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Hots for the Secretary

“Oh T.J., I am going to cum all over your face if you don’t stop,” she moaned.

I work for the maintenance department of our school district. It is a pretty thankless job but some of the teachers are really hot and it pays the bills. Our 65 year old secretary retired and my boss started interviewing prospects. I was the youngest and most recent graduate from any school so I had been elected to fill in until a secretary could be hired. I was actually pretty good at it so...Read On


12th! I Fall in love!

I meet an old school friend!

 The following Wednesday the weather was unusually mild for the time of year, I was looking forward to my date with Alan. We met outside the cinema which was a common practice in those days. I did worry a bit that I might have shocked him by having sex on our first date, things were so different then and he was happy to see me. He bought the tickets and we settled into seats in the back row...Read On


Running into Coverage Ch.3.5

Marcus and Hadley take it to the next level

Chapter Three cont’d The roaring cheers from the crowd filled Pendicon Field and echoed down the empty streets in Rockford. Every bar was full as the Cougars took on St. Louis for a sold out game. Marcus stood on the field, his muscles twitching and ready to go the minute the ball turned over. The game was well into the second quarter, they were up by seven but were in the Rams’ zone. His...Read On



Makaela's beautiful sister is punished, for the first time.

Malena sat thinking about her sister, Makaela. Malena had just watched her sister being thoroughly spanked. Her sister bent over a chair, while her mother had stood behind her with a wicked switch. The house was filled with the 'swishhh' of the switch, and Makaela’s shrill screams of promising to be a good girl and begging for it to stop. Her mother did not stop spanking Makaela until every...Read On


White Whore Wife in Bahrain

My husband is cuckolded when we take a job with a wealthy merchant in Bahrain and many men fuck me.

My name is Jasmine, and my husband Ed and I were 28 years old at the time of this story. We had been married for four years after graduating from business school. We met at a job in New York, City with an international consulting firm specializing in Middle East marketing and business development. I have a master’s degree in international marketing, and Ed has a master’s degree in...Read On


A beautiful stranger

I met her at a party on Saturday night. The party wasn't promising but then I saw this girl... She was different. She wore jeans and a shirt with a vest and even though I am usually not fond of girls wearing that, she, on the other hand, looked absolutely stunning. She started dancing, with a cigarette between her fingers and a look that would make you take off your clothes. I've seen a lot...Read On


Those missing 3 1/2 hours

So what happened in those 3 1/2 hours?

You will want to have just read my first ever story, "My Initiation", before you read the following, my second: I understand the missing 3 ½ hours left some of you ‘wanting’. Sorry, if I left you mid-masturbating with nothing to keep you going or take you over the edge. Well, let no one say I don’t know how to finish. ……………………….. Fortunately, my receptivity level for something kinky...Read On


Krystenah the puppy Begs for Relief

After Master excites his pet, Krystenah has to beg to be fucked by him

I could see him standing in the threshold, relaxed, but expectant. The neighbors were around and I greeted him by his name. He smiled but didn’t return the greeting. When I reached the top stair, I saw that he grasped the cat by its handle. Its braided tails hung silently along his leg. My thighs tightened at the memory of the last flogging he had given me and how the tails had painted my...Read On


My Teacher

There had always been a constant sexual tension between us, and her husband knew my intentions.

This story is completely true. I am not going to use any names in order to protect the reputation of the people involved. I was 17 years old at the time, and I was the principal tuba player in our high school marching band. It was a bit of a change for me seeing that I was an all state offensive lineman just the year before I joined the band, but multiple injuries forced me to leave football....Read On


Men I've Had: Dereck

An unexpected rendezvous at the gym.

Author's note: As with all the other stories in this 'Men I've Had' series, this is based on a true experience of mine. I was sorely disappointed. In an almost un-heard-of coincidence, my new-found fuck-buddy's family and my wife and the two remaining kids at home were going away for the same weekend, and I'd been all a-shiver with anticipation of spending the entire weekend in bed...Read On


Trapped in the lift!

