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My Very Drunk Wife (Part 2)

More of my wife Jackie and my best friend Tim

The first part of this story was posted a day or so ago. For a while after that last adventure Jackie was very reluctant to talk about it or to be reminded of it. However, she eventually mellowed and soon it became normal practice for me to mention Tim's name whilst we were making love, and she would get extremely excited! Particularly if she'd had a few drinks beforehand (which I often...Read On


La Matadora

A teen girl's search for the perfect man comes up short

I ground my foot into the faded welcome mat, scratching the cement porch as it pivoted. The midday sun beat on the open back of my halter top, but I was sweating even before I stepped out of my car. My excitement had billowed over the hour long drive and peaked as I had knocked on the worn door of this college apartment. Now, however, that excitement turned to uncertainty. Two polite...Read On


The Wild End of Summer, Chapter 2

Camping and swapping, summer fun

I was paired up with Laura who had the most voluptuous figure of the four which promised a fun three hours. "I'm glad we got put together, John, yours is the only cock I haven't seen and I'm really eager to get it out and have some fun with it. This is your first swap, right?" "Yeah, I just never thought Karen would go for it, just never." "Well, shows you what holding three nice,...Read On


He's Me Mum's Boyfriend And Shouldn't Be Spankin' Me

A boy is not happy that his Mum's boyfriend is going to spank him for watching gay porn.

All characters and terms including boy and lad refer to people age 18 and over. My Mum’s boyfriend, he told me to hold on to the back of the chair and to stick my bum out. “No way.” “Do as I say.”  “Fuck off. You can’t make me do that. I'm 18.”  “I can and I will. Now do as I say.” “If my Mum found out about this, she’d go absolutely bonkers.” “Well she’s not gonna find...Read On


The first time

I had no plans for the day. My mum was at work and my brother had gone out so I thought I would just have a lazy day in front of the TV in my pyjamas (well, t-shirt and knickers). I had just gotten comfy on the sofa when to doorbell rang. Oh, it will probably just be someone trying to sell me something, I thought, so I ignored it. It then rang again, so I reluctantly opened the door to find...Read On


The Office Encounter

Office technician gets more than he bargained for.

Trufex Industries was an up and coming business that dealt with most of the up to date call centers and the one person who enjoyed their work was Luke. He was one guy that everyone could rely on at the office, as worked in the technical support department of the business. If anyone had any problems with their computer, they’d give him a call and he’d be there in a flash. He wasn’t one of these...Read On


A Whole New World

Beginning of a whole sexual awakening with a MILF (Little sexual content in ch1)

I am Henry, 22, just shy of 6ft with a thick set build and broad shoulders from 11 years of playing Rugby and lifting weights. My hair is wavy, dark blonde and I keep a beard of dark, well trimmed brown hair. Like most boys my school years were filled with sport, girls and fantasies of those elusive, mythical older women. What marked me out from other boys and eventually men, was that...Read On


A Shoulder To Cry On? - Part 3 - Love On The Run

Part 3 of A Shoulder To Cry On - Decisions, Decisions...

We retreated to her bedroom, stunned at what we'd just been told. What could we do? Did we have a choice? Dee had us right where she wanted us, and there was nothing we could do about it. Dee was the same age as my cousin. You wouldn't think it. Dee was a plump woman, with dank gingery hair and a turned up nose. She wore stained tracksuits and generally looked like one of those people to...Read On


A Fuck at the Opera

A very grand night out turns into some grand sex

It all began one afternoon while I was sitting reading in the students' union coffee shop. I heard a voice I recognised. "Hi, Annie! Do you mind if I join you?" I looked up and saw Adam, a guy I knew vaguely through some other friends. I knew he was in his third year of a music degree, and he'd been to a party at our place a couple of weeks ago, where we'd had quite a long chat in the...Read On


The Wake Up Call

New roommates spend a pleasurable morning together

The bedroom is cool, but cozy at 6 o'clock on Saturday morning. I can hear fine drops of rain pattering lightly on the roof of the condo. As I sleepily open my eyes, the muted light from the shuttered window casts a peaceful glow over your room. Next to me, I can hear you quietly breathing in and out as you sleep. I snuggle closer to you, feeling your long hair between my face and the back...Read On


I Meet Darleen

Corporal Higgins Love for Me!

