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Afternoon Study

One of my longest stories I have ever written.

Why is it that all my friends can relax on a Friday while I’m stuck inside my tutor’s house studying? I know that I didn’t get a good grade for a few of my classes. So now I’m paying the price of my precious time with this forty-nine year old guy. Mitchell had just moved into our street, from the city he moved to our small community looking for accounting work. After leaving his job as...Read On


The Surpise

So frustrated and I had to have her, I drove to her place to give her a little surprise

My erect nipples proved that I really wanted this. I was already breathing heavy while she sucked and kissed my neck. God I wanted her so bad, it was insane. I’d missed her, I knew I missed her. It had been way too long. With every contact her soft lips made with my skin, I felt the moisture only increase between my legs. She swiftly lowered her head towards my chest, her right hand on my...Read On


The Ingénue - Part 2

She's already had one guy. But now Laila wants the other two.

JUDE: Out she came, smelling of sex, sweet perfume and fresh perspiration. Her hair was tousled even more, her skin flushed, her breasts rose up and down as she breathed deeply. Xander and I watched her intently, captivated by her confident stance, with hands on hips and a radiant smile. Wordlessly, she sauntered over to me, took my hand and I stood up. Xander looked away and...Read On


Just can't wait

This is my first non-fiction story. Would really appreciate constructive criticism. Thank you. Enjoy

From the first day of seeing him at work, I knew I wanted him. I knew he was in a relationship but that didn’t stop the naughty thoughts running through my mind. Ben was a short guy, at just 5ft 5, he was the same height as me. I usually go for tall guys but he was gorgeous and I just couldn’t resist. Ben had blue eyes and short dark blonde hair and had broad shoulders that were designed for...Read On


Sally the Ghost

Sally and Emelda hit the clubs in Little Five Points to party with the living

I watched him stroke his cock. I knew he was close because his breathing had become more regular, his eyes had closed, and his head was tilting slowly back. Pleasure beamed from his face. His toes will be curling soon , I thought, and he'll explode all over . My attention was on the head of his shaft as I stood, straddled him, and squatted my sex over his erection. I had to time this...Read On


Water romance

A camping romance

I recently went camping with a bunch of co-workers. A bunch of drunken air force pilots could lead to some interesting times. Out of the 16 of us that went, I was the only single woman, along with 9 single men. I was going to have a good selection for my sexual partner or partners for the weekend. We were in a state camp ground, right on a lake. It was beautiful, trees surrounded the place,...Read On


My First Pet (After Dinner)

This is continued from my first story My First Pet and continues from where that left off

Since people have enjoyed my first story, I've decided to write more. Thanks to everyone who commented on it for their support. I enjoy hearing from readers. This is continued from my first story "My First Pet" and follows from where that left off. Again, please give any comments and I hope you enjoy. After what had happened a few moments ago, I was almost dancing round the...Read On


The Dark Room

The room is dark. Just a hint of light from the streetlamps filling the room. I hear the door open, but I can’t see who it is from the bed. I call out, but there’s no response. I see him enter the room, and I immediately know. I know his shape. His movements. His scent. I sit up to greet him, but he’s already at my side, his lips crushing mine with a kiss. Our tongues tangled together in...Read On


The Wife Next Door: Part V-Taking Care of Angela

Pim helps out her friend Sandra deal with an impossible daughter...Rob does what he can to help

The Wife Next Door: Part V-Taking Care of Angela Angela is a 16-year-old knockout. She’s the stepdaughter of one of my Dad’s old friends from the law firm. Angela has the cutest face you have ever seen, complimented by sparkling blue eyes and blonde hair. When she smiles it lights up the room and the little dimples on her cheeks and her white smile dazzle everyone. What can I say...Read On


A Lovely Couple

a straight threesome turns bisexual

It was another Friday night, and I had that feeling again; the feeling that could only be satisfied with a wet pussy on my dick. Being wrapped up in my career, I didn’t make time for a girlfriend so when I had to satisfy a sexual urge, I usually headed to the local adult theater. It was the best adult theater in town. It was a large locale with a big selection of videos, magazines and...Read On


I want you

“I heard you two last night.” I smirked at my uncle’s girlfriend. A surprised expression answered my statement as I sat beside her. She turned to me flicking her long dark hair over her shoulder as she leaned in. Her brown eyes widened as she feigned innocence. “Really, so you heard your Uncle Louis and I fucking?” She whispered in her soft husky voice. The tip of her pink tongue...Read On


The Ingénue - Part 1

Laila's back. And she wants more. Read the story from 4 different perspectives.

