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Givng In

Experiencing the Dark side.

This is a "true" story, which began when I was 35 years old, just divorced. The divorce cost me everything; house, car, bank account, leaving me with the clothes I packed in my suit case. Thinking, that there was nothing else that could happen was a mistake ... the job I had for almost 10 years, gave notice that they were going out of business. The company gave everyone 2 weeks pay and I was...Read On


The Hike - part two

In Part Two, Sam returns the favour with her lively mouth and they make love under the stars

The Hike (Part 2) Sam adjusted herself straddling the log as she rubbed her hands with a gentle grip and quickly up and down his shaft, rotating her wrist as she worked, the swirling motion over his swelling head giving Roy a little lift with each upward stroke. Sam scooted down the log, hands on his muscled thighs, lightly circled his purple glans; licking his salty pre-cum and savouring...Read On



I get the chance to prepare a sexy girl for a gang bang

This is my second story, please let me have lots of feed back; I need to know what you think. Please excuse British spelling, it's the only spelling I know! If the story is accepted I will put a pic to give you an idea of Victoria looked like. I was visiting a porn site recently when I came across some pictures of a gorgeous young black girl getting fucked by her lucky white boyfriend. As...Read On


Host wife

A traveling musician’s dream comes true.

Some years ago when I was Director of Music at a junior college on Long Island, I was leading a tour of some of the smaller towns in New England with our 30 piece orchestra. We traveled in one large bus and stayed with host families in the towns where we played our church hall concerts. One hot evening, after a long ride up the I-95, we arrived in Watervale, Maine, and made our way to the...Read On


Her New Master

Who knew screwing up at work could have such benefits.

Amy is sitting at her desk trying to focus on the job at hand but it was Friday and well who can focus on Fridays never mind that she had been distracted by the new supervisor that started this week. She tries to go back to her office work but again thoughts of Ms. Jones keeps entering her mind. Her short black hair and her blue eyes that seem to see right into her very soul. Amy...Read On


Passing the Class

I do can't afford to fail a class, so I had to do some extra credit.

I can't wait to go to college! I have such a crazy party girl side and I want to let loose. Graduation is not too far away. Most of my classes are fine, but I am in big trouble when it comes to my math class. You see, math is the 8th period of school for me. This is the final class of the day. This is the class I tend to skip most often because it's when a lot of my older boyfriends want to...Read On


New Cleaning Lady (Part 3)

A Surprise Threesome

Having had sex with Harry's nineteen year old nephew a few weeks ago and then told that he and his uncle would like a threesome with me was more than I could ever have imagined happening to me. Both of these guys were really well endowed making it even hotter. And to think that they were turned on by a black woman in her fifties was even more amazing. Since I was just filling in for...Read On


Mrs Vandermeer's Rules: 2a

Shannon finds herself, once again, under Mrs Vandermeer's control.

It had been two weeks since I’d seen Mrs. Vandermeer. Two excruciatingly long weeks during which I wasn’t even allowed to touch myself, let alone do something about the terrible hunger she’d set loose within me. It wasn’t too bad during the day. After all, I kept busy with my normal day to day routine; going to school, spending time with my friends, homework and chores, time spend with my...Read On


Snow Day Workout

Laura stood sideways in front of the full-length mirror and stared over her shoulder at her reflection. Very much aware that her 40th birthday was approaching, a frown creased the corners of her mouth and wrinkled her brow. As she inspected her profile, she inhaled deeply, pulled in her stomach, and lifted her breasts with cupped hands. “I remember when…” she thought out loud with a...Read On


Her Serviceman

He goes to friends to work but doesn't stop there while working at house

He said good morning to the neighbor and of course she smiled back and said hello and good morning to him too. He asked her how it was going and again she continued to smile and warmly say everything was great. She then asked how he was doing and of course he told his neighbor and friend that everything was real good and thanked her. Seeing as the two were neighbors and lived about five...Read On


A Touch of Honey

Lizzie treats Steve to some highly erotic honey. True story, names changed.

