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A slow starter that builds up into an intensely sensuous and filthy tale.

I savour the routine, peeling the clear plastic off the carton, flipping the lid and removing the foil, selecting a cigarette from the pack, lighting it, tasting the tobacco, breathing in the smoke. That feeling of inhalation is orgasmic. It brings back happy memories of my youth, a time when I was young, free and single. Sarah made me quit, said it was a filthy habit, and she wanted me to...Read On


I Want....

A short story of a lovers needs and wants being fulfilled.

I want you kissing me. Everywhere and anywhere. I want to feel your tongue in my mouth, while your hand strokes my body. I want you to take my shirt off and attack my chest with kisses, nips, and licks. I want you to carry me to a bed and throw me down on it. Then I want you to take my pants off. I'll ask you if you're hungry, and you'll smirk and push the lace of my panties aside and...Read On


Through the Looking Glass - Part II The Discovery

Part II The Discovery - Through the Looking Glass. Anne’s stride had purpose.   She had heard something and Robert was nowhere to be found.   She panicked slightly hoping that Robert was alright.   She hoped he had not hurt himself on one of his early morning walks around the property that she knew he enjoyed so much.    She realised that she had virtually ignored him since the shower...Read On


Playing a round

A game of golf leads to a passionate afternoon

I first met Cath at university over a decade ago. It was clear from the start that we fancied each other. At the time I was involved with someone else, and although the relationship was on its last legs I didn't know how to end it. By the time that relationship fizzled to its disappointing conclusion, Cath was seeing someone else. And so it went on through our time at University. We wanted...Read On


Becky Goes Black

Uptight, self-righteous Becky sexually proves herself to a black jock.

“Nice ass, Becky!” Marcus yelled from the top of his lungs from the other side of the school’s hallway, directing his crass comment at me. Fucking prick. I hated Marcus. I dealt with him enough throughout high school. It was senior year, and I was still dealing with him! He was one pompous asshole. Black and lean with firm, hard muscles and muscular thighs, Marcus was a multisport...Read On


And I never even got his name

She was hunting, he was game.

It had been a long and stressful couple of months. The breakup, the aftermath, school, work, parents going on and on about how it would be good for me to start attending church again... Good Lord it was honestly very, very frustrating. To top it off, my ex-boyfriend was being overly emotional about the whole situation, so sex with the ex was out of the question. And man, I was horny. More...Read On


Surprise ending to the evening..

A night out with the girls ends with a surprise...

A short story from a trip to the states.... It happened this weekend, I had some girlfriends in town from San Diego and we met up with some guys they knew who go to my school who I'd never met before. On Saturday night, we all went clubbing and then to a little afterparty but we all winded up back at my place to crash. One of the new guys (We'll call him Rob) was flirting with me most of...Read On


Milf Allie

Camgirl Milf Allie needs back online fast, and just the right stud arrives to lay some cable

Allie lay on the bed, panting for breath – her brow damp with sweat. She was far more than damp elsewhere, as she recovered from a powerful orgasm. She’d knocked the remote for the camera off the bed during her throes of passion, but fortunately, the guy on the other end of the connection wasn’t asking for any special views. He seemed as content to watch her in the afterglow of her climax...Read On



She wants it but he's playing hard to get.

She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. Ruffling the short, soft spikes at the back. She was waiting for him but knew he’d come from nowhere and when she least expected it. She fiddled gingerly with her lip piercing and adjusted her sweater. She was nervous and she knew it. It had been so long since she had seen him but they had been texting constantly for the last few months and it...Read On


A Promise From A Slut

A silly promise leads to a night of fun.

"Unbutton another button." My husband's eyes were twinkling. It was that silly promise I had made to do anything he asked for one week. He knew that when I was on the brink of an orgasm I would agree to anything and he had me right on the edge when he had suggested it. Now I was having to deliver. "Come on Jenn, everyone wants to see those big titties of yours."  It was Shawna, my best...Read On


Couldn't Keep Our Hands Off Each Other

Jackson and I were what you call fuck buddies.