I find myself in a compromising situation on the way to a job interview

I was so worried about being late for my interview. I got everything prepared the night before. I left my bra and panties and my hold-ups in a neat little pile on the linen chest. I showered first thing and then slipped into my clothes, putting on my make up in plenty of time. I wanted impress my prospective boss so much. I’d planned everything down to the last detail so that I would be on...Read On


Pimped out wife

Pimped out wife

Having seen some stories here about women being pimped I thought I'd add my own account of how this happened to me not long before our wedding. My boyfriend and I shared a flat in a seaside town in the south of England. It was a tiny, two-room bedsit type place, old, crumbling and damp. We desperately wanted a home of our own. We had tried to save for a deposit on a house but were finding...Read On


The Best Blowjob Ever

Quite literally the best blowjob I have ever had!

One day, my girlfriend came over, and we were fooling around in my bedroom. My cock was rock hard in seconds. I started taking her clothes off, Her tits were so fucking amazing that when I took off her bra, I almost blew my load. I started fondling her tits, and she started moaning. Pretty soon, she was unzipping my jeans, and before I knew it, she had my raging erection in her hands. She...Read On


Claudia Incarnata....Part VI

The mystery of Tintamare is brought into sharper focus.

  What art thou… that fearest not the sea? - Moschus of Syracuse , Europa.   The Indo-European thunder god, like most of his kin, goes by various names; in Sanskrit he is Rudra The Howler , in the Norse sagas he is called Thor, in Italy proper under Rome he was called Jupiter. But in the Sicily of classical antiquity he went by a more primordial name; Zeus. As Zeus Brontios, ...Read On


Running into Coverage Ch. 3

Morning bed hair was never sexier, Hadley and Marcus take it to the next level

Oh holy hiatus. Firstly, life happens to us all and turns days into weeks and side-projects into—well, side-projects. As always, there is much gratitude to Estragon who looked over these pages which sat in my inbox for ages. Your edits and support means the absolute world. There is much to be said for a lady such as Hadley, but I will let the next chapters cover that. As always, your...Read On


Dressing room encounter

erotic coupling beings in the dressing room and ends at home

"Babe, can you come here and help me with this?" I walk back into the dressing room as your open the door. I'm greeted by your long bare legs as my eyes begin to travel up your body. As you giggle you say, "here eyes are here." My eyes finally meet yours and you can't help but notice that wickedness that you've seen before. After a brief moment, you lightly grasp my...Read On


Suspended ! Mouth and Pussy Fuckers Part Two...

Sexually Suspended… Mike continues the sexual pleasure...

Mouth and Pussy Fuckers Part Two I quickly go to work as Tony cums all over your face, leaving his hot juices on and in your mouth and hair as I tie your arms to the wooden supports and your body to the tee piece, spreading your legs wide and securing them so you cannot move. I then attach the cabling and the electric hoist which lifts and holds you horizontally, about a metre off the...Read On

The Flight of the Ugly Swan -- Chapter 4

After my sister becomes my mentor, I watch her get what she deserves.

I woke up knowing that my life would be different now. I was different now. I was no longer a virgin. It wasn't a very romantic way to get rid of my cherry, but it was gone. Getting fucked was checked off my bucket list. I was no longer eligible for all those satanic rituals that previously would have required my blood. I no longer had to fear that "Returned Unopened" would be my epitaph. I...Read On


My Initiation

I'm initiated into my friend's new social structure

This was the party that changed my life, well at least my outlook on the marriage I had convinced myself was almost perfect and as I came to realize, the marriage that I had let become my life. First a little about me. I’m a 36 year old natural blond. 5’9” with an athletic build that looks like it belongs to a beach volleyball player or swimmer which happened to be the way I’d made a name...Read On


The Submissive Side of Lust - Part 6

Michelle continues with her 'game'

“What are you wearing?” you ask as I walk into the kitchen. I’m dressed in your crisp white dress shirt. Cuffed at the wrists and held together by two buttons at my waist and nothing else. My skin is clearly visible down the center of my chest; it’s obvious I don’t have a bra on. The recently recovered schoolgirl inside me is already awake and pouting about taking the shirt from the closet...Read On


Hot Lust on the Landing!

Two lady lovers can't wait and don't make it to the bedroom.

