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Lana's Fantasy

Lana's Fantasy brought to life.

As I lie in my bed, fantasising about Aaron’s tall muscular body, a knock at the door brings me out of my reverie. I make my way to the door, in my skimpy negligee. I open the front door. Standing there, in all his masculine glory, was the man I have been fantasising about – Aaron. He says nothing but takes in the sight of me and his eyes wake up with desire. “Hi,” I murmur,...Read On


Entertainent at the Harem

Visiting sheiks are invited to view punishments.....

Entertainment at the Harem For the final act, the curtain opened to reveal only a very large, study wooden chair placed toward the front of the stage. Then one of the two pretty harem girls, who had spanked each other earlier, walked out on the stage. She was rather tall, light-skinned and slim for an Arab girl. She was dressed in Western style, with a light, green silken dress, nylons...Read On


Rogues Story - Part One - The Awakening

A woman desire awakened by a wicked man.

Rogues Story – Part One -The Awakening This story couldn't have been written without one man, you know who you are! She quickly turns the ornate gold tap in the opulent ladies room of the country house, and grabs a handful of paper towels that were neatly placed next to the expensive hand creams and lotions, she begins to dab the red wine stain on her new cream evening dress. “This...Read On

The Debt Payment

Continued from The Debt - I face the hard truth

If we continue the analogy of a feast for this psychodrama, you have had the appetizer and I hope that you enjoyed it. This is the main entree with a few side dishes. Like any good feast, this is the largest part of the meal and some would say the most satisfying, but I have a sweet tooth and I prefer the dessert. To get the full benefit of a dessert though, it must come after the main...Read On


From friends to lovers

This is my first story >.<

Heartbroken. After falling in love for the first time, I was heartbroken. My boyfriend had cheated on me with some bitch he met at a strip club. IN MY BED! As soon as I kicked his sorry ass out, I called my best friend Jamal. He was at work and promised he would come over as soon as he got off. Tired and pissed off, I got in the shower. I let the hot water hit my body as I tried to cry...Read On


I've Always Longed

I grabbed a dildo from my nightstand. She looked at it and smiled.

Lucy and I met in grade school. We became best friends, quickly. She was so pretty. She had long blonde hair that hung just beneath her bra strap and big green eyes. She was about 5'6 and 120 pounds of giddiness and wildness. She loved to try anything and everything at least once. I was about the same in height, structure, and looks. Everyone thought we were sisters, and sometimes, we...Read On


Surprise Lover

She climbed out the tub and pressed her wet body against his.

Matt awoke with a start, as he felt something shift in his dark bedroom. Light seeped through the crack beneath the door, golden yellow and welcoming. He sat up out of bed and made his way towards the light, stumbling as he tripped on some magazines scattered around the floor. The door opened with a slight creak, leading him directly to the bathroom, where the light was coming from. The...Read On


An Interracial Threesome With Mom (The Lost Missy Story)

please leave a comment and I will write part 2 and post another story soon :) hope you enjoy

This story follows when I was till living at home and a little while after I had started cross dressingwithout her knowing, or so I thought.As well as myadventure while dressed one night. My story begins when I was about 19 years old, it was summer vacation from college andi had already been crossdressing for about2 years and starting to get the hang of a few little details such as...Read On


After The Shower

Early morning sex after the shower

I slowly opened the bathroom door. There she was, wrapping her auburn hair in a towel, both hands above her head, breasts thrust out, nipples glistening with water. A vision of young beauty, reflected in the oversized, steamed up mirror. I smiled as I stepped inside. Noticing my intrusion, she smiled back. I stepped forward, wrapping my hands around her waist, pressing my nakedness to hers,...Read On


Master's Birthday Part 1

A woman wants to give her man a birthday he won't soon forget.

