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Batman Meets Catgirl

Catwoman was tied up on the bed, what would Batman do next?

Hi all my name is Joe and this is the story about how Alexis and I first hooked up at a Halloween costume party last year. Ever since the first day she started working at the telemarketing firm I was at, I looked at her as the object of all my sexual desires. She would walk past my cube and I would start to stiffen with sexual excitement, and if I didn't know better she was feeling the same...Read On


the payback on the bet

I sat at my desk as the 2nd e-mail of the morning popped up on the screen, she came again

My name is Joe and since Alexis and I hooked up a few months back we have had one sexual adventure after another. Today is Monday and we are both at work, we work together for a telemarketing firm. She lost a bet yesterday and has to do anything I say today which she didn't think was that big a deal till I showed her the wireless Butterfly masturbator. For those of you not familliar with...Read On


Just Looking and Writing

This is what I see when I go out and I am nearly seventy!!

Early February 2007 The Dancing Dress Wow! Batman another one!! I was driving back from filling up the Batcar with BatGas, when I pulled up at the intersection to see a dream; skipping across the road. About five foot six and on the bright side of thirty, Her hair was short and black, not dyed; but natural. She was very well dressed; in a one piece dress made of a silken material, ...Read On


The Geek and the Mature BBW

Young computer geek has wild sex with mature BBW

The Geek and the Mature BBW By The Young Geek A friend of my wife called and asked me to help her with her computer since she knew I was a computer repair tech. She explained that she had recently lost her job and was looking to go into real estate and since my wife had told her I had been an agent a few years earlier she figured I could assist her with what she needed to learn to make money...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 17

From online to real-life in 23 chapters.

Elaine was trying to concentrate on finishing her breakfast but it wasn’t easy. It was Monday, she was ready for work with a half hour to spare, and was busy eating her toasted muesli while Kendra and Chelsea chatted about the guys they met the night before. Elaine wasn’t really listening. Thoughts were running through her mind. Thoughts of seeing Gary and of what he might do to her,...Read On


For the neighbors

sex with the blinds open

with our bedroom window blinds open and the television on. there is enough light for neighbours to see what is going on inside our bedroom. i am on my hands and knees with my rear end towards the tv. the television ligth gives a clear view of my pussy and asshole. my husband at the foot of the bed plunging his fingers into my pussy. first 1, then 2 then up to 3 fingers into my pussy. all...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 13

From online to real-life in 23 chapters.

Despite the late night, the next morning Elaine felt energised and bounced out of bed in a good mood. A long hot shower was in order, and she indulged herself. Emerging with wet hair, a smile, and wrapped in a soft towel, Elaine made coffee while her roommates slept. She hadn’t even heard them come in, and it didn’t bother her one bit. She felt like she was walking on air! What’s...Read On


Easydescent makes SarahBeara Obey Pt. 2

all three go up to play

*~* Joanne *~*       My day started off pretty good. I got up extra early, and had a nice quiet cup of coffee. The only sounds that interrupted my peace was the constant slap of the river against it's banks. But that was more beautiful than anything. You see, in the cities you cant see the stars at night. You dont see trees swaying in the breeze, or the eagles taking flight....Read On


Easydescent makes Sarahbeara obey

Alot changes when Sarah comes to town....

                                                          Hey guys!!!  A while ago i had come up with the idea to write a story with my good pal Easydescent. So, we put our two very different writing skills together and wrote this. So, not all the credit goes to me guys's.  All the parts that says Sarahbeara is what i wrote and all the parts that says Easydescent is what he worte. ...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 09

From online to real-life in 23 chapters.

It was still dark. And silent.   It felt like about four A.M. Elaine was lying on her stomach. She couldn’t see the alarm clock, but she didn’t want to know the time. One hand was between her legs, but it wasn’t moving. It was... reassuring. She wasn’t really aware of it. Remembering the fleeting images she’d dreamed, she put them together in her mind. Gary had picked her up after...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 08

From 'online' to 'real life' in 23 chapters.