Vix stood about halfway down the stairs gently called "Trish, you sexy thing, what do you think of these?" Trish came and stood at the bottom of the stairs to be greeted by Vix, with her short dark hair just brushing the top of her shoulders wearing a shiny necklace and a pair of blue jeans. Her large, tanned boobs looked delicious as she modeled her new purchase. "You look amazing," said...Read On


Molly Masturbates

A girl borrows some sex toys and enjoys them for the first time.

Molly brushed her bangs out of her eyes, the wind gusts blowing her shoulder-length straight red hair around as she stood on the front steps of her house, waving goodbye to the car that was pulling out of the driveway. She could see her father through the car window as he drove away; her mother turned back in the passenger seat to wave back at her. As the car moved down the street, Molly...Read On


Becca and Jayson

Beccan and her brother Jayson had one of the best weekends of their lives.

Jayson woke up on Thursday and realized that he had sixteen missed calls. They were all from his mom. He texted her and said that he had just woken up and she didn't reply. He laid there in the bed for another before the phone finally vibrated. " WHY CANT YOU ANSWER YOUR PHONE????" said the text. It was his mom. He simply replied with, " I was asleep sry". Another twenty minute rolled by...Read On


The Surprise

I decide to surprise my husband after a tough day at work.

I was on my way home from work when my husband, Luke, called. “Hey, babe.” “Hi dear, oh, I’ve had such a hard day at work.” “Oh honey, what happened?” “Boss expects me to have these reports in by Thursday. Says I’ll get laid off if I can’t get it done.” “Oh don’t worry about it honey, I’m sure you can finish it. Take care.” “Alright, love you babe.” “Love you too. Bye” ...Read On


He Sees You When Your Sleeping

A sons lasting experience with his mom

 My parents had seperated and divorced when I was only six years old. I was forced to live with my father until the age of 18, where it got to the point we could not stand the sight of each other! So I packed my bags and moved in to my mother's small two bedroom apartment. I easily found work as a stock boy but it had me working late at night and I often did not get in til two or three in...Read On


The Ballet Teacher

My body trembled with excitement as I felt her hands grab my butt.

Hi all, my name is Katherine Jenkins and I've just recently turned sixteen. Until I turned sixteen my life had been pretty boring, unexciting. Each day rolled on slowly passing through to the next day which was just as boring as the day before. But when I reached sixteen my life began to change for the better. For my sixteenth birthday my parents got me professional ballet classes which I...Read On


The Submissive Side of Lust - Part 5

“Make love to me.” I whisper. “No” “Please, please make love to me, I need to feel you.” You reach down my legs one at a time to undo the leather cuffs on my ankles and rub the skin underneath to bring back the feeling. “Please” I beg, “I want you now”. Your fingers slide under the waistband of my v-string panties and start to pull them down under my bottom. With a little grin on...Read On


Sally the Ghost Kisses Emelda

Sally gets Emelda to try out being a sex ghost and things don't go quite as planned

Simon's breathing started to get deeper and louder as he neared orgasm. He stroked his erection faster. A buzzing sound filled the room punctuated by a squealing female voice. Emelda took her wide eyes off his groin and glanced across the bed, and the nude male masturbating between us, at me. "Goodness, Sally, this talking 'laptop' computer has gotten him excited. How long can he...Read On


Finally Fucked My Highschool Dream Girl Part 2

Part 2 of my story of fucking my highschool crush

Once again comments would be most appreciated. I'm thinking about writing part 3 and 4 with Kim's mom. And sorry it seems so short I'm still new to writing stories. I roughly grabbed her by the legs and bent her over the bed but first decided to tease her a bit by rubbing my cock on her pussy. She cooed and begged. “Ohhh please, master, stop teasing me and give it to me already please.” ...Read On


Sophie Part 4

Sophie and Vicky go to bed and have sex!

‘You look good naked.’ Vicky said standing in the doorway. ‘So do you.’ I replied looking at her in the mirror. Vicky walked behind me and hugged me, gently cupping my breasts with her hands and kissing my neck. ‘I owe you an orgasm.’ she whispered, ‘Shall we go to bed and see if I can repay it?’ I quivered again with a mix of shock and excitement and she gently laughed. ‘I love it when...Read On