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Surprise at the lake

So this is my first story about two lovers at a lake, hope you like it!

I'm sitting at the lake all by myself. You come and sit next to me and put your arm around me. We make small talk and then you stare at me. "What's up?" I ask. "I want to kiss you so bad," you reply. "Go for it." You lean in and kiss me softly then you get more passionate with it. Your tongue dances in my mouth and you pull me closer to you. You gently push me back laying on top of me. ...Read On


My Wife Gets Shared At A Night Club For Lovers

I took my wife to a night club for lovers and watched her get taken by a young stud.

I had been trying for the past few years to get my wife to agree on being shared. It has gone nowhere as she would reject the notion every time I had brought it up. She recently had just celebrated her 48 th birthday and I knew she wasn’t getting any younger. She still was a very attractive woman and certainly didn’t look her age at all, but now time was becoming a factor. My hopes and dreams...Read On


Valentine's Sex

She couldn't wait till we got home.

Our night started off with a short 45 minute drive to the restaurant of our choice. We enjoyed a great meal and had some cocktails. After the meal we started our decent for home after some talking about the rest of our evening I could tell she was not in the mood for driving s I pulled over. She was in full agreement as I pulled the truck onto a side road and shut it off. Immediately after I...Read On


Sex Carnival

One of the memories I had when I was in high school...

It all started when I was 16, I think it was year 10. We were at our annual school Swimming Carnival, like all Aussie schools have. We got off the bus, into the venue and sat in our respected house areas. (House is the same as team). Swimming Carnival was one of my favourite time of year. Seeing girls I see everyday, in their bikinis, walking around all day and swimming. It always made me hard....Read On


Sunbathing leads to sex

After sunbathing, I fuck my neighbour

In the summer I often sunbathe, nude, in my garden, which I can do because it has high hedges and is not overlooked by the bungalow on the other side of the hedge. The owner of the bungalow is Audrey and we sometimes spoke to each other through the hedge and I had told her that I sunbathe in the nude knowing she couldn’t see me. One day she told me that she was going to have another...Read On


Brandy and the Exchange Student

My granddaughter returns to bring her G-pa a new freind.

By now most have read of the wonderful bond Brandy (my now 17 year old granddaughter) and I share. She and I have grown very close since that first day we touched, teased and I brought her to climax. She was a virgin at the time but wanted her G-pa to be her first lover which I ended up being in ways she had never imagined. Since then we’ve gotten together on several, though many less than...Read On


Mom Loves Tommy...Part 3

Part 3 is more akin to a short story compared to the rest of the series. Enjoy!

Tommy woke up the next morning and opened his eyes. He stretched and looked up at the tent’s ceiling. He could tell the sun was up based on the brightness of the light through the canvas tent. He heard birds chirping from outside and he smelled the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Tommy’s thoughts wandered to last night. He pictured Vanessa, Nicholas’ mother, straddling his hips as she rode...Read On


Hitchsexing Diary: Katie and her Dad

New Teacher trains her first student in the back seat of her dad's car.

Actually, it didn’t take that long before I had my own in-the-flesh participatory sexual experience while hitchhiking. The recollection of the afternoon the prior summer in the back of that pickup was still fresh in my mind. And the look that young girl had as she jerked off the farmhand was forever emblazoned on my mind. On this particular June day I was hitching a ride back from a...Read On


Where Had We Fucked?

Two years after an affair ends, I remember where we fucked for the first time

Where had we fucked? Where had we made love? It’s been two years to the day since we last fucked. I liked to think that we used to make love, but it was pretty clear on that last occasion, and maybe the one or two times before, that we were just fucking. The days of you loving me were over, and you just let me into your bed to use me for your own pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, I was fine...Read On


Running into Coverage Ch. 02

Fashionably late and a party can only lead to flirtation

Many thanks again to Estragon for everything. Words can never fully express the amount gratitude for your help and edits. As always, comments/feedback/suggestions are always welcomed. Cheers! **** “Dammit! How in the hell am I supposed to find anything?” Hadley exclaimed to herself while she was driving. “Give a girl some mountains, something!” She blew out a...Read On