“And I mean it,” said Gary. “I don’t want to hear any more self-deprecating remarks, okay? Things like, ‘I can’t do it, ‘ or ‘I’m not good enough, ‘ or ‘I’m not pretty.’ They’re all out, got it?” Elaine blinked. “Yes, Sir,” she typed back quickly. She waited for him to respond, sensing he was gathering his thoughts. It gave her a moment to make a decision. She’d walk taller after...Read On


My Spanish Neighbor

After almost a year, she'd given him a chance

Ohhhh My hips rolled on the bed in pleasure and a cool breeze soflt entered the room, bringing in the smell of rain and making the sheer white curtains flutter. I grabbed the pillow next to my head and moaned wildly. The sound echoing around the big room. He'd been teasing me for almost two hours now...sucking my painfully erect nipples into his mouth and biting gently. He was taking...Read On


Imogen - Chapter One

The temptation was too much for them to bare...

Imogen – Chapter One I needed her the moment I met her. Dark brunette hair, framing her lovely face. Her deep, large eyes and inquisitive eyebrows gave her an innocent presence. Her luscious, pouty lips were enough to send me over the edge. A cliché I know, but it’s the truth.    She walked tall - even though she, herself was not - swaying her hips gently, almost not at all. Her...Read On


The Best 13 hours

How I had sex with some one i most desired

I am a 28 year old and live alone in my small house, and have just got a girl as a tenant for making up for my expenses. She lives on the first floor and me on the ground. She is not a head turner when you look at her first, but when you get a closer look, you ll find that Nidhi is damn attractive and sultry. Her black eyes, her thin yet delicious lips, her sexy feet, and her darkish and...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 07

From 'online' to 'real life' in 23 chapters.

Elaine’s mail sorting job didn’t require a ‘uniform’ as such, but she had a standard set of clothes she wore, both to keep things simple and because competing with others in the fashion stakes wasn’t her thing. Thankfully it was a pants and blouse set, and her bra was clean after washing it the day before. The pants were black, as usual, and a little low on the hips, but they were loose...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 14

From online to real-life in 23 chapters.

Elaine touched up her lipstick and went to the toilet again. She’d eaten little and her stomach warred against her. When she returned, she slid twenty bucks and her front door key into her pocket and stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom, taking a deep breath. Her heart was thumping and she couldn’t stop trembling. Her reflection stared back at her. I don’t know if I can do this. ...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 15

From online to real-life in 23 chapters.

“I still can’t believe he was so cute,” said Kendra. “’Cute’ is so not how I’d describe him,” said Chelsea. “He wasn’t a boy, he was a man .”   “You guys,” Elaine said, shaking her head. She was enjoying the banter more than she thought she would. She hadn’t been able to talk about much on the walk home, and even now a couple of hours later, the whole thing seemed a blur. The...Read On


I Saw Her Standing There

Husband comes home early and surprises the wife.

I Saw Her Standing There by Harddaysknight © I had been scheduled for a morning meeting at my company's main office in Harrisburg. Fate had other plans. Jack Winston's teenage son had gotten involved in a traffic accident while driving to school. That removed Jack from the meeting, which in turn, removed any need for a meeting. I was headed north on I-81 before nine. I pulled...Read On


Sexual Aerial Acrobatics

Brittany and Lance fuck hard while waiting to perform an aerial act with the crowd below

this story was inspired by a forum post not long ago "A Challenge".  thanks to Roccotool for the challenge, though this one could not be shortened enough to meet the 500 word limit, thought it was worthy of posting anyway.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   The aerial acrobats stood poised on the...Read On


Shoulder To Cry On

My best mate's girlfriend was so understanding

It's terrible and soul destroying when you are dumped. I hit rock bottom a few years ago when my long term girlfriend just vanished on me. She left a note saying it was over. No explanation, nothing. I sat moping for a while, crying etc. Feeling like the pits. After a while I called my best mate Pete. But he was out and his Russian girlfriend, Katya, answered the phone. I sniffled a bit...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 06

From 'online' to 'real life' in 23 chapters.