A Touch of Honey Lizzie got up from bed with her husband still half asleep. She thought about waking him and making him get the breakfast, but in all honesty it was her turn. So she did the decent thing and got out of bed. She went downstairs and made the coffee and toast for both of them. Marmalade on her toast and honey for Steve. A smile crept over her face and she gathered an...Read On


The Heatwave - The Sisterhood of Sappho (Part Two)

Judi's evening really begins...

The Sisterhood of Sappho (Part Two) At the top of the stairs leading down to the main hall she encountered Jo, wearing a short black dress and carrying a tray of drinks, her sun-streaked hair now freed of its leather clasp, flowing freely down her back and reaching nearly to her buttocks. As Judi approached Jo looked her critically up and down and nodded appreciatively. “Looking...Read On


Cherry Red Corvette

Molly breaks in a brand-spanking-new Cherry Red Corvette

Molly breaks in a brand-spanking-new Cherry Red Corvette  Good golly, miss Molly told me this and I had to share. Youthful exuberance and sexual exploration at it's freshest. A really good friend of mine came to the house about 6 or so last night. He was driving, of all things, a brand new Cherry Red Corvette. I thought to myself “How sweet is that?” He got it as an...Read On

Bag of tricks

CHAPTER ONE: The sensual erotic love story continues "Hello Fugs," said Mr Noodle Cock, as I gently pushed and pulled his pee hole to make him talk, "I am not in a very good mood today, in fact I am so angry I am at the point where I could explode!" "Oh, what's the matter babe?" "Shit Fugs, they are after me. I need to find some place to hide, somewhere dark," Mr Noodle Cock...Read On


An unexpected passenger

Giving the girl a ride.

Just this morning I was delivering my cargo to a regular customer in the Midlands.I was chatting to the fork lift driver and as usual I was sneaking crafty glances at the girl in the stores who is gorgeous. I often chat to this girl who I shall call Claire and marvel at the size of her bouncing breasts. Claire is about 24 years old and well built without being at all fat, she is about 5'6...Read On


I had an urge that needed satisfying - Part 2

We had all, long since turned 16, enjoying a hot summer break. I’d woken up that morning with urges that I’d never experienced before, masturbating and having my first orgasm. A desire to be naked took over and once downstairs I touched myself once more but I was being watched by my friend Emma. That seemed to turn us on and once I’d invited her inside, we ended having sex with each...Read On


A Surreal Experience

A story about an experience I had while working in another city for a month

So this is my first attempt at a story so be nice ;) This story is mostly true. Some details have been changed but the main story remains true. Here goes… To start off… my work sent me out of town to work for a month. My wife was unable to join me on the trip since she had to work. We decided to enjoy our time apart and talk every day on the phone. After a couple weeks in my new city, I...Read On


Best Test Drive Ever!

Car salesman takes an incredible ride with a young driver

One of the things I like about selling cars is that I get to meet a lot of new people. I especially enjoy the warmer weather when the ladies wear less clothing. I think that like me a lot of car salesmen hope but don't expect to get lucky some day with a horny lady we meet on the lot. I figured if it ever did happen it would be with a lady my age or older. I think my odds of hitting the...Read On


Dominique - Getting it Up

Eros and pleasure is all in the mind and if your mind is troubled...

Dominique had burst into my life in a storm of black leggings, shorts punk-rock skirts, and cute little jewelry. I knew my heart was lost in her, but had no idea if my heart was safe with her. The other night my heart had been crushed while standing in the dark street below her apartment. A stuffy business suited man had trodden through her apartment as much as he had trodden on my soul. Now...Read On


office lovers

Owen is a man who works in my office. We have known each other for quite a while and there has always been a little spark. Anyway, we had been put together on a assignment at work to my pleasure, (it's always nice to work with tall, handsome men). We spent most of our days flirting and he made me very horny. We had arranged for him to come round to my place after work one day to work on...Read On


A 42 Year Old Real Estate Agent Becomes A Milf

42 year old real estae agent needing a big commission ends up being a milf for a young client