Working Days: Lynn, Chapter 1

Bryan finally acts upon his desires for Lynn, his boss. 21+ Part of a series (hopefully)

I arrived at work with nothing on my mind. I didn't care what wasn't done from the night before, because whatever I discovered once I was there easily could be taken care of. As it turns out, one of the young women who work the registers called out. "Can you call someone in?" my boss inquired upon seeing me. Her name is Lynn. She's petite to an extent. Compared to my tall stature, her...Read On


Kitty in the Cream

Curious sitter Kitty ends up in the cream

Kitty let her butt sway just a bit more as she walked up the sidewalk. Old man Barnes whistled again when she looked back over her shoulder to toss her honey-blonde hair and wink at him. He creeped out most of the girls, but Kitty knew he was harmless. She was dressed to kill in a form-fitting blouse and skirt, so she would have been disappointed if he hadn’t noticed her when he came out...Read On


How It Started Pt. 4

After He Left

As soon as my friend was out of the door, I practically ran to the bedroom. I figured my wife would be naked when I got there, but I was wrong. She was still dressed in the outfit she had been wearing that evening. I stood there looking at her, unsure what to make of the situation. I didn’t have to wonder long. “Come here” she said, as she crooked a finger at me. Her eyes had that...Read On

Blog 8

Pippa needs comforting and it seems that I have been chosen ... lucky me

Blog 8 I don’t know if you remember; when I started writing Blog 7 I was going to tell you about “the palaver”, but somehow got distracted by Pippa and her Rampant rabbit and, after a little finger fluttering sojourn, I ended up recounting the remainder of that lovely evening her and I spent learning to love “Mr Shaft” together. Which means that I really do need to tell you all...Read On


The shy student

Emma gets introduced to a whole new world by her tutor and flatmate

Emma had taken the short bus ride across town and soon found Jenny’s flat. It had been a tough few months at University, trying to settle in to a strange place, away from home for the first time. She was naturally shy and had struggled so far to make any close friends in her halls or on her course.   Jenny had finished the course the previous year and was now starting her post-grad work,...Read On


Your Package Has Arrived - Part 2

The UPS Guy Returns With a Friend the Wife Gets an Eyefull

Your Package Has Arrived Ch. 02 A couple of weeks had passed since the UPS man caught me looking at gay porn while delivering a package to my house and made me suck him off by threatening to tell my wife and neighbors, and in spite of the fact that he had said he’d be back in a week, I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of him. To be honest, while I liked the taste of his big black meat and liked...Read On


Rendezvous, Pt. I

Two college students develop a relationship over time... it intensifies.

Rendezvous It started out as a typical Saturday, with not much going on except a couple of phone calls that weren't of any consequence. Lounging on my sofa, listening to some music, and reading Catch-22 seemed like a proper way to allot my time. Steely Dan was wafting through the speakers when there was a soft tapping at my door. I sure as hell hoped it wasn't some damn Jehovah's Witness...Read On


New tricks

there's life in the old boy yet.

It all started at a party. Jim was invited by the host whom he had known for some 19 years. While he was in the kitchen, talking to one of the parents, he bumped into a friend of the family; she’d been invited by one of the host’s cousins. Somehow the chat got onto age and education. “You’re over the hill,” the young girl told Jim. “Partying is a young person’s activity.” “Really”...Read On


Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser Part 3: Missy's Weekend

Part 3 of my Missy series :) enjoy and please rate and comment.

One day while watching T.V, my mother had come in and told me Missy’s services had been requested for the entire weekend and we needed to go shopping. I smiled as we got into the car and went to the store to buy lots more sexy clothing for me to play in. After we had bought all the clothes and makeup needed for the weekend, my mother and I went home so that she could give me the details of...Read On


My Babysitter's Daughter

A quiet holiday becomes a lesbian love fest

This story is from Christmas 2011 when I went to stay with friends in the country. Marion was my baby sitter when I was a little girl and I have remained friends with her throughout my adulthood, even though she moved down to Somerset when I was in my teens. Marion has one daughter called Ruth who I met a couple of times when I was a lot younger but our paths never really crossed. That...Read On


All Business - Part 3

Toy after toy brought her to a place of no return.