LAILA: Yes, it’s me again, Laila. But I’m not me anymore, which is strange. You see, ever since my encounter with the mysterious, sexy stranger Leo, I’ll never be the shy and timid Laila I was before. Now, I’m confident, strong, a different Laila. I walked with my head held high, I smiled at strangers, I wore my hair loose. All because of Leo. And I didn’t think I’d have another...Read On


The Thieves

Something a little bit different from me...

The Thieves Ellie had been only sixteen at the time and she wore tight little tops which extenuated her large breasts and gave her a brazen persona, she was as innocent as they come though and had only once kissed a boy, egged on by the encouragement of others. It had repulsed her actually! The idea of two people sharing saliva in that way, it tasted bad too and she never...Read On


Life of the Party

Sir takes me to a party, where he can't help but show me off a bit

You wake before me and nudge me telling me it’s time to wake up and get ready. I get up still half asleep, naked with only my collar around my neck. I wander about the kitchen making a bagel when you come in, slapping my ass hard and telling me to hurry up. My body jumps and I gasp as your hand connects, startling me, my eyes widening as I lean forward against the cold counter. “Thank...Read On


The commuter train

Mutual Masturbation on the train

Lucky me as I was able to get out of work early and catch the early afternoon train home. Not nearly as crowded as normal. I enjoy a row of seats to myself. As the train departs, I look up from my book to see a very cute red head has sat down in the row across from me. I check here out from head to toe as she types into her cell phone. She has beautiful strawberry blonde hair, milky white...Read On


Lust at 35,000 Feet

An unexpected surprise on a business trip.

I was on my way to jolly ole England on a Pan Am red eye, business you know how it is, sucky flight times and always overcrowded flights. Well this time was a pleasant surprise; we lifted off from JFK with barely half the 747 full. Apparently some weather made connections a bitch from the Midwest. Who was I to complain, I was in the last row in the coach section with not a sole in sight for...Read On


Bag Boy

Loosely based on a true event

This story takes place the summer before my senior year. I was 17 working at a local grocery store as a bag boy. I'm about 6'1 or so, a little overweight, and short black hair. At the grocery store I worked at it was required to ask ever customer with a buggy if they would like help out to their car. It started out as a normal day, I was working 12-4 on a unusually hot day in june. It was...Read On


The Consequence of Texting While Driving

Felicia pushed one button after the other on her car radio in search of the right song to listen to. It was late. Exhausted after a long day of work, she was relieved to finally be on her way home. Before she had been able to settle on a song, a muffled musical chirp emanated from her purse on the seat beside her, signaling that a text message had just been received by her cell phone....Read On


Stolen Moments

After months of stolen moments, we finally get our long as we don't get caught.

I guess you could say that there had been months of foreplay. Stolen kisses, brief encounters with barely enough time to feel the heat of each other’s bodies, passing touches, knowing glances. Always wondering when we’d meet next, knowing it would be just long enough to feed our fantasies some more. Always teasing, tempting, and arousing. On this day, I see a glimpse of him as I enter...Read On


IIllusionary Soulmate: Part I

“What am I doing here? Am I out of my mind?” I thought to myself.

Illusionary Soulmate: Part I Fastening the seat belt in my window seat, I looked out to see we were finally pulling away from the gate. I started flipping through the pages of the SkyMall catalog from the pocket in front of my seat. As the big jet picked up speed and jumped into the air I realized I hadn’t looked at a single item in the magazine. “What am I doing here? Am I out of my mind?”...Read On


My Best Friend 16 - The Surprise Pt. 6

We finish our experiment and decide to attend a party....