As much as I'd worried about Emma and her kinkiness when we were together, I had wanted to get away from her mostly because of my worry that we would be found out. It was mostly out of fear that our perversions would get back to my mother. Now a few months had gone by with no real plans to see her again, at least not until I would be going home on leave. I found I was thinking of her and...Read On


The Seduction--Part 2

Another conquest at the hands of al older, more experianced Seductress.....

As it storms mightily outside, I want to do this--sit on the couch and seduce you during a movie like You would a naive young girl.....I will steal away your innocence like a thief of lust in the night, and you'll never be the same again. Small kisses, tender touching, making you feel safe and secure in my arms, not knowing that I have devious plans for you. You, so shy, so modest, so...Read On


Helping my sister

I help my injured sister in ways her physical theropy couldn't

    I had not heard from my sister in a few days, and I was a little concerned.  She called me and we talked almost every day, and we hung out about three times a week when our work schedules allowed for it.  We would usually hang out Friday nights at a bar, getting stupidly drunk.  This usually ended with her throwing up outside my car, and me holding her as various hues only vomit can...Read On


Fervent morning

Slutty mom and her gay son

Jacob was gulping down his breakfast as if he was in a rush – his hand slipped and the milk splashed his face. Cum came to mind, pushed it down on his tongue, pulled it. He had not finished dressing – still in his vest and underwear. He could hear his mom – Tina busy with something in the TV room. The flat door bangs furiously, Jacob jumps and runs to open. His eyes widened and his legs...Read On


My Journal

(T is for Tanya) Tanya shares her thoughts

My name was once Tanya. I gave up that name three years ago when I gave myself to Master. He brought out of me the truth of who I am, and in doing so took possession of my self in every way that matters. We met online in a chat room for singles. He told me later that he sensed in me right away a hint of who I could become. He is older than I, and had a wife once, but he said that with her...Read On


Minuet In G Chapter II

Doris receives a shock, and Gerald and Alice close the deal

Doris hated arithmetic. It had been her weakest subject in school, and she hadn’t gotten much better at it in her years since high school. So she sat at her desk, pencil in one hand and eraser in the other. She had a yellow legal pad on which she had listed each item for which she would receive a percentage. Next to each item she had written the percentage, so all she had to do was fill in...Read On


The Eldi Sex Club

Gretchen, unsure of her sexuality, finds some answers in an exclusive sex club.

My name is Gretchen and I am almost 21. I am not very experienced sexually and am not really sure about my sexuality My roommate Darlene is always trying to hook me up with some guy or girl and this night was no different, We had gone out to a local bar where all sorts of people hung out, gays, lesbians and heterosexuals. While there, Darlene and I met these two women, Ellen and Diana. The...Read On


Make Love To Me Part 2

A loving couple's journeys in o fantasies becomes all too real

A loving couple's journeys into fantasies become all too real... Beth scoured the balcony, looking for Allan’s face as she danced, unable to see him but quietly confident he was nearby. She was feeling really horny now. Where the fuck was he, that husband of hers? Maybe he’d gone to the gents, she pondered to herself, hoping that the only relief he was getting was from his bladder. She wanted...Read On

Audio version available

Who's Been Naughty?

What happens to naughty girls?

This story only available on Lush Stories. “You’ve been a naughty girl.” The deep bass of his voice resonated low and sinister in her left ear, a shock of peppery fear oozing from the pit of her stomach, up into her chest, making her heart race and her face glow with a spread of crimson blush. A thrill of dread coldly washed over her, and he stepped closer so that she could feel his...Read On


My Very Drunk Wife (Part 1)

My wife loses some of her inhibitions after a few too many drinks

A feature of our love making was talking about her allowing another man to play with her tits and pussy. This sort of talk got her immensely wet and usually resulted in her having a massive earth shattering climax which would last for nearly five minutes with what I called her "after shocks". Outside of the bedroom, I often brought up the subject of her experimenting in this way, but she...Read On


The Wild End of Summer, Chapter 1

Going home, we meet three nice couples at the campground.