I felt flushed after the excitement of the convienence store. The feel of his fingers inside my still throbbing pussy, the look of the clerk as she had watched him pump his fingers in and out, and his desperately hard cock pressed into my back were all lingering in my brain as I returned to the car. As we left the parking lot, I wondered just how much longer he would deny me the satisfaction...Read On


The Storm

Lost in the big city for the first time she meets him.

Angie arrived later that night than she was supposed to due to the storm delays with her flights. There she was, lost in the big's storming and rain is coming down in sheets. The taxi drops her off because she's out of money and it's in the worst part of town. She shivers as the wind cut through her. Cold, wet and afraid she hurries over to get under an awning of one of the...Read On


My cheerleader girlfriend

It's always good to act out your fantasies

I'm Jerry and I'm 18. My cheerleader girlfriend Tracy and I are both seniors in high school and are about to graduate in a couple months. She is 18 as well and she is a very sexy lady. I'm 5'10 and have brown hair, she is only 5'4 though brown hair. We were high school sweethearts and we knew we'd be together forever. We were prefect for each other, we never fought and just loved being...Read On


Incest Runs in the Family - Chris' Story 6

End Part 5: Senior year was right around the corner. Summer was great, but was this just a fling? Would we be a couple that lasted through high school, or would we fail like so many others? “Harder, Chris. Harder! Ngh…I’m go…gonna…gonna CUM! HOLY FUCK CHRIS!” I unloaded my cum into Jamie’s tight cunt. This was the day before school started. It was our last fuck of the summer. I had brought...Read On

The Stalker - Part 4

A stiff cock down an alley for breakfast, a mouth full of cum for elevenses ... it's time to get on

The Stalker (Part 4) – Tag Teamed  I have never been comfortable with the fact that my employer keeps a confidential personnel file on me; it has always felt like a gross invasion of my privacy and the security arrangements to prevent unauthorised individuals from accessing it inadequate. Therefore, a little while back, I decided to liberate my file and relocate it to the safety of my...Read On


Miles High

Disclaimer This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are figments of the authors’ imagination. Any resemblance to events and/or persons is entirely coincidental. Copyright © UnXpected, 2011 He’d been flirting with me since the time I walked into the airport terminal. He wasn’t buff, but his physic was acceptable. An older guy very distinguished. His dress...Read On


The First Time

Does everyone remember their first time? I do, but not the way most people would imagine.

Does everyone remember their first time? I wonder about that, and I wonder just how many people actually remember their first time with any accuracy and without enhancement for nostalgia or for ego or pride. I started early with my first girlfriend in high school, but nothing more than kissing, feeling each other up (or down, as the case may be) and some oral experimentation. I always went...Read On


My American Lady - Part 2

For J - she knows who she is and what she means to me

And then… She quietly closed the door between out rooms and I stood, watching as she turned to face me. She moved closer to me and first touched the silver pendant hanging from the front of my dress then lifted it and weighed it in her palm. ‘Is it attached?’ ‘Yes, Miss.’ She smiled and turned suddenly away, dropping the pendant. She sat in a small upholstered chair and looked at me as...Read On


Why do fools fall in love… Jacie 2 (Chapter 4)

Jacie gets a surprise visit, then surprises her guest!

“JACIE! Jack has phoned three times already, are you ever getting out of bed?!? Oh, and your friend Laura is here.” Her mum’s voice echoed in Jacie’s ears as she tried to get some clarity through her cloudy thoughts. ‘Who the hell is Laura? What happened last night? How did I get home?!?” Just some of the thoughts mingling with the confusion in Jacie’s mind, as her bedroom door opened...Read On


New Sensations

Feeling you there is all I need, whether it's real or just a dream...

Dear readers, This is my first poem. Please don't be too harsh in judging :) Thanks! ~Lids I'm sitting on my bed, completely undressed I'm waiting for you to come near My fingers reach down And I pretend it's you And I hear a soft whisper in my ear I stick one in And suddenly I'm taken The pleasure is hard to bear I pretend it's you Licking, Sucking, Fucking ...Read On