For a moment Elaine wondered where the disappointment was coming from. Maybe she was just annoyed with herself. She was usually meticulously punctual. But it wasn’t like she’d promised to meet him. It had just been a ‘maybe’. Shaking her head, she had a new appreciation for the term ‘wasted’.   Who am I kidding? she wondered. The guy could be a nut. Simone said he wasn’t but who...Read On


After the Party

After the Party was more fun than during...

  The party continued late into the night, but by 2 the following morning, all had left except for Jane’s friend, Scott. Scott decided to stay and help clean up from the party, even though we continually told him that we had no problem doing it ourselves and that he should head home. Since his wife and kids were away for a few days, he hoped we would let him stay over rather than go home...Read On


Chris and Sarah Part 1

Is their faith strong enough to fight a desire hotter than hell?

Sarah pulled up to Chris's house, smiling as she saw him race out of the house towards her. She shut off her car and giggle happily, squealing as he yanked her car door open and snatced her out of her Cirrus, lifting her in the air for a great big bear hug. "I'm so glad you're finally here!" He exclaimed, burying his nise into her rose scented hair, breathing deeply. Sarah, still suspended up...Read On


Chris and Sarah Part 2

a continuation of Chris and Sarah Part 1. Gets a bit more intersting this time around....

Sarah waited patiently as Chris locked up the house, and she put her hands in her pocket, walking side by side with him. They talked about a ton of subjects from what was going on in the country and how it was affecting his job, to the classes she was gonna be taking in school. After about an hour of walking they turned and headed back home. "Well, the move was a hard one." She said,...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 11

From online to real-life in 23 chapters.

Elaine was suddenly attacked by a severe case of hyperventilation. Her heart rate skyrocketed and her chest tightened, making her fight for air. I just wanted to know ‘hypothetically’, not ‘actually’! her mind screamed as she typed desperately. “I’m sorry! That’s not what I meant!” A second later, Gary messaged her back. “Let’s pause for a moment.”   Sitting back in her...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 12

From online to real-life in 23 chapters.

After booting up the Internet and logging on to Messenger, Elaine was notified of two new messages in her email box. She knew one was from herself. She’d emailed a whole host of links she’d unearthed after Googling the names ‘Gloria Brame’ and ‘Jay Wiseman’ on the library’s computer earlier in the day. They were the authors that had set Gary on his path. Between classes she’d had a bit...Read On


Books and Sex

It was only supposed to be a quiet read trying to wait out the storm. But then he walked in

             The couple was in front of the fireplace, clothes strewn all over the room. The male, clearly dominant, the woman spread beneath him. Every now and then the room would be filled with the high pitched sighs of the woman, and the deep throated groans of the male. Kalen's knee nudged her pale, slender thighs further apart. Her hands clutched at his shoulders, ran down his flanks...Read On


The Long Way Home

Once I had him bound and gagged in the back of my car - the rest was easy!

Having watched him secretly on several occasions, I know the routes he takes when he’s walking home from the pub, or from friends who live nearby. The one he uses most will suit my purpose well enough and I make plans to intercept him. I get quite aroused just thinking about it I can tell you. That’s part of the pleasure of course, anticipation.   As you might guess,...Read On


A New Experience

At long last Paul made a move, bared Ronnie's cock and wanked him.

There was no more than a couple of year’s difference in the boys’ ages and they’d been close friends since they were at primary school. In time they’d become true confidantes, and even now, in their early twenties, they shared secrets that they never disclosed to anyone else. Every week they spent hours in each other’s company, generally in one or other of their bedrooms as their...Read On


Live Food

virgin men are orally raped

The two young, naked men huddled together in the bushes. "If they get their mouth on it, there's no way you can escape." said one. The other young man listened in shock, appearing terrified. "They do some kind of magic that paralyzes you as they move their mouth, and you actually want them to take your life." These two young men, no older than 18, had been brought up in a...Read On