I'm one of the lucky ones. I went to work in a really good job right out of college and was in the right place at the right time to be offered an early retirement buyout package when I was fifty-six. Yeah, how about that? And, it was a good package, too good to turn down. So, I retired at fifty-six and my wife, Karen, she was fifty-three at the time, we went out and bought a nice travel...Read On


My Trip

I drive Lillian to Edinburgh for a meeting

It was a couple of weeks later when Lillian informed us that her meeting in Edinburgh had been arranged for a Friday, and was looking forward to us taking her there. That week Catherine phoned her to apologize, that due to staff shortages at the library she could not take the time off. They chatted for some time both expressing the usual disappointment at the change of plans; Lillian said...Read On


Preacher-man ch 2, The Prayer Meeting.

Her mother blurted out, Have you decided to join our congregation?

Cindy smiled and asked, “Oooh good idea, when is our next prayer meeting?” The preacher looked at her and suggested, “Meet me here, 8pm Monday.” Cindy said goodbye and told him she would take a cab home. She didn’t tell him she had many things on her mind to think about. One thing she did not want to do was see her mother, JoAnne at this time. All the way home Cindy wondered how her...Read On

Editor's Pick

The Blue Room

Megan and Shane's relationship takes an intense turn on the dance floor...

“I thought we’d shake things up a little.” Megan watched her boyfriend produce the unassuming white letter-length envelope and lay it on the black laminate bar, nudging it her way. She watched his face for a telltale sign but his only response was to grin back at her and wink. “What is this?” she asked coyly, a slow smile spreading across her face. It had been five years to the date...Read On


Helping The Tutor Out

Frank was a college student that was like most college students and enjoying life to the fullest. But he wasn't too keen on the work that he was getting from all his tutors. It was a little like they all had it in for him. Nothing was going to stop this guy from partying the night away. Two months into college, he was feeling a little drained, from not only getting all the work done and out...Read On


Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Seventeen)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!

Chapter 17: Let Me Take You For A Ride! It hadn't been many minutes now since Julia had taken my virginity, as I laid upon the bed at her side, and soon accompanied by Amanda who had watched me fucking her best friend for the first time while she masturbated across the room in a chair. The three of us, laying upon the large comfortable mattress as the experience of what had taken place...Read On


Just my little girl and me camping (2)

A continuation of our camping trip with her mothers complete consent

Reading part one first would be most benificial for any of this to make sense. Just a warning! Excerpt from part one : “There, nothing like a kiss to make it all better.” Bailey said as she stood up in front of me so I could take in more of her incredible naked form and took a long swig from her wine glass. “Would you like another beer now?” “Oh fuck baby that was incredible. Yeah, I...Read On


A Punishment Never Forgotten

Curled up with you on the couch watching TV I feel your hand squeeze my hip, nails biting into my skin. The contact causes goose bumps all over my body in anticipation of what’s to come. I savor the feel of your hand moving slowly up my stomach to cup my breast. Turning my head toward you I moan as you crush your lips to mine; gasping as you pinch my nipple, your tongue invades me wiping...Read On


Gorgeous Uncle Mehmet

Uncle Mehmet slid into the bed beside me and felt his member harden up against my back

Ever since I was little I had always been close to my Uncle Mehmet who came from Turkey and then emmigrated to London when he married my Aunt Bettie. He was a tall, atheletic man in his early forties with short black hair, olive skin, and the greenest eyes I had ever seen before. Uncle Mehmet had that kind of angelic face that would stay young forever. Uncle Mehmet would take me to the park...Read On


Meeting Jackie and Derek, Part 2

The two couples meet and there is an attraction

Part two. Sheila and Jay Meet Jackie and Derek for the first time. Sorry it took so long to get done, hope it's worth the wait. Jay and Sheila started off Saturday like any ordinary weekend. They slept in a bit and had breakfast with the kids. A little later Sheila ran some errands and stopped to get her nails done. She had picked up outfits for both her and Jay. Simple yet trendy for...Read On