Lori was a stunning 42 year old red head who had a great set of tits to go along with a gorgeous ass. She had been married for 15 years and had been a real estate agent for about 5 years now. The last few years had been extremely tough on Lori since the housing market problems. She had just picked up a new client who was in the market for a new home. His name was Zack and he was a very...Read On


The Park Encounter

An onlline fantasy comes true but with a view

As you step out of the house, the wind blows up against your black skirt Going out with no knickers again, you are such an awful but daring flirt With the cold, your nipples stand hard and erect through your thin top You knew it was chilly, but even so for this meeting you would not stop With just a jacket and shoes the only other clothes you were wearing You felt turned on by...Read On



Written directly from personal experience. This is a one shot.

His skin is so smooth. So soft and warm, it glides under my lips as I make my way down along the side of his gorgeous neck, lubricating him with my saliva in the process. We’re cuddling on the sofa in his cramped, dim bedroom. Posters of bands I’ve never heard of or seen, random drawings, strange quotations all adorn his walls. I don’t think about that much though, as he’s breathing...Read On


Great night in

Reading Lush stories made us opt for a sexy night in of our own!

This is my first story, I hope you enjoy it as much as my husband and I do. It's a true story about a night between him and I, there is mention of how we moan loudly because we have thin walls and I'm pretty sure our neighbours heard us!! I'm thinking about writing some more, so feedback welcome!   I quickly run myself a bath, knowing I'm in for a hot night. Slipping into the hot...Read On


Practice Makes Perfect

Sometimes a little practice paves the way for some other things…

Practice Makes Perfect Coffee isn’t really my thing. I say that a lot, and it’s mostly true, even though I stop to pick up a latte on my way to work, every day, at the same coffee shop. Sometimes I sit in the coffee shop on the weekend too, just to get out of the house while I work on a few things, using their wireless connection. But really, I’m not big on coffee. I guess it’s easy to...Read On


The Heatwave - The Sisterhood of Sappho (Part One)

Judi arrives and prepares for her evening

The Sisterhood of Sappho – Part One Judi allowed the Bentley to coast gently up the drive towards where Aldrington Hall lay nestling regally in a verdant fold in the Surrey hillside. It was hard to imagine a more quintessentially English scene, she thought, as she drank in the imposing façade, slumbering gently in the golden light of the afternoons lengthening shadows; the great...Read On


George, Isolde (etc,) Ch VII

George meets Terry, Terry and Isolde kiss, and a menage a trois is born. WARNING: Still no sex, yet

Chapter VII George had been sitting on the front stoop, nursing a bottle of Boh when Terry pulled up. He stood up and walked toward the car. Sticking out his hand, he said, “Hi. I’m George. Welcome. Bob said you were making hay today. There’s a hose ‘round back, if you wanna knock the dust off.” Terry shook hands and said, “Name’s Terwilliger, but everyone calls me Terry. A hose doesn’t...Read On


Aly the Tease - Ghostly Lovers

An unexpected encounter happens during the visit of an old, haunted hospital.

I never used to believe in ghosts or the paranormal. In fact, I’d think you were crazy for even mentioning it around me. There was no way that your spirit or soul was capable of roaming this earth once your life has ended. Either you went to heaven or straight to hell, no in between. I used to always believe that until my husband, Rick, died. Talk about an eye opener. We met when we...Read On


Frank's Lucky Run

Frank had a miraculous encounter with a gorgeous woman

This is my first story. Please tell me what you think, harsh or otherwise! I was running on the park trail one sunny afternoon when I saw the figure of a goddess. She was almost one hundred feet ahead of me but I could see the amazing ass that swung with each step. I picked up my pace hard and in no time I pulled up behind her. Her figure was sleek; she had a taught fantastic body...Read On


The good old hockey game

Oh... what an exciting game...

I never thought I'd say that, because I'm not patriotic by any reach of the imagination, but I miss Canada. Work opportunity had me move to the US, in the Boston area, to be precise. But homesickness has a strong and simple cure for me: hockey. Never could I possibly cheer for the Bruins, so I set my sights on college hockey. I am a frequent spectators at the Boston College hockey game,...Read On