to fall in love with a stranger....

I counted down the mile markers as they passed, three more miles until I reach my paradise, Black Mountain. Going down the smooth road, watching the trees pass, feeling the Georgia breeze caress my skin. I closed my eyes briefly, and remembered my summers here as a kid. I looked up and saw the old wooden sign, letting me know that I had finally arrived. I pulled my truck into the small...Read On


Pleasure Boy

My beginning as a Pleasure Boy

Many, many years ago I had joined the military and my first and only duty station was San Diego, Ca and while stationed there I became a person who was hungry for cock. The excitement of having a man approach me, knowing that in a very few minutes he was going to possess my body for his sexual enjoyment sent tiny bolts of electricity through me and I have always wondered why that was. ...Read On


Scarlet O'Hara and Dracula

They meet at a masquerade party

The party was already in full swing when Nancy and her friends arrived. The Victorian ball gown that she had found in the trunk in her grandmother's attic fit nicely after a few custom alterations by a seamstress friend. With the addition of having her hair set in long hanging banana curls she felt like the perfect Scarlet O'Hara. Nancy adjusted the mask that hid the upper half of her face...Read On


My first time with him Part 1

This was my first, I wanted it to be perfect

Tonight was like no other, yet it was all perfect, and the same as any other time at first. I walked into my room, you were lying on my bed with that silly grin on your face. You thought you were going to “get lucky” but I have other plans. We were 16 and in love, there was no other way to describe it, except for maybe “Puppy Love” but I hate that term. So I look at you and that cocky...Read On


Amanda's Investigative Report

A New Style Surrogate Discipline Service for Disobedient Teenage Girls

This story is a tribute to Bared Affair and to Angie who gave so many people so many great articles and so many happy times: The format of each story in Bared Affair was a newspaper article style in depth report on a news item of interest to the spanking world and this is my version of ‘Bared Affair meets Lush’: The Article: 17 th May 2011 A new service is being offered...Read On


The Ride Home

In the heat of the moment.....

The soft leather interior of the limousine brushed against Erin's thigh as Seth nudged her into the backseat. "Will you stop posing and get in the damn car," Seth growled playfully into her ear. She took one last look at the flashing cameras before sinking into the illuminated depths of the car. The car door shut behind him with a snap. "Well you ain't half camera shy," Seth laughed. ...Read On


Mrs Vandermeer's Rules: 3a

A day went by, thentwo. Two became three, which in turn became four, then five. Days filled with longing while my nights were filled with dreams, dreams from which I’d wake up to find my pussy drenched and my nipples as hard as rocks. I’d lay there, face buried in my pillow, hands clenching the edges, desperate to finish the job that my dreams had started as I replayed the memory of me,...Read On


Driving Mrs. Tandy Chapter 3

Her hand felt soft and warm in his. She had found some comfort, and was reluctant to let him go. John could sense her pain and tension, her misery. He was kneeling before her, as if in prayer, desperately wanting to make her feel better. But there was nothing he could do for her. “You were so kind to me,” she said and smoothly withdrew her hand. For a moment, he felt useless and...Read On


cure for a headache

Her head had been pounding for three days. There was some relief during the sex last night and then after while finishing the movie they'd started. That morning, he sat in his office waking up enjoying his coffee and a card game on the computer. She entered and poured another cup saying, "Three days and still this damn headache." "That's not good." he offered. "It happens but not...Read On


Watching my wife...

A threesome with a Greek guy

I love watching my wife fuck other men. It turns me on to no end. The more she cums on his cock, the hornier and harder I get. And when he squirts his hot load deep inside of her, I am crazy with desire. One of my ex wives, Janie — I have had a few — loved to indulge me in my fantasies, and she got to have other cock which was her turn on to no end. She loved watching me watch her get fucked...Read On



The thing he liked most about her feet was the faint passion fruit scent. He didn't know where she got her special lotion but it was amazing, it made her skin so soft and the smell was intoxicating. He loved to sit and watch her paint her toes- the way she carefully applied the deep red nail polish to her little toes, the way she lifted her feet and spread her toes as far as she could when...Read On


The Little Fella

He likes to make your acquaintance, he likes a hug and he loves to be kissed.

Ahem. Are you listening? I could write all day about orgasms. Most women are fortunate enough to have experienced most sorts, and we’re as females lucky that we have so many to choose from. But let’s pay tribute to the “little fella” as someone so endearingly put it, recently. The Little Fella I smile and make that “Mm” noise as I look at you, and I mean really look at you as if...Read On


Shower love

The story begins as I find you in the shower, you hadn't noticed me standing in the door as you washed your self. After a while of watching you, I quietly walk up and opened the shower and quickly push my hand between your legs. I stroke your pussy a few times then quickly slide 2 fingers deep inside you making you gasp and moan. You look over your shoulder to make sure it's me before...Read On


Christine's Valuable Lesson

Will looked at the raven-haired beauty laying next to him in the bed. Christine. She was curvy as hell. Gorgeous legs that went on forever. Her pouty lips rivaled those of Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson. Just the epitome of perfection. Christine had just one flaw … she was a bitch. Time and time again, he forgave her, because she was a damn good fuck. And right now, her legs were...Read On


The Store Party - Monday cums

Denny is taught a few lessons.

Monday Two days since the party, and I couldn't even recognize my world. I'd already had a semi-date with Connie. I'd had more sex in the last 2 days than the nearly 20 years leading up to it. Here I lay, 6am, wide awake thinking about the last 2 days, not to mention what today would have in store. What was my appointment a Nelly's house going to lead to. I promised myself to make...Read On


Ebony and Ivory

A slave gets sent for training

Ebony and Ivory By: Ropetease © 2011 She was sent to me by her Master for training. All I knew about her was that she was feisty and a brat, a hard one to tame as he put it. As I waited for her arrival, I went about cleaning the playroom and rearranging the items I had laid out for my use. The sound of the door bell rang as I finished in the room. She was instructed to be on time and...Read On


Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (9)

Shirley watches on bound, hot and horny as Miss Loraine claim's her pound of Jamal's cock Flesh

CHAPTER NINE : A Private Party (A Taste of Black Steak) Next she picked up a realistic looking chocolate vibrator which very closely resembled Jamal’s own erect phallus and then walked very seductively towards bound black stud. Jamal’s face wore a frown as he wondered, ‘what the fuck is she fixing to do with that ugly mofo?’ Jamal certainly wasn’t looking forward to the crazy...Read On