Morgan was looking forward to a quiet night at home with his girlfriend Rhiannon when he entered the house they shared. Instead he was greeted by the sight of Rhiannon in a corset and thigh highs, holding a leash. From behind her stepped a petite red head, a collar around her neck that the leash was hooked to. She was also in a corset and thigh highs, but the red head was wearing a short...Read On

Christian Wife Scorned

Wife of famous man needs a shoulder to cry on.

My writing tends to suggest that I am in my thirties or forties because I want to seem closer in age to the young audience who dominate the Lush family. In truth, I'm a good bit older. Of course, things we publish here don't have to be factual. As it happens, this new story--from about three and a half decades ago--is very close to true... There was a decade in my middle years when...Read On


The House of Lush

Lush incarnate - a night to remember.

When I saw the message in my inbox I assumed it was spam. No sender was listed. It just said: You are cordially invited to the House of Lush. Bring yourself and no-one else. Leave your inhibitions at home. Tell no-one, even trusted friends on Lush. You have been recommended by a friend and approved by the circle. Reply with your mobile number then delete this message. I read and re-read...Read On


TittyGirl on Display

It was a couple of weeks after I started modeling for the life drawing class and I was downtown on a Saturday doing a little shopping. I stopped to look in the window of an art supply store and was dumbstruck. There was a framed black and white drawing in the window sitting in a display easel and it was me. It was my long, dark hair; it was my quirky eyebrows and full lips; it was my...Read On


The Limp Factor: Part One

Her high-heeled tanned legs stretched out from under her tailor-made business suit. . .

A side note before we begin the story: I would like to send out a special thank you to a special Lush member (who wishes to remain nameless for now) for help in editing this story. I usually do not have a problem editing, but I am not sure of myself when writing from a man's point of view. Yeah, I know, sounds weird since I am a man, but thanks to her help, she made it flow even better....Read On


Minuet In G - Chapter IV

Gerald makes a discovery in the attic.

The following morning, Alice announced she wanted to tune the piano. Gerald agreed to take the day off from work, so they called his brother, to see if they could borrow his pickup truck. They loaded the truck full of necessities from their apartment, and took them over to the house. After putting those things away, Alice started in on the piano, but soon discovered she needed to remove...Read On


Always shower after workout

Best shower ever

"Always Shower After a Workout" Alice showed the girl at the desk her membership card, then hurried down the stairs. Spinning class had started five minutes ago, and she hated to be late, but the Town traffic had been particularly bad for a Thursday night. Besides, she'd make up for it by pushing extra hard tonight. She hustled into the almost full spinning room, about forty fit young...Read On


Pussy Loves Dick

The fog had rolled in too thick to surf and it didn’t look like it would lift before noon. Shit, I’d ditched school for nothing and it was out in a week anyway and I’d have all summer to surf. We were huddled near the pier and one of the guys had brought a blanket and some of us were huddled under it. I felt some fingers in my pussy and opened my legs a little so he could get at it. I...Read On


Sultry Little Show

A hot and humid night drives Emmy to wicked distraction...

*** All characters are over the age of eighteen Sweat pooled in the hollow at the base of her throat, clinging to her naturally bronzed skin before gravity took its toll and it slid downward between the shallow valley of her breasts. Her white singlet clung to her, sticky and damp. The stretchy cotton felt oppressive in the clammy heat of the afternoon. A summer storm was brewing, a...Read On


Fingers in the shower

Sometimes you just can't wait...

It was raining when I got up and the breeze was making the drops pitter patter against the glass. I turned over. My girlfriend was fast asleep and she looked so sweet with her blonde hair spread over her pillow. I gave her face a gentle kiss and got up quietly and went down stairs in my white shorts and pink vest. I’d slept in them and they were nice and close but I couldn’t believe how cold...Read On


The Teacher Learns A Lesson, Chapter 1

Here I am, a twenty-two year old virgin male on his first teaching job, in Harrisville.