I flopped over onto the couch and tried to catch my breath as Amanda continued to lay half on the couch in a heap trying to catch her breath. I sat there trying to figure out how we got from friends to boyfriend/girlfriend to lover and now we’re master/slave. Something about the dynamic still boggled my mind. I figured that no matter how many times I went through the changes Amanda and me...Read On


To Be Touched

A husband hides in the closet and watches his wife.

I look down at my feet that appear so white as I slip on my panties after taking my morning shower. The day will be hot, somewhere in the upper 80’s and I contemplate wearing shorts with my extremely pale legs. I look in the mirror and see my bare chest, the small white mounds with nipples erect from the chill of being freshly out of the shower. I have no tan lines to speak of because I have...Read On


The Wife Next Door: Part IV-Judy is Jilted

Pim helps out her best friend.....

The Wife Next Door: Part IV – Judy is Jilted About a year after Pim and I had started our relationship a terrible accident happened. My parents were riding a boat owned by a friend of my Dad’s, a famous cardiothoracic surgeon and a cigarette boat ran into them and both my parents were killed. I was 24 years old and I was alone in the world. My parents relatives all lived far away and I...Read On


My Girls Best Friend

Doesn't everyones lady have a sexy friend?

So, where do I start? I guess about the time my girlfriend asked me to drop off some of her old clothes to her best friend’s house on the way to work is as good as any. Her name is Lisa. Oh ya, and I'm Jake. But anyway, my girlfriend had grown out of some of her clothes and decided to have me give them to Lisa on my way to work. No problem, right? Well, Lisa is about 5'9", very slim, blond,...Read On



Threesome on the job

I got the job yesterday, and it doesn't look good that, if I am not mistaken, the owner is trying to flirt with me. It's just a waitress job, but it took me long enough to find this. His wife hired me. She was impressed by the fact that I have experience, but my being a size 7 clinched the deal. The woman before me was a size 7 which meant she wouldn't have to order new uniforms....Read On


Savage Lesson

Dabbling with a no good girl leads to humiliation.

SAVAGE LESSON It is one of the unalterable facts of life that women are mysterious. There is no point in trying to rationalise, trying to account for or predict every facet of their behaviour because whatever you think you know is liable to flip over on you revealing a truth you never guessed at. Let me put it another way: You know in those naff horror films where someone looks at...Read On


Twister with a Twist

A friendly sleepover gets really friendly

My name is Amanda and this is the story of the most exciting night of my life. I’m 18 and about to graduate high school, so four of my friends and I planned one last party before we all go off to college. We had the slumber party last night and it was nothing like what I expected. First I’ll tell you who was there: there was me, a 5 foot 6 inch blonde with hazel eyes and 32 C tits. I’m mostly...Read On


The best fucking of my life

Read 'All Done' before, to understand the sexual tension between Kev and me.

Fresh out of a hot and steamy shower, I lay on the bed in my university dorm thinking of yesterday’s adventures with Kev. The lingering thoughts of yesterday mixed with the remaining tingle on my skin from the hot shower makes my hot clit throb uncontrollably. I move the damp towel strewn lazily over my body to reveal my swollen cunt protruding from my already wet pussy lips. The cold...Read On


When We Meet - Continued

Please read When We Meet before you read part two. Since I am a guest in your house I do the dishes after breakfast. When I am done I make my way to you and find you out cold on the couch. You have worked all night so I leave you sleep. I call home and tell them that I am fine, log onto Lush and see what is going on in the forums. Next thing that I know its 2pm and you have just...Read On


Fun cycle run

Our horny lakeside fuck

Recently, my partner and I went away for the weekend to take advantage of the good weather. We checked into an amazing hotel for a nice quite relaxing weekend. On the Saturday afternoon we decided to hire a couple of bikes to take in some of the local scenery. I hadn’t exactly packed for cycling but it didn’t matter. We arrived at the cycle hire place, me, dresses in a skimpy vest top...Read On