It started when I was 16 and Jackson was 17. I met him after he dated one of my best friends. Ever since I had met him, I planned on doing him. Jackson was a blond with blue eyes, as was I, and was a hell of a kisser. He was one of those guys you know would give you a good time. After he and my friend broke up, we started talking a lot more, almost everyday. Jackson was sort of a bad kid...Read On


The room next door

Aki listens to what's going on next door

Last summer I was translating for my boss on an international business meeting in Okinawa. We stayed at one of those fancy resort hotels with a great view over the ocean. Of course we had a double suite room, because we make love every night, but one evening he had a meeting with some old friends, and I wasn’t invited. So I did what a girl would do. Take a swim in the hotel pool and check out...Read On


Support For His Sister

After her husband left her, Ricky went to give his sister a little support

My older sister, Helen, is a wonderful person. She is two years older than me at 24. She doesn’t deserve the raw deals she always seems to get. Like Rocky her husband, a guy I always thought was a creep. Well, it finally happened to her, again, this time it was Rocky walking out on her and telling her he was gone for good. When mom told me about it I kind of thought to myself, ‘Lucky her.’...Read On


my step-brothers and me ch.1 2

my step-brothers and me ch.1: the beginning What’s a girl to do when surrounded by three gorgeous guys besides what comes naturally??? I suppose I had better start at the beginning shouldn’t I? My name’s Shadow Weaver. I’m now 16, 5’4”, 115lbs., with b cup breasts, and a nice tight ass. Or so i’ ve been told anyways. Blueish green eyes, and blonde hair (sometimes). This story...Read On


Shopping outing for lingerie

Fun time buying lingerie

Following is a true account of one of my experiences of shopping for lingerie. (nosex). This happened a couple of months ago, and as far as I remember, the conversation went like I have described below. If you have not read my earlier story 'Wonderful crossdressing shopping experience', I'd suggest reading it first. ------------------------------------------------ Following my...Read On


Love story Within the Bayou of Houma, Louisiana

I felt Charles's manhood harden against me as he slipped in between my legs.

Charles Tate and I had been childhood sweethearts. Everyone within the bayou of Houma, Louisiana thought we were the perfect couple. But we discovered a terrible secret that tore through our love and hearts. We were half brother and sister. How could this be? How could this possibly happen? When we were eighteen years old we demanded to know the truth from our parents. My Mama told me...Read On


My Wonderful Lesbian Lover

Mindi's lover tells her to try a man, just to make sure.

I was still a virgin at age 20. Most of my friends had gotten involved with sex...but my two closest friends were like me. One good friend already had a baby. Other girls had serious boyfriends. A few played with other girls. I had been asked to try girl-girl activities but had declined. I was saving myself for some yet unknown destiny. I wasn't envious of my sexually active friends....Read On


A BIG night out

Night out, turned quiet night in... until a stranger comes to the door

Walking home alone one warm, humid evening, after a few drinks at the bar with some girl friends, I could feel him following me as I walked down the alleys and back roads. I could see no one but a stray cat and a few birds returning to their nests for the night, but could hear distant footsteps and the fading noises of the city... and someone a little way behind me. I knew it was a man, as...Read On


Tattoo Ted Teaches Two Teasing Teen Temptresses

A father discovers that his daughters have chosen him as their first experience

 The last two years had been building up to this moment; Tamsin had never stopped nagging us about having a tattoo! Of course I’d be the ultimate hypocrite if I said no, after all I’m a tattoo artist by trade, but as responsible adults her mum and I had steadfastly refused all her pleas and entreaties. “When you’re seventeen and old enough to make such a decision, if you still want one,...Read On


A Moment of Learning

Sex with my favorite math teacher

The first day of college I saw him from behind; 5'9" with short black brown hair and a sky blue collared shirt. He was a little deaf in his left ear and thought my name was Jenny instead of Jamie. I didn't care, I liked the pet name, people always give me one. Most of the girls in class just took it for the sake of seeing a young, fresh out of college, male teacher. I took the class because...Read On



This story is made up of three posts I had posted on another site. I will post them as one on here.... Ok, so my lady's mom is a single, horny, chubby lady. She probably has her fair share of dick, but not by a young in shape guy, like myself. When she is around I always wear really thin running shorts that make the outline of my dick very easy to see. If we are sitting around where I can...Read On



I have always considered myself a lover of tits and pussy but but one day, things changed.

My name is Fred and I’m 27, about 6’2 and medium build and have been married for 3 years now. I lived in the countryside with my wife Sally, with only a few houses dotted around. I was working from home one day, working on the laptop, taking breaks to look at some porn, but I started stroking myself before turning back to my work. I hadn’t had sex or masturbated for a week now, and was ready...Read On


Holiday Heat Continues

Drunk wife gets a little helping hand

I noticed, after catching Rob masturbating over my wife, that he had trouble taking his eyes off her. When he thought no one was watching, he would stare at her small, tight bottom and pert breasts. On occasion, I saw him rearrange his cock in his shorts, obviously getting hard looking at her. As the holiday progressed and we got a little more used to the heat, we started to stay out later...Read On



Invite to friends house results in muff diving her in tub and bedroom

“Wow, now that was sexist. Don’t you think so?” one of the pharmacy clerks said after I walked out. I was at the elevator and Marjorie, who I was talking to, thought about what I’d said. "No, I don’t think," so she told herself as she smiled. I kind of liked that actually. Then the same clerk spoke up again. “Don’t you think so Margie? Margie, hey Margie?” she called out. “Did you hear...Read On

Audio version available

The Darkroom

I used to fantasize about running my fingers through his sandy-blonde hair while I sat in his class

Mr. Harrington was my favorite teacher in high school. He was twenty-three and in just his second year of teaching. He was only six years older than me when I was in his English class. He was the most handsome man, with the most incredible sparkling blue eyes, I had ever seen. I still clearly remember how I used to fantasize about running my fingers through his sandy-blonde hair while I sat...Read On


Fun In Cabo

Girls on vacation have one plan only, getting laid.

The sun, the beach, the pool and the ocean mixed with some drinks are just the perfect combination for a weekend of fun. Cabo, two years back, I took a trip with my girlfriend with only two objectives:- 1. Have lots of fun;  2. Fuck as many guys as we can.  This story is about the best fuck of that three-day trip. I fucked six different guys over that weekend, once with three of them...Read On


I follow you

I was 16 and she was 21

There was a young woman that I met while working my first job, at age 16. We’ll call her 'H'. She was beautiful with long dark hair, brown eyes, glowing white skin. 'H' was 21 years old, 4’11” with cantaloupe sized breasts and a mother’s soft stomach. 'H' had an independent personality and a laugh that was to die for. When she smiled at me it was like standing in the sun on a summer's...Read On


When Mom is Away, Dad Will Play-Part 2

Mom is gone and the fun continues!

We came down from the attic naked, tired but still ready for more sex. Dad had me against the wall in the hallway and was tongue-fucking my mouth as his hands rubbed my breasts. “Oh yeah,” I moaned as his hand reached in between my legs rubbing my clit. I started to reach down for his cock when the phone rang. “Shit!” he yelled. “I gotta get the phone,” I said between kisses. “Fuck...Read On


Vacation memories

That private little house wasn't so private

We had been looking forward to returning to our dream house on St. Kitts and the ferry could not chug through the bay fast enough. We had stumbled across this piece of paradise a year earlier and had booked nine days of doing next to nothing. We snorkeled, sunned our naked bodies, ate at every nice restaurant on the island, but most importantly, just enjoyed being with each other 24/7. ...Read On


Playground Fun with a Stranger

A true story from when I was a teenager and fucked a complete stranger on a playground.

This is a true story. It is also my first story ever written. So any advice is welcomed! Thank you! It was the summer and I was 16. My boyfriend and I had broken up about a month before and I was still pretty upset. My friend Krista suggest we have a Girls' Night, and invited me over to her house. She lived in a small one bedroom apartment with her aunt who was never there. I agreed and...Read On