Four years of college and now I'm out. Yes, I knew better than to think I was going to change the world. Teachers make a difference but it's a slow, gradual difference. Nearing graduation, I applied all around and got an offer from Samuel Adams Middle School in Harrisville. LIke any new job, I guess, you start out not knowing anyone, well, the people you interviewed with, sure, but often...Read On



Anticipation had built through the evening; a meal, a drink and eventually home to the sofa and some meaningless film on the too large tv. Neither knowing what might happen, neither knowing if they dared to hope anything would happen but both slowly filling with a desire to share and explore. During some lull in the film he made a choice, talking himself into a bold move he turned his...Read On


College Professors Desires

College preffors ends up doing it in shower and bed with other professor

Never in a million years could she believe she was going to do it. However, she decided she was seeing all the wrong men as of this point in her life. She was still lonely and so she decided she had to make a decision but in the very end she wanted someone’s help in making the decision. So that’s what Mindy did. Knowing just the picture she wanted to send out, it was amongst a lot of...Read On


What happens in Vegas

I am mistaken for something else.

I was 33 and recently divorced. I had decided to take a break from things and take a little trip. A couple of girlfriends of mine had invited me to go to Vegas with them for the weekend. I had accepted and looked forward to some fun. One of the girlfriend's husband was a pilot for a major airline so we got free upgrades to first class. We left on a Friday afternoon and planned to return...Read On


Stealing her virginity

Josh takes his best friend virginity

She looked amazing. Her small yellow bikini just covered her up as she dried her hair out with a towel. Her brown locks fell to her shoulders once more and she turned toward me. I quickly looked away, praying that she hadn't caught me staring. "Ready?" I asked. "Yes. Sorry I took so long..." "It's alright." "Thanks for the ride home, Josh. I'm exhausted from the day at the beach."...Read On


Play Time

My lover and I play with toys and enjoy ourselves

I light a cigarette and inhale deeply, turning to you I kiss you and share with you. We enjoy our smokey kisses and snuggle back into each others arms. You're lightly scratching my back, you know just how to make me purr, your other hand is playing with my nipples pulling them and twisting them to get them even harder. I had been coaxing your cock back to life which didn't need much...Read On


Finally getting some chocolate pudding

Who knew it could taste that good?

Hillary was a young woman who was lined up with the typical values of her peer group. At nineteen years of age she had found the path to finding her personal path to bliss. Her first dorm room mate was instrumental in expanding the awareness of how broad the scope of self pleasuring could be. Amanda was already in their dorm room by herself when Hillary came home that first Friday of the...Read On


Date with my wife

It started with my love of sexy lingerie. I planned a date with my wife. She was to come home from work and go up stairs to clean up. Once all cleaned up she was to put on the outfit I laid out. She had lots of questions that I wasn't answering. She wasn't to come into the rest of the house until she was dressed. Well my day started by going to the store shopping for dinner and an outfit....Read On


Loving it Rough

Jane likes to take her time while having sex but on occasion she also likes to go fast. Her favorite way to have sex is rough. She can't control herself when she gets it rough. Her boyfriend even likes to give her everything she asks for. He loves to give it to her fast and rough. Tonight she wants it everywhere and every way. Jane confronts her boyfriend and tells him just what she wants...Read On


Nephew Seduces His Aunt

Aunt bares all in bedroom

It began when I was at a family get together on a hot summer day. I was sitting in the sun, day-dreaming out front of the house, when a taxi pulled in and my aunt stepped out. All I saw was her thick thighs and massive breasts hanging out of her shirt. She had on cut-off denim shorts and a t-shirt. I gazed before she broke my attention by asking me to help with her luggage. I walked over...Read On


TittyGirl at School

One of my classes at art school is life drawing, which means a nude model—very up close and naked. I remember the first day when this woman walked in wearing a blue terrycloth robe, took it off, and hung it on a hook. And there she was—sagging breasts, hairy pussy and all. The guys were riveted; the other two girls and I exchanged appalled glances. She was so cool, though. She was